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Operation Disclosure: GCR/RV Intel Alert for August 14, 2018

RV/INTELLIGENCE ALERT - August 14, 2018 (Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on intelligence leaks ...

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Guest Posts Regarding the RV/GCR & More for Thurs. Evening - 8.31.17

This is a compilation of all guest posts submitted as of Thursday Evening, August 31, 2017. All guest posts that are more than 5 paragraphs in length, deemed important, contains images or is a response to another post will be considered it's own post.

Note: This post will be continuously updated with more entries as they are submitted. ~ Dinar Chronicles

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"Re: Old Republic vs. New Republic, the Jig is Up"

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 10:30 PM EDT on August 31, 2017

NEIL KEENAN UPDATE | Old Republic Versus New Republic: THE JIGS UP

Not saying I like Neil Keenan, or that what he claims about his collateral accounts is true, it may be just one phony calling out another phony, but he poses questions I have had myself about this so-called new republic, especially since Paul Ryan is touted to be the "president" of said new republic. Whoa, is that something we really want? Really stinks of old regime, same old, same old, especially since it is now in the news that Wikileaks has revealed Hillary bought off Ryan to oppose Trump, and he certainly is doing her bidding. Don't tell me it is all an act. The guy has no honor. I asked someone in the know if the new republic was for real, and he said yes, it is. Now I am asking if it is really what we've been waiting for, or is it really just a front for the same old cabal?


Entry Submitted by Vee at 8:45 PM EDT on August 31, 2017

I have it on/by good source that Irma will head full force into the Cabal source of evil, to where it will do the most good. Can you guess where?

"Texas, Really?"

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 8:11 PM EDT on August 31, 2017



Entry Submitted by One of the Meek at 7:46 PM EDT on August 31, 2017

I am thrilled to see D.C. Posting on the sight..PLEASE continue. You have my vote..
Signed one of the meek.

"Re: Trump Arrest"

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 6:43 PM EDT on August 31, 2017

Trump Under House Arrest, White House Coup Underway

This is steve bannon's and Brietbart's way of retaliation for being FIRED!


"George, Thank you!"

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 6:22 PM EDT on August 31, 2017

"Lightworkers your Help is Needed" by George, Who Serves - 8.31.17

To George !!

Thank you and YES >>I Am <<>WE ARE ??With you in assisting with POSITIVE Loving Energies to Move Forth !!

"Corey: Yep. Yeah, they did state that we need to work harder, doing mass meditations and doing everything we can to try to co-create this positive timeline. That the way our consciousness is being manipulated now, that we're headed, not necessarily to the bottom of the scale, negativity-wise, but somewhere in the middle."

"Labor of the Day" - ZAP Update - The Office of POOFness - 8.31.17

From: "The Office of Poofness" <2goforth@humanus.ca>
Date: Thu, August 31, 2017 4:26 pm

Zap Says






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With Much Gratitude and Appreciation, Susan
Love and Kisses,
"The Office of Poofness"
ZAP, Susan and Staff

"He Believed" - GCR/RV Thought - 8.31.17

"He made robust and manly decisions, courageously faced manifold disappointments, resolutely surmounted extraordinary difficulties, and unflinchingly confronted the stern requirements of duty. It required a strong will and an unfailing confidence to believe what Jesus believed and as he believed."

"Don't You Wish It Was True" - RV Musical Update - 8.31.17

A Wish For Post RV... by SERTF

"Don't You Wish It Was True"

I dreamed I walked in heaven
Just the other night
There was so much beauty
So much light

Don't you wish it was true
Don't you wish it was true

An angel took my hand
Said you don't have to hurry
Got all the time in the world
Don't worry

Don't you wish it was true
Lord, don't you wish it was true

But if tomorrow
Everybody was your friend
Anyone could take you in
No matter what or where you've been

But if tomorrow
Everybody had enough
The world wasn't quite so rough
Lord, don't you wish it was true

He said the world's gonna change
And it's starting today
There'll be no more armies
No more hate

Don't you wish it was true
Ah, don't you wish it was true

And all the little children
Who live happily
There'll be singing and laughter
Sweet harmony

Don't you wish it was true
Lord, Don't you wish it was true

But if tomorrow everybody under the sun
Was happy just living as one
No borders or battles to be won

But if tomorrow
Everybody was your friend
Happiness would never end
Lord, don't you wish it was true


But if tomorrow everybody under the sun
Was happy just to live as one
No borders or battles to be won

But if tomorrow everybody was your friend
Happiness would never end

Lord, don't you wish it was true
Lord, don't you wish it was true

What a beautiful day

The Arcturians via Sue Lie for August 30, 2017

Conversation With the Arcturians–Shawnna and Arcturians through Sue Lie


Conversation With the Arcturians

Arcturians through Sue Lie and Shawnna Donop

August 30, 2017

Arcturians: Blessings, we are the Arcturians. We are here within this meeting and are ready to answer any of your questions.

Shawnna: Thank you. We appreciate your attention and guidance and we’re excited to start our next phase of activity. We have several ideas in mind and are seeking guidance on what you felt was important or a priority within the next few months.

Arcturians: We suggest that the first thing should be the Preparing For First Contact book, because the book is completed now and ready to go out. The book has a very positive focus, which is important in the midst of the challenges within your NOW.

The positive focus of the book, Preparing for First Contact, will assure people that they are not alone, and have never been alone. The landings are not “extraterrestrials,” but humanity’s own fifth-dimensional self. Hence, instead of the landing being any kind of “new people” coming to Earth, or any form of invasion, there will be a grand reunion with everyone’s fifth dimensional expression of SELF.

Therefore, please put the on the advertisements, “The Grand Reunion with our Fifth-Dimensional expressions of self.”

Shawnna: Perfect.

Arcturians: Did you have another question?

Shawnna: Yes. I think that’s perfect guidance. I think that it is this important message that we should focus on, as it will be a very impactful means to share, as well as a perfect form of promotion and description. We will also accompany the release of the book with a webinar series.

Arcturians: Yes, this information is much needed, especially in the United States because it is something that people can doand something that is hopeful and will bring in a sense of greater unity, not just of their own Higher SELF, but also with their family of Higher Selves, as well as how that higher family assists us in our third-dimensional lives.

We can focus on the expansion of our reality, which will allow people to remember that what is occurring is occurring primarily on the 3-D matrix, and is not the heart and soul of the planet. It’s just the 3d matrix which was created to distract humanity from any thoughts of returning home or ascending back to their Higher Selves.

Shawnna: Yes, and that’s very helpful too, because we were curious how the unity concept could be tied in. I think that this a perfect way to integrate the concept.

Arcturians: Yes, this ascension is to be based on the unity of planetary consciousness, and not on the ascension of individual people. Yes, the people on the planet would ascend, but the people on the planet would ascend WITH the planet. That focus takes that importance away from any human beings being more important than others.

Instead, the focus will be on the fact that Gaia is a living being who has evolved to the state of being a planet. AND, Gaia is a living being that has evolved to a much higher state of consciousness then the beings of darkness that live on Her.

