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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by PinkRoses 8-1-17

Thank you PinkRoses for sending your notes. ~ Dinar Chronicles



Bruce: Welcome all to the Big Call tonight. Thank you all for listening in and being faithful and staying with us for the last 6 years. It is important to say even though I am getting good information, it is not necessary mean we are going right this minute. It means we are very close and I can’t give you all the detail information. Most of it that I talk about is that you get the jest of what I am saying. That is where we are. We have people we know in the currency community have gone dark. Some people have done that and some continue to have calls. I am one of them. We offer more than Intel and I want to help you to step into your life.

Bruce: We tend to start with Iraq. What we are hearing from Iraq’s point of view is they were going to have the IMF meeting in Iraq today, and it was going to be in the new IMF office in Baghdad. They had that meeting today at 9:30 am Baghdad time. They went until approximately noonor so. Then they had a slight break, and then had the press conference followed in the time frame of 12:15pm to 1:15pm in the afternoon. That was roughly the timeline for it today. Everything went pretty much according to plan. I have not heard the details of it specifically. I probably will get some details later tonight.

Bruce: I do know that things have occurred over there with the Iraqi citizenry where they do have a new rates and do have their new Qi cards which I refer to they have a share of the oil and gas exploration revenue on those cards. They have accounts tied to them thru one of the banks over there and they can access those funds. They been paying on their Qi cards for months based on retired pay, contractor, government work, or other citizenry in the country. This new cards we are talking about they were supposed to been activated about a week ago, Saturday at midnight. They did. The citizens in and out of the country activated those cards. Today this morning for the citizens in Iraq, those cards were live and accessible. They were able to access those funds at the new rates which I think is great. That has to tell us a lot.

Bruce: That has to tell us that we are very close. Another words I think the IMF meeting was an overall success. I believe what Iraq needed to do is present their rate to the IMF today and I believe they did that successfully. It wasn’t supposed to take more than an hour or so. I believe they had that rate approved today. The rest of the meeting had to do with new business activity in Iraq from foreign investments, companies coming in, and more things that were discussed. I believe it was a success and it was what they were looking to do.

Bruce: Where does it put us as a result? I think it puts us very close. Everything I heard today actually talks in terms of releasing the 800 numbers soon. I don’t use that word very often. You know I do not like that word. What we are hearing from the west coast it is very positive. We are hearing the Paymasters are hydrated. The Chinese Elders have drawn down on their funds. We hear tonight the bond traders in Hong Kong are ready to get started with their bond payouts. WE hear that certain ZIM swaps started today. There is quite a bit of activity is going on out there not only in the bond community but also in currency. I believe exchanges continue to go on. Even though the results of the exchanges are temporary SKRs, I believe those SKRs will be made liquid very soon. I can’t tell you when. I heard time frames they would make them liquid in matter of hours. That is a possibility.

Bruce: Exchanges what about them? What about the Redemption Centers, Tier 1 and Tier 2 banks? All of them are completely staffed and ready to go. They have been told they are on Red Hot Alert to start at any moment. They are on lockdown at the Redemption Centers so they can only go from the Hotel to the Redemption Center by bus or limo depending on the situation. We are in good shape to go. Banks are ready as well. We know of several dozen appointments have been set for tomorrow and we know when they are set for, what cities, and the banks they are set for. There is a number, several dozen, of people not part of any groups, but contacted by certain banks to get their exchanges done. My thinking is if they get to go than we are to.

Bruce: Rates are continuing to be traded up. That is part of the reason we have a little bit of delay. They want to get the rates right where they want them. Remember on Thursday I talked about a rate Dr. Shabbi that Iraq would sustain? My belief is we should be at that rate in this country. We are doing very well on what we can expect. We know that the Dinar Rial, Dong, and the ZIM, which are gold back bonds, are privately negotiable. Those 3 currencies and the ZIM bond are negotiable especially if you have an intention to do humanitarian work or projects.

Bruce: We have given you ideas what we plan to do on the Big Call. That means working with veterans in the Veteran Retreat Network, and Rebuild America which is a huge project. We are looking for 5,000 volunteers form the Big Call to adopt a city, town, community to make changes there in the way of housing, infrastructure, education, new buildings for schools, new recreation centers for the kids, clinics, health clinics for the inner city, all of that is part of it.

