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Thursday, August 3, 2017

KTFA CC Highlights by FrostyTheSnowman 8-2-17


FrostyTheSnowman » August 2nd, 2017

Here’s tonight’s HIGHLIGHTS …

*** The comments made by Frank26, Delta and others are their sole OPINIONS and cannot and should not be used as any form of financial, tax, banking or investment advice! We offer NO DATE, NO RATE on this forum!!! ***

​Play Back LINK

Frank26: Greetings family …

Welcome to another one of your conference calls here at KTFAlways.com!

Today is Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Please keep Andy in your prayers as his mother may be within her last few days/hours.

We are having some interesting problems.
YESTERDAY - our KTFA website came under attack.

- we tried to turn on our computers, and one of them was completely fried – would not work. So we hooked up another machine.

RIGHT NOW - LiveStream will not work due to internet problems in Ohio. We are trying to do something with a back-up system, but isn’t it interesting that we cancelled the first hour?

I can’t believe all of the obstacles we’ve run into today.
With patience and prayer, we’ll get to work despite these challenges.

Yesterday we were attacked by something known as a DDS attack. Our firewalls here normally protect us.

We normally get attacked about every 2 or 3 months. Traffic overloads the server and it shuts down – unfortunately these problems continue. Apparently Google is also having problems – running slow.

Whoever is doing this obviously has a lot of time on their hands to cause disruption. Evil does not like peace. If evil can instill anger in you – they’ve won. Don’t let demons defeat you.

Our webmaster is still working on the KTFA website problems.

Just a quick note about Monday’s conference call. This is to the one person who said “You don’t have to yell at me Frank!” You are right. I was working so fast, and I’ve suffered from a heart condition since I was a little boy. My apologies – my heart races at times, it hurts, causes me to talk fast, so I could hurry and get off the air.

Now … let’s get down to business.
Do you ever feel like one of the Isarealites crossing the dessert?

Moses didn’t know the date. He did know when he arrived in the promised land – but he wouldn’t be allow to walk on it. As you know Moses struck the rock out of anger to look better than God. Please, don’t strike the rock!

My friend called me today – THANK GOD!!!

When he calls … it’s like a damn that breaks loose with information. We talked for 1.5 hours. He made me understand a lot, and helped to fill in the gaps.

The problem is … this happened about an hour ago. I need to look over that information deeper, and pray about it deeper – before I share any of it with you. I also know the HUNGER and hear the cries in the wilderness. You trust our friend … as he has proven himself here at KTFA.

I’d like to spend about 30 minutes and offer some highlight of our conversation.
For the first time – in a long time – “present and accounted for”

Who is? Everyone
The IMF (and other agencies) DEMANDED IT!

I’m NOT in the mood for negativity tonight!
The fact that everyone was in attendance to these meetings – this was key.


We believe that proof of a new rate was shown – and the meeting was VERY, VERY, VERY SUCCESSFUL.

The next phase (LD’s and Coins/fils, ATM’s, Qi Cards, International Standards, Budget, HCL, Foreign Reserves) – they are all set and READY TO GO! That is what the meeting was about yesterday.

It wasn’t about a global currency reset. No. It was about the reality of the study.

This IMF meeting was so profound!

We are here by faith – studying together – these things are truly real.

We are seeing many things come to life.

The meeting itself suggested some very interesting things.

You saw the articles.
The articles suggested that the meeting didn’t last long.

It was so quick – it left us with the idea that these guys have been working together on nearly a daily basis.

When the IMF put out a full report – we said “wait a minute” – the IMF doesn’t put out a report. They put out a press release … and yet at the blink of an eye a report was released.

The IMF doesn’t talk about what they did in meetings UNTIL they do a PRESS RELEASE. Fascinating.

The speed of light is everywhere.

The PRESS RELEASE that came out … guess what? … it’s different from the one they released yesterday.

You should have noticed the difference.

They mentioned that an agreement was made (820 Million Dollars / SDR’s) so they could start rebuilding their country.

Iraq was CONGRATULATED … ( in essence Article IV) … which would qualify to remove Article VIII.

Today Abadi talked with the CBI.

The CBI said they would give an IMPORTANT SIGNAL to the waiting institutions (think Long-Line) – to provide funding and financing for the projects they have.

The important signal to me would be that you raised the value of your currency.
This is amazing!

BTW – they are going to have another meeting (3rd meeting) with the IMF … of course they are … (which may be about 15 minutes long) – monitoring their progress.

My friend called me today.
The window was wide open for him to call me.

Today the article that came out … the wording was different. I pray you have the energy to find the difference in the words. The words that were different were MAJOR as it gives you more information.

“Lifting measures for the exchange rate … currency practices” – that is the new translation version in Arabic.