However, the other beings, human and non-human, are ascending with the planet, such as the animal kingdom, the plant kingdom, the mineral kingdom. And the kingdom that is having the most difficulty with the process of ascension would be the human kingdom.

So we would suggest that the connection of the human kingdom to all of the other kingdoms would be an important issue. We Arcturians have told Suzille from the beginning that it was important to focus on the planet because the mental abilities of a human being are not enough to guide them into the process of ascension.

Humanity will need to connect with the mental abilities of the Earth. Therefore, we would suggest that you remind humanity on Earth to be representative of the living, loving being known as Gaia. In that manner, humanity can remember how to communicate with, and receive communication from, Gaia.

When this occurs, that will change their behavior because, what people do to the planet they wouldn’t do to their worst friend. However, because they think of Gaia as a “thing” they do many unkind, and definitely unloving things to the planet that is their home.

Shawnna: Yes, I just got an infusion of some creative ideas and how we can do that, such as via direct communication with the planet, and by fostering that relationship by thinking about and assisting Gaia as a part of their daily routine with their Higher Self connection. That’s an aspect that we can include as well.

Arcturians: Yes, if you would go ahead and say them now so they are on the recording. Then you won’t forget your ideas either. Please, go ahead and state your ideas, and we will interact with you.

Shawnna: Well, I think we could intertwine with the preparing for first contact or the unity consciousness together with the planet on a daily basis. That can be an affirmation, and/or a meditation. I’m thinking something simple that everyone can grasp and add to their daily routine. That way it’s ingrained in their consciousness and can become a habit.

Arcturians: When people commune with the planet they realize that there is more than their own personal life. Also, when they commune with the planet they don’t always look down, as Gaia includes all Her atmosphere. As they commune with Gaia, they go into the state of consciousness that Gaia is holding so that humans and planet can work as a team to calibrate their consciousness to the highest possible frequency of reality.

The reason why these challenges have come up is because the forces of darkness are aware that the “boat is leaving soon” and they’re not going to be able to get on it. So they don’t want the boat (planet) to leave. They want to distract people and get them worked up about what is wrong, and who said what, instead of realizing that what is happening with the chatter on the news is, and has been, a distraction to forget that it’s not about politics.

It’s not even about an eclipse. The real issue is about if people are interacting in higher dimensional ways and how people are treating the planet. Also, are people ready to accept first contact? Are people ready to expand their consciousness to a higher frequency?

Shawnna: Well that’s very helpful. I think we can take in all of these important concepts because it feels like we are able to focus on that connection, and refocusing people on what’s important. You’re correct that the distractions are at a pretty high level at this time. We see it everywhere.

Arcturians: You spoke of Unity Consciousness, and the easiest way to have GlobalUnity Consciousness is to merge with the planet. Then, once you merge with the planet, you merge with the elements, the elementals and all of the people.

We do wish to remind you that there are those that are in leadership that don’t actually really live on the planet. They are living on the matrix. And, as they live on the matrix they go to their place that is distant and apart from what is actually occurring and go into their selfishness about how they can get what they want. These selfish tendencies show up in people’s behavior, and words and ideas and choices.

On the other hand, there is a recognition amongst those who are united with the planet, and are able to function from light and love. The people are able to recognize each other by their expanded auras and open heart.

Shawnna: Yes there is a shift from selfish to selfless and being of service. Some people will be in tune with that and some people will not.

Arcturians: That is true, and the people who are in tune with “service to others” and “service to the planet” are expanding their consciousness into the fifth dimensional state of Unity Consciousness with ALL life. These people will begin to go through the transitions of expanding their consciousness into the fifth dimension, which will move them increasingly out of the illusion of time and more into the reality of the HERE and the NOW.

What is accomplished within the HERE and the NOW of the 5th dimension will automatically rain down into the lower frequencies of reality. Then the higher frequencies of reality, which naturally resonate to Light and Love, will serve as the antidote to fear and anger being sent out from the “lost ones.”

When these lost ones are not able to hide in their fear and anger, because fear and anger is not available to them, they have to go inside themselves and see why they are so frightened and angry. Why are they particularly fearful? Then, once they do so, then they can begin to heal their own fear and anger, and will no longer need to send it out to others. However, if they look outside of themselves, they cannot heal their fear and anger because the core of this dissonance is inside of themselves.

Once there is a purging of this fear and anger from the Third Dimensional Matrix, humans will be able to allow themselves to consciously perceive and actively participate in the fifth dimensional frequency of reality. Of course, the fifth dimension is already, and always has, been RIGHT HERE! The fifth dimension is not something that “will be created.”

The fifth dimension is something that has always existed, but you forgot about it when you took your third dimensional earth vessel! Some members of humanity think that they are creating it, but the fifth dimension was created long before the third. Creation of light begins in the higher dimensional realities and works its way into the lower dimensions.

Therefore, the fifth dimension was created long before humanity. The fifth dimension is a frequency of reality that has always existed. Suzille is writing a book right now, in which a woman inherits her grandmother’s house in which she grew up. Then, she finds a key that leads to the attic. When she goes up into the attic, she finds a portal to the fifth dimension.

This type of thing will occur more and more, as people, eventually, and within their own “timeline,” begin to find their portal to the fifth dimension. But, we are not speaking of a physical portal. The portal that we speak of is a Consciousness Portal.

Shawnna: It’s always helpful to have descriptions and experiences, such as the things that come through in the books to guide us and enable us to understand what it is like, what it looks like, how we can experience the higher dimensions. We look forward to seeing how that story unfolds.

Arcturians: Yes, as we have told Suzille long ago, “The truth is best told in a good story.” Then different people can accept the truth in the manner, in the fashion, and in the way that blends best with them. If the truth is shouted at them, or dictated to them, they move away from it because Gaia is a planet which people chose to incarnate on to “find their SELF.”

When they chose to take an incarnation on the planet of Gaia, they did so because it was the now for them to go on an “away mission,” forget who they really are, and go through the process of remembering who they really are. From that process of forgetting and remembering, they can understand the process of forgetting. So that, once they remember, they can help others who have also “forgotten how to remember.”

Shawnna: It feels like we’re coming full circle, back to the book, Preparing for First Contact, where there’s a recognition and an awareness that that book will bring about that – hey, it’s really us, our Higher Dimensional SELF. Like you said, it is to be a reunion.

When that hope is provided, more and more people will be excited about the future and will start investigating the truth of why they’re here, why they’re having these experiences and seeing themselves from a higher perspective. It is so empowering when you recognize what this is about. We are remembering, healing, transmuting and expanding consciousness.

Arcturians: Yes, the book “Preparing for First Contact” is complete, ready to be dispersed, and we will soon have a Webinar about it. Hope you can all join us then.

