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"People of Earth" - GCR/RV Intel SiTREP - Tuesday - August 22, 2017

Received via email for publication at 8:00 PM EDT. ~ Dinar Chronicles Why is there even a need for a global cabal? What are the OPTB hid...

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Simon Black: Higher Chance of Being Crushed by Vending Machine

Notes From The Field

By Simon Black

August 21, 2017
Victoria, Chile

You stand a higher chance of being crushed by a vending machine

There’s something I’ve always found mesmerizing about watching animals in the wild.

They have the most incredible instincts, honed from countless generations of survival against constant threats.

Animals have a keen sense of danger. They know immediately when something doesn’t feel right, and they act on it without hesitation.

I saw an incredible example of this last year when I was visiting a remote wildlife reservation in Zimbabwe.

It was late in the afternoon on a hot summer day, and my friends and I were ensconced in a hidden observation bunker situated on the edge of a water hole.

The animals all began to arrive, one species at a time, to cool off before nightfall. First the elephants. Then Rhinos. Zebras. Giraffes. Baboons.

It was a playful mood; all the animals seemed to be enjoying the water, when without warning, there was a stillness. The gazelles froze. The zebras’ ears perked.

Something wasn’t right. A smell. A sound. Something.

So they got the ******** out of there.

We found out later that a ravenous pack of hyenas was on the prowl nearby, so the animals’ instincts were spot-on.

Deep, deeeep down, human beings have the same highly refined instincts.

Our long-lost ancestors struggled against every imaginable danger. And those lessons are hard-coded in our DNA.

We sense threats. We can feel it when something’s wrong.

The difference between our species and animals in the wild, though, is that we humans have way too many external influences that muck it all up.

Case in point: last week was obviously a tough one for anyone with any sense of humanity.

Acts of terrorism are scary.

And hearing about completely innocent people on a popular pedestrian promenade getting mowed down like bowling pins by some madman is definitely going to cause some discomfort.

But down here in Latin America at least, there was ensuring wall-to-wall news coverage for the next several days in a way I hadn’t seen since 9/11.

It’s all we saw. Terrorism. Terrorism. Terrorism.

This really amps up the fear factor for something that is already difficult to stomach.

So it’s easy to understand why I keep hearing people say things like, “We’re living through the most dangerous times in human history.”

It’s easy to lose perspective. But on the balance we have it pretty good.

13th century Europeans faced a far greater threat with the approaching Mongol hoard.

A century later they faced an even more terrible fate with the onset of the Bubonic Plague, which ultimately wiped out around 30% of Europe’s population.

Even in more recent times, the threat of nuclear annihilation between East and West posed a constant threat.

Yes, acts of terrorism are appalling. But taken in historical and mathematical context the danger is actually quite low.

The Cato Institute published some data recently showing that the chances of dying in a terror attack are around 1 in 3 million.

Statistically speaking, you have a better chance of being crushed to death by a vending machine.

But we don’t demand that our governments spend hundreds of billions of dollars that taxpayers cannot possibly afford in order to protect us from vending machines.

That’s because deep down we sense that vending machines don’t truly pose a threat.

But with terrorism our senses are heavily manipulated until we believe that the threat is far greater than what the statistics show.

The real irony is that the manipulation works both ways.

Just as we are manipulated into being terrified of certain risks that pose no real statistical threat, we are manipulated into ignoring other risks that are far more likely.

I would raise financial markets as an obvious example.

The stock market in the United States is at an all-time high, with valuation metrics that have rarely been higher in more than 100 years of data.

Bond markets around the world have literally never been more expensive… EVER.

In order to return to levels that are more in-line with long-term historical averages, stock and bond markets would both have to suffer steep losses.

But instead of encouraging investors to independently assess these financial risks, mainstream media often dismisses such assertions as pessimistic bugaboo.

Or another obvious long-term risk-- that Social Security is going to run out of money. ​

I write about this one frequently. The Social Security Trustees, including the Treasury Secretary of the United States, state very clearly in their annual report that Social Security’s major trust funds “will be depleted in 2034.”

Yet despite the totally predictable, unavoidable, widespread consequences to Americans’ primary source of retirement income, the public is manipulated into ignoring this threat as well.

Instead of the truth, we continue to hear the same tired mantra-- “Social Security is just fine,” despite every shred of objective evidence to the contrary.

We’re also told to believe ridiculous axioms like “the US government’s debt doesn’t matter,” even though they have $20+ trillion of it and spend like drunken sailors.

