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Sunday, August 13, 2017

"Meritocracies and the Hydration Wave" by Restive Sage - 8.13.17

Entry Submitted by Restive Sage at 3:00 PM EDT on August 13, 2017

The old cabal system in Europe was an offshoot of the original feudal system. During the Dark Ages, powerful monarchs owned the entirety of the land in the kingdom, with a significant portion reserved for the Vatican (until the Protestant schisms). Territorial portions of the kingdom were divided and handed out to a hierarchy of nobles and vassals. They swore oaths of fealty to the sovereign and agreed to train and supply knights and solders for security and warfare. The nobles and vassals saw to it that the farms were worked and the peasantry managed. Wealth was measured in fairly simple terms of land, houses, gold, herds of animals, food stores, and useful constructions of basic mechanics such as carts, wagons, boats, weapons, etc. Since the peasant class was the bottom rung of the social order, there was no need for slavery unlike that seen in other areas of the world where it was common.

Sovereignty of the crown passed by inheritance. In some countries it only passed to the oldest MALE heir. In other countries, like England, it could pass to MALE or FEMALE heirs. The concept of "the divine right of kings" led to a shaky state of cooperation among Europe's sovereigns with the Vatican. Due to alliances being cemented with strategic marriages, claims to a given throne were often varied. Contentious intrigues and dangerous conspiracies were rampant. Keeping the nobles and vassals of any given state happy was a challenge. They knew the monarch needed their support. Rebellions and civil uprisings were always a threat and invasions of neighboring states were all too common.

Because the king was the king, taxes were assessed to each noble and vassal. In England for example, the king was entitled to "the king's fifth" or 20%. Thus, 20% of the productive wealth of the entire country flowed up the ladder. The nobles kept the rest and those with productive fiefdoms could grow quite wealthy, sometimes rivaling the monarch. The other nations and principalities on the continent used varying taxation percentages.

Study Europe and you will be studying unrelenting warfare. If you engage in something for centuries you get good at it and much technology was of course directed to it. Europe's propensity for warfare increased steadily over time and, once the New World of the Americas was "discovered", a dramatic shift in human history emerged. European countries began to claim vast new lands not only in the New World, but in Africa and Asia as well. The bleak reality was that the it was considered normal that one culture could claim superiority over another and this then should be exploited. Unfortunately, the colonial period also saw the Europeans, including the Vatican, joining with many other cultures in condoning and perpetuating the inherently immoral use of a slavery system, not in Europe itself, but in the colonies. The plantation system that emerged led to great wealth for European sovereigns, nobles, merchants and entrepreneurs. Four maritime countries took a big lead in claiming colonies worldwide and exploiting the plantation system: Spain, Portugal, France and England. Later they were joined by Holland (a breakaway vassal state of Spain).

In this time, there was the marriage of aggressive and advanced forms of warfare, the colonial system, the plantation system with slavery and the accumulation and storing of vast wealth in five emergent European powers. At the same time there was a burst of scientific knowledge and advancement.

The rise of the cabal in Europe is an amazing story. Starting out within the merchant class, humbly buried in the social stratum of the Middle Ages, a small, diverse and very diligent core of tight-knit families slowly but steadily rose in wealth. Many of these merchant families stayed below the radar, not wishing to challenge the monarchy.

The concept of banking was hampered by the fact that Christians, by order of the Vatican, were not allowed to engage in the practice of usury or loaning money for a profit (interest). For Christians, you could loan money, but when paid back, there was no added charge. Thus, Christians could derive no benefit from banking. In some cases, however, this was skirted by charging a "storage fee" or "service charge" which was technically not interest. Into this banking vacuum, the Jewish merchants of Europe who could in fact charge interest became the money lenders of that era. Many Jewish merchants, often operating as jewelers with gold and silver shops, also performed local banking functions and thus provided a valuable service to their communities. Over time, aided and abetted by the religious monopoly provided inadvertently by the Vatican, these merchant families formed the foundation of the modern banking system and invented what is known now as fractional banking. In the banking systems of the day, there was typically a 100% collateral requirement. The borrower had to put up an equivalent value in real estate or whatever that would be forfeit on default. Thus, theoretically, the banker could not lose. This led to wealth accumulation.

