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Thursday, August 17, 2017

"Okie's Intel" - Thurs. AM TNT Thoughts/News



I'm sorry folks I was not here last night I was where there was no Internet service but I have verified that was in fact Okie on that call. I would like to mention that Okie plainly said on the call that he was passing on information that was given to him so whether the information turned out to be true or not ....take it as information .

Thank you, elmer, for confirming that was the real Okie! I am grateful for the information he shared. He is only sharing what he gets. He sounded strong!

What I took away from the one man himself (Mr. O) is that he was repeating what his sources told him. I took away that I am only to remember that we were misled in the past and just remember that last night could be a repeat. Nothing was said that made me feel the man was reassuring the people that the infomation was 100% guaranteed.


elmer....I would like to thank you and please extend a big thank you to Okie also....any and all info passed along is helpful and appreciated!!!!! Encouragement while it may not be necessary, sure is welcomed!!!1 Thank you again


The transcript of Okie's call is on Recaps Link

Remember Okie said that is to be the *Official Start*... not when we would be in the banks IMO ,,, Either way PTB just bring it was to be the official START... and I do bellieve that... I also know things have changed as far as the rollout... we wait our turn like always but I do like official start... I had heard it before I heard it from Okie... so be glad of that... how to reach us is anyones guess lol


okrocks,,kind of touched on that yesterday,,that the levels above us are already engaging so the final release appears to us last

I presume it meant Treasury to release funds for banks.


Okie did say he was told RV “would start” between the hours of 6 pm last night and 9AM today” and maybe it did “start” and maybe we won’t see it it until its “finished”? Something to think about….It was wonderful hearing his voice again…..made my night!!!

highhopes, exactly. Okie did not say we would be headed to the bank at that time.

Dr. MJRandy:
Good morning currency land. Remember the Iraqi Government stated that their nations currency would be going up in value between Aug. 17th and the 22nd.

CNBC: Oil prices slip as high US output balances crude stock draw​-crude-stock-draw.html