But no. The experts tell us that this is not a risk worth concerning ourselves with. Angry brown people want to kill us. Focus on that instead.

Human beings have a 1 in 3,000,000 chance of suffering from a terror attack.

Yet there is currently a 100% chance that Social Security runs out of money in 2034.

Only one of these manages to find its way into the news.

Not to mention, if properly informed, people can actually DO SOMETHING about the latter. There’s plenty of time for intelligent people to prepare.

To your freedom, Simon Black Founder,

"People of Earth" - GCR/RV Intel SiTREP - Tuesday - August 22, 2017

Received via email for publication at 8:00 PM EDT. ~ Dinar Chronicles

Why is there even a need for a global cabal?

What are the OPTB hiding in those Vatican Library Vaults?

How come the world doesn't work and never has?

If the ZIM redeems at such a phenomenally high rate, what else is so far out of balance?

See folks, the RV is but step one of an endlessly revealing walk for the APTB.

It's time to tell us everything, all be it gently, slowly, maybe even unconsciously through TV and movies at first.

Have you noticed how entertainment content is quickly changing with all new TV shows and global studio released movies?

As if there's some global overseer of what we are now to be revealed. Maybe that mechanism has always been in place?

Oh, boy... slow your roll Yo-Yo! That dog doesn't walk yet.

Well as I say about the money all the time, if I'm right about the ZIM sovereign rates, I'll be right about everything else galactic and beyond. So....

When the hard truth hits, you'll need a website to congregate and communicate in... and why Showme and I are working around he clock to make a landing pad for the shocked, elated and terrified.

On Wednesday night's 9pm EDT "THE CLARION CALL"


we will broach a necessary topic about "Post RV Survival Tips," not only for dealing with your sudden / infinite wealth... but everything else's that is coming along after the RV when the APTB shares full extra terrestrial disclosure... also known as the event.

Which is precisely why there was a need for a cabal conspiracy in the first place... and why there isn't one now.

The cabal is dead. Kaput.

Meaning, the vibrational quarantine of earth has ended. And our universal Brothers and Sisters from other star systems existing as other non human beings on the planet are feee to make themeselves visible to us.

Remember that TV show on NBC about a year back? "The Event?" Spoke right to the heart of the matter.

Know too that benevolent Ancient Powers That Be, came here to rescue us without our knowing (at least unknown to most).

They are behind the new quantum financial system, not the Elders per se, even though they worked closely with the Elders under their permission.

See, there is (was) three very bad species of extra terrestrials that had infiltrated our planet and species at the genetic level to use humanity for a variety of malevolent purposes.

This was a shared rebellion against the will of God, and thus the Earth (better known as Urantia) was quarantined as not to let this unGodly rebellion against Heaven spread to other galaxies.

I know crazy right! Yet... kinda explains why everything is so f-ed up and why far less than 1% of the world's population controls all the rest.

And if you stop and really think about it, kinda explains why most to all the problems in the world trace back to a single race... the Anglo-Saxons... who are not original "human beings" realized on the continents of either Africa or Lemuria.

Anglos didn't show up until Atlantis when people of color had their genes altered to become more fair.

Which is an interesting study in of itself because it ends with the first flood, and this current event is the second less water.

But let's save that face melter for another post.

Instead let's look at the six prime currencies all revaluing together. What do three all have in common?

Zimbabwe (Africa), Vietnam (Asian), Indonesian (Asian), Iran (Persian), Iraq (Persian), Afghanistan (Persian)... all are nations with populations of color.

None are Anglo. Things that make ya go hmmm to be sure.

And what about those zany Europeans, Americans and Canadians who are all acting as if nothing massive is happening?

What RV? What GESARA? What aliens?

Didn't they kinda try and drive the entire world into a debt ditch, then attempt to start WW3 in the Middle East as to drive a final nail into the people of color's coffin?

No wonder the BRICS alliance was created. Survival!

When you peel back the onion of the RV, what you find is a hidden on-going war between earth's true children (color) and a secrete alien domination (Anglo) over several millennia that is now finally coming to end per the handy work of Heaven.

And we are alive to reap their rewards. Amazing.

Don't buy it? Look at this map of the world and know everyone above the line is white, and everyone below the line is not.

Believe, don't believe... but folks, GESARA is being readied to roll out after the RV sometime in September, and boy when it does, remember old Yo. I loved this community enough to hold you capable of hearing the cold hard truth second (Dr. WC of the Real Truth Call was first).

