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Monday, August 7, 2017

Mountain Goat News Briefing for August 7, 2017

Mountain Goat News Briefing

August 7, 2017

Hi Everyone,

I bring you much news today.

Wow! Its Monday morning and no RV? What happened? All I can say is lol…lol…lol….if you actually expected it last weekend. If you did, you got taken from these charlatans again. Good luck with them!

In Baghdad on Friday, the planning for a start of demonstrations in the Liberation Square in the center of the capital, called for by the leader of the Sadrist movement, Moqtada al-Sadr. At 6:00 am, demonstrations started after the leader of the Sadrist movement called on them to hold the corrupt officials accountable and to demand reform of the election law. The streets of the capital have been cut off since early morning, cutting off the roads leading to Tahrir Square, in addition to a massive security deployment.

What is all the news lately about the electronic cards and why are they important?

​First I want to clarify and dismiss these rumors going around that once they pay on these SMART cards the rate of the dinar has to RV or had RV’d. This is not true and I have been trying to tell you all along that these are only debit cards issued thru Mastercard and Visa.

The bank can tie these cards to a bank account and now the government can make electronic payments to their accounts for nearly 90% of the population who either receive a pension, or a government salary of some kind. The cards are tied to a bank account. Again I say the cards are tied to a bank account. The money is NOT on the cards!

There is NOT any new IQD rate on these cards. The rate is not on the card! Simply the cards are nothing more than an instrument used to swipe and verify security codes. The money is in the bank account and the banks have the rate of the dinar. Again the rate is NOT ON THE CARD! Who cares what the rate is anyhow in Iraq. Do you check the rate of your countries currency on a daily basis? Do you care? Why is it not the same in Iraq? The FACT is it is the same.

The in-country market rate is used for the dinar. This rate is decided by the CBI and IMF. The dinar in the country is not changing EVER until they launch the newer notes that eventually and gradually will replace the 3 zero notes. Get it?

Yes, once the dinar goes up in value there will be more purchasing power in Iraq since they will be able to buy more with the dinar once they can use it outside the country. Thus, the benefit with an increase of dinar rate is in the ability to buy more from the outside world.

If the merchants can them buy more for less dinar from outside the country thus the prices within Iraq also will adjust downwards. Can you see the increased purchasing power of the dinar flow down from the merchants’ side to the consumer side?

But, the rate will be whatever the CBI and IMF decide. There are not individual rates on the debit cards! Get it? There is now only one rate and it is the provisional rate while still under sanctions.

Use of cards abroad is also rumored to contain a new rate. Again, the rate is NOT ON THE CARD as the rate would have to come from one of the global currency exchanges, and these exchanges currently do not yet have have the new rate. Go look for yourself if you don’t believe me. The new rate has NOT yet been rolled out to any global exchanges.

Just so you know - No one to this day has ever come forward to show solid evidence, such as a bank receipt or receipt from an ATM, of the new rate when cash is received in the USA from the use of an ATM machine or withdrawal from a bank in the USA on one of these Iraqi debit cards. This is all just rumors and so this is all rubbish, hype and just lies until proven as FACTUAL. I still wait for someone to take my challenge and produce solid evidence.

The real truth about electronic banking in Iraq:
The CBI and GOI have taken on this huge effort to get nearly 35 million people on the debit cards because they need to go a cashless society.

But why is going thru all this effort so important? Why now?

First I want to say this project of electronic banking has been on the overall plan for years. I remember reading articles about this way back in 2011. Under the Nori al-Maliki administration, it was nearly impossible to get anything done and thus the project never really took off and stalled. It needed the support of the finance committee of the GOI.

Now under the new Abadi administration, we see a change and so this project is progressing rapidly now. The IMF to is mandating this changeover and so if they want their currency to go back to the prior pre-war levels they need to follow instructions.

I hope everyone understands why this is so important. These are not just minor articles to read over and pass by. This stuff is VERY, VERY important info to consider. The use of these cards will revolutionize the Iraqi society and the entire banking industry, not to mention get us the RV.

