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"Arbitrage" - GCR/RV Intel SITREP - Saturday - August 19, 2017

Received via email for publication at 1:00 PM EDT. ~ Dinar Chronicles What's important today is to reconsider just how far we have a...

Sunday, August 13, 2017

"Exceeded" - Sun. PM KTFA Thoughts/News


Cole » August 13th, 2017

Alalak points out, "the need to strengthen confidence between banks and citizens"...

Now how would Alalak go about strengthening confidence in the citizens? ( see article below) We know the most of the citizens have been educated and are not confused about the MR process and what is to happen to their purchasing power.

To strengthen the confidence is showing them the purchasing power, giving out more and more Qi cards... They're screaming, "Rely on us, rely on us, rely on us!!!!"

Alalak is saying they need to strengthen confidence... meaning the citizens want something. They want POWER OF PURCHASE. Sorry for the redundancy... just wanting to get that point across.

Because IMO the Citizens are educated enough to receive that power of purchase and what to do with it... TAKE IT TO THE BANK....

Walkingstick » August 13th, 2017

Central Bank: Conditions of the International Monetary Fund aims to reform Iraq's economy

The governor of the Central Bank, Ali Alalak, that the economy of Iraq can not rise without the existence of a real banking sector and effective, stressing that the conditions of the International Monetary Fund aims to reform the economy.

Al-Alak said in his speech at the celebration held by the Islamic Bank of Iraq on the occasion of the anniversary of the "25" year of its founding, and attended by "Economy News", "It can not rise the economy of Iraq without a real banking sector and actively contribute to support the productive sectors," adding that " Of the Iraqi banks possess human and financial capabilities and keep abreast of developments in banking systems. "

He pointed out that "the need to strengthen confidence between banks and citizens,which reflects positively on the economy of the country and facilitate banking operations and create great competition," noting that "the Central Bank launched the largest lending initiative in the history of Iraq through the allocation of 6 trillion dinars."

He pointed out that "the Iraqi economy exceeded the difficult stage and that the IMF's recent report on the financial situation of Iraq was positive," stressing that "the conditions of the International Monetary Fund aims to reform Iraq's economy by controllingexpenditures and revenue

"the Iraqi economy exceeded the difficult stage and that the IMF's recent report on the financial situation of Iraq was positive"

Cole » August 13th, 2017

You're serious? They EXCEEDED past tense the difficult economic stage?

They are past the difficult phase. Well a lot of the difficulty was the fact that they had currency restrictions... sanctions... but they're past that. Well that is congruent with what ABADI said...

"we exited Ch 7"... hmm must mean they are crossing the bridge to releasing an ART 8 Announcement. As we await the imminent UN announcement of CH 7... moving forwards...

"International Monetary Fund aims to reform Iraq's economy by controlling expenditures and revenue."

Cole » August 13th, 2017

What does the IMF want this time around? They dont want reforms... they done did the reforms. They want to manage Iraq's SPENDING and REVENUE. Keep them on track... nuff said... moving forth.... next article.

Cole » August 13th, 2017


Now we move to investors. How is the long line doing folks? well...

"strong signal to investors to deal with Iraq with high confidence"

The LL should have confidence in Iraq. Why? because of what I just pointed out that's why!!! They have a strong economy with a gradually improving credit rating.. anyways...
"we are now reaping the results of the victory really"

After we have achieved victory on the war on terror, and we have finished our reforms within the same semester, we are happy to tell you folks that... WE ARE REAPING WHAT WE HAVE SEWN... SPOILS OF THE WAR... MARSHALL PLAN RING A BELL???

Hmm... and with these huge economic victories we have achieved security and stability. DONE.

Walkingstick » August 13th, 2017

Iraq is entering the global financial markets with great success

Expert for {morning}: prime economic minister plans paid off

Baghdad / follow Farah pumice

announced the Iraqi Trade Bank of the success of his participation as a manager issue in the process of global international Iraq bonds put forward for the first time, at a time when financial expert confirmed that Dr. Haider Abadi , the prime minister 's plans succeeded and paid off .

The government issued 1 billion dollars worth of bonds on the world market for five and a half years at a 100 percent issuance rate and a yield of 6.75 percent.