Blessings from, We the Arcturians

Shawnna: And blessings from Sue Lie and Shawnna Donop

Source: Sananda Website

"Scales - GCR/RV Analysis" by AJ - 8.31.17

Entry Submitted by AJ at 9:24 PM EDT on August 31, 2017



To the Elders, General Joseph F. Dunford, and all others allied for the peaceful future of mankind; (with respect to all),

We are and have been at a crossroad for quite some time. I remember a scene from the movie Patton as it was one of my favorites in my youth. In this scene, all of the generals had been summoned to a strategy meeting in response to the German counter-offensive that became known as the Battle of the Bulge. In this scene, General Patton affirmed that he could attack with three divisions in the middle of a winter storm in 48 hours in order to rescue the besieged city of Bastogne over 100 miles away from his present position.

When asked how his troops would be able to meet such an impossible task, Patton responded that he had trained these troops, that they were good soldiers, and that they realized as Patton did that the Allies could still lose this war.

This is our current dilemma and perhaps it is time to understand that the potential for a Hurricane Irma, currently developing in the mid-Atlantic provides a glimpse into the cabal’s long term plans.

Referencing a report I have previously cited Global Trends 2030, we have several scenarios that at this juncture are most likely and the probability of one or the other dominating our future is directly linked to the immediate release and/or delay of the GCR.

The RV of course is not mentioned in this report, but rather the potential “Alternative Worlds” that may develop through a confluence of geopolitical, ecological, and demographic variables. This future time which is now quickly approaching projects a possible 30, 40, and 50 percent shortage in food, water, and energy respectively by the year 2030.

What I have always seen as the most positive potential development would be a scenario which the report calls “Fusion– a world in which the US and China cooperate, leading to worldwide cooperation on global challenges.” This state of affairs has been augmented by the inclusion of the remaining BRICS nations and the exposure and dismantling of the cabal. Yet as our timeline narrows by which genuine global solutions can be deployed, these efforts must be supplemented further by a group identified in the report as “Non-State Actors”

In the report, “Non-State Actors” are identified as corporate conglomerates. Nevertheless we can easily see these corporate alignments as originally defined in the report as part of the cabal that all of us wish to see uprooted as they are in fact part of the logistic reach of the deep state.

Hence the genius of re-tasking or re-defining these “Non-State Actors” as each and every currency holder as we are committed to the betterment of mankind and the unleashing of God’s mercy through the deployment of financial resources, human assets, and technological advances that we will have at our disposal.

Now imagine if you will General Patton initiating a battle plan to defend Bastogne with air support and artillery alone. We all see the flaw of such a plan; right?

We can all acknowledge and certainly appreciate the amazing steps that have been taken to secure the GCR/RV and Yosef has continually put these positive components together in his SITREPs to demonstrate an overwhelming justification for immediate release.

Yet here we are and what I keep thinking is that without deployment of the ground troops (each currency holder i.e., the New Breed of Non-State Actors)... without this deployment, there will always be a lurking presence of cabal minions ready to step into any anarchy or chaos that develops as a result of delay. With all we’ve heard about the liberation of Mosul, Iraq clearly the insertion of ground troops taking ground house to house was absolutely necessary for victory.

At this juncture, every delay in the GCR/RV at the street level potentially increases the likelihood of the following:

In the Global Trends report without the deployment of Non State Actors these two negative scenarios are accelerated:

Stalled Engines– a scenario in which the US and Europe turn inward and globalization stalls.” As globalization stalls and the non strengths of a given region or nation is not met through the deployment of solutions, the people of the earth continue to not only suffer, but the most ominous of consequences take hold... hence the next term:

Genie-Out-of-the-Bottle– a world in which economic inequalities dominate.” This is why we can wait no longer.

Acknowledging that Nation-State geopolitical issues have been resolved is certainly a key element to advancement of the GCR as is ongoing military cooperation between nation states.

Understanding that a whole new digitally secured banking systems including a new secure transfer mechanism (CIPS) that has been beta tested and is fully operational is a clear “all systems go” signal. Yosef has enumerated many other aspects of this process that do not bear repeating in order to make the point that all major factors of final street level (Tier 4) release of the GCR is now complete.

Yet there is still risk. Why? Because this is a war for the soul of our planet and in war there is always risk of some sort. In delaying the GCR the risk of allowing the Genie out of the Bottle is very real and in some ways palatable as continued delay only increases this risk.

What does this “Genie-Out-of-the-Bottle” mean?

According to the report, Genie-Out-of-the-Bottle is further described as “inequalities within and between rich and poor countries continuing to dominate. The world becomes wealthier—as global GDP grows—but less happy as the differences between the haves and have-nots become starker and increasingly immutable. The world is increasingly defined by two self-reinforcing cycles—one virtuous leading to greater prosperity, the other vicious, leading to poverty and instability. Political and social tensions increase.” As countries remain isolated, fending for themselves... “failed states in Africa and elsewhere serve as safe havens for political and religious extremists, insurgents, and terrorists.”

We must remember that the report I have referred to is clearly written by elements of the deep state trying to sell us all on the idea of non-state actors partnering with governments. However this is clearly a sound strategy that if properly implemented strengthens bonds and gains the insight and cooperation of local indigenous leadership. Yet, as discussed earlier, this GCR/RV deploys a new breed of humanitarians... us... we were not anticipated in the report, and herein lays our advantage to truly heal the world.

This deployment of Human Angels defuses many potential time bombs of internal micro-conflicts created thru acute lack of basic resources, while undergirding international peace and tranquility. We can perhaps now confirm that war between nations has been eradicated and that any conflict must now be authorized thru the UNSC.

But until we can deploy free thinking humanitarian aid workers who are not concerned with raising revenue but can freely focus on providing culturally relevant solutions, we run the risk of facilitating dire consequences over and over again. However imagine humanitarian light workers who can coordinate with local authorities and implement solutions free of the channels of bureaucracy normal associated with past NGO models.

So the question remains... What will it take? How overwhelmed must disaster relief services be before an RV. How many hurricanes or earthquakes will it take to overwhelm the system?

In answering this question, we should note that the cabal no longer needs to remain in control at this juncture in order to reach their objectives. They simply need to continually create delay of the GCR one way or another. As in the continual delay, the likelihood of chaos increases.

Finally, just now as I’m finishing this I’ve read Yosef’s “Urgency” SITREP. Welcomed news for certain and yet my question remains; what will the response be if somehow Irma is steered to the Northern Atlantic and fizzles out? Will the sense of urgency still be there?

Let me instead with the greatest respect for all that’s been accomplished, share this thought without focusing so much on US fiscal year end but on the redemption and healing of mankind.

Permit me to shift your sense of urgency to what will be without intervention an inevitable reality. Let your vision shift 2-3 years ahead of where we are now. Assuming the immediate release of the GCR, there will still need to be a learning curve for many. Many will need to solve logistics and deployment issues as we acclimate to this infinite wealth model and even then, we must learn these lessons without missional drift.

In this process, will we fail to meet a natural disaster in the Pacific Rim or in the interior of Africa 3 years from now because of any remaining present day delays? Will we come to the game with a too little – too late capacity to make a difference.

Recalling the projected global shortages mentioned earlier: will a warlord somewhere in the globe kill 50,000 or 5,000,000 because the lack in his nation persisted giving him an open door for genocide?