For those who thought they were going to use MULTI-CURRENCY – that was inaccurate.
Maliki is like “please interview me.” – (whatever)

Some may be disappointed or lost or whatever because you don’t see exactly what you want to see.

ARTICLE: They were talking about 26 million dollars of “laundering.”

Remember the long cc we had discussing KYC (know your customer)?

Inside of Iraq they must “Know Their Customers”) – and now ALL banks in Iraq … IMF is DEMANDING to know who they are on an international level.

From now on – Iraq has to know their customers INSIDE and OUTSIDE of Iraq.

This TRAINING that was done was for OUTSIDE customers.

Look … IMO … you’ve done Article VIII.

This is BASEL III commitments!

Our Teams are VERY, VERY HAPPY about what we are seeing!!!!!!!!

So … that covers a quick review of what happened yesterday.

Now … let’s switch gears for the next 30 minutes or so.

I’d like to highlight the conversation I had with MY FRIEND today.

Tonight – ALL of our friends are with us … including all guests. Wouldn’t you think others would be interested in “more information?” That is why we attract so many guests.

The last time I talked to my friend … I told you he couldn’t tell me in detail what was going on. He explained the 90 days and the 1-to-1, the 95/5 … all those things.

All of our Teams are eager to hear this information because our friend VERIFIES things.

Our friend said that there is A LOT going on … but take this information and BE WISE WITH IT … and RELEASE IT AS IT COMES OUT.

What was on the table for discussion was the LD’s and the COINS to educate the citizens.

He told me about the ATM’s and the Gold Machines … but he couldn’t talk then about the LD’s and Coins.

He said they are educating the citizens and the business owners. The reason why – because the banks in Iraq are internationally ready … because the CBI is INTERNATIONALLY READY!!!!!!!!!!

The CBI to the BANKS to EMPLOYERS to CITIZENS … this education is occurring.

They are educating them on the NEW CURRENCY!!!


After Mosul … the MR would travel at the speed of light … and our friend said we were right.

Here’s something about the new LD’s and COINS … they have to educate the citizens HOW to RECOGNIZE THEM … CITIZENS and BUSINESS OWNERS.

Soon articles will show that more BANKS are CLOSING.

That’s fantastic because they have been taking advantage of the citizens. The CBI will deal with this quickly – they are not going to take the abuse anymore.

Also in articles coming out … you will see BANKS MERGING – (think state banks).

Why close banks? There are a lot of nasty people in these banks who have been stealing with huge spreads from the citizens.

They must conform … period! With a flip-of-a-switch (electricity) they will be turned-off!

The CBI doesn’t have any more time to waste with them.

The specialization of BANKS will also emerge.

There are 144 banks/institution that deal with finance in Iraq.

For those who rely on Frosty’s notes … 2 hours condensed into highlights? Boy, are you missing a lot.

My friend that has over 500 employees … he is part of a group of business owners (16 of them) and two of those 16 own banks in Iraq. They sit at the meetings. They are NOT stupid! They only tell me things WHEN they can – when it’s safe to release.

They are also being TRAINED … EVERYBODY … workers, managers.

Four banks (actually more than 4) are being trained according to the CBI’s international standards. They are INTERNATIONALLY CAPABLE.

They are being trained on the NEW CURRENCY and COUNTERFEITING.

They are training everyone on the CURRENCY they haven’t seen yet. (LD’s and Coins).

Very shortly … IT IS COMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

IMO … THAT IS A POWERFUL FACT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The UN will make Iraq implement ARTICLE 140!!!!!!!!!!!

The KURDS want to separate because of the disputed territories – BUT THEY WON’T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maliki just has to STOP IT!!!

The IMF congratulated EVERYBODY and the meeting ended quickly.

Frank .. they dealt with Article IV … and the IMF told the world 5 minutes after the meeting that Iraq had done everything they needed to do … and that was before the press release.

The meeting was short and sweet.

Will they replace Article IV with Article VIII? Yes

Anything about the ATM machines?

I can now tell you that the ATM machines are all set up – linked to the CBI … everything is ready to go INTERNATIONAL.

All that has been required to be installed to lift the 3 zeros has been done. Just waiting for the announcement.

So the banks (private and state banks) … ALL banks are READY to go INTERNATIONAL.

The ATM machines that were put in … are they loaded with the new currency? No – but they are ready to receive LD’s.

So why would an athlete step up to the starting line IF nothing was going to happen? LOL

A few years ago … there were about 30 financial institutions in Iraq. Now there are hundreds. The loading into the ATM machines and in the bank is a very PRIVATE and CONFIDENTIAL thing. A lot must be orchestrated.

We expect to see 10 to 12 of the private banks to MERGE and become specialized banks OR they will DISAPPEAR because they continue to scalp the citizens. (Articles soon to come).

