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Sunday, August 6, 2017

"Thinking out Loud" - Sun. AM KTFA Thoughts/News


DLR » August 6th, 2017


Could it be...........after reading Deltas post and t/c notes.................

that ch 8 has been lifted.........and we will find out about it in about 10 days (give or take)
and have it back dated.........

Deltas example came out July 25, 1996 but happened on July 15, 1996

all this is IMHO any other thoughts/insights would be welcome

JesusLovesBaseball » August 6th, 2017

ON SUNDAY, (today) , on their SMART CARDS?!?!? WOW or No Biggie?

Basra retirement: on Sunday, the salaries of retirees through the smart card

Politics, security and economy Saturday 5 August 2017 - 08:07 PM

from the archive The Directorate of the retirement of Basra on Sunday to set a date for the direct distribution of salaries of retirees through the smart card, while promised to distribute salaries (direct disbursement) within a week.

The director of retirement Bassil Eidani program dialogue Marbd, the cadres of the Directorate works late hours of the night even on holidays to complete lists of retirees.

He added that the reason for the delay in the salaries of retirees through the old receipt (direct disbursement) is due to the Ministry of Finance and late completion of lists of names of retirees, noting that they seek to complete the payment of salaries within the specified time.
He called on the local government to provide support to them and solve the accumulated problems after it became most of the powers of the Directorate. LINK

Samson » August 6th, 2017

different wording in article I think

After the Tigris .. Iraq issues an international sovereign bond bearing the name "Euphrates"

6th August, 2017

Iraq has issued an external sovereign bond in the international capital market for fiveyears, with an interest rate of 6.75 percent paid every six months, the prime minister's finance adviser said.

In a statement received by "Iraq News", Mohammed Saleh said, "Sindh has been classified by Fitch Ratings Group B as thenumber of international investment companies that have bid for and competed with about 350 international investment companies with investment facts exceeding 12 trillion dollars. "

"Companies have applied for (buy) the Euphrates bond, which is close to $ 6 trillion oversubscribed, including the Abu Dhabi Investment Fund, the Arab Monetary Fund and the California Education Fund, one of the wealthiest funds in the US WestCoast and the world," he said.

"The sale took place in London by the underwriters . The bond was registered for sale and purchase in the Irish stock market, using the EU standards, which is one of the most accessible and efficient financial markets," he said.

"The lowest bond category is 200 thousand dollars and increases the complications," he said, adding that "interest pays half a year."

It is noteworthy that "Iraq has issued in 2017 two successive international debt instruments that are linked to trading in the international capital market, until today, the first was (Tigris) interest 2,149% value of the issuance of $ 1 million guaranteed by the US government, today was issued sovereign bond The second (Euphrates) secured by the Government of the Republic of Iraq and the credit rating - B and carries interest at about 6.75%, which is less than the Iraqi international bond trading in the secondary secondary markets since 2006


Samson » August 6th, 2017

Standard & Poor's confirms Kuwait's credit rating

5th August, 2017

The rating agency Standard & Poor's has set Kuwait's sovereign credit rating at AA with a stable outlook.

The stability of the rating reflects the expectations that the positions of the public and foreign financial centers will remain strong, supported by the size of the financial assets, in order to balance the risks related to both the current decline in crude oil prices and the lack of economic diversification and geopolitical tensions in the region.

The stabilization of the sovereign credit rating of the State of Kuwait is supported by sustaining the high levels of accumulated sovereign wealth of public, private and foreign financial assets despite the delay or improvement of the environment of the price of crude oil.

She pointed out that the sharp decline in the price of crude oil since 2014 led to a significant delay in the levels of wealth in Kuwait, measured by the average per capita GDP, as well as the current balance of account balance and the balance of Kuwait as is the case in major oil exporting countries.

The agency predicted that real GDP would recover by about 3 percent a year on average over the years 2017-2020, supported by public spending on infrastructure projects.

The agency pointed out that the failure of Kuwait to take economic measures, such as a corporate tax and value added tax will accelerate the budget deficit.