Benefits associated with implementing the Financial and Economic Reforms:

  • It takes nearly 2/3 of the 3 zero notes out of circulation. Part of the project to delete the zeros;
  • It eliminates corruption in that less paper notes means less counterfeiting, thus part of the implementing the reforms;
  • Less hard currency money to steal and smuggle out of the country;
  • Can no longer hide wads of paper notes under your mattress or buried in the ground. They need to get as many of these 3 zero notes as possible before pulling the trigger on the RV;
  • Capitalizing the banks and providing liquidity since people are forced to get bank accounts and use electronic banking if they want to get paid. This is part of the financial reforms;
  • Govt payrolls in the bank mean high liquidity in the banks, this means more money to loan out to businesses and individuals for new homes, condos, business loans. This is part of the economic reforms. This will kickstart the economy not the RV;
  • Less money brokers in the streets exchanging currency thus the CBI can control the market rate spreads of the dinar and control it. This is part of the financial reforms.
Benefits for the average citizens:
  • Less mugging of people after payday when they would carry around wads of notes in their pockets, safer streets;
  • Being forced to use the banks;
  • Convenience and ease of use in the market place for POS
  • Money in the bank for loans so they can buy new homes and cars
Did I miss any?

Articles are below. As always my comments are in italic RED.

Articles Begin

Handing over the salaries of its employees through electronic payment cards

Economy News Baghdad: The Iraqi government has already begun to implement the project to settle salaries by handing over the salaries of its employees through electronic payment cards issued by banks operating in the country through deductions up to two thousand dinar.

The financial adviser to the Prime Minister, the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, for "Economy News", "The project of localization of salaries is in accordance with the plans set for him by the government because it includes several goals, including:
1. raising the efficiency of the payment system and
2. revitalize the banking sector through the granting of loans and diversification of other services"
3. Adding that to force stopping citizens from "keeping cash inside the houses and not trading in the market leads to a large loss of up to 8% of GDP estimated at 12 billion dollars

Association of Private Banks: Banks are working on issuing four million bank cards

The Iraqi Private Banks Association announced on Monday that Iraqi banks are currently working on issuing four million bank cards.

The Executive Director of the Association of Private Banks, Ali Tariq, in an interview with "Economy News", "The banks operating in Iraq are currently working on the issuance of four million bank cards and put them on the market," adding that "the world will see in the coming years, Using electronic cards in daily transactions. "

He stressed that "the issue of bank cards is of great importance after the opening in the society and the expansion of the banking culture of the citizen," explaining that "the Association of private banks will establish several courses for bankers on the development of their capabilities in dealing with bank cards.

(this is the upcoming cashless society in Iraq. It’s all part of the project to delete the zeros. We have seen them rollout millions of these cards already as they move to each province. In fact, did you read the article above and below this one? Are these cards important? Three articles on this topic in the same week? – I guess they are important….this is how they are shrinking the money supply. Remember they told us many times they need to get 2/3 of the 3 zero notes out of circulation as part of this project)

Al-Rushaid pays salaries for retirees for the month of August

(Did you see the dozens of articles since 8/1 in the late pension payments? Well now they finally paid them and they did it electronically. Yes – this was the hold up. The bank needed to get the funds from the government. The government needed to get the file downloaded and sent over to the Rafidain bank and deposited into the people’s accounts.)

Baghdad: Al-Furat News) Rafidain Bank announced the direct disbursement of salaries of retired civil servants for the current August through manual exchange and smart card. (Ok so there will still be some manual payments in cash until the get everyone onboard with these electronic cards)

The bank's media office said in a statement received by the agency {Euphrates News} a copy of it today that "the bank began to pay the salaries of civilian retirees for the period."
"This includes smart card holders and manual exchange retirees."
The statement pointed out that "the bank is an executive in the disbursement of salaries, after the arrival of lists and data of the names of retirees by the National Pension Authority."

Parliamentary Finance: The World Bank requires Iraq to pass the Social Insurance Law

BAGHDAD (AFP) - The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has demanded that Iraq pass a social insurance law to encourage the private sector and rely on young people for economic growth and access to the roles of developed countries, the parliamentary finance committee said Sunday.

"The law will represent a clear damage to the government, but it is hoped and with time to create an investment case to manage the money in the pension fund," he said, pointing out that "passing the law and voting in the House of Representatives for the service of a large segment of citizens and will reduce the increasing annual submission of applications for government appointment, as it will provide in one way or another the provision of government pension for private sector workers. "

(In other words the IMF wants Iraq to pass a pension law, much like social security law in USA. This will ensure pensions are paid out on time, a national pension fund is established and regulated. Not raided by corrupt officials. But here is the best part – they GOI can get the citizens, once employed and they move to a private sector, to fund their own pension by payday withdrawals of pension requirements from their paychecks. You can bet the employer to will have to donate to the fund. Will this lessen yet another financial burden off the GOI and lessen its obligations?

