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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

"Launched" - Tues. PM KTFA Thoughts/News


BlaqueBeauty » August 1st, 2017


Samson » August 1st, 2017

Pay the salaries of employees of five departments in the industry

12:18 - 01/08/2017

Rafidain Bank announced on Tuesday the salaries of employees of five departments in the Ministry of Industry and Minerals.

The bank's information office said in a statement received by Al-Maaloumah that "the bank has launched the salaries of some departments of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals after the arrival of the sukuk of their departments to the bank."

The statement added that "the departments are the factory of Ibn Sina, Nahrawan factory, Al-Badr factory, Al-Ramah plant and Samarra pharmaceutical factory," noting that "the drainage was through one of the electronic payment tools.


Doc.K » August 1st, 2017

Read this article !!!

This is putting IRAQ into banking compliance for the AML law which is the anti-money laundering law and the kyc , know your client. This is of utmost importance before they can revalue their currency. They have to become internationally compliant . I highlighted the areas that you should focus on , however; the entire article is worth the read . Thank you AGAIN Samson

p.s. this is the reason why they had to shut down the money changers and redo the banking compliance laws and banking websites because they were not compliant with the modern international laws. NO RV til this happens . I'm looking at the 8th at the earliest for a rate change.....NOTE: THIS IS ALL IMO

Note: They finish up training just before their weekend. Peace, Doc K

Samson » August 1st, 2017

The Association of Private Banks organizes a training course on combating money laundering for 26 banks and financial finance companies

1st August, 2017

The Association of Iraqi Private Banks held a training course entitled "Combating Money Laundering and Financing Terrorism" at the University of Ceyhan in Erbil, with the participation of 50 trainees from 26 banks and a financial transfer company.

The Association of Private Banks in a press statement received by "Economy News", "The Association of private banks set up for the first time in Erbil a training course entitled (Combating money laundering and financing terrorism) in cooperation with KPMG and for aperiod of three days from Tuesday, 1 August to the day Thursday, 3 August 2017 at the headquarters of the University of Ceyhan in Erbil, "adding that" the participants will receive a certificate from the Association of Banks and a certificate from the company KPMG. "

She explained that the objectives of the training course are to provide trainees with modernmethods in combating money laundering and international and regional bodies organizing the anti-money laundering process and the most important websites of regional and international bodies for the purposes of customer verification and knowledge of the initiative of the new Basel Committee to combat money laundering and money laundering risks and due diligence towards customers, Indicating that "the course includes teaching trainees practical applications and application of theinstructions of Money Laundering Office


Anti-Money Laundering and Trade Sanctions Services

KPMG Forensic’s award winning Global Anti-Money Laundering & Trade Sanctions team is uniquely placed to assist member firm clients in protecting themselves against criminals and the increasingly aggressive actions of regulators. Whether designing and implementing new operating models, remediating problems of the past, designing and testing controls or transforming the culture and capability of the organization, our team operates globally with the largest financial institutions.

As well as Advisory services, the Global Anti-Money Laundering & Trade Sanctions team has some unique assets that can be applied to improve compliance and reduce costs. Our Customer Remediation Center Workflow technology and Astrus monitoring tools are all unique in the market and being used by several major financial institutions to create robust processes without breaking the bank.

KPMG Forensic teams have provided Anti-Money Laundering (AML) assessments worldwide, and contributed to some of the largest AML investigations and program rehabilitations in recent history. Whether assisting a financial institution proactively seeking to improve its program or reactively responding to a regulatory order, our professionals provide assistance to address many areas of AML program improvement sought by the financial community in today’s marketplace.


Walkingstick » August 1st, 2017

Abadi: We have a package of anti-corruption measures and we proposed to the UN Security Council an international bill to prosecute terrorism


Tina » August 1st, 2017

wow! This is awesome and I believe this was an IMF requirement, as well! Exciting times!

Godsgirl » August 1st, 2017

Wow, an International Bill! Thank you Walkingstick

Samson » August 1st, 2017

Iraq studies oil swap for reconstruction

1st August, 2017

Iraq's oil and energy committee unveiled a proposal to swap oil for the reconstruction of terrorism-hit areas with major powers, notably the United States,

"Iraq is considering resorting to barter in the reconstruction of liberated areas and will be according to the prices of Iraqi crude oil, and this is done by most of the countries of the world," MP Tareq Siddiq told the Journal News.

"The financial crisis due to terrorism and low oil prices have prompted the Iraqi government to study this proposal for the reconstruction of areas affected by terrorism," he said.

The Committee on Services and Reconstruction parliamentary considered the resort to Iraq to barter "stealing the money of Iraq" by the major powers, including America.

"Iraq today has experts and scientists in the field of oil, it is not possible for the United States to steal Iraq's money," said Tawfiq al-Kaabi, a member of the committee.

He added that it is hoped to hold a global conference in Iraq for the purpose of discussing mechanisms for the reconstruction of Iraq, stressing that "these ages come through the price and this price is oil, which has no other Iraq."

