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Thursday, August 10, 2017

"Good Yosef vs Bad Yosef" by FPG - 8.10.17

Entry Submitted by FPG at 11:39 PM EDT on August 10, 2017

Yosef the Good versus Yosef the Bad!

The person, or the team, called Yosef continues to preach many messages under the guise of righteousness, godliness and holiness, yet this character doesn't seem to match the criteria needed to qualify for any of these titles. The non-verified or provable information, consistent poor grammar and spelling, the twisted truths, the very aggressive and persistent hate rants plus the constant promises of “it's here!” are becoming very tedious to many of us who follow IDC. How many Yosef's are there? If it is just the one, then that is a very small mind and body to contain and hold such a large know-it-all ego. Who gathers the information, who does the art work for the posts, who supplies the data, who reports what from where and then there is the one who does the “preacher” calls? There is a lot of good stuff in the spoken Yosef but a lot of bad stuff in the written Yosef. Are they the same? What is the actual purpose of this combination of Godliness and non-Godliness?

The main objection though resides in the constant reference that God is on his side. God does not take sides and so let's examine other differences between Yosef and God.

Does God spread malicious gossip? No!

Does Josef? Yes

Is God racist? No

Is Josef racist? Yes through his own frequent rants about Anglo Saxons; not
to mention “orange” people.

Does God love homosexuals? Yes God loves all his creations including gays, lesbians and
transgender human beings including hermaphrodites.

( “Look out Zorra, Josef may be coming after you next as you
are green and your “son” is one of the above-mentioned.”)

Does Josef love homosexuals? No. Josef is anti same-sex marriage, anti gays and lesbians
and definitely, absolutely, hates, God's transgender beings.

Does Josef make up stories based on untruths and unverified information?

Yes. We have seen proof of this a number of times when the truth of the matter finally came out.

Does God? No!

Does Yosef use the Cabal newspapers and reports to back his opinions? Yes

Would God be happy that Yosef is using information from the “Dark forces” propaganda department?

God would forgive him as God loves all his creations and has extended free will to all on this planet, including Yosef, to make up whatever he wants. God is not responsible for Yosef's actions so please don't blame God when his self appointed messenger gives out false information.

Does God love all beings regardless of gender, race or political persuasion? Yes

Does Josef? No. This is obvious as his hatred and disrespect comes from his own posts.

Does God criticize, condemn, complain, express hate, use foul language or spread low vibrational gossip? No

Does Josef? Frequently

Does God constantly tell us that our blessing has arrived and that it will manifest either “tonight”, “tomorrow”, “this week”, next week” “next month” “during the full moon” or there is just one more thing that has to happen before the RV?

Answer: No God does not put us through a roller coaster of emotions that keeps people off balance, anxious and constantly disappointed.

The strange thing is that people are still wanting to trust the word of this self professed “Prophet”. His chief sin towards humanity is the number of times he has called the RV/GCR that never eventuates and the damage that this has done to many people is incalculable. His intent is obviously in line with the principles of the Cabal which is to promise wonderful things but never deliver. The mind control idea is to build people's hopes up and then let them down only to do it all again and again until they become your slave. It's like Charlie Brown trying to kick the football that Lucy keeps snatching away. You would think that Charlie Brown would wake up to it? Wouldn't you?

Questions for you to answer:

Is Yosef's record of never, ever getting anything right regarding the RV and his opinions of past, present and future Presidents starting to wear a little thin?

Do you think that Yosef thinks he is holier than the rest of us, knows more than the rest of us?

Do you think Yosef overdoes the religious fervour in his writings and preachings when you also take in to account his malicious gossip, his swearing and vile hatred of many people and things?

Do you think we have had enough from this self proclaimed messenger of God who seems to have not many, but numerous differences with God's teachings?

Do you think that we could all have a double celebration when the RV arrives?

This would be the arrival of the RV and , hopefully, we are then rid of us this egomaniac claiming that the God, who disagrees with him in so many ways, is with him?

The RV and no more Yosef. YAAY..........

Now that would be something for which to thank God. I am sure that God would understand our reasons.

I know that all of Yosef's loyal flock, in reply to all of the above comments, will be that I don't have to listen, read or be bothered with his posts or his holier-than thou conference calls. The fact of the matter is that I find his posts highly entertaining and whilst I have turned off listening to his pre-organized radio calls, I still enjoy reading what he comes up with each time he has promised “it's here!” His imagination is wonderful, outside the square and he knows what buttons to push. He is what is called a “Shock Jock”. The other Gurus reports are not a patch on Josef's posts although OWK and Kent Dunn gave him a good run for his money. Yosef the writer is very entertaining and we can't take that from him. Even if none of it is true.

As an entertainer I give him top marks but as a disciple of God I feel his many hypocritical ways may put him in danger of losing his RV funds if he doesn't change his hateful attitudes. The Universal Law of Karma tells us “that we reap what we sow.” If we send out hate, lies and false hopes we must be responsible for our actions and accept the same in return. The new laws of the new world which include “Do no harm” and “be personally responsible for your actions” will haunt this young man in the future and I understand why he has expressed feelings of doubt, fear and self loathing on conference calls in the past.

This is just his Karma manifesting so he can deal with it immediately and thus become qualified to ascend to the fifth dimension with the rest of us. Let's hope he gets to keep his RV funds and also makes ascension as God does love him even though Yosef doesn't obviously practice or agree with many of God's teachings.

I suggest that we all pray for him to just be the loving Josef that we all appreciate and lose the hate inspired Yosef that we all loathe.

In Love and Light



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