Someday you'll have to share the same hard facts with people you love. That said, a smart and gentle way to helping people understand what's both happening and happened with a laugh is the new TBS show "People of Earth."

Take a Net-flicks weekend to get caught up--they're only in the middle of season two... and it's pure hard disclosure of the 3 alien cabal species committed to the enslavement of humanity... and it delivers truth with shocking accuracy... produced as part of the surrender terms negotiated with Heaven no doubt.

This crazy alien info kinda makes the RV irrelevant and/or understandable, no?


In the meantime, continue to submit all "Tetelestai" 800# alert sign up and website membership subscription emails to

Our numbers are getting so high, it's crashing our initial computer systems and forcing us to expand.

This is a movement folks... and you're in the front car of a Human Angel roller coaster.

How heroically exciting! Yet utterly terrifying! Buckle up or bail out! Sobeit!

God is with us.

Wells Fargo CEO Warns Employees to Brace for More Negative Headlines

Wells Fargo CEO tells employees to brace for more negative headlines
  • Wells Fargo CEO Timothy Sloan said Tuesday the bank will announce "within a few weeks" the completion of an expanded third-party review of its consumer sales scandal.
  • The results will "generate news headlines," Sloan said, and the "best thing" for the bank to do is to "stay focused on fixing problems."
  • The bank said it has already paid out more than $5 million to customers and faces a total of a few hundred million in related settlements.
Evelyn Cheng | @chengevelyn

Lucas Jackson | Reuters
Tim Sloan, Chief Executive Officer of Wells Fargo & Company, February 8, 2017.

Wells Fargo CEO Timothy Sloan said Tuesday that forthcoming results from the bank's review of its consumer sales scandal could cause more negative attention.

"The results of our reviews will generate news headlines, but even as we face this renewed coverage, the best thing we can do is stay focused on fixing problems, making things right for customers, and building a better, stronger Wells Fargo," Sloan said in a company-wide message that was shared in a press release.

Sloan also said that "within a few weeks" the bank will announce the completion of an expanded review by a third party of the fake consumer accounts workers had opened. They were pressured by aggressive sales goals, a practice Wells Fargo has since ended.

In an Aug. 4 quarterly 10-Q filing required by the SEC for public firms, Wells Fargo said it expanded the review period to 2009 through 2016 and that could reveal a "significant increase" in unauthorized accounts.

"This analysis examined account usage patterns and is constructed to err on the side of the customer in determining which accounts are included as potentially unauthorized," Sloan said Tuesday.

The bank will also send notices about the process for customers to make claims against the bank and is compiling a list of additional customers who complained an account was opened without their consent, Sloan said in the memo.

The bank has now paid more than $5 million in total customer refunds or payments, the release said.

Sloan took over Wells Fargo last fall after it was discovered the bank's workers had opened about 2 million consumer deposit and credit card accounts without customers' authorization since 2011. Wells Fargo paid $185 million in penalties.

This year, the bank also reached a preliminary class-action settlement of $142 million over concerns about retail sales practices and unauthorized accounts from 2002.

Wells Fargo shares were little changed in after-hours trade but are down 5 percent so far in 2017, trailing the Financial Select Sector SPDR, which is up nearly 7 percent year to date.

In a statement to CNBC, Wells Fargo spokeswoman Mary Eshet referred to the Aug. 4 10-Q filing.

"The team news [press release] shared the things we have done and are doing to make things right for customers," she said, "and reminded team members that if the results of the review result in news stories, the best thing for team members to do is stay focused on customers."

Source: CNBC

Normandy Four Ready to Implement Minsk Deal

And there it is...


Normandy Four leaders ready to assist Minsk deal implementation — German cabinet

August 23, 1:13 UTC+3

The leaders of the Normandy Four states - Vladimir Putin, Angela Merkel, Emmanuel Macron and Pyotr Poroshenko - held a phone conversation to discuss the Ukrainian reconciliation late on Tuesday

BERLIN, August 22. /TASS/. Leaders of the Normandy Four group of nations (Russia, Germany, France and Ukraine) supported the expected ceasefire in eastern Ukraine and expressed their readiness to take all measures needed for the implementation of the Minsk reconciliation deal, the German cabinet spokesman said on Tuesday.

The leaders of the four states - Vladimir Putin, Angela Merkel, Emmanuel Macron and Pyotr Poroshenko - held a phone conversation late on Tuesday.