Oh – is electronic banking going to allow them to do this in the long term? Yes – and now you’re getting my point of why electronic banking is VERY, VERY important to Iraq)

Bloomberg: Iraq's Kirkuk Province Spurns Plan to Ship Its Oil to Iran

Iraq’s northern province of Kirkuk refuses to cooperate with any plans to ship its oil to neighboring Iran because the central government didn’t consult with it on the matter, Kirkuk provincial officials said.

The central government in Baghdad and the semi-autonomous Kurdistan Regional Government both pump crude from different wells at Kirkuk’s oil fields, which straddle their respective areas of control. Kurdish forces took control of some fields in Kirkuk in June 2014 after the Iraqi army fled from Islamic State militants, but the government in Baghdad doesn’t recognize Kurdish control of the area.

Kirkuk won’t cooperate with the central government to ship its oil to refineries in neighboring Iran as the federal authorities didn’t seek its input, Ahmed Al-Askari, head of the energy committee at the Kirkuk provincial council, said by phone from London.

“Any oil deal, or discussions about the province’s output, without involving the Kirkuk governorate and its provincial council will not be successful,” the Kirkuk governor’s office said in an emailed statement.
(Folks, these kind of disputes will go on forever without Article 140 and the ammendments to HCL becoming law and enforced)

Iraqi Oil Minister Jabbar Al-Luaibi agreed a few days ago with his Iranian counterpart to study plans to build a pipeline to ship Kirkuk oil to a refinery in Iran.

Their decision followed an announcement by the KRG that it will hold a referendum on independence from Iraq on Sept. 25, including in Kirkuk. The planned referendum has angered authorities in Iran and Turkey -- both with sizable Kurdish minorities -- as well as in Iraq. It also drew criticism from the U.S. because the step would be destabilizing at a time when the fight against Islamic State has yet to be won.

‘Political Ploy’

The Iraqi government’s proposal to send oil from Kirkuk to Iran is meant to “hinder the Kurdistan referendum, which will eventually include Kirkuk,” Dilshad Shaaban, a lawmaker from KRG parliament, said in emailed answers to questions from Bloomberg.

The pipeline proposal is a “political ploy” to increase the central government’s leverage over the KRG prior to the possible independence referendum, BMI Research said in an emailed note on Aug. 1.

The pipeline would divert oil to Iran and away from the export route to the Mediterranean via the Kurdish region and Turkey, it said.

But here is real dispute and reasons why-├áThe project would also deny a “large amount” of oil revenue to the KRG and could move Iraq’s Kurdish region toward a “financial breaking point,” according to the note.
Iran’s official Islamic Republic News Agency reported on July 29 that Iraq would transfer oil to Kermanshah and Tabriz refineries, citing a preliminary agreement between the two nations.

Kirkuk, where Iraq first discovered oil in 1927, can produce more than 1 million barrels a day but is pumping at less than half its capacity as competing ethnic and political groups scramble to control its 9 billion barrels of reserves. Iraq exported 98.178 million barrels of crude, including 677,000 barrels from Kirkuk, in June, Oil Ministry spokesman Asim Jihad said in an emailed statement on July 1.

(Okay so now you have it in black and white as to why they need to get Article 140 completed and the GOI is reluctant to do so. Do you see the picture now?)

Lebanese newspaper: Sadr demonstrations fall within the movement to block the return of Nori al-Maliki to power

Baghdad Today

Al-Akhbar newspaper said that the leader of the Sadrist movement, Moqtada al-Sadr, seeks to move through demonstrations that reject clauses in the provincial elections law and his positions also to prevent the return of the rival leader of a coalition of state law Nuri al-Maliki to power.

The newspaper said in a report that “Sadr seeks to restrict the situation Maliki , in reference to Maliki, as seen in the electoral law 1.9 to consecrate his control of the Iraqi parliament, and thus can Maliki to contribute to the manufacture of the next prime minister, The Iraqi must be called the largest parliamentary blocs prime minister. “

She added that Sadr “criticized the popular silence on passing the law, which gives the opportunity for the big blocs to seize the votes of the voters at the expense of small blocs and independent candidates, stressing the need to the participation of claimants in Tahrir Square, and in the provinces, each according to his ability … Demonstration demonstrating the will of the people “.