Payroll … as business owners in Iraq … is also in position to make a safe and quick transition from a 1-to-1 set of books (that cannot be seen) to a 1-to-1 set of book where everyone can see a NEW RATE.

The ATM machines will be going ONLINE very soon!

Everything is getting closer and closer.

ATM machines will go online – because MasterCard is international.

IQD and USD can be withdrawn from an ATM … example: if someone was visiting SA – they can use their Iraq Qi card in SA to get money.

Why do you think President Trump went to SA? We are fighting against Iran and others who are bullies.

After Trump went to SA and made oil deals … the MR steps have just exploded into action.

Sadr and Abadi … did you ever think you’d see them be “buddies” with SA?

Together … they will hand Maliki his butt. (You will see that soon).

President Trump wanted to see SA and Iraq deal with Maliki.

Very well orchestrated – very professional.

Iran … well Maliki was their boy – but NO MORE because even Iran is cooperating. Maliki is truly delusional. (Get a life before you lose your life).

The ARTICLES that were brought forward in “rapid-fire” succession … those were posted as a means to communicate the protection for investors.

The telephone (electricity) will solve a lot of MR problems.

What about the Zim? They didn’t keep their promise to back it with gold and diamonds. Their microeconomics cannot afford it. Maybe someday they will be in position to RV. They must remove their MCP – but they still have to reintroduce their currency to their country and run through the steps.

Our friend has interest in the Indonesia Rupia and the Vietnamese Dong.

Article 140 (Kurds / Kuwait) – the budget REQUIRES a NEW RATE.

Many people have returned to their cities – they need a census law. Not known if they will pass a census law – but they need one.

The UN is bringing back the citizens to their cities.

IRAQ is on the FRONT-BURNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don’t know of any other currency that the IMF is treating like the prettiest girl at the prom.

The UST and the USA – they have Iraq on their FRONT BURNER!!!!

Trump has Iraq on his FRONT BURNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The whole world wants them to succeed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Make sure the family understands that the wording in the articles is different.

More articles are coming about the August 1st meeting.

They have removed the major word “GRADUAL” from the press.

The citizens ARE being educated by newspapers, television … but most occurs in the mosques. Too many illiterates in Iraq.

The mosque is a very private place for the citizens – a united communication device for the citizens.
So friend in Iraq … your next pay scale is August 21st … right?

August 21st will be our next pay period – will they show us the new rate before that time frame?

Did you hear about the guy in the USA who owns a business in the mid-east … he was busted for buying religious artifacts from Iraq? What a dumb*ss!

The LD’s and the COINS were on the table at the moment. So, what is next? (can’t tell you – but when I call again … I’ll let you know … and I’ll SHOW you … but not right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!).

Very soon … very soon … the things we are talking about right now will soon be in articles.

I await his next phone call.

One more thing … they are making IRAQ a FOCAL POINT in the MIDDLE EAST to shut down Iran and Maliki.

So Maliki … no elections for you.

Abadi is doing a masterful job!

Abadi in just 4 short years has done so much … earned him much respect within the Middle East … NATIONAL and INTERNATIONAL RECONCILATION at it’s finest!

Allak is a figure-head … and he does as he is told – (that’s why he’s still in the game).

Family … I want you to understand … the next pay scale … the 21 of this month … the next pay INSTRUCTIONS from the CBI … will be VERY TELLING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That will be the 2nd month for businesses in Iraq to accept the form of payment in IQD ONLY at a 1-to-1 rate.

You see family … let’s start with an example at 100%.

Look at it from our friends business position.

The GOI pays us as business owners for services in their country.

Say $200,000 is what the GOI pays them to be in Iraq.

Payroll is 7% of that $200,000.

They agree to accept in IQD 7% … and the other in USD … which gives them a profit for existing in Iraq.

Right now … as an example … 14-15% payroll in IQD.

The 15% of their GROSS is a LOT of money.

They no longer have to use the auctions.

​As a business owners … they await the RV of their currency … which they will accept as their form of payment.

MCP control … means more IQD’s in the hands of the citizens in Iraq.

This is Article VIII. This is what is going on in Iraq.

Things are moving very fast – like never before.

The lava-flow continues.

The rest of what my friend shared will come in time.

For those who continue to call me names for my opinion – well … I walk past it because they don’t truly study it.

If a person went to a football game for the 1st time in their life, they would get caught up in all of the fanfare of what is going on and may not realize that there are 4 quarters in a game.

Some people do not understand what quarter they are in.

Some demand a date/rate.

We are not in the 1st quarter … IMO … we are in the 4th quarter … down to the last minute … right at the goal line … with a 350 pound lineman that is ready to score for us!!!!!!!!!!!

For those who help us with their financial donations, God bless you to allocate funds to help us deal with these DNS attacks.

As you can see … there are some MAJOR advancements going on!

I hope to see the LD’s very soon!
CC ended in prayer/shofar



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