"They [the leaders] expressed clear support to the three-party contact group’s decision, expected on August 23, to announce a ceasefire due to the start of the academic year," spokesman Steffen Seibert said, commenting on the results of the talks.

"The heads of states and governments promised to work in person for further implementation of the Minsk agreements on the basis of a solid ceasefire," the spokesman added.

He said that the Normandy Four leaders hope that the ceasefire "will lead to a sustainable improvement of the security situation to the benefit of schoolchildren and the entire civilian population of Donbass.".

Source: TASS

"Re: Crickets" by Grateful Gal - 8.22.17

Entry Submitted by Grateful Gal at 7:39 PM EDT on August 22, 2017

"Crickets" by Heisenberg - 8.22.17

Oooooooh So I really am just too stupid! LOL I haven't been this happy to find out how stupid I am in a long time. :)

I get it now, after going back to read "Winners" SITREP. Another prize winning composition. Concerning the onion-peeling value of Yosef's reports, you're preachin' to the choir. Professor Yosef is a fount of knowledge. And very much appreciated by me. I celebrate the fact that he sees clearly what I have known for most of my long life. White people have an attitude problem. And I speak from experience because I am lily-white my own self. I feel a great sense of shame about that sometimes, just for the reason Yo describes. So yes, I really get the joke now. What a relief. I didn't know which was more disturbing: having someone seeming to throw scandalous shade on our Fount of Knowledge, or one of my Favorite Funny Men losing his damn mind.

OK, let's get back on the RV train! I'm thinkin it's about to pull into Grand Central Station. :)

Group Hug!

Very Very Grateful Gal

Note to Self: Drink morning coffee. Drink even more coffee. THEN read Dinar Chronicles.

"To: Weary" by Daughter of Terra - 8.22.17

Entry Submitted by Daughter of Terra at 6:46 PM EDT on August 22, 2017

"To Brother Yosef" by Weary - 8.22.17

In service.

Beloved Weary, you are asking for the impossible. He cannot show you his reality. He is responsible for his creations as are you yours.

You have one of two choices here. You can read what is provided and follow it. Or you can create, intention of manifestation and use the intel provided to see what you have aready created. In one way. The intel provider is telling you; yet in the other you are writing the script to which the intel providers reveal to you that which you already know to be true. In one way you always see evidence of your creation. And when somethings are an untruth but need to be said you see that also. In the other way every delay is a set back. Every not yet is gut wrenching. Every maybe tomorrow is a cry for real intel.

Intel could be, you being told what is from their Inner circles telling you things. Or your intel can be your inner intelligence providing proof everywhere. When you decide which intel you are looking for. You get it.

Hope this helps.

P.S. By the way Im packing. I have been since January. Most of my house is packed up. I was finishing up today. Im that sure no matter what intel says. I created this. And it shall come to past simple as that. I have to go. I forgot to lable a box. Seen you on the other side, dear one. Be well. Be in joy. Love you always.

Follow other people or Trust your own knowing. The choice is always yours.

-Daughter of Terra.

"The New Bible" by Ardent - 8.22.17

Entry Submitted by Ardent at 6:08 PM EDT on August 22, 2017

Some years ago I sent for a book called the New Bible which was sold via the Kryon web. I was so excited as I looked forward to it in the mail. Would it have more of Kryon's wonderful instruction?
Would it be a new age interpretation of the original text?

The day came when it finally arrived in the mail. I hurried to open it with great excitement. I opened to page one....a blank page. I opened to the next page, then the next, and then the next. All blank pages. I sat down baffled and pondering.

An inner voice said, Ardent, this is blank so that you can write your own God Story, your own sacred scriptures. I thought how Jesus came to bring us the Light and teachings of the CHRIST..sharing the God-within himself.

The inner voice said it is now your turn to bring in the Christ-Light in your lifetime.

We all have our own scripture story to write. The Gospel or good news according to Jack, according to Marcy, according to Janie, according to Ardent etc.

When the Blessing comes to you don't forget to write your own most sacred story, your own New Bible.

Be blessed. Be a blessing.


"Amazing! Yosef, OWK, Patrick" by Dezerro - 8.22.17

Entry Submitted by Dezerro at 5:36 PM EDT on August 22, 2017

Wow, talk about stable and VITAL INFO briefings during critical spans of time!