Bruce: Also community gardens growing the foods Bob is talking about that are healthy for us. Especially growing organic veggies in these community gardens and offer these for the food banks. We plan to do aqua ponics, from growing veggies and fruits and also raising fish like tilapia. There are certain conditions if you are going to do that in doors, you need to maintain certain temperatures. We will do that where it makes senses throughout the country. I have more people that are interested in helping us to do that. I am going to try to get together on calls, regional meetings to get leaders that would take some of these concepts like aqua ponics, community gardens, people that want to work with the veterans.

Bruce: There is one addition program tied in with the Veteran Retreat Network. It is helping homeless veterans get off the streets and to provide housing, modified motel, boarding house type situations where they can help do some work around the location. Create housing, food, and local clinic in case they need help medically that they are not getting from the VA. We have to make sure we do according what the guide lines are for the Veterans. We can work very closely with our veterans and save the approximately 22 average suicides from happening everyday from our homeless veterans.

Bruce: Bob and Sue know techniques to help them. We need help with that. Help them obtain new employment and transition into the everyday world back in the states. We want that transition to be smooth for them. We have ideas to facilitate that. I am one person but I have a lot of vision what we can do. This vision will be helped by many of you as we put all this together. Also the podcast we plan to offer. It is going to take a while to set it up. When our last call is, it doesn’t mean we are stopping. We want to stay in touch with you, and we will do that on a new format probably online something you can click on live or as a recording. We are looking to take a month off before that new system comes together.

Bruce: You are in a really good place right now whether you know it or not. Stay positive and stay in faith. Pray continually and constantly to continue to stay in faith and believe in this. It is almost to us, and I do expect it intimately. I think I covered all I can tonight. Go to the Big Call website: thebigcall.net. If I am honored to receive the toll free number I will put it on our website. You can check for it there and call and set your appointment. That is the bottom line to get the number. I sure it will go viral in 10 to 20 minutes once I do get it. I don’t know the rules are in putting it out. I heard not texting or emailing it. If that is the case, I will find out how they want it assimilated. I believe I will put it on our website and a few others. We will see.

Bruce: We are almost home and look for a call with the toll free numbers anytime now because what has occurred in Iraq in which they told us what they are doing and everything else is lining up beautifully to take advantage of this. We are ready to go. Enjoy this experience of going in and making a nice little presentation of your projects. If you don’t have anything specific, you can be part of our Rebuild America. You can tell them that.

Bruce: I need people that can work with horses, equine project working with the veterans and puppy dogs. If you have a background working with dogs in that way we need you as well. We want to help these vets get their lives back mentally, physically and spiritually. We want a holistic approach healing these vets. Job training, a way to learn, teaching high paying jobs, welding, carpentry plumbing, electricians, all those jobs are good paying jobs. We can help them learn those skills as well. We are going to need them in Rebuild America. Also we will have the concept of apprenticeship so that we will have apprentices to learn these trades on the job training. We will be working with them through the community colleges and trade schools who want to work with us and get on the job training working with a mentor and apprenticeship in the project Rebuild America. We want to be working with the inner city kids too with people who can mentor them too.

Bruce: I think I have said enough for one night, and you have the jest I am talking about and glad for that. Thank you Pinkroses for transcribing this call and anybody else also in putting it out for us. We appreciate that. We are a total community. I hope the community itself comes together for some of these projects. I know many may not think of the Big Call as their first call. We are all in this together, all in the same boat. We just do it a little differently.

Bruce: I thank you all for listening. Thank you bankers for being prepared for us and we are looking forward to your smiling faces and hopefully you are looking forward to our smiling faces to get this done. Thank you all for being patient. Thank you Redemption Centers who are on lockdown who maybe are listening tonight. Thank you for your patients as well. Not only we are patiently looking for this but probably you are patiently waiting for us. Hang in there. Continue in faith and keep an eye on this thing. We are right there.

Bruce: Thank you Sue, Bob, Pastor Steven, Kent, all of Big Call country and all the listeners around the globe. We appreciate you all for listening and staying with us for these 6 years. Good night Everybody.




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