As the age of mercantilism expanded more and more, the wealth acquired by the mercantile families began to be converted more than ever before to political power. For some countries, this rise in power was seen as a threat. In 1492, Spain expelled from its borders all of the Jewish families in the country who would not convert to Catholicism. Many thousands of wealthy families were forced to leave their land of birth. This resulted in a great loss of human talent and wealth as they moved out of the country, much to the gain of France, Italy, Germany, England and others. Europe's population expanded. The colonial era demanded more and more capital. Over time the power of the Vatican was much reduced by the Protestant schism and the protestant counties including especially England, Holland and Germany no longer felt constrained about usury complications. This began the era of Christian banking houses which began to compete with the age-old Jewish banking houses. Finally, the era of all-powerful kings and sovereigns began to fall away. The emergence of democratic governments in the late 1700s, 1800s and 1900s became a groundswell. The feudal system finally faced its demise. In a fitful period of transition, the mercantile class, including its subset cabal, began to assert a much higher place in the social order.

So, in the new era, the power of the European mercantile families, both Jewish and Christian, grew even greater. In some cases, even sovereigns and nobles were forced to borrow from these mega-wealthy families in times of economic expansion, crisis or even war. Thus, the merchant and banking class began to first compete with, and then overwhelm and surpass the old ruling class. As advances in technology and scientific knowledge grew during the Industrial Revolution, making life longer and better, the earth's population swelled even further.

When sovereign political power was by necessity allied to the large mercantile and banking families of Europe, there was a multiplicative effect that became impossible to counter. In the late 1800s and 1900s, the capital demands of new industries and the build-up of vast military forces to control their far flung colonial holdings led to the early stages of what we now call "the military-industrial complex". The rise of the United States in the New World led to truly massive insertions of European capital into our country. Lucrative banking was taking place at a high level. Ultimately, by collaborating with the highest levels of the old sovereign powers, the vast gains of the mercantile and banking families led to a very advanced system of comprehensive financial control that we generalize today into one simple term - "the cabal" . It was most exemplified by the political marriage of the British royal family (who, alone in Europe by the year 1900, had retained sovereignty of their vast colonial holdings including such large territories as Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Nigeria and the the crown jewel of India), with the cabal. This began a symbiotic relationship that changed the world.

Thus, the political marriage of old European sovereign families with the mercantile/financial cabal led to a megalithic power shift and financial control of virtually the entire planet. It led to the reprehensible concept of central banking, the abuse of fractional banking, the creation of vast floats of nationalized fiat money, the rise of military influence in the political system, a world armed to the teeth with the ever present threat of warfare, active warfare on a global scale, the commandeering of science for the benefit of the few not the many, the accumulation of massive sovereign debts by nations, and a system of debt slavery where the population is seduced into acquiring never ending personal debt including cars, student loans, mortgages, and credit cards, all of the interest payments constantly feeding the cabal.

This system of control is based on the very concept of money itself. When we are young we are taught about money and we accept it. It is a simple system to the child. I can buy what I want if I have some money. Behind this simple transaction, however, is a vast social agreement. Since barter is impractical, money is needed and is useful. Unfortunately, money is also a means to population control and to exploitation of the many by the few.

The term "meritocracy" means a society where human efforts, human education, human productivity and human inventiveness are rewarded both by acclaim and often by financial gain. The harder you work, theoretically, the more you get. It also means, in crass terms, if you do not work, you do not eat. Societies that evolve into meritocracies must protect their "valuable" citizens of merit from the "less valuable" citizens. The less valuable citizens are often thought of as those who consume only and do not produce or contribute ie those who would compromise or exploit the system. Thus, it means if you steal or cheat to survive you will be disciplined, jailed or even killed. It also means that money can be used as a useful glue of society, so long as the playing field is level and so long as there are equitable laws that uphold the dignity of citizens. The problem is, in a system adulterated with a high concentration of power such as the cable has created for itself, they have no constraints. It is in other words an elitist system, with almost no limitation on power.

The cabal system has proven itself to be a fraud and a failure. Look around you. Luckily, we now have a new chance to remake the world. Enlightened leaders are stepping into the ugly morass the cabal has created and they will hopefully change this world for the better.

Hallmarks of this new Golden Age are:

  • The end of cabal hegemony and criminal governance.
  • The end of the use of science for control and evil purposes and its new use for the benefit of mankind.
  • Peaceful coexistence among all nations; reduced arms expenditures; reduced taxation.
  • An advanced and transparent banking system that is fair for all countries and all citizens.
  • The re-balancing of economics for the Third and Second World; the end of neo-colonialism.
  • Currency Hydration and an end to poverty and to debt slavery.
History can be your friend if you understand it. The history of mankind in the modern era is a sickening and pathetic commentary of the worst of humanity's dark side. It could have been so different. So I say: We need new leaders.

I for one am enthralled by the promised changes we see taking place. This is a special time in history, a paradigm shift at the highest level. Let us remake this world together. The hydration mechanism is needed to re-balance the power base and plays a key role in keeping the social system together during the political changes to come. We have our part to play.

Restive Sage



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