**Thank You!!**

A magic trio - reminds me of magic triangles, a basis of pyramids and their interesting powers.

(Thanks as well to Enerchi & so many others!)

There's nothing more utterly horrible than dead silence and missing info.

We saw many rough seas, but our ships made our new shores.

Soon a new thoroughly peaceful Earth, a ton of culture creation to do, and re-connection to intergalactic (and inter-universal) old and new friends & relations.

And we get to experience this astounding adventure more or less first hand - it's just so amazing.

There are no words to thank those who made the ultimate sacrifice - The Freedom Warriors - giving up their current mortal lives for our renewed game of life -- see you again soon, truly loyal friends, in your new incarnations.

See you all soon in our dramatic immediate, medium and long term futures.

- Dezerro

"Re: Showtime" by Sierra - 8.22.17

Entry Submitted by Sierra at 4:39 PM EDT on August 22, 2017

"Showtime" - GCR/RV Intel SITREP - Tuesday - August 22, 2017

Yesterday was the high of the solar eclipse meditation - in my inner vision I saw a huge magnificent archangel hovering, wings outstretched, over Earth, and I saw St Germain dispensing a flood of abundance for humanity.

Then came the tiredness - it was a 5.30am start in New Zealand to prepare for the meditation. I listened to most of Trump's live speech to the military, although I slept through parts at the end. Here is one phrase that leaped out at me. Trump said these words in reference to the losses during 9/11: '...the sacrifice of blood and treasure...'

TREASURE. He is clearly referring to the cabal stealing the massive cache of gold in Tower 7 which resulted in its demolition. Remember 9/11 was the date of the original announcement of NESARA/GESARA. That gold was to be used to liberate humanity. Trump refers to it now? Extraordinary timing.

During the speech Trump named all the people Yosef refers to in his intel 'Show Time': Dunford, Kelly, Mattis, McMaster. It was such a deliberate act that it caught my attention. I thought, 'He is telling us who is really running the show...' Ryan did speak for twice as long as Trump on live television. So who is really running the show?

And finally, when I read Yosef's words that the 2am EDT Emergency Broadcast System test was a benevolent test NOT a pump fake, I knew intuitively that it is true. There is no need for pump fakes any more!

Therefore, we are just a breath away now. Yes, this last part of waiting is totally excruciating. But I refuse to buckle under pressure. I would feel so silly on the other side of this to discover that I tossed my toys out of the cot on the eve of the 0800 numbers.

As Angel Gee says, Hang in there, we are nearly there!!

Love and Light


Currency365 - Referendum will Not be Stopped

Published on Aug 22, 2017

"Rounding them up" - Tues. PM TNT Thoughts/News



They are rounding them up... Hassan Hadad‏ @Abufellah 2h2 hours ago Unverified reports that Deputy Governor of Dhi Qar, Hazim Mohamed al-Saidi, has been arrested on corruption allegations. He's part of Hikma.


Abadi assured the debts of Iraq after the news exceeded the 120 billio​n dollars, "referring to" the future of the popular mobiliza​tion forces after the stage of a post-dodging. "​

"Subtle Way" - Tues. PM KTFA Thoughts, News w/ Frank26


Frank26 » August 22nd, 2017

And when one considers that this is for a PROGRAM RATE ................. It's just simply ridiculous.

Samson » August 22nd, 2017

Wissam Fattouh: The Iraqi Trade Bank is among the largest of the world's top 1,000 banks

21st August, 2017

The Secretary-General of the Union of Arab Banks and Samam Fattouh, on Monday, the entry of the Iraqi Bank of Trade within the list of the largest thousand banks in the world.

Fattouh said in a statement read by "Economy News" that "the Iraqi Trade Bank has entered the list of the largest thousand banks in the world, where he ranked 33 Arabs and 318 globally."

He added that the Iraqi Trade Bank "is the first Iraqi bank to be listed on the list with the capital of about $ 3.1 billion and assets of about 19.7 billion dollars.

Article: America Invites the Association of Private Banks to Participate in the Arab American Banking Conference in New York

BigIron » August 22nd, 2017

Very important conference on Oct.16 . Everyone is there. Hope this is post RV... but may not be. "the Union seeks to be a gateway for Arab banks to the rules of international banking, so as to facilitate and enhance their integration into the global banking industry, and to protect the interests of these banks at a time when financial sanctions became a political tool."

