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Thursday, August 10, 2017

Mueller Accused of Treason by Retired Navy Commander

This is all about Trump's resignation which is the planned day that the RV will release. ~ Dinar Chronicles

Robert Mueller Accused of Treason by Retired Navy Commander, See criminal complaint officially filed

Fitzpatrick Dispatches Treason Complaint Against Special Counsel Mueller to AG Sessions

by Sharon Rondeau

(Jul. 26, 2017) — On Wednesday afternoon, LCDR Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III (Ret) swore out a criminal complaint against Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller, III directed to U.S. Attorney General Jeffrey Beauregard Sessions, III with delivery to Washington, DC guaranteed by noon on Thursday.


The complaint accuses Mueller “and other Federal Bureau of Investigation employees in commission of treason and lesser-included offenses” intended to allegedly remove President Donald Trump from office.

The 16-page document recounts that Mueller was FBI director during an event Fitzpatrick calls “The Madisonville Hoax,” when he and other military veterans, along with some civilians who had traveled to witness a court hearing for Fitzpatrick on April 20, 2010 in the tiny East Tennessee town, were depicted as members of a “militia” which planned to “take over the courthouse” and arrest members of law-enforcement and the judiciary.

There was no such plot, nor was anyone attending the hearing in Madisonville bearing arms. In preparation for the hearing, however, the streets and surrounding roads were swarming with local, state and federal law-enforcement officers, including the FBI.

No one was approached by law enforcement or arrested that day, although schools were closed and snipers positioned on the roof of the Monroe County courthouse.

One of the attendees, Navy veteran Darren Wesley Huff, was nevertheless arrested ten days later. As a result, Huff faced trial on two federal firearms charges. He was acquitted on the first charge with a hung jury on the other, after which U.S. District Court Judge Thomas Varlan instructed the jury to reconvene and reach a different verdict on the second charge.

The jury then convicted Huff on the second charge of transporting firearms across state lines to commit a “civil disturbance,” even though Huff’s firearms had been locked in his truck’s toolbox before he reached Madisonville that morning. Along with many others, he was barred from entering the courthouse and therefore posed no threat to anyone inside, contrary to the sworn affidavit of FBI Special Agent Mark Van Balen.

Huff spent four years in federal prison without having committed a crime.

The mainstream press misrepresented that a number of observers in Madisonville that day were seen carrying guns despite law enforcement’s inability to identify those individuals and that no arrests were made.

Photos of Fitzpatrick and Huff shortly thereafter appeared in a Tennessee law-enforcement training program with the pejorative of “sovereign citizen,” indicating that they are “domestic terrorists.”

The U.S. Justice Department refused to release any documentation in its possession on “The Madisonville Hoax” to this publication despite several levels of appeal having been exhausted.

In Wednesday’s complaint, Fitzpatrick stated that he believes Mueller, Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe, former CIA Director John Brennan and former FBI Director James B. Comey are coordinating their efforts to remove Trump from office.

On page 3, Fitzpatrick informed Sessions that he accused Barack Hussein Obama II of treason for the first time on March 17, 2009, alleging that Obama is a “foreign born domestic enemy.”

Recalling an Obama-era program coordinated by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), FBI, and Department of Defense (DOD), Fitzpatrick told Sessions that Mueller “worked closely with ‘resident’ Obama and Eric Holder in the planning of their criminal plot codenamed: OPERATION VIGILANT EAGLE. Obama, Holder and Mueller focused on military veterans as the direct object of their masquerade (p. 6):

On page 10, Fitzpatrick wrote, “I am one of the Veterans Mueller and Mueller’s FBI unlawfully identified and targeted as a ‘domestic terrorist’ under OPERATION VIGILANT EAGLE IN 2010. Because of Mueller, I am still named and treated as a ‘domestic terrorist’ today. I am not a ‘domestic terrorist.’”

On July 18, Fitzpatrick went to the McMinn County, TN courthouse to address the grand jury about the “sovereign citizen/domestic terrorist” label which continues to be attached to his name.

