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Saturday, August 5, 2017

"They Can Hear My Thoughts?" by GK - 8.5.17

Entry Submitted by GK at 3:51 PM EDT on August 5, 2017

No. No no no. Why didn't someone tell me this sooner??? The Galactics can hear my thoughts??? I cannot bypass Galactic doormen because of some of my stupid thoughts? I can't get into the Big 5D show just because my brain tends to wander to some really deranged stuff?

Come on! Not fair! Don't I get credit for all the stuff my stupid crazy brain thought about that I didn't do?

Sure I imagined many of my exes in Batman type predicaments. On a conveyor belt rolling toward furnaces or paper shredders.

Sure I envisioned my exes bound by their feet and swinging over hungry alligators, made hungrier by college frat dudes blowing bong hits at them from shore and giving them the munchies.

Sure I imagined her and I together again, trying to work out our problems on a vacation to the Grand Canyon where I pushed her and the kids and the dog in.... where they survived thanks to some asshole who filled the canyon with expired pudding.

Sure I pictured feeding her to school kids in the taco meat of the school cafeteria lunch program.

But I never did it? Did I?

I deserve major credit for it.

At least 5D and a half... with an option on 6D after several "I-will-not-kill-my-ex" meetings. The 12 step program that begins, step one, admit you want to bash her brains out like Jack Nicholson in the Shining.

Stealthfully we double park and await the 800 numbers.... Soon as we get them we can do so much good... um... why can't we do so much good now? We have space ships.

If you heard what I was thinking when I recently went to the Milwaukee Fair on a 90 degree day, I apologize to those who pack mammoth butts into shorts. I mean that's like asking a python not to think about strangling the breath out of its dumbass tattooed black sabbath loving owner when he drops a rat in the cage. Obviously the Python is going to consider it before eating the rat. Just for a second before opting for the easier prey.

I mean fried twinkees? Chased by Chili corndogs and Old Milwaukee Beer. Do those women packing it into shorts ever consider the poor strain they put on zippers, buttons and their poor beer bellied husbands who secretly cheer their arterial clogging on, praying just take me already? Yes I am one of those beer belly slobs but at least I had the sense to know that if I married any of the women who once liked me that we would be looking at each other with hidden contempt at Valentines night dinner at the Sizzler.... Don't I get credit for not manifesting that reality?

That's not a full moon that is a space ship that controls our every thought.
They are telling me to be highly allergetic and induce asthma to out of shape people.
They are telling me to tell you that "fetch" is as good as it gets...Unless you count licking yourself.

And much to my credit I only brought one rotten menace into society--only one juvenile delinquent kid into the world. I could have easily brought more. My boys could swim -- but In my defense-- stupid feminists insisted I as a father had no rights and my influence was some sort of neanderthal fantasy that had to be ignored and replaced by social workers whose priorities included potato chips and diet cola... and surfing facebook between effed up teens who were there in their office to not talk about their problems but hint that all their problems were Dad's fault because every time Mom fed them it came with a dessert of "your father is an asshole and it is I mother who paid for this ice cream sandwich not him" when she re-married a proper provider.-- The food stamp program.

I mean if a kid hears that a hundred thousand times between ages 3 and 15 he is not going to manifest love but easy pickings for the gym teacher who has some sort of fixation on intensive showers and hygiene,

So now you tell me my warped thoughts will affect my exchange?

No that wasn't what I was thinking. I was thinking if you want to make a hybrid
baby with me you will need to brush your teeth.

My warped thoughts of contempt for everyone from the McDonalds clerk I want to punch in the face-- to the toll booth operator I want to wrap a rope around and drag down the highway?

Seriously, don't we all want to punch the 15 your old kid at McDonald's in the throat for being stupid?

It can't just be me?

And I hide it really well.

When they are slow and stupid and I am thinking bash their faces off the counter I very calmly answer them politely through clenched teeth -- no thank you-- I don't want an apple pie-- If I wanted an apple pie I would have asked for a freaking apple pie.

It is so unfair to be judged on these sort of thoughts.

Sure I think 18 year old girls at the carwash fundraiser are delightfully wet and sudsy with their big soapy sponges -- sure my dirty car needs scrubbing --and bad things enter my mind but wasn't that the point of 18 year old wet cheerleaders in short shorts flagging me and my dirty mini van down off the road for a 5 dollars donation to send the Cheerleader team to DC so they can meet even dirtier Congressional perverts in person?

If the galactic federation is going to say I am a monster for being a little pervy when there would be no mankind without man being kinda pervy in their own secret lurid thoughts then man oh man....

Fair is not fair.

How would you like it if I implied I could read your mind huh?

Sorry I am running late, the intergalactics were pulling people over and forcing them
to submit to rectal probes... I am missing time and my underpants...

Tell me what I am thinking now Galactic Federation?

Yep.... I bet your high minded ascended minds do not appreciate what I am thinking.

I bet all you galactic doogooders resent my imaginative sense of revenge.

I bet you do not approve of my diabolical recruiting of folks just like myself ordering new tech weapons online and planning an insurrection of warped thought thinkers....just like me. I may even make a youtube video and slander the whole flying saucer lot of you. Accuse you of beaming up the Marlboro man and returning him to Earth as the Marlboro woman.


Let's just pretend thoughts are where mankind keeps their toxic cleaning supplies. Locked up and safe from babies reach.

Only there to clean a toilet once in a while.

We all understand the skull and bones means poison. It is just a symbol.

My contempt is just a symbol.

My frustration as to being lied to abused and enslaved for 56 years is just a thought I sometimes entertain.

In reality. I love the sort of abuse that ultimately empowered a secret space program.

Meanwhile let me ask this question out loud.

How is it every aspect of our waking lives has been controlled by evil, media, courts, military, schools, etc, But the secret space program is run by squeaky clean angels who seem to like to just watch and wait....?

Doesn't make much sense really.

Now I am thinking about posting a cartoon and how many negatives this will get. I am out to be beat my own record. Truth hurts airheads. Truth hurts those that repeat nonsense and elevate lies to religious grandiosity. Truth hurts basement dwelling prophets with Messiah complexes diverting harsh reality to actual factual evidence.

The Galactic federation told me to tell you-- Geno is aware that you know -- that he knows--
you are thinking about some weird stuff pertaining to ummm... you know...
you and um... you know... that weird thing you do when you think no one is watching?
Yeah that... The galaxy is bugged. We thought you knew that. It's okay we have seen worse in Washington DC

No that wasn't what I was thinking. I was thinking if you want to make a hybrid with me
you will need to brush your teeth.

Rare photo of Geno in 1968 with a ray gun. After his abduction and memory wipe he would go on to be kind of a dick.

Did you hear our thoughts can be intercepted by the PTA?

Freaking GPS... I said red planet... RED PLANET.... Not green Planet... Re-directing...
Re-direct me to Best Buy so I can return this piece of crap...




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