Quincy » August 22nd, 2017

IMOO, POST RV. They usually have everything figured and deals made. SiMPLY a now, moving forward, post RV ... IMOO. HOPE that I'm right but nobody knows date or rate. Like Delta said on M Cc phone call, it wouldn't make sense to (not RV) before Iraq elections on Sept., 18-19th.

Don961 » August 22nd, 2017

By the very international nature and implications of this investment ... logically , would it not be more prudent to roll it out in a more subtle way ? ... rather than splashing headlines and billboards saying " We are about to RV our currency on such and such a Date @ such and such a Rate ????

Frank26 » August 22nd, 2017


Samson » August 22nd, 2017

Video: What are the new achievements presented by the Iraqi Bank ?

21st August, 2017

Positive changes have occurred in the work of the Iraqi Bank for Trade , contributed significantly to support the private sectors and increase employment opportunities in addition to the increase in imports significantly as a result of its advanced banking policies. All these achievements were presented during the semi-annual conference of the bank, which shows what was achieved within six months.

Faisal Al-Hims, director of the Iraqi Trade Bank, said: "The bank is now studying some of the reconstruction projects in Ramadi, as well as Anshallah in Mosul.

New products in the form of contests added by the bank during the past six months aimed at motivating citizens and educate them to deposit their money with banks, according to the bank manager.

"In terms of products, the bank has launched new products for the first time in the Iraqi banking sector, the launch of a product that will contribute to attracting savings for citizens," he said.

The bank opened two new branches in Anbar and Mosul to serve the liberated areas, which contribute to the reconstruction of these areas and the provision of humanitarian assistance.

You can view the report on the video in link. LINK

Samson » August 22nd, 2017

Officials: Matisse's visit to Baghdad paves the way for keeping US troops

13:26 - 22/08/2017

US Defense Secretary James Matisse, who arrived in Baghdad on an undeclared visit earlier in the day, will discuss with Iraqi officials the future of US troops in the country and keep part of it in Iraq, US officials said on Tuesday.

"Matisse will meet with Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and Defense Minister Irfan al-Hayali to discuss the future of US forces in the country after the liberation of the remaining cities in the grip of the da'id and the role," the Middle East East website quoted US officials as saying on condition of anonymity. Which will play in the stability of operations. "

They added that "Matisse will also meet with the President of the Kurdistan region Massoud Barzani to discuss the upcoming Kurdish referendum and to emphasize that he wants to focus the region on the issue of the elimination of a supporter."

"Matisse will also focus on paving the way for keeping part of the US forces in Iraq to continue training Iraqi security forces," said Nicholas Hiraz, a security fellow in the Middle East at the new US security center in Washington.

The visit comes three days after the start of the battle to liberate Tal Afar, the last strongholds of "Daqsh" in Nineveh, which draws the finger to Washington that she was the most prominent detainees to launch the battle.

The Washington Times revealed last May that negotiations were under way for "serious secrecy" between the administration of US President Donald Trump and the Iraqi government to keep US troops in the country, and the administration did not hide its desire to keep part of the troops in the country after defeating "Dahesh."

BWSutton » August 22nd, 2017

So... two coalition partners, US and UK have recently had budget windfalls. Interesting!

SurfingWolf » August 22nd, 2017

Not just coalition partners, but parties to "the swap" as well per F26 and teams! These "teams" are good!

Samson » August 22nd, 2017

For the first time in 15 years .. The United Kingdom recorded a budget surplus

22nd August, 2017

The budget of the British government, the first budget surplus in July 15 years ago.

Information released Tuesday by the National Statistics Agency showed that the public sector in the UK achieved a surplus of about 0.2 billion sterling last July, against a deficit of 0.3 billion sterling in the same period of 2016.

While net public sector borrowing in the UK during the fiscal year (April 2016 to March 2017) was down by 27 billion pounds to 45.1 billion pounds, the lowest level since the fiscal year ended March 2008.

The UK's net public sector borrowing excluding banks during the April-July period rose by 1.9 billion pounds to 22.8 billion pounds.

Trump's Team and Lawmakers Striding on Tax Reform Plan

Trump’s team and lawmakers making strides on tax reform plan

The so-called Big 6 have found common ground on the best ways to pay for individual and corporate tax cuts.


08/22/2017 05:22 AM EDT

President Donald Trump’s top aides and congressional leaders have made significant strides in shaping a tax overhaul, moving far beyond the six-paragraph framework pushed out in July that stoked fears about their ability to deliver on one of the GOP’s top priorities.

