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Saturday, August 12, 2017

"Latest Information that Can Not Wait till Monday" by Reallucky1 - 8.12.17

Entry Submitted by Reallucky1 at 4:27 PM EDT on August 12, 2017

Hello my beautiful Family

Wow so much has happened this last week and my research team has found some ground breaking news that I think is so important. First, the lesser banks do work but they are just the messenger to the banks because the banks are all operating on two completely different set of books. The incoming payments are being paid and shown as paid in the bills payment system, but the company you are sending the money to offset the payment can not see the transactions. We discovered this information from listening to feedback from real people. Several of my assistants sat and listened to the Real Truth Call last night and we got up early today to discuss what was really going on with the banks and the people we send the money for our bills. There was a woman speaking of her receiving the title to her vehicles and I had heard several times of the two ledger system, but this is the actual way they have gotten the system to work for us, without the companies we pay knowing they were letting us do this.

There are absolutely no coincidences right now. They had me thinking I was losing my mind, I could track the payments I made to the companies saying they were not paid, along with listening to the call in system telling me the payment was made, but the front office can not see the payments are made. This is what I call a MASTER PLAN, and it did and is working flawlessly. We are just too upset the payments being returned, when they are actually paid. Can you imagine the confusion the companies are having? That is one important thing that needed to be shared, once the banks and the automatic payments systems are joined together these front office people are going to feel like they have been scammed, because every single payment made is paid, only the banks or the companies can not see them. That is exciting to me not only because it shows we helped change the financial system in the world. The team effort that has created a wave of love over all of us, is showing us together how fabulous we are as a group. Never have I had this much faith and believe that the plan is fabulous and it working, and the people will be saved from the evil that has existed.

After much research the next ground breaking topic is going to be the Social Security Credit Union that has just sent out a list of like 55 new account numbers but most of them link to the Social Security offices held in Alabama. The very last one on the list is America's First Credit Union AFCU, Routing number 262083881, which is the universal routing number and follows right along with Yosef's recent message, he is a Trump fan now. The DO NO HARM has been brought to light, now if Yosef tries to use his mind control he would be called out, but I do not think he ever really hated Trump. Anyone waving that magic carrot in front of us could have convinced us of anything. Its to learn to use true discernment along this magical path we have all been placed into for whatever reason. We are learning that some people will be trying to trick us because we are holding such a large sum of money. Just wanted to mention that while I listen and try to understand many telling me to hide or to encrypt my files and my computer, or do this or do that my heart says do not do any of that stuff. My heart says stand strong and speak up because the way we get to a more beautiful world is by speaking the truth. Please understand anything I spoke of I not only researched it, I used it as well. I wanted to use the "Practice what you Preach" method, because if anyone would have gotten in trouble I wanted it to be me. Much of the TDA accounts the information changes every single day.

This is a team project, with so many people working on this intense project, but I must give a very special man some credit, he was introduced to me by Mike T. of our Outlaws group, his name is Kountry he once drove for Mike's family so this was exciting that Kountry sent me such ground breaking news of the Social Security Accounts. While I was listening to him speak of making a payment from the very last account on this list of social security banks, he mentioned the America's First Credit Union. I had heard Cindy K Currier, mention that the America's First Banks would be the key to solving the mystery. I started digging through every single bank in the nation, could not find these banks, the ones I called that were close to that name like America Bank and Trust did not have the ACH payment system so I was left still searching for the right bank. When he mentioned this to me about this bank, I was like what can you send this to me, the minute I looked at the name I knew this was the ONE. By networking and speaking and listening to others we are learning to break through the trail that has been laid with tiny breadcrumbs from all different sources. Then after seeing Anna's message, and I am sure she is right, she is a very smart lady, the only thing she could not realize is that while that may be well and true, you can not pay private debt with public accounts, THEN HOW DID I DO IT ANNA? Everyone talks to me, and tells me things, but I made the system work. Maybe they went through because I was experimenting and got them to work before they realized we had figured out how to make them work and stick.

I got up Thursday so excited for this appointment at TD Ameritrade, to be heart broken as THEY, whoever the THEY is had frozen my account. Personally, I work best and come up with the best solutions when something drastic like this happens to me. When I was sitting here this morning thinking of the last two or three days, all I can do today is SMILE. I give God all the credit, I get these intense spiritual messages that tell me to keep fighting I will see the light. I never try to intentionally mislead or harm anyone, I fight for real people for the right reasons. Never in a million years would I believe by studying and researching this topic from so many sources I can not even mention them all, did I think I would be writing this kind of post. I get blown away myself of some of the things I have done, with explaining and teaching. All I can tell each of you, I do it in the name of love and compassion, the true Age of Aquarius. Truly I believe this is my life path as so many interesting things line up with the dates of the NESARA events in comparison with my life. I am an Aquarius, and the start of the NESARA events was July 1, 2017, which is also my Father's birth date, the completion of NESARA is on October 1, 2017, which is my Grandfather's birth date, Even more interesting the date of 8-8-17 which is the Infinity sign for love, also the date in which the true kick off of the EVENT started is 888, my mom's birthday is, you guessed it August 8th. I am a direct trine to the Lion's gate as my birth date falls on February 1. When I started to realize these numbers lined up with so many of my life experiences and dates, I do not know but it very strange to me as well, some of the things I have learned and realized. All I know is I will never hide, and I want everything to be disclosed. Secrecy in a transparent world, is never going to be the answer to solve any problems.

This is how the evil has persisted by hiding it and keeping key elements from people, I am never going to hide, I decided a long time ago that if harm ever came to me, it would be for the right reasons. This fight while global, can only be stopped with full and complete disclosure. While people say I am not to speak of just me, who else can I speak about as I have no understanding of the way in which you went through this maze. Every man or woman went down the path in their own way, and who I am to speak for them. I just want each of you to know, that I did not get to a place where I can speak with authority by myself, and I will not get to the finish line by myself, its the master plan to bring each of us out of hiding and into the light. Open source and sharing, the new way, I am so proud of this discovery and I wanted to share, because each one of us have been so confused, as I sit here today, all I feel is true peace and love. Truly I have no hate or upset with any one, whether I agree with them or not. I believe this is the path that each of must take so please understand, I am not calling out any one. They each have there reasons, for telling us what they did at the time, and they are not to be labeled, because it was a MASTER PLAN.

I just wanted to write this, because I have learned so much and feel so thankful, I can even share these thoughts with each of you. I could tell you some more amazing things that I believe that our father has done, but some would question me, all I can say is I have linked payments of large things to my actual bank account that has less than 50 bucks in it, to my actual bank. Credit cards that I did not apply for or have not received or activated are making payments, if that is not divine intervention, then I do not what is, but I try to speak the truth, and hope you will realize I do this for all of you. In the name of true love and compassion, because I care.


Reallucky1 aka Ginger Snyder
Speaking the truth I wanted to reveal this in the name of love.



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