The Free bloc parliamentary of the Sadrist movement has expressed surprise vote on the electoral law, saying that did not vote»

She said in her statement that «the law that was voted strengthens the monopoly of large blocs of power and prevents all options for the Iraqi people to pass any reform project», adding, «We assure the Iraqi people that we were, and we are still demanding to implement all options of the people demanding reforms, Especially the legislation of the election law guarantees the real representation of the people of Iraq and end the political tutelage by the large political blocs ».

Sadr’s call came after the approval of the Iraqi Council of Representatives on the legislative amendment to the electoral law, and adoption of the formula «St. Lego 1.9» (This law raises the proportion of the electoral score, the chances of controlling the parliament of the large blocs, which is based on the major constituencies), which sparked criticism of parties as a system that contributes to the continuation of large blocs in the “hegemony” of the Council, and the “exclusion” of the opposition voices.

In his interview with News, Salah al-Obeidi, a spokesman for Sadr, said that the current adheres to the electoral law St. Lego rate 1.4 (contributes to the accessibility of small blocs, because the proportion of the electoral score less, which is based on the smaller districts)

He refused to consider the demonstrations as a reflection of Sadr’s recent visit to Saudi Arabia. Al-Obeidi stressed that the demonstration is “a continuation of the previous demonstrations, and continued every Friday in Tahrir Square,” pointing out that “the movement of the Sadrists aimed at reform at various levels.

Iraq in Final Talks to settle debt entire Gulf Debt Economy News Baghdad:

The financial adviser to the Prime Minister, the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, on Saturday, the existence of talks to settle the Gulf debt and closing it completely, indicating that the Gulf debt amounts to 45.6, including compensation Kuwait. (Saleh is not talking JUST about the Kuwaiti debt. He is talking about ALL Gulf debts for Iraq from the Paris Agreement. So Iraq plans to settle all these debts amounting to 45.6 billion. This is wonderful news and surely hike up their credit rating. But how will they do it? This is a huge sum of money. This will also lead to getting “fully” out of Chapter VII sanctions. I luv this news….)

Saleh said in an interview with "Economy News" that "what the media is exaggerating about the influx of Iraqi debt is incorrect because it must be deleted the amount of 41 billion of the total debt," noting that "Gulf debt is 41 billion dollars of sovereign debt belong to countries outside the Paris Club members and are covered by the terms of the Paris Club Agreement. "

He added that "the Gulf countries did not demand debt and did not submit debt documents to the International Auditing Company E & Y since the Paris Club agreement at the end of 2004," noting that "Gulf debts are mostly fictitious claims and linked to the Iraq-Iran war." (So there was timeline and cutoff date to submit debt claims to the Paris Club agreement. He is telling us that much of the current national debt of Iraq is unsubstantiated and not part of the Paris Agreement- so it is not real)

He pointed out that "there are debts that fall within the compensation of the war of Kuwait, 4.6 billion and the suspension of payment of premiums since 2015 and 5% was deducted from the value of each barrel of Iraqi oil source," stressing that "there are consultations to resolve this issue and close his file for a final." (So we know that each quarter a payment has been make to Kuwait to help settle this debt. Today we find out it is 5% of revenue from each barrel of oil sold)

The International Monetary Fund, announced on Wednesday, 2 August 2017, that the Iraqi debt during the current year of 122.9 billion dollars, expected to rise next year to 132.6 billion dollars.

The International Monetary Fund said in a press statement read by the "Economy News" after the conclusion of the second review of the performance of the Iraqi economy under the credit agreement and Article IV consultations for 2017, "The Iraqi debt during the year 2017 amounted to 122.9 billion dollars and will rise in the next year to 132.6 billion dollars "He said.

He added that "external government debt is currently 67.5 billion dollars and will be next year 73.7 billion dollars," pointing out that "government debt constitutes 63.8% of gross domestic product."

Articles End

Many are asking where is the Friday newsletter? Actually I did a newsletter for distribution on Friday 8/4. George tells me the USA did not get a copy since the USA sponsor censored the news again and refused to publish it. So you missed out on Friday’s news in USA again. This is the third time this year. Does anyone have a better site I can publish my news to the USA? The truth about this RV saga needs to be told. This is not just about expressing my “opinion” but rather telling the truth and clarifying all this foolish intel. Please respond to this newsletter or let George know. Thank you! ​

Their words not mine…..No Rumors, No Hype, Just the FACTS!

Auf Wiedersehen
Much love to ya all,
Mnt Goat



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