Standard & Poor's also predicted that the government will finance the budget deficit through a combination of withdrawals from government reserves and debt issuance, especially since Kuwait made its first sovereign international bond issue in March 2017 at about US $ 8 billion, about 6.5 percent Of the estimated GDP for 2017.

Her forecast is that the government debt ratio will rise to about 22 percent of GDP in fiscal year 2020-2021, compared to 19 percent of GDP in fiscal year 2016-2017, she said.

The agency described the oil wealth government as "prudent" while the net government assets provide huge financial bumps to counter the falling crude oil price and give a strong sovereign rating rating.

The Kuwaiti financial system proves that while Kuwaiti banks have a strong capital base with abundant liquidity in accordance with Basel III standards, operate in a strong regulatory environment and expectations are expected to witness a stable domestic credit stability.


Samson » August 6th, 2017

Iraq recovers its funds held by the United Nations

5th August, 2017

A number of Iraqi MPs and politicians called on international banks to return Iraq's frozen funds, which date back to the time of the previous regime.

Rep. Taha al-Dafdi, a member of the committee, told the «Journal», that "there is a significant shortcoming by the Iraqi government on the file of the recovery of frozen funds, especially since the sources of funds and real estate is not known return," noting that "some of them smuggled illegally during the previous regime And unknown characters so it is not easy to retrieve. "

The Defense said that "there is information that there is a property of the Ministry of Education in Spain with an area of ​​17 thousand meters and the price of not less than 250 million dollars, as well as there are properties belonging to the departments and institutions of the state, including France, Britain, Egypt and other countries," calling for "to move Iraqi diplomacy to negotiate With those countries to end this file. "

"Some of the assets of the former regime have been recovered abroad," he said. "The yacht" was returned to Umm Qasr port, but the problem is not the restoration, but the non-investment of these properties in a way that serves the country. "

For her part, member of the Committee on Foreign Relations MP Samira Moussawi told the «Journal», the difficulty of ending the file of funds frozen abroad, indicating that he needs international efforts and cooperation with the Integrity Commission and organizations specialized in how to restore these funds.

Moussawi pointed out that "the Iraqi Council of Representatives seeks to communicate with the Ministries of Finance and Foreign Affairs, to restore funds, whether in European banks or other, indicating that" the sources of funds are divided into pre-2003, which belong to the former regime and after 2003 to some politicians wanted. "

In the same context, the Parliamentary Finance Committee expressed its many attempts by forming committees to restore frozen funds, but has not yet received any concrete results on the subject.

"Some countries do not hand over the frozen funds to Iraq until the court decides," said committee member Ahmed Haji. "There are many funds that have not yet been claimed by Iraq, but attempts are under way."

Haji stressed that "Iraq has in the past periods of money was smuggled and not frozen."
Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari earlier called for the release of frozen Iraqi funds in French banks.

The State Department announced the recovery of Iraq's money under the oil-for-food program and medicine, estimated at more than 130 million dollars.

The ministry spokesman said in a press statement that "the Iraqi money seized by the United Nations under the oil program for food and medicine amounting to 131 million dollars in addition to its benefits for six years after the Iraqi Foreign Ministry was authorized by the Council of Ministers and with the support of the Prime Minister and the contribution From the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers to negotiate the latest commitments related to this program and two rounds of negotiations with the Secretariat of the United Nations on the completion of Iraq's obligations relating to the release of Chapter VII.

He explained that "expected by the end of this year to end all the burdens of the decisions of Chapter VII borne by Iraq because of what the regime committed by the policies and follies that tied Iraq's money and led to the detention of international organizations."

A member of the parliamentary reformist party has announced the formation of a delegation of parliamentarians and civilian activists to visit the United Nations.

"I have formed a delegation comprising members of the Reform Front, parliamentarians and civil activists to visit international organizations, the United Nations and international political figures to urge them to release Iraq's frozen funds by a UN resolution after Iraq's occupation of Kuwait in mid-2009," said Shurooq Abayji. 1990, and the other part froze by a US decision after 2003 in order to preserve Iraq's money. "

"We will urge the countries of the world and the international community to act to recover the money of smuggled Iraq, through local and international companies and political figures from the era of the Governing Council to the present day," Abayiji said.

"Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi should not bind the country with new loans and restrictions that will increase his suffering, and therefore he will not guarantee him or relieve him of hunger," Abayiji said, referring to the government's efforts to rely on international loans, whether from the World Bank or from industrialized countries or friends. .

According to US banking sources quoted by the international media, early in 2004, Iraq's frozen funds in US, European and Asian banks amounted to about $ 50 billion, including funds belonging to the family of former regime president Saddam Hussein and his relatives, frozen assets after Iraq's occupation of Kuwait, The biggest is the 1991 UN oil-for-food bill, which was implemented early in 1996, as well as other $ 20 billion in assets frozen after 2003 in US banks, and a US decision that part of the days of the Coalition Provisional Authority led by Paul Bremer , On u All salaries and aid to employees according to US official sources. LINK

Samson » August 6th, 2017

Iran's central bank: No restrictions on Tehran's assets abroad

11:13 - 06/08/2017

Iran's central bank governor, Aliullah Saif, said on Sunday that there were no frozen assets for Tehran abroad and that all of them were at the disposal of the bank.

"The central bank has dealings with European banks now, despite the concern of some banks because of America," Saif was quoted as saying by Fars news agency.

On cooperation with the International Monetary Fund ( FATF ) on combating money laundering, he noted that "the central bank has taken steps at home and seeks to prevent the emergence of money laundering ground, and in turn approved regulations and circulated them to the banking system."


Don961 » August 6th, 2017

In September last year 36 former Vietnam Construction Bank employees were given jail terms of up to 30 years.

Thursday, August 03, 2017

Vietnam Arrests 16 Bankers

Vietnam issued arrest warrants for 14 bankers and took two more into custody on Tuesday after accusing them of causing losses totaling hundreds of millions of dollars in the scandal-tainted sector.

The communist government has been on the warpath against wrongdoers in an industry plagued by favoritism and dodgy loans—part of a broader drive against corruption in the country, AFP reported.

A total of 16 people from various private and government-owned banks are accused of deliberate misconduct, the ministry of public security said on its website without elaborating.
The bankers allegedly colluded with the private Vietnam Construction Bank to skirt the law to secure millions in loans, causing $660 million in losses, state media reported.

The group “deliberately violated state regulations on economic management, causing serious consequences”, MPS said.

The two most senior bankers named are Tram Be and Phan Huy Khang from Sacombank, one of the country’s leading private banks. Both were arrested Tuesday.

Be is the former bank deputy chairman and belongs to one of Vietnam’s richest families, who earned much of its fortune in logging, real estate, farming and jewelry. Khang was CEO from 2012 until he was sacked last month along with Be. Several people have already been punished.

In September last year 36 former Vietnam Construction Bank employees were given jail terms of up to 30 years, after they were accused of secretly withdrawing millions of dollars from clients’ accounts to use for loans or keep for themselves.

Vietnam has achieved several years of solid economic growth of 5% or higher, making it one of the best performing economies in Southeast Asia. But soaring public debts, bloated state-owned enterprises and rampant official corruption have threatened progress.

Several high-profile bankers are currently awaiting trial or serving lengthy prison terms.

Authorities have also targeted other sectors in their anti-corruption drive. Former state oil executive Trinh Xuan Thanh handed himself to police Monday after an 11-month manhunt.
Also on Monday officials proposed that deputy trade minister Ho Thi Kim Thoa be stripped of her post for suspected wrongdoing at a state-owned lamp factory.

Despite Vietnam’s vow to crack down on corruption, analysts have said prosecutions and punishments are often spurred by political infighting rather than a genuine commitment to reform.


Pattycakes77 » August 6th, 2017

Samson thank you for the wonderful articles this morning. Much appreciated. This article is a wow.

