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Sunday, August 6, 2017

"There is No Truth in a Haunted House" by Victor - 8.6.17

Entry Submitted by Victor at 3:21 PM EDT on August 6, 2017

There is not Truth in a haunted house. In a haunted house there are only spooks and lost shadows, may be looking for LOVE and a way home.

I am going to share an opinion with all of you since we are Brothers and Sister on the endless search for Truth. I think Yosef recently said in a Clarion Call. He said we are all seeking Enlightenment and that is the true purpose of this GCR experience. I think that is correct that is our quest, whether we can see it clearly or not, through the suffering of having to live on a Prison planet as was said today by someone else.

I always knew this was in a huge prison and I think most everyone senses it but few have the courage or the desire or the power to fight this ...."Matrix"...... The good news is, when you discover that your live in a matrix or a haunted house, is that if ......."darkness" exists?, so does Light".........So all is well in that there is a way out of the matrix and out of the haunted house that we all live in. Light and sanity does exist.

This haunted house that we all live in is more than the "collective matrix" of the many humans having an experience in this world. This Haunted House is the human mind. our minds are not of our own making really. Yes and No......meaning that we are like software who has been programed by the beliefs that we have accepted from others or let them put into us.

Since we where little children Mon and Dad and anyone we met told us what was real. We had no choice but to let them program us since we where dependent on these others for our survival. We had to "believe" and we continued this pattern of gullible believing until now, until this day. Until we turn on the light of truth and collapse the haunted house of illusions.

Turning on the light in a haunted mind like those we all have, is a very scary thing. Few can do it and we are the few that are left in this quest it seems to change the whole world......hence the ..."fatigue".......but beyond that. I want to speak of a warrior or a friend I once knew. A person fighting demons and spooks and realities of programing and probable abuse......IMO.

I say in my opinion because I have no proof only feelings and meanings. I share for you renlightmetn only. Believe or don't beIieve as we have heard so many times. I have only some Light that has let me see another option or provide another meaning as a "friend" recently suggested. Or as OWK was so fond of talking about ......"meanings"......I have also talked about "meanings" in my posts here on the law of attraction and other Spiritual topics I have encountered while in this prison planet and looking for a way out.

In the search for meanings you have to have discernment. Discernment is like a sharp knife that cuts away the webs in a haunted house and exposes what is there and what is real, if a haunted house can even be really real. The meaning is to look with the clarity of discernment and go where the clues take you and take the shocks........because it is the shocks that brake you out of the software programing that was put into you by others and that you accepted to be True, when they where just symptoms of a haunted mind.

So symptoms of a haunted mind are feeling like a victim, sometimes these symptoms show up in where you see people who are trying to kill you and get to you. In such a haunted mind, reality is divided between the real and the un-real. teh boundaries change and are very fluid and belivable. Such a haunted mind can see realities or ghosts and goblins that are not really there for a Free mind a non haunted state. Haunted minds attract other haunted minds in that like energies tend to gather with those that are similar in vibration and belief. They tend to re-confirm each other.

Haunted minds like to feel good and want to be LOVE like any person. Some or less haunted and more free from ghost and phantoms. Once you turn on the light in a haunted house, the shadows that made the ghosts real all fall away and the haunted house collapses in ...."Meaning"........what was so real and so powerful and so believable one minute is now all gone and only clarity remains. Such is the power of discernment and the results of such a sharp blade. It cuts away false meanings.

A haunted mind that feels persecuted will project plots of evil and see conspiracies everywhere. Often it is called mental illness or schizophrenia in modern medicine. People which such illnesses are often very lucid and very bright and also usually have multiple other issues. The cause of these problems are related to heredity, environment , abuse and many things. Those effected will struggle all of their lives with this.

In fact they may become experts in the fields of Spiritual works since they are drawn to all sorts of modalities in order to heal themselves and manage their problems. A good example of this is Ernest Hemingway. He was in a profession that is loaded with people living in haunted houses that where looking for answers, because they where also living in a prison planet. He was brilliant, charming a truth warrior who actually did not make it in the end. His haunted house got the best of him, yet in his quest to fight his demons he produced great works and many people loved him.

We receive the same sort of benefit from many authors or anyone who is struggling with personal hauntings. This is not an easy battle to be in. I share this as a point of view so you can use discernment in your own way and with your own life experiences and what ever they may bring to you. What life brings me is going to be different than what Life brings you. The "meanings" we all put on these experiences are very subjective. In the haunted house this subjectivity and what things mean is very broad, fluid and often out of phase with what many of us know as ....."Normal".....or ......"Real".

We can go into asylum and we will have a hard time distinguishing a true Sage from and person who is haunted by delusions. Both can appear very credible and very hard to distinguish. Since we are not experts or even probably considering such extremes in human behavior, we can not easily discern the sick from the enlightened or the "sane". We can also ask in the larger context, what is sane in a prison planet? That is also a good question since most people are so "haunted" that they do not even know that they are living in a huge insane asylum prison themselves.

So, we who are "still here" seeking enlightenment and seeking discernment, that we will need to manage the power of money, have to work very hard to get rid of the cob webs.

I have shared many clues that have shown up in my life recently in a new way and discovered a few new ........"meanings".......New meanings collapse haunted houses and require a new integration since now there is an....."emptiness".......the silence that was always there and the field which held the haunted house experience.

Let the haunted house of borrowed beliefs collapse........even though it is shocking and scary. Only shadows will die and YOU can not be hurt. The Source that we all are is just having an experience. So when you see other haunted people talking to you and looking for acceptance and for Love, realize that we are all very much victims of a prison planet and a very hard experience to be in. Waking up is hard to do, it is shocking, but what choice do you have?.......You have to keep on walking until you have left the rubble behind.

Much Love Victor.



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