"The United States is trying to acquire Iraq's financial and oil capabilities by confronting the reconstruction campaigns of the liberated areas," he said. "Hundreds of contracts have been discovered between the Iraqi government and the Washington administration, which hopefully will be implemented soon. LINK

WK » August 1st, 2017

I don't understand some things....We put Russia, Iran and N Korea and anyone doing business with them under sanctions ...so how come Iraq can still do business with both of them? Even after we told them to untangle themselves from them?

And if Iran's banks are bankrupt and the people are trying to get their money and the police are brutalizing them like we saw in an article here yesterday then why are they in Iraq trying to get media deals and such and why isn't it all in the news here?

Blinkster » August 1st, 2017

WMK...the only reason I can think of is that the Iranian Rial is about to increase in value...and we've been told that Iran is connected behind the scenes, regarding their own currency reform of sorts. Perhaps the bankruptcy press articles regarding Iran are a bit of, shall we say, "squirrel" of their own? I dunno. Meanwhile, there seems to be a movement of civil unrest and govt overthrow that isn't going away...or is that too, a "squirrel"? Time will tell.

MOakes » August 1st, 2017

I think Backdoc explained it well several posts back -days ago. The PTB know what is going on and have planned it all.

Iran is not as bad as the media pictures them. There are countries in the ME much worse than Iran. The FAKE NEWS just doesn't report it.

Walkingstick » August 1st, 2017

Zain Iraq chooses the international advertising agency "Memac Ogilvy" to provide advertising services

Zain Iraq Selects "Memac Ogilvy" International Advertising Agency to Offer Advertising, Public Relations and Social Media Services

Zain Iraq, one of Zain Group's leading mobile and mobile data services companies in the Middle East and North Africa, has chosen Memac Ogilvy, the world's leading advertising, marketing and public relations agency in the Middle East and North Africa, to provide marketing support and services to the company. Public and social media.

Memac Ogilvy was chosen according to internationally recognized standards in the differentiation between the competent companies in this field to choose the best company to implement the company's strategy for the next stage depending on its team in this field, including the quality of the work team and its readiness to work diligently, Detailed information on the Iraqi market, which was carried out by "Memac Ogilvy", which came in line with the objectives of Zain commercial and marketing in the current and future.



FaithPrevails » August 1st, 2017


Aggiedad77 » August 1st, 2017

So what is significant with this announcement....well for starters Zain Iraq is seeking an outside firm (outside of Iraq) who has international credentials to help bring Zain Iraq into the international limelight.....it is time to step into the spotlight upon the international stage....perhaps Zain Iraq is the first to admit to doing this.....a first for an Iraqi company perhaps.....Zain is seeking to take its higher standards to another level and to do so for the sake of Iraq requires an international audience.....they can see the LL ( long line) salivating waiting to get into Iraq and they recognize an opportunity when they see it.....providing cell phone and media coverage for all these companies and countries waiting to come into Iraq and begin the reconstruction and rebuilding stage.....this is HUGE IMO.....bring on your "A" Game. Aloha Randy

Walkingstick » August 1st, 2017

Report: This is what Iraq hopes from Kuwait

The Kuwaiti government announced on Tuesday the start of extensive contacts in order to prepare to host the conference for the reconstruction of Iraqi areas liberated from the control of the "Daash", while sources in the Office of Prime Minister, Haider Abadi, that the hopes of the Conference to collect at least 20 billion Of the donor countries that will participate in the conference likely to be held in the coming months, which will restore the minimum services for liberated cities such as water and electricity and rehabilitation of hospitals and part of the destroyed schools.

Kuwaiti Foreign Minister Khalid Al-Jarallah told reporters today that he was preparing to host a donor conference for the reconstruction of the liberated areas from the hands of a preacher in Iraq. "No date has been set for the conference, but it is likely to be in the first quarter of next year."

For his part, said a senior Iraqi official in the office of Haider Abadi, according to the newspaper, "the new Arab" "The government seeks to urge the brothers in Kuwait to urgently convene the conference as soon as possible, because of the disruption of the return of about two million Iraqis to their cities, being destroyed and in need of services, Capable of handling something or reconstructing something, "he said.

The source, who asked not to be named, said that it is hoped that about 20 billion dollars will be collected during the conference, which is sufficient for the minimum in liberated cities such as reconstruction of water and electricity stations, important bridges, rehabilitation of hospitals and some schools. Billion dollars to return to what it was.

The source pointed out that the participation of some 40 Arab and foreign countries in the conference will be participation in political dimensions including an international position against terrorism. He stressed that the most prominent countries that have so far been confirmed are America, Britain, France, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Austria, Holland, Canada, Australia, Japan, China and Venezuela. , As well as Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the UAE.Turkey will also participate, and Iran has not yet decided whether or not to participate.


Aggiedad77 » August 1st, 2017

So with the underlined information drawn to your attention.....does anyone think this proposed conference just got stepped up a bunch of notches on the "important things to do now scale"......rubbing one's chin as one ponders what would Abadi be in such a hurry for.....oh yes of course.....if the big dogs expect Iraq to be a player soon.....then Iraq needs these countries to commit to helping them rebuild and reconstruct soon as well.....come on in.....IMO. Aloha Randy



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