These are questions that only the foreknowledge of Providence can accurately answer but we must understand that the clock is ticking.

Yet if we as Human Angels cannot begin to diffuse these powder keg situations now or in the immediate future, will we be able to keep the Genie in the Bottle later?

In closing, certainly the logistical support and security measures that have been taken have been above and beyond the call of duty and in this there is a common bond between those who are facilitating the exchanges and those exchanging currency who are ready willing and able to answer the humanitarian call of God in this hour.

The recent attempted push back by the cabal to manufacture natural disasters is perhaps their last gasp counter-offensive as they have now lost control of their capacity to start a war. Yet I strongly suggest that we are now in our Battle of the Bulge moment... and it is time through release of the GCR to deploy Light Workers as ground forces in masse as the Earth herself is now under siege.

Our hydration and deployment is what the cabal fears most here at their demise. This is why they continually attempt to delay the GCR/RV. Let’s finish of the cabal and move into the glorious future before us.

God is for us

"Please Finish this RV as the Last Blow" by Jeff W. - 8.31.17

Entry Submitted by Jeff W. at 9:23 PM EDT on August 31, 2017






"Is that the Best you Can do?" by Sierra - 8.31.17

Entry Submitted by Sierra at 8:19 PM EDT on August 31, 2017

"Thar She Blows" - GCR/RV Thought (Video) - 8.31.17

Thank you Patrick, for posting the storm scene from 'The Truman Show'. I have watched the movie countless times, and I am still deeply affected by the storm scene.

Patrick is right, IDC family - never give up!

The handful of cabal minions that are left now are massively outweighed by the Light force on Earth, and off-planet. They can throw storms and lightning at us, but they WILL NOT BEAT US.

Remember, the souls who are experiencing the travails of the hurricanes signed on for it - it is part of their mission to help save humanity. We thank them and honor their contribution which will significantly add to their soul evolution.

The TV audience members watching on during that storm scene on 'The Truman Show' are willing Truman to succeed. They WANT the little guy to win.

Think of your galactic brothers and sisters as being like that TV audience - billions of them are watching and cheering us on. They are so excited because they know that we have ALREADY won.

So, we say it again pathetic little cabal minions....'Is that the best you can do????'

Love and Light


"Urgency" - GCR/RV Intel SITREP - Thursday - August 31, 2017

Received via email for publication at 8:00 PM EDT. ~ Dinar Chronicles

Timing. Timing. Timing.

That's the whole ballgame today as we head into the weekend.

We were told last night that the Elders will NOT let another hurricane (Irma) reach the shores of the US without an RV, which would need to begin this weekend (Irma is expected next week in same area of Texas' Gulf of Mexico shores).


Talk about urgency.

That's why the Mueller investigation is suddenly picking up speed and heading towards dethroning the Orange Trumpet.


Presidential pardons will just not work on lawsuits brought forward in state jurisdictions versus federal.

But make no mistake, we believe Trump has long resigned (we've seen the actual resignation document in a screen shot).

Just as we have seen Paul Ryan's signature as Commander and Chief on military orders in Iraq going back to January 2016.

Pence was put into place to pardon Trump and then either resign or simply not run in 2018, allowing Ryan to become the top Republican after the stormy Russian scandal cloud clears.


All off site redemption centers in Houston are either back up or have been rerouted to Dallas centers who have added the Houston staff.

Freeways in Houston are all back up.

And because Hurricane Harvey headed in land, Louisiana / Shreveport / New Orleans is going to be ok, but Memphis and Louisville are gonna get soaked.

So their making similar nearby city staffing and location changes a la Dallas in place of Houston.

The cabal demon is screaming today. Fighting with all they have left which honestly ain't much. They are. It completely toothless, but pretty darn close in terms of stopping the RV.

Remember, the RV is the death blow to 13 millennia of an alien cabal that ruled humanity.

The hybrid minions left to carry out the old cabal master plan designed to dominate the species and planet via a war, media and alien event strategy simply cannot gain momentum traction and thus appears completely chaotic.

So this is the death of the cabal and the rebirth of the Republic simultaneously.

Incredible times we live in.

Keep your eye on the storms, Mueller and Trump and notice where all the storylines peak--that's your RV.

And there will be 800#s and emails to alert the general public it's time to redeem.

Thanks for all the new sign ups for the Human Angel website. If you have not yet submitted your email for membership or the Tetelestai alert (800#s release) do so now at theclarioncalls.com.

We're capping post RV website membership at 50,000 l--and we're already three quarters of the way there and taking in over 1,000 new sign ups a day on average!

So hurry up and get your friends, family and gifted currency holders into the system before it's too late!

God is with us.

Saint Germain via James McConnell for August 27, 2017

Saint Germain

I AM St. Germain. I come with the Violet Flame, Violet Light to continue this process that was begun long ago, the process that you all came here with as the light workers, the light sharers, the light warriors that you were and have once again become.

This process is for all to experience. It is an ascension process. It is not an overnight awakening. For some it can be but for most it will be a process. And you are right in the midst of that process now because of the energies that are coming into the planet and are being accentuated by the galactic events, the celestial events that are happening in order to bring this all about.

You must all understand that this was not just a happenstance eclipse. This was a moment, a moment that has been heralded for a very long time. For ages now. A moment that is a catalyst to bring about these wonderful and amazing changes that are upon you now. And as some sources are beginning to say, there is yet one event, one smaller event that will lead into many more events, many more happenings, many more changes before the full “changeover” can occur.

But it is this one celestial event that has occurred that is a catalyst now to bring about these smaller changes, these smaller events which will lead to The Event. You will begin to know this as it occurs.

Those of the dark forces that have been so involved in keeping you down, keeping mankind down for their various purposes, they are nearly at an end. Can say they are running for their very lives.

But understand that their lives are not to be forfeited as you would think they would be. They will be brought up, if they are allowing it to be, brought back into the light. All of your prayers, all of your love, in directed toward these ones will bring this about. Let them realize that even they want to be free. They want to be free of the shackles that have been holding them down. Even though they have been in control, they have had the life you might say, they are tired and weary almost as much as you are because they have carried this mantle, this mantle of darkness for a long time.

Many now are ready to release this. It only takes this one more catalyzing event to bring this about. It will bring out of the shadows back into the light all of those truths that have been covered up for some time now. They are about to be revealed.

What you know of as the Republic will be brought about once again. Not the new Republic but the old Republic. What was meant to be will now become a reality.

And your financial system, what has been worked on for many decades now is close to being realized as a full changeover from the financial system, the financial debt system that you know of now, into a new more glorious Golden Age system. That will lead eventually to the full Golden Age and your fifth dimensional new reality.

It is time now for all of you, all of you that conspire, that work to bring the light to your neighbors, to your brothers, to your sisters, it is time now for you to reach out more and more. Become as Archangel Michael has said the warriors, not so much the workers anymore. For as warriors you take action. As warriors you spread

the light. That is what you each and every one came here to do, was to share and spread the light. Share and spread the knowing of the One Consciousness that we all are.

