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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

"The Personal Pronoun "I"..." by GK - 8.9.17

Entry Submitted by GK at 12:04 PM EDT on August 9, 2017

The personal pronoun "I". Me. Mememe. Why do I use this first person narrative so often?

Well, if I were in the room with The Clintons, The Bush's, the Queen of England or reptoids, greys or Lemurians and I heard their plans for world events, I might say...

I know it is true because I was there.

But I wasn't.

When I believe something to be true it is because it is a combination of intense research from many sources and angles and where it all flows with chronology, migration and ultimately a sort of associative math. If A equals B and B equals C then A equals C.

There are certain people I point to regularly as sources because I trust them.

I trust Sherman Skolnick. Here was a guy paralyzed by Polio and in a wheelchair who learned law and formed the Committee to Reform the Courts and successfully got some corrupt Judges put in jail.

If you read his investigative journalism you understand while the rest of humanity could walk, he was rolling his wheelchair into filing rooms and reading original testimony before the lawyers and Judges re-wrote the truth. When they attempted to, there was Sherman clearing his throat and speaking up.

"I have the original interviews and the defendant did not say that at all."

The court officials would go red and carry Sherman and his wheelchair to a jail cell on contempt.

That's a player. That's a hero. That man was the man.


by Sherman H. Skolnick 08/17/01

The Rockefeller-owned United Air Lines knew that the Banker-Judges in Chicago U.S. District Court would not allow my lawsuit to be heard on the facts. A judicial cover-up. It was a reality understood by the Safety Board panel, made up primarily of those directly or through their immediate families, major owners of airline shares. And the unwritten policy of the airlines, and their substantial owners, is to block all public discussion of airplane sabotage, a secret and forbidden subject.

Another factor was the way I was informing the public, as best I could, through late-night radio talk shows and college and university speeches on the Watergate plane crash. And further, United Air Lines and the Safety Board had no prior knowledge that we had "liberated" the entire Safety Board original file of Flight 553.

I proceeded with my own testimony as to our investigation, with the Safety Board documents and pictures, together with our interviews including the presence at the re-opened hearings of eight eyewitnesses.

As stated earlier, #1 was THE PEOPLE. #2, THE AIRPLANE. To do a proper job in sabotaging a plane, an art and science in itself, is to know its weaknesses. This particular Boeing 737, N9031U, had chronic trouble in the month preceding the crash, with its Captain's altimeter and its air data computer---two of the most important instruments on the plane. [N.T.S.B. Docket SA-435, Exhibits 11A, 11B, 11C, maintenance data.] The Captain's altimeter {how far he is above ground level] MUST operate at 28 volts D.C. [Exhibit 9C, page 7.] An increase in amperage or voltage in the electrical system would cause the instruments to malfunction.

Much more here...


Last few sentences...

Eyewitness William J. Simonini, a retired aviation expert, said how the FBI was tormenting him ever since they found out he saw the Watergate plane shortly before it crashed. He said the FBI was tormenting him in various ways, day and night. AND, that they arranged to frame-up and jail two of his sons to cause him further anguish.

As a result of the Watergate Affair, Nixon White House aide Chuck Colson was sent to prison. After getting out, he said he is a new person and devoted to promoting good deeds. He spoke at a meeting in Chicago. Afterwards, I interviewed him.

Skolnick-"What happened to Mrs. E. Howard Hunt, wife of the Watergate burglar?"

Colson-"She was murdered by the FBI and the CIA."

Skolnick-"Can you tell us more? Having been in the Nixon White House you seem to know a lot."

Colson "I have already said too much."

Did some of the Watergate 12 actually survive the pancaked plane but were murdered on the ground? And what happened to Mrs. Hunt's luggage for which she bought another first class seat ticket? The crash of Flight 553 and what happened on the ground were clearly overkill directed against the Watergate figures among the onboard passengers.


Back to me.

I can try and tell everyone that the twin towers were brought down by demolition. But it is best that I formulate sentences in advance. Articulate brief facts that can be proven. If I am trying to convince a sister who believes such Hollywood bullshit as the film Flight 93, I am clashing with cognitive dissonance.

Plus other psychologies like older sister will always see younger brother as a dummy. She is smarter because she believes she is smarter.


So when I use the word "I". Think of it as a cement pole. I tie my truth to. It is a first person account of how I came to believe something. How I came to know, feel, trust...It is not meant as narcissistic.

If I include a video that I produced it usually has something to do with my discussion. The elements are within. Because I have been thinking a subject to death for decades and the factors have found their way into my production... my creation is life channeled through art.

I honestly don't care who likes me. I do care that they understand how I came to conclusions. I want people to not get off easy by calling me crazy or an anti-semite or some simple minded label meant to nullify a person who has done his due diligence.

I... is my cement pole.

I have chained my soul to it. I chain my conclusions. I chain an integrity that admits when his own humanity failed to be as forthright and upstanding as he wishes he had been. Or why this cursed world put me in a corner. Which it often does. If we live in a world of Machiavellian end justifies the means we are sucked in whether we try not to be.

If your child does something wrong, you consider all the possibilities to set them back on a better course of moral and lawful choices. But when you consider having the law step in and do what you find powerless to do yourself. And the law does a terrible job and makes things much worse. Did you the parent do the right thing? When your child sees it as betrayal and never trusts you again. Was it worth it? Was it still the right choice.

You see, this life is a tangled web of deceit breeding deceit. To walk between the acid raindrops is something maybe Jesus could do but most of us end up feeling the wet sting.

I am also embarrassed by the personal pronoun--I -- but not so embarrassed I choose to hide from it. Most people intensely guard their innermost secrets, successes and failures. They know knowledge is power and people will use it against them.

The cops read it to us in our Miranda rights. "Everything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law."

Think about this as it pertains to our desire to become wealthy over night. Ask yourself how many crimes are you witnessing and quietly pretending you don't see because you really want this money.

You and your soul are conspiring to rationalize and justify this deal with those who guard the doors to purgatory. It's because you want to save the whales, the homeless, the hungry...and have a nice house, and a nice car, and be seen as successful.

The conspiracy theories you tried to articulate only to be laughed at... This will validate your ability to see truth where most don't. Right?

I know. The vanity of an "I told you so" lurks in the not so distant future.

Unless we sign an NDA then our validation will have to be a bit more stealthful.

"Where did you get the money?"

"Let's just say I am brilliant and you aren't.

lol. Kidding.

At this point what I really want is to never read a dinar blog again or listen to the drivel.

I want to pay my debts so the sharks stop blowing up my phone.

I want to arrange my estate and the future of those I love to help their coming years.

As for saving the world and ending the devilish ways of so many on this planet... I have to say that is likely more than you or I can really achieve. That outcome belongs to a collaboration of decency, golden rule, God and conscience.

Too bad in a world of organ harvesters they can't harvest a conscience and have it sewn in.

We don't want to live in a place where apples are outlawed anyway... Jesus-- talk about draconian.



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