Citibank, JPMorgan and Deutsche Bank were co-directors of the bond issue, while the Iraqi Trade Bank was co-director.

The bond is rated B-Stable by global rating agencies Fitch and S & P. ​​Bonds are also expected to fall into the Irish stock market.

The government, along with the banks that manage the bond issue, has organized a wide range of offerings in London, Boston and New York, as they received a very positive interest from investors from global investment funds.

The proceeds exceeded the value of what was on the market more than seven times the amount required.

Faisal Al-Hims, General Manager of the Iraqi Trade Bank, said: "We are proud to have been involved in the issuance of bonds worth one billion dollars for the first time by the Iraqi government."

"We are also pleased with the positive result we have gained from the global capital market, as the proceeds of the IPO exceeded several times was not reflected the confidence of the global capital market in the economic future of Iraq."

Prime Minister Dr. Haider Abadi said at the weekly press conference that "

Iraq, the issuance of treasury bonds worth one billion dollars a few days ago without any external support, "adding that" requests to buy the Iraqi bond is very large, although the interest rate of 6.7 percent. " He explained that" Iraq launched two years ago Treasury bonds to support his budget, but the requests were weak and interest rates Very high 11.5 percent, "adding that" the government is working to provide an environment conducive to investment. "

According to the financial adviser to Prime Minister Dr. Mazhar Mohammed Saleh," the move, "this move gives a strong signal to investors to deal with Iraq with high confidence,The financing of the general budget by flexible external or international financial markets Global rather than multilateral financial institutions. "

He pointed out that the important thing in this subject is the confidence of investors in the Iraqi economy and the strength of the national economy promising the victor in the front of the war on terrorism, and we are now reaping the results of the victory really.

The financial expert, Thamer al-Azzawi, told al-Sabah that the prime minister's plans have borne fruit, despite the circumstances that the country has undergone in the past period.

He said: "The plans implemented by Dr. Abadi three years ago were well studied, especially with regard to capital. We succeeded in maintaining the dinar exchange rate while continuing to pay salaries and dues, maintaining the war against the enemy and achieving economic victories parallel to security."

Walkingstick » August 13th, 2017

On a private "Emirates" plane .. Al-Sadr heads to the UAE at the official invitation

MilitiaMan » August 13th, 2017

We have Saudi coming to Iraq and we know now that Sadr is part of Abadis Team, thus, these two events appear to be timed accordingly. Final touches if you will to National Reconciliation.. imo. –MM

Wes101 » August 13th, 2017

This makes me scratch my head. I don't care for Sadr, but this is interesting and makes me think some loose ends are being sewed up with this official visit...

StephenMac63 » August 13th, 2017

I can think of only two reasons why Sadr would be on the plane,,,,he is either giving something or getting something. Good to see that a transaction is taking place in a land that is known for stalling.

BigDon961 » August 13th, 2017

From the CBI website : .... needs DELTA translation .... but notice the dates .... 8/17 and 8/20 That would be Thursday , Friday , Saturday , Sunday .... next week

Implementation of requests for holidays

August 13, 2017

DELTA » August 13th, 2017


FaithPrevails » August 13th, 2017

Now I ask Delta or anyone why would CBI ask for a Holiday at this time...............hmmmmmm

MilitiaMan » August 13th, 2017

Nothing like broadcasting that they are about to do something under a cloak of darkness.. imo

PompeyPete » August 13th, 2017


EdwaardK » August 13th, 2017

Would this be the reason why!!!

Bank source: Tomorrow a meeting between private banks and the central bank to discuss the instructions of the currency window

DELTA » August 13th, 2017


Giants » August 13th, 2017

They must be preparing for something!!!!

INSTRUCTIONS OF THE CURRENCY WINDOW. Goes well with Delta's explanation.

Cole » August 13th, 2017

It must get really hot in that CBI building. They should really take a holiday... OH WAIT lol... maybe they should just continue their work in the still of the night instead to evade the

SlappySquirrel » August 13th, 2017

How often does the CBI request these type of holidays? I can't remember these types of requests coming from the CBI.. but from the GOI who usually requests religious days off ... This is quite unusual and lines up with everything else on the 21st...fascinating indeed



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