So continue now my brothers, my sisters, to believe in yourselves, to trust in yourselves; to trust that all is coming together as it needs to. All is being orchestrated as you hear many times but that you are that orchestration. And together all of us will bring about this New Golden Age on mankind.

I AM St. Germain. May the peace and love be with all of you and the Violet Light shine deeply within you as you continue to spread it wherever you can.

Channeled by James McConnell



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“Believing is seeing!”

Source: Sananda Website

"Don't Back Down" - Neil Keenan Update - 8.31.17



“Stand Tall, Stand Strong, and Don’t Back Down!

The year: 1921.

The location: London, England.

The players: Lloyd George (then Prime Minister of the United Kingdom), Georges Clemenceau (the former Prime Minister of France), Warren Harding (then President of the United States), and Japanese Emperor Hirohito.

And the sole purpose? The conspiracy to create World War II.

No sooner had the Treaty of Versailles (1918) been signed, with the ink still wet – the above parties went into darkness to plan and indeed create what would later become known as WWII, with all necessary financial arrangements laid out from beginning to end.

Along the way to engineering World War II they accumulated many assets from overwhelmed nations and sent the acquisitions immediately to places they felt would keep these assets safe.

Bunkers were constructed underground and even underground under bodies of water. Once assets were loaded into place, they then would collapse the bunkers (or at least the entrances) and bury the workers who would never be able to speak one word of what was located there.

They buried the workers alive to protect these secret cache locations.

Treasures? Yes, even Jack Sparrow would have been proud of such a haul. How do I know about such things happening? Because I have seen the inside of bunker doors and the dried blood from those who were trapped within in their attempts to get out. Nearly every bunker has a story.

If you’ve followed us for the past two years or more, you will realize that we’ve delivered some heavy hits against the Cabal’s smuggling and stealing operations of the Monetary Assets in the South Korean bunkers. You can check out evidence of some of the the assets in the video below.

The holdings within the bunkers are comprised of nearly every currency on the planet (totalling in the Quintillions) – not just Gold, US Dollars and Euros.

Continue Reading

"Control and Trade on a New Level" - Thurs. PM KTFA Thoughts/News


Contracting with international audit firms

August 31, 2017

To all licensed banks (contracting with international audit companies)


JesusLovesBaseball » August 31st, 2017


Department of Banking Supervision / Commercial Banks Control Section

LAC, L / E to all banks

M / contracting with international audit companies to fill our pledge No. 14/7/1 dated 3/7/1. And Al-Maatouf on our book numbered 5/1/1% ?! And the historian

(1), paragraph 1 (1), concerning the completion of contracting functions with international audit firms And quality of assets: it is decided that you will provide the Bank with the results of the audit by (A day from the date of our book maintenance.

Samson » August 31st, 2017

Iraq is the second largest importer of Iranian goods in four months

31st August, 2017

According to trade statistics during the first four months of the year (Iran - started March 21, 2017), Iraq was the second largest importer of Iranian goods during this period.

"Statistics show that 15 per cent of Iran's total exports (in the first four months of this year) go back to Iraq," Hosseini was quoted as saying by the official IRNA news agency.

He added that "Iranian exports reached in September last 12 billion dollars, and Iraq's share of two billion dollars of this total, indicating an increase of 6.5 percent compared to last year."

On the other hand, the Iranian official pointed to the "Great Trade Forum" joint between Iran and Iraq, which is scheduled to be held in Tehran from September 11 to 12 next.

Hosseini pointed out that "Iraqi parliamentarians will be invited to participate in the great trade forum, which will discuss ways to enhance trade deal between the two countries and mechanisms to remove obstacles in this regard.


Samson » August 31st, 2017

10 Years imprisonment for an employee in the trade due to embezzlement

31st August, 2017

The Office of the Inspector-General of the Ministry of Commerce announced on Thursday that a 10-year prison sentence was issued against an employee of theMinistry's registration department.

"As a result of the control efforts by the Office of the Inspector-General, the cases offraud and forgery carried out by one of the employees of the Corporate Registration Department were discovered by embezzlement of funds," said Muayyad Ali Abdul Hussein Al Saadi, Inspector General of the Ministry of Commerce. For the procedures of establishing companies and increasing their capital.

He added that "the matter was referred to the administrative investigation in the office, in which the investigators made vigorous efforts to complete the investigativeand legal procedures and submitted to the Integrity Commission and the competent courts where the Criminal Court on issues of integrity sentenced in absentia for ten years against the employee accused of fraud and forgery


Walkingstick » August 31st, 2017

Iraqi Iraqi economic forum in Baghdad soon

Baghdad Chamber of Commerce Chairman Jafar al-Hamdani revealed the close of an Iraqi-Saudi meeting in Baghdad, stressing that Saudi Arabia has a tendency to support the national industry and turn it from a country that imported goods to its source.

"The Saudi investment minister's recent visit to Baghdad was agreed with the convening of an Iraqi-Saudi economic forum in Baghdad during the month of October or November next," Hamdani told reporters. "The forum will be held on the ground of the Baghdad International Fair on an area of ​​1600 meters A cube that is enough to bring in a large number of Saudi companies . "

He explained that "Saudi Arabia has a tendency to support the national industry and the transformation of Iraq from the country of importer of goods to a source," noting that "the Saudi-Iraqi rapprochement serves the economy of Iraq ." Finished


Walkingstick » August 31st, 2017

Integrity issued arrest warrants against ministers and officials on corruption charges

The Badr parliamentary bloc revealed the issuance of the Integrity Commission 35 arrest warrants against officials and ministers involved in the current political process, on charges of .financial and administrative corruption The MP for the bloc Faleh al-Khazali, in a statement to (Baghdad today),

"The Integrity Commission began to take its real role, through the issuance of arrest warrants against the accused of corruption," noting that "the Commission has recently issued 35 arrest warrants " .against directors, officials and ministers in the The current Iraqi government Most of the detainees were secular," Khazali said, stressing the need to "hold all parties" ".accountable for the money spent in the ministries and institutions they run The phenomenon of corruption is the biggest challenge to the security faced by Iraqi governments since the end of the US war on Iraq in 2003. The levels of corruption in Iraq has reached the level of specialized international organizations to put it among the most .corrupt countries in the world.


Samson » August 31st, 2017

The resumption of flights between Iraq and Russia after a break of 13 years

31st August, 2017

The Russian Federal Aviation Agency announced on Thursday the resumption of flights between Moscow and Baghdad after a break of about 13 years.

The agency said in a statement on its official website that the decision was made after talks between the head of the agency Alexander Niradko and the extraordinary ambassador and the commissioner of the Republic of Iraq to the Russian Federation, Haidar Mansour Hadi, on the resumption of flights between Moscow and Baghdad.

The two sides also discussed - the practical implementation of the plans for the conduct of flights between the two countries.

For his part, the Russian side welcomed the Iraqi initiative, saying it would promote the development of economic relations between Russia and Iraq, as well as enhance cooperation in the field of air transport.