Aggiedad77 » August 6th, 2017

OH BUDDY.......can you see what is coming........CAN YOU SAY WE TOLD YOU SO......so fits into all that Frank has been sharing for days....weeks...months.....it's coming.....the BEST will soon be upon us....IMO. Aloha Randy

Samson » August 6th, 2017

Localization of salaries of employees .. The last days of dinar paper in Iraq

6th August, 2017

The Iraqi government has already begun to implement the project to settle salaries by handing over the salaries of its employees through electronic payment cards issued by banks operating in the country through deductions up to two thousand dinars.

The financial adviser to the Prime Minister, the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, for "Economy News", "The project of localization of salaries is in accordance with the plans set for him by the government because it includes several goals, including raising the efficiency of the payment system and revitalize the banking sector through the granting of loans and diversification of other services" Adding that "keeping cash inside the houses and not trading in the market leads to a large loss of up to 8% of GDP estimated at 12 billion dollars."

He stressed that "the salaries of state employees, retirees and social welfare constitute 50% of the state budget, representing 25% of gross domestic product, an important gateway to make their salaries electronic," pointing out that "financial inclusion is the largest way to control government expenditures because it will lead to a shift from payment To the electronic payment in addition to know who are trading cash and efficiency, "explaining that"the Council of Ministers has taken a decision to be 20% of state employees receive their salaries in October next through electronic payment methods. "

He pointed out that "the plan to settle salaries ends in 2020, especially that 5 million Iraqis are currently using the card to get their salaries," noting that "the World Bank is monitoring with the government the issue of the resettlement of salaries because it increases economic activity up to 2% of gross domestic product "He said.

The process of settling the salaries of 19 banks, government, private and foreign, and the number of employees about four million people are paid annually more than 35 trillion dinars.

For his part, said the Executive Director of the Association of Private Banks, Ali Tariq, "Economy News", "Work is still ongoing in the project to settle the salaries of employees, which aims to develop the banking sector," adding that "work is currently underway with the ministries of health and electricity and will begin to open accounts For staff this week. "

He pointed out that "the shopping process will be through credit cards without any deduction in addition to that can be used ATMs deployed in Iraq through the system of the national division."

The director of the payments department in the Central Bank, Subhi Abdul Karim said in an interview with "Economy News", "The project to settle the salaries called for by the Council of Ministers and recommended its application taken into account and of great importance by the Central Bank of Iraq," indicating that " Of the project to settle the salaries of its staff has been successful experiment. "

"The Central Bank of Iraq took large guarantees from banks to work in the project to settle salaries and will be held accountable any bank that falters the distribution of salaries of employees," noting that "there is no fear of salaries of employees in the project to settle salaries."

"The choice of ministries for banks depends on the criteria set by the Central Bank of Iraq in this project and each ministry free to choose banks identified by the Central Bank."

While the Ministry of Electricity in a press statement received "Economy News" a copy of it, "The Iraqi Trade Bank will issue Master Card cards to the employees of the ministry free of charge once in case of opening an account within the bank, and the second time will be the cost of issuing master card (40,000 thousand dinars) Case of loss ".

She added that "the Iraqi Trade Bank will set up ATMs at the headquarters of the Ministry of Electricity to pay the salaries of employees on time when the information is sent to the bank by the ministry and the cost of withdrawing the salary of the employee is (2000 Iraqi dinars) for the total salary and salaries are divided into approximately 750 thousand dinars for one draw And the employee has the right to withdraw from his salary as he wants. "

"The employee has the right to withdraw his salary from any bank outside the ministry and the cost will be (2500%) of the salary if the bank is outside the framework of the Iraqi Trade Bank," she said, noting that "the offers included advances for employees ranging from 10 to 100 million dinars and different interest rates In addition to loans for the purchase of apartments at Basmaya interest rate (4%), provided that the amount does not exceed 75 million and 15 years, as well as car loans not exceeding (60 million) and interest rate of (8%) for a period of (4 years), certificates of deposit (500,000) Thousand dinars) qualify for the withdrawal of prizes up to (100 million




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