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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

"For The Record" by GK - 8.8.17

Entry Submitted by GK at 1:39 PM EDT on August 8, 2017

Whomever is standing in a position to judge my worthiness, I would like to present a fraction of my value. My ré·su·mé for consideration.

Because I highly doubt there are too many people who have done more with less. I always just hit the ground running and allow the pieces to fall into place. In my field, I require enthusiasm for the project, and not too much more. There is no substitute for enthusiasm.

I have made many full length movies by manifesting the idea that if I shoot it, they will come. Let's take this project I entitled Cowards Come Home.


I had a ten thousand dollar budget. There are more than 30 actors in it. More than a dozen horses. Many locations, wardrobe, guns, and I did most all the shooting and editing.

I began a simple screenplay that was meant to have 4 basic characters fighting over a horse and supplies in the woods.

Someone suggested I tap into the Civil War re-enactor well of talent and the screenplay grew much more ambitious. I went to the Wisconsin historical society and other resources and the story began to reflect certain events that actually happened.

It became sort of a black comedy and at its core is a pretty ironic little western.

I present this to those who may ask me what I can do with money. I created a pretty sizeable effort for many with ten grand. And when I finished editing and shooting in 200, I would keep re-editing and shooting all the way through 2009. Because if it could be better, I wanted it to be. Budget, no budget, sub standard equipment or not, talent or no talent...

Next I present a film I made two years ago. A documentary about a 92 year old composer. I had a $4000. budget. I finished it under 3 months. It is a beautiful film about a beautiful man and his family. But mostly his music. I just discovered him one day when I crashed at my friends house after a few too many. I awoke to him singing a part of an opera he was writing and said to myself. People have to meet this man.



This film I made in 1997 at the Hollywood Improv. There are a few stars in this before they were stars. See if you can spot them.


There are many many more examples of me doing a lot with a little.

I had a $10,000 dollar budget for this film also. I had to pay a lot of kids for their time. Plus costumes and equipment.


The point is, if I had a real budget where I could hire the best skilled crews I could employ many, and get stuff done as I did when I had nothing... Only better because I am more experienced and definitely have a vision for what entertainment should be but usually isn't.

With a camera we can frame many efforts. Some as documentary style encapsulating historical humanitarian efforts, and some just meant to entertain and inspire the way Frank Capra once did without sex and violence.

I have paid my dues and learned my craft. I have worked on big professional things and small local things. I have taught production methods to kids, and worn almost every hat for 35 years.

As a comedian I wasn't the angry, sarcastic bastard I have become in my essays, but after decades of watching nasty people remain in power doing nasty things, I don't believe in being polite to criminals. Unless asking them to please put on the orange jumpsuit.

I contracted Lyme disease on my film Cowards Come Home and one of the symptoms is an irritability I struggle with. Like the cantankerous old man in the old movies I find myself trying to hold on to the old me who was actually really well liked in High school. I remember when the grand conspiracies unraveled for me such as 911. When I thought hundreds of people I was friends with in my past and found each other again on facebook, that they too would want to be awakened. I soon discovered what we all discover. Very few have the ability to accept the idea that all these people on their TV sets would lie to them.

The TV is very powerful. It can convince the majority that black is white and the truth is nuts.

I deleted over 250 friends from my facebook contacts about 5 years ago because I recognized the emotional turmoil i was causing them. The phrase let go and let God comes to mind.

Here, with this general circle things are a little different. Although I see phony stories trying to re-direct truth, we are at least of the mind that we understand almost everything is a lie. We may accept new lies too quickly because we want to believe heroes and happy endings still exist, but at least we are prepared for disappointment in our fellow monkeys.

I know I could be softer... But between my near the surface anger, frustrations, disappointments and diminishing ability to suffer fools, is the original me whose job it was to be class clown and maintain smiles.

I sort of blame a writing teacher who wanted me to find the pain to fuel the humor when before his tutoring I just concentrated on the humor. I remember when every single thing said by a person in my life was the set up for a joke. Then gradually that personality disappeared. And part of that was the suffering we all see in the world being made front and center.

I used to be confused why are there children starving? Then once I realized that the powers that could stop it-- were purposely creating it, then it made sense. It wasn't a by product of bad management. It was part of a strategy. Why are there homeless vets? Because the talmudic/Luciferian controllers want the vets to just go away and be powerless to use their knowledge for revolution.

And though I am attempting to justify why I should have a chance to have this money and apply it for good... I am still not convinced the rats that run the show are all gone and they want people like me to be the best me. It isn't my fault for not wanting to be a sucker, a fool, a gullible target serving some new con game. I remain on guard. I flinch when a hand is raised. When I see THEM setting up a brand new social shove.

When a soldier is put on watch the commanding officer doesn't say, be positive... when the enemy shows its face... manifest love. He says point your weapon and demand, "who goes there?"

Vigilance matters.

In my own defense I write this post if I have done myself a disservice for poorly representing the real me with too much cynicism. The persona I would have on stage is a pretty nice guy with silly humor. Because in public, that is the real me in a spotlight.

When it comes to writing to a faceless world about really dark stuff, my persona is one that may be funny, silly but the anger and foot to the pedal acceleration is also the real me. These interfaces of blogs allows us to present cases and to defend stances. We are simulataneously set up to be heckled by millions, many paid, many who simply have not had the evidence presented to them and had time to see that it is in fact true and counters previous understanding.

There is a hierarchy of control in the world. Even artifical intelligence may not be a mutation of information but a program written by an evil entity that set all the defaults to favor their lies.

In fact that is more likely. Just read some of the talmud to understand that that book was written to encourage supreme control over everyone else. Then come to terms with it. The words are in black and white.


Our desire to be nice and popular and non-controversial is why the denial of the obvious endures. Stop thinking your team, your color, your race, your religion is to kill and die for... Truth and justice, fairness is to stand up for... maybe even die for. Maybe be poor and uncomfortable for. Unpopular for.

In the meantime we may or may not get a reprieve from the Governor. Being realistic with ourselves matters to the vast collective. Each individual life and story should bind itself to the golden rule. Not some sort of allegiance to questionable agenda.



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