Iraqi Airways plans to open regular flights from Baghdad to Moscow from September after a 13-year hiatus. http://bit.ly/2vIbcpH

BlaqueBeauty » August 31st, 2017

....Does this have to do with the MR?

Several big banks are teaming up for a new digital currency

Barclays, Credit Suisse, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, HSBC, MUFG and State Street are teaming up with UBS for a digital currency project

Called "utility settlement coin," it's an idea that's been around since 2015, but it's now moving into a new phase of development

Published 16 Hours AgoCNBC.com???

Zerb » August 31st, 2017

BB way to think outside the box! As Others have stated and I will reiterate it's a story within a story it's all about CONTROL and trade on a new level playing field better known as the global currency reset with asset-backed Currencies.

Iraq is not in control they are just a catalyst/donor waiting on the new asset backed usd$ And the UST/IMF/UN/BIS. IT's NOT EASY resetting over 100+ countries currencies. Well you all know "the plan" of the money and war bankers........YAHWEH BLESS! Cheerio and carry on! Prayers going up especially those in Texas and Louisiana!

"Floating Dinar" - Dinar Alert News Discussion 8-31-17

Dinar Alert

This article (Below) reads like a grade school primer. It lays out all of the factors involved but doesn't actually make any committments, except for one: it clearly refers to moving to a floating dinar rather than to an RV. Oh, it also makes it clear that the IMF is behind all of this maneuvering.

I agree with KAP: can't expect much in terms of incoming investment until the IMF has completed its work to get Iraq positioned to move from Article XIV to VIII.

Kaperoni: Central Bank of Iraq: reap the success of monetary policies

August 28, 2017

Comments on the Central Bank of Iraq: reap the success of monetary policies .. closed

Iraqi Central Bank operates according to an important strategy in monetary policy , which depends on two factors: First: motivate banks to move towards the market and the provision of bank credit and financing Tvtadhah case targeting gross domestic product and addressing aspects of unemployment and economic stagnation; which requires lifting the financial depth of the country.

Second: continue to address inflation and targeting through price signals adopted by the central bank to target inflation, and to achieve a unified framework of economic stability and growth of the desirable.

Characterized by the Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq , Ali Mohsen Ismail Keywords in his work by taking reform, administrative and operational steps thoughtfully and systematically and scientifically; which reflected positively on the Bank 's management and its implementing monetary policy in Iraq, which aims to achieve the sustainability of price stability, achieving an acceptable level of monetary and economic stability and avoid affecting the value of national currency changes internally and externally, which arise due to changes in the general price level.

The face of monetary policy is the challenge of the decline in dollar sales from the Ministry of Finance ( as a result of the low price or oil production) to a level less than the market needs, high demand for foreign currency, with the inflexibility of government spending to fall to a level commensurate with the decline in revenue from foreign currency, from during the value of money supply control in the market, affecting the overall volume of demand and that change the money supply in the market.

So it is very important to pay attention and control of the money supply growth, many of the money supply will lead to higher inflation to levels that could harm the economy, either a little of it, it could impede economic growth, so the decision - makers in the Central Bank of Iraq aspire to achieve a balance between growth and inflation through monetary policy is restrictive or accommodative.

Bank controls monetary policy restrictive when it wants to reduce the money supply; while accommodative is used when aspires to increase the money supply, as are control of the money supply, by changing interest rates or minimum bank reserve requirements.

And a monetary policy restrictive positive effect on the currency because higher interest rates will attract new capital added to the economy, because high interest rates are usually an indication of a strong economy and investors get the highest return on capital that they own the banks within this economy.

The monetary policy accommodative, they have a negative effect on the currency, because making capital available easily is likely to lead to the problems of inflation, which reduces the purchasing power of the currency, and makes them less valuable, because low interest rates mean that investors are getting less return in exchange for capital they own within this economy, and will be directed investors to invest their capital in other places, which will contribute to the devaluation of the currency.

Or by way of restricting the amount of money that can be used by the bank to lend to consumers and businesses, and this is done by determining the minimum reserve banks.

And in front of it, the central bank to avoid resorting to policies that will impact on the overall stability of prices and exchange rates and economic growth , and therefore did not resort to the following options:

* reduced sales of foreign currency because it leads to a rise in foreign currency, which would hurt the citizens, and directly affect creditors and investors

* continue to respond to the demand for foreign currency as covered by the (exchange rate stability, low foreign) reserves.

* Floating exchange rate is currently not possible in Iraq because the dollar source of monopoly from the government by virtue of the nature of the economy and the resources of the state.

The central bank believes that the face of these challenges calls for a reduction of demand for the dollar impact on the causes of demand (security and political stability, control of imports, stimulate economic reality sectors, providing a safe environment), not by restricting the supply or procedures.

The central bank was able , despite all the challenges to achieve the most important goals of:

price stability and curb inflation: by continuing to reduce the inflation rate and reach down to the level of less than 2%, which represents the lowest level we reach him for many years.

This means to stabilize prices at a certain level, the concerns of monetary policy makers have focused on eliminating inflation in prices, so as to eliminate the economic and social spending on inflation and became the achievement of price in the price level is the primary objective of monetary policy and the vision of the Iraqi Central Bank , which sought to achieve the most difficult circumstances.

Curb inflation and is a necessity as it leads to a state of uncertainty and confidence in the economy, affecting the low rate of economic growth.

The stability of the exchange rate of the local currency

is the stability of the exchange rate of the local currency to achieve an acceptable level of monetary and economic stability, and to move away from the effects of the national currency that arise through changes in the overall level of value.

Stimulate economic growth: in all the different sectors which achieves in turn , an increase in the size of the national income and GDP growth; when monetary policy succeed in achieve economic stability and boost production when increasing the money supply in the market in the event of a recession, or is reducing the amount of money in the market in the case of inflation, then so have contributed to economic growth rates , especially in sectors that were experiencing instability which leads to raise investment rates.

Support financial stability at the level of public finances of the state and the banking sector sustainability:

expert he sees as achieve stability in the financial market through the financial markets, the instability in that market can affect the state of the economy in terms of its stability and its ability to transfers of capital between the market control financial savings of people, and so on the ground that this market is an investment market, and stability affect the aspect of investment and growth protection,

which leads us to say that whenever this market stable was an indication of the success of the central bank to control monetary policy management, and b Next Bank achieves financial market stability , which is a monetary policy that seeks to achieve the objectives of the Central Bank of Iraq.

The achievements are reflected in the framework of those goals to achieve the following:

Cover imports of private and public sector in foreign currency.

Thus it was preserved the purchasing power of citizens who represent their income they earn mostly salaries, government pensions, and depend to cover their needs from imports most of what they consume or use it, and preserving the rights of creditors or investors who beat them inflation and Aqaibdhm significant losses.

The stability of the exchange rate of the local currency:

Despite the significant decline in revenues ( the dollar) from the source of oil, which reached about 70% in some months, a fixed exchange rate of the dinar remained no significant gaps between the official exchange rate and the parallel market occur.