At the bottom of page 6, Fitzpatrick recounted his initial treason complaint against Obama, accusing Mueller of having “aided and abetted Barack Hussein Obama’s TREASON protecting Obama’s identity as a foreign born domestic enemy, standing guard over Obama’s sealed papers and past…” in an apparent reference to the dearth of paper documentation released by the Obama White House about its eight-year occupant.

On March 1, 2012, the “long-form” birth certificate image posted by the Obama White House on April 27, 2011 was deemed a “computer-generated forgery” by former detective Michael Zullo, who ultimately conducted a five-year criminal investigation into the image’s authenticity commissioned by then-Maricopa County, AZ Sheriff Joseph Arpaio.

The Justice Department has since prosecuted Arpaio on a charge of criminal contempt of court, with a decision from U.S. District Court Judge Susan Bolton pending following an eight-day trial which ended early this month. Many believe that the decision to prosecute Arpaio for allegedly purposely violating a federal judge’s order relating to Arpaio’s immigration patrols was launched in retaliation for Arpaio’s having sanctioned the investigation into Obama’s purported birth certificate.

The media has maintained a virtual blackout on the findings of forgery in the birth certificate image and Obama’s purported Selective Service registration form.

Fitzpatrick stressed in the complaint that Mueller prevented any investigation into Obama’s identity (p. 7) while serving as FBI Director:

Fitzpatrick suggested to Sessions that he could terminate Mueller’s role as “Special Counsel” very rapidly.

Speculation has recently abounded as to whether or not Trump will retain Sessions in his position given that Trump has expressed “disappointment” in Sessions’s having recused himself from the “Russia” investigations which Mueller is reportedly pursuing.

On Wednesday, Trump tweeted that Sessions has been “very weak” on investigating Trump’s former Democrat rival, Hillary Clinton, for having destroyed 33,000 emails when she worked as Obama’s Secretary of State and utilized a private, unauthorized server over which she sent classified information.

Trump and his campaign aides have been accused of “colluding” with “the Russians” to assure Trump would win the presidency last year. Trump and his associates have denied any wrongdoing and have begun to meet with congressional investigators behind closed doors, after which public testimony may follow.

Source: The Millennium Report

And here's some mainstream media news. The information war continues... ~ Dinar Chronicles

By REBECCA SHABAD CBS NEWS August 8, 2017, 5:16 PM

Trump hasn't directly exchanged private messages with Mueller, lawyer clarifies

Last Updated Aug 9, 2017 11:35 AM EDT

President Trump has not directly exchanged private messages with special counsel Robert Mueller, Mr. Trump's chief counsel John Down told CBS News Chief White House correspondent Major Garrett, clarifying an earlier USA TODAY report in which Dowd said the president "has sent messages back and forth."

Dowd, calling the description in USA TODAY a misunderstanding, said he has personally communicated with Mueller. Dowd said there are no direct messages between Mr. Trump and Mueller or vis versa. Dowd said he has been in communication with Mueller since joining the president's legal team and that in the process has "shared the president's thoughts" as well as his own with Mueller about the probe.

Mueller is overseeing the federal investigation into Russia's influence on the 2016 election.

"I am the communicator," Dowd told CBS News. "The communications have been appropriate and professional. In both directions."

In the earlier USA Today report, Dowd had said, "The president has sent messages back and forth."

"We get along well with Bob Mueller; our communications have been constructive," he told USA TODAY. "But it is important that our communications remain confidential. It's important that there not be any breakdown in that trust.'"

Dowd told CBS News speculation that Mueller might be fired is "nonsense."

"It is not on the table," Dowd said.

But the president himself and one of his lawyers have not ruled out firing Mueller, who Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein appointed in May after Mr. Trump abruptly fired James Comey as FBI director.

The report on Tuesday comes just a few days after it became known that Mueller is using a federal grand jury in Washington, D.C. as part of his probe into Russia.

Meanwhile, two senators introduced a bipartisan measure last week that would protect Mueller's job in that it would allow any Department of Justice special counsel to challenge his or her removal in court.

Source: CBS News



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