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Monday, August 7, 2017

"Silent Watcher, Divine Moment, What about Divine Joy?" by R.E.A.H - 8.7.17

Entry Submitted by R.E.A.H at 10:14 AM EDT on August 7, 2017

Silent Watcher - DIVINE MOMENT - What about Divine Joy?

Dear Intel Community

I think it is time for reflection of why we are here and what our mission is. The daily post reveals it all .... where we at as community,as light workers and as individuals, as human persons or as incarnates Angels, Arch Angel and Masters? Everybody should know it at this point. There is a huge mixture of all nations and all states of evolution and that is rather fascinating as it might be the very moment of truth we reach now - living the gift of shift.

Since quite a while I have become a silent watcher of what is going on here with all ups and downs - opinions - frustrations - fears and other kind of energies just showing the light is missing out and that there are many black holes needing union and healing to become whole in cosmic order

First of all, I wish again to thank the CHINESE ELDERS as they made all this possible and all those who are complaining about time think through from a non-personal view point stepping above the own situation we have to consider that the CHINESE ELDERS had a much harder fight - much longer to to go. We owe it to THEM that we reached this moment in time as it was THEM NOT GIVING UP FOR US AFTER 9/11 right? They started over again knowing THEIR MISSION FOR MANKIND AND EARTH PLANET even when all those who had to sign RV back then vanished all at once. Have you ever thought how they felt standing all over sudden with empty hands? Not for their own selves but globally? What when they would have given up? Or the heavens would have given up on us as mankind. How much patience did they need to even wait on our awakening - how many thousands of year? how small is our waiting list against that?

For all those and us a little reminder - we all started over and over again, otherwise we would NOT BE HERE NOW. We all lost beloved ones on the way that could have been saved with money - we all might have lost our homes not only once but twice and more like in my case. But what is a true light worker and messenger of change? .We haven chosen to work for change such as the Elders and we are not the ones giving up ever if there is a divine concept behind all we go through being the engine of change for the entire world.

True light workers NEVER JUDGE ANYONE not even the worst - we take it as such as these people serving the shadow worlds have chosen for themselves - that is it !!!! No good no bad - all illusion in the way of change.

Light workers do not demand punishment of anybody as the cosmic law is do not judge so you will not be judged - what does that really mean in a higher sense? Well when we really understand oneness of all there is and we work on universal eternal level as light workers we simply know that we as light essence are vibrating within all there is and o also in the cabals as they are made of light too - they just do not surrender to it - yet? From the higher perspective that means when we judge or call for punishment we are calling out to be punished to as we are all part of the one essence of life - nobody can escape that truth.

A Light worker therefore knows the power of forgiveness and so do the ELDERS. WHO ARE YOU OR WE TO CALL FOR PUNISHMENT? What about rather to embrace the situation with love and light and lift the entire essence of this planet to a higher state? How small are we as individuell to call for RV NOW in relation to what is going on in this moment? Such a precious moment

A light worker is united with the heavens and with earth, a messenger of love and light - focus only on ascension process for all -not just for the own self demanding that something has to happen NOW WITHOUT FURTHER DELAY?

The only thing I see it this from a neutral view point and divine perspective that we need to do more to come together in love and light, embracing the moment of joy


Reading the lines that yesterday WORLD PEACE HAS BEEN ESTABLISHED IN THIS WORLD is what we have been working for our entire life - IT IS DONE !!!! THIS NEWS WAS THE BEST EVER - IT MAE ME JUMP AND SING AND CELEBRATE WITH TEARS IN MY EYES - What a joy and happiness - what a celebration in the heavens is going on - can´t you feel it? can´t you see it? Can´t you perceive the essence of that news? WOWOWOW he is a concert link I wish to share so you can really enter into the essence of divine joy flying through the Ethers - through the universes and galaxies - IT IS DONE - THERE IS PEACE - FREEDOM - LIBERTY for some days of delay only !!!!! - HOW HANDSOME IS THAT????
here is the link - concert with artists around the world - it has the power of spirit - the power of healing - the power of shifting energies of fear into love and light - listen and just come back home to your own essence and being - that is what the world needs from us - the money will come as side effect and we will be working as one

enjoy and fly with the sounds of Divine compositions - heal your wounds in whatever dimension of your being they might be hidden - wishing you the most wonderful blessings - sparkling rain of Gold, of Divine Wisdom - of Divine Love, of Divine light - absorb the energy - I just feel such a grace


Thanks ELDERS for showing us that peace comes first and then the money as we undergo the last polishing adjustment so we can become the shining diamonds for this world and to be prepared for our mission to bring abundance where there is luck, healing where there is disease - food where there is hunger and divine hugs where there is need love. We are the chosen ones - please BE IT as the shift to divinity first has to happen inside of us so we can reflect the light on earth.

Wishing you a wonderful week - a peaceful transition into wealthy DIVINE person full of joy and grace for all those who made this transition possible by fighting physically madness - exposing their lives for the best of all.

Patience beloved Divine community - it is coming and looking at the other side of the coin from a higher perspective ..... here we go:

We should be grateful to MC CAIN as his act of madness too all cabals the possibility away to get huge amount of money - they might get their amnesty and shall have it but they have lost what they like most - the right of divine wealth - much more money is now available for us to do good in this world


many blessings and thanks to all of the ones who run this community- and all members of this divine family - we will have some healing work to do but I think we all can let go the differences and join in DIVINE LOVE - hope to get to know ALL OF YOU following divine instructions to rebuild this world

Let´s Celebrate PEACE TODAY - it certainly will create the energies to manifest RV Faster for all of us - surrender and let all be as it is..... all is always good ow it is as Source only knows the bigger picture and we get to know only becoming one with source. Do not think like a human being - step into your higher self and reflect your own Divinity as this brings the Divine Light and essence of the GOLDEN AGE into manifestation. Love you all dearly

This letter has been written in union with the company of Heaven - the angelic realm and the ascended Masters - the guardians of the 12 divine rays of deity to remind us how blessed we really are to be part of this process

in ONE Love and ONE Light on the way to infinite wealth and infinite joy of life

R.E.A.H - thepowerofspirit@gmail.com



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