In the year 2016 was the criteria (with the help of an international auditing office) to enter the banks and companies to the window to buy the dollar in order to control the sale of dollar operations and to maintain the exchange rate on the one hand and the consolidation of compliance with the rules of compliance and anti - money laundering and the financing of terrorism ,

on the other hand, it led those standards to improve the practice of setting banks in this regard and building units and capabilities of organizational, technical and technology to strengthen their internal control, and maintain the level of adequacy of international reserves in accordance with international standards in the efficiency measure, supports this level to maintain the exchange rate and meet the demand for the dollar.

The International Monetary Fund estimates (IMF) reserves in March 2015 while the actual reserves as in the table below:

This is an indication of the success of the Central Bank of Iraq in achieving a balance between maintaining the adequacy of the level of reserves and meet the demand for the dollar, in light of the sharp decline in revenues from Iraqi oil source ( as a result of the decline in world oil prices).

According to the agreement with the IMF signed by Iraq in 2008, it canceled all restrictions on foreign exchange operations.

Stimulating economic growth

and in order to move the processes of development and support under recessionary conditions, as a result of reduced government expenditures and increasing unemployment under the conditions of security and social complex , the Central Bank of the following initiatives: -

• support for real activities, lending to private sector projects of specialized banks, 5 trillion Iraqi dinars the Bank (agricultural and industrial, and housing fund, and real estate) .ozlk in the biggest lending initiative on Iraq, has been allocated 1.5 trillion Iraqi dinars for private banks to support small and micro - enterprises, with the bank 's readiness to expand this initiative, as the foundations of an organizational unit competent Balt Mouille younger.

• Bank initiative to pay off the dues of contractors and suppliers and farmers (more than 5 trillion dinars), which hurt the activity of the private sector and the banking sector , where the government agreed to issue bonds proposed by the Central Bank and organized by, and prepared and disbursed in coordination with government banks.

• Support for financial stability at the level of financial sustainability and stability of the banking sector; to cope with the sharp decline in government revenues and the emergence of the features of a major financial crisis under special circumstances facing the country and the difficulty of adapting to the emergency and the sharp decline in oil prices, and support the central bank 's stability and fiscal sustainability and the prevention of risks it could result from the financial crisis (up government revenues in some months in 2016 to below 50% of cover salaries);

and led the central bank based on a role in containing the crisis; the purchase of treasury transfers (issued by the Ministry of Finance) amounting to 16 trillion dinars during the years 2015 201 6.

- allowing banks to buy treasury remittances using 50% of the mandatory reserves of banks held by the Central Bank purchased remittances from these amounts amounted to more than 4 trillion Iraqi dinars.

- The Central Bank has provided support to the government funding of indirect budget, and the ability to pay dues of international oil companies for the sustainability of oil production and export, and was stumbling in the repayment constitutes a serious threat to the state 's resources, and led the Central Bank of Iraq a pivotal role in the (standby credit program) with the Fund international Monetary since 2015 , under which Iraq received soft loans and facilities at about $ 15 billion.

- fulfill the obligations of the bank to the requirements contained in the program document (readiness UNDP), including maintaining the general level of prices and tackle inflation and maintain the exchange rate regime, and the precautions to strengthen supervision of banks and financial institutions , systems and strengthen governance and audit based on the risk in the central bank to strengthen supervision and rules of regulations commitment on combating money laundering and the financing of terrorism and the lifting of restrictions on foreign exchange, regulatory and legislative amendments, including the amendment of the Central Bank Act and the obligation to audit the accounts and reserves and activities of other auditing firms The Mechanism.

- Support for the general budget amounts proposed by the Fund through the purchase of the Central Bank that remittances Khoznah deficit, without which the budget can not be built, and therefore the Fund program stops.

-da'm and contributing to the terms of the agreement with the IMF in the framework of economic and financial policy reform and building rules and new policies to rebuild the state budget in order to cope with financial crises and control of public expenditure and to maximize local revenues and provisions to control the public debt and the development of financial indicators and targets related to the development of specific ceilings deficit and public debt and expenses within the gross domestic product measure,

and to invite the Central Bank and the Ministry of Finance to set up one account to the public treasury rather than an account for each exchange of government units in order to achieve the existing cash management and control of it and get rid of the dispersion Cash and take advantage of the money is moving; where a person 's central bank and the presence of large amounts (trillions) are dispersed in the sub - accounts are not used within the government 's priorities and needs, which leads the Ministry of Finance to borrow at the time that can guide available from those amounts and use it .

Kaperoni: - Coordination with the Ministry of Finance on the diversification of public debt sources , both internally and externally, including the issuance of local bonds to the public (for the first time) in order to diversify to meet the deficit on the one hand, and the deepening of the financial market and the introduction of new tools in it, was during the 2016 formation of a committee coordinating a joint standing between the Central Bank and Ministry of Finance coordination between fiscal and monetary policies.

As part of the stability of the banking sector under the shadow of the financial crisis and leave it from the effects of direct and indirect on the banking sector and thus on the overall financial stability, central bank action to reduce these effects through the following:

• a survey and comprehensive review of the situation of banks and inventory banks facing special difficulties in flowability and a program of urgent measures to address them were pulled out the conditions of the vast majority of them to promote financial stability in the banks and avoid the risks of suspicious transactions, and was obliging all banks to comply with the law against money laundering and terrorism financing No. 39 of 2015 and the regulations and threw Count associated with it, including the establishment of specialized units within the banks concerned with control operations and risk management and compliance.

• The central bank cut historically important strides during the years 2015 and 2016 to promote and strengthen the procedures and regulations related to that which has received praise and support from relevant international organizations, including the Financial Action Organization (FATF).

• Establish Unit (Financial Stability) and (risk management) to reduce systemic risk and to take precautionary measures at the macro and micro levels supported by early warning systems and the face of crises and achieve financial stability through the development of mathematical models to determine the financial system's ability to absorb crises and implement stress tests periodically.

• Protecting the banking sector credit risk by building a broad and integrated program that provides a modern and sophisticated database available to all banks to inquire about the borrowers to make appropriate decisions on borrowers in order to ensure the stability of the financial system has been strengthened overall control systems based on the risk in accordance with the best international standards and practices of the the Basel Committee for financial supervision.

• Strengthening the governance system in the banking sector and the issuance of the first guide corporate governance in the banking sector includes the principles, concepts and rules of governance, according to the latest international developments and practices to promote the proper performance of the banks and to protect shareholders and stakeholders and provide a sound framework for the management of banks separating the ownership and management and provide a suitable framework for disclosure and transparency and control.

• Enhance financial stability to support and stimulate the central bank to establish Islamic banks to the advantage of its Islamic finance security against Vibrations market and to the achievements that attract savings that do not deal with traditional commercial banks realized that capital market development, the central bank could stimulate more than half of the money transfer companies for turning to Islamic banks and thus achieved the first two goals to support Islamic banking and expanding industry, and the other limit of remittance companies that the central bank aims to get rid of them for objective justification.

- reducing the risk to customers in financial transactions through the development of a comprehensive framework of policies and measures to be taken in the regulatory and supervisory, legislative and awareness - raising and educational dimensions have been set up an organizational unit handles these tasks

- the completion of the legal, regulatory and financial measures to establish an institution to guarantee deposits and will operate soon; in order to attract money to the public and compacta in order to enhance confidence in the banking system.

- In order to develop the financial markets, so as to enhance financial depth and thus support the financial stability of the Central Bank of the process of settling the results of trading in the financial market through payment systems and the use of the purchase system and the sale of securities procedures and to develop effective mechanisms to strengthen the central depository and settlement systems and work to reconcile the settlement system Securities trading with payments systems operations.

The functions and tasks developed the Central Bank of Iraq, after 2014 is to focus on:

quality overall: which means continuous development of administrative processes reviewed and analyzed and the search for ways and means to increase performance and reduce the time to complete cutting out all the tasks and functions useless and unnecessary for the client or process; to reduce the cost and raise the level of quality basing in all stages of development to the requirements and needs of the client.

Financial Stability: Shares of the Central Bank of Iraq actively in the strengthening of the banking sector 's performance based on the best international practices to expand its activities and the development of its services, thereby enhancing the stability of the financial sector in Iraq as the largest of its components and the most vulnerable because of the nature of the work of banks in bearing the financial intermediation and the implementation of the settlement operations risk payments,

the Central Bank of Iraq and focused on continuous communication with the banking system units and create conditions to ensure the creation of a supportive banking environment , monetary stability, payments and finding effective national policy and a sophisticated system, in addition to the duties, functions and powers Enjoyed by the permanent central bank and its ability to intervene in the device through the institutions owned by cash and control tools.

Financial inclusion, the Central Bank of Iraq is interested in the social aspect in terms of the greatest concern for the poor and low - income people, paying particular attention to women and access to individuals and small and medium - sized and micro - enterprises, and the public interest that relate to the creation of opportunities for the customer , which contributes to economic growth and reduce poverty and improve the distribution of income, and raise the standard of living, and the provision of financial services easy and simple ways and at the lowest cost (such as payment via mobile phone).

Central Bank 's role in promoting financial inclusion:

- the development of rules and regulations aimed at facilitating banking transactions in all forms , procedures, and approval of the availability of simplified financial services such as mobile phone use in electronic and other financial transactions of payment operations, and highlight the role of credit information and the development of payment systems, and stimulate the financial sector, especially banks to publish financial culture, and increasing the number of ATMs and any other means that will expand the network availability of banking services.

- Work on the establishment of comprehensive databases of historical credit data for individuals , small and medium - sized companies and records include adding to the database that records the assets transferred.

Audit based on risk: means by activity of internal audit and quality control, and follow - up pending matters in the internal audit reports with management and make sure to put corrective plans for

microfinance: where the government is attempting to implement important political reforms while continuing military operations against al - Daesh, here microfinance becomes - in the broadest sense , which includes loans, savings, insurance payments and low-income families and small businesses - one of the procedures that can encourage local economic activity and help people to manage what they face setbacks, or economic shocks Bs B difficult situation in the country.

Financial risk management: is the relationship between the required return on investment and the risks associated with this investment, in order to employ this relationship so as to maximize the value of the investment from the point of view of his companions also can be defined as events management that can not be predicted to develop a strategy , including appropriate policies and procedures her constantly updated.

Prudential supervision: defined as policy through which to identify and monitor and control systemic risk to reduce the accumulation and strengthening of the financial system 's ability to withstand shocks using a set of tools based on a set of basic indicators, intended to risk systemic risk: developments that threaten the financial stability of the system and therefore the economy fully.

Anti - money laundering and the financing of terrorism: won Iraq 's significant progress over the past two years in the prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing through the issuance of a special law No. 39 of 2015, this law systems substantially the transfer of money and the fight against money laundering, and established separate from the Central Bank administratively a special office and financially respect to receive notifications on the operations of suspicion. "

The "Association of Banks" to hold intensive sessions regarding the fight against money laundering , where he graduated more than one hundred trainees since the beginning of 2017 and launched the "Central Bank of Iraq , " the financing of small and medium enterprises program after the allocation of a trillion Iraqi dinars for private banks, adding that he did not finance these projects at the level of ambition where there were a lot of obstacles inside and outside the bank, the most prominent government institutions that refuse to provide private banks to bail for their employees.

Electronic payment: intended by a group of methods and procedures and rules for the transfer of money between the participants within the system that have to move funds through the infrastructure of payment systems.

Protect customers: They all laws, judicial decisions , which aims to provide protection to consumers from exposure to any of the monument operations, and fraud they may encounter by some traders, also known as social and ethical controls group imposed on all workers in the commercial sectors, and requiring them to respect all categories of consumers and the provision of goods and services to them properly and in an appropriate manner.

Compliance: an independent function, have been approved under the Banking Act No. 94 of 2004, it is working to confirm the bank 's commitment to bank daily to its operations, laws and regulations issued by the Central Bank and Finance Authority, as well as policies and procedures and regulations , accounting standards and the requirements of the Basel Committee and the Law on Public Enterprises and the Law on Combating money and instructions issued under the legal and standard ratios and specific credit for investment operations or the legal reserve and other laundering, for the purpose of ascertaining the validity of the procedures and avoid everything that would expose the bank to various risks.


Kaperoni: Good read but really just the same as what the IMF Article IV stated.

Punisher: Is this confirming that freedom of movement of capital has been achieved....."According to the agreement with the IMF signed by Iraq in 2008, all restrictions on foreign transfers have been lifted"?
--"The Guilty Will Be Punished"

Kaperoni: As I have stated on numerous occasions, any bank that wants to do business with Iraq can. And any bank that wants to do financial transactions can. The lifting of sanctions on Iraq several years ago achieved this.

That being said, doing business with a central bank in Article XIV is risky and very few if any will do business with Iraq while they are still under IMF Article XIV. Until they achieve the requirements of Article VIII and accept it, most foreign banks will shy away from Iraq. Think of IMF Article VIII as an international standard.

Punisher: Ok....I just found it interesting they worded it the way they did....using the word "All" as in this recently just happened....all restrictions on foreign transfers have been lifted
--"The Guilty Will Be Punished"

​Lewis: Good pick Punisher; let's hope it means something deeper!

Jxxl: In other words, they are going to make all Deposits safe, Which they have talked about for a long time.As far as currency - there will be no change - If and when they do- it will be close to the price of the Dollar, As they have stated No float, they will ( dinar Vs Dollar ) Less Dollars in Iraqi means High value of dinar. But thats going to be a while..

Enorrste: This article reads like a grade school primer. It lays out all of the factors involved but doesn't actually make any committments, except for one: it clearly refers to moving to a floating dinar rather than to an RV. Oh, it also makes it clear that the IMF is behind all of this maneuvering.

I agree with KAP: can't expect much in terms of incoming investment until the IMF has completed its work to get Iraq positioned to move from Article XIV to VIII.



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