There is broad consensus, according to five sources familiar with the behind-the-scenes talks, on some of the best ways to pay for cutting both the individual and corporate tax rates.

​The tax reform process has been led by National Economic Council Director Gary Cohn, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and a handful of top GOP leaders on Capitol Hill. | Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

The options include capping the mortgage interest deduction for homeowners; scrapping people's ability to deduct state and local taxes; and eliminating businesses' ability to deduct interest, while also phasing in so-called full expensing for small businesses that allows them to immediately deduct investments like new equipment or facilities.

Whether this early level of agreement can translate into an actual tax plan that can pass both the House and Senate remains an open question, especially as the administration finds itself distracted by the fall-out from Charlottesville; personnel shake-ups in the West Wing; and the ongoing investigations into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential campaign.

The White House, Treasury Department and congressional leaders also have yet to resolve major philosophical questions, like whether a tax bill should add to the deficit and whether any tax cuts should be permanent, among other questions.

Some stakeholders say the signs of progress are a relief, even if a deal is far from done.
“If they’re not further along than that July nothing-burger document, then you might as well hang it up,” said one Republican lobbyist.

After the failure to repeal Obamacare, Republicans feel pressure to make serious moves on taxes. It’s a policy area that animates the president, business community and establishment Republicans far more than the nuts and bolts of health care ever did.

On Aug. 15, National Economic Council Director Gary Cohn hinted at progress during a news conference at Trump Tower, saying, "We've got a great, I would say, ‘skeleton’ for tax reform.”

"We need the Ways and Means Committee to put some muscle and skin on the skeleton and drive tax reform forward, and it's our objective to do that between now and the end of the year,” he added.

And Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, appearing alongside Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell at a Louisville chamber of commerce event on Tuesday, said tax legislation is "the president’s highest focus."

So far, the tax reform process has been led by Cohn, Mnuchin, McConnell, House Speaker Paul Ryan, Senate Finance Chair Orrin Hatch, and Ways & Means Committee Chair Kevin Brady — a group that has nicknamed itself the “Big 6” and is eager to project a united front on policy and political questions.

Republicans want the fall to be all about taxes, if they can help it. It seems like their best and perhaps only route toward a major legislative victory before the fever of the 2018 midterm elections takes hold.

“People are feeling optimistic because they do not see failure as an option. They’ve put all of their eggs in one basket now, and that basket is tax reform,” said one source familiar with the administration’s tax talks. “The fear of failure on this will cause people to agree with things they may not normally agree to.”

The White House is even creating a mini-war room inside its existing communications shop to pay special attention to taxes, led by newly installed communications director Hope Hicks, according to a White House official. She will be joined by Tony Sayegh, assistant secretary for public affairs at Treasury, who will be temporarily detailed to the White House to help Hicks and others build public support for the tax overhaul.

Another White House official said that the president will make a major tax announcement imminently.

Among the decisions that the White House, Treasury and congressional leaders have settled on is that any tax proposal will require U.S. companies to bring back earnings from overseas at a one-time low tax rate, a favorite proposal of the business community known as repatriation.

The corporate rate will likely fall to somewhere between 22 percent and 25 percent, depending on which deductions or breaks lawmakers are willing to scale back or eliminate — an exercise that usually brings out the special interest groups in full force and has always made any tax tweaks hard.

No one familiar with the process said the corporate rate can realistically dip below 20 percent, without some new tax in place. The president has said that he prefers a rate of 15 percent.

In addition to the revenue raisers such as eliminating the deduction for state and local taxes — a benefit that disproportionately hits taxpayers in high-cost states like California, New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts — the tax negotiators are scouring former Republican Rep. Dave Camp’s 2014 tax plan for other ideas.

One idea quietly being discussed would be taxing the money that workers place into their 401(k) savings plans up front: an idea that would raise billions of dollars in the short-term and is pulled from the Camp plan. This policy idea is widely disliked by budget hawks, who consider it a gimmick; the financial services industry that handles retirement savings; and nonprofits that try to encourage Americans to save.

Decisions still being hammered out are whether a hypothetical tax bill adds to the deficit over a 10-year period — a key factor in passing legislation through the budget process known as reconciliation, which requires fewer party-line votes than normal legislation.

Top White House officials are less concerned about adding to the deficit because many believe that the economic growth stemming from lower tax rates will make up any budget shortfalls.

Members of Congress, particularly in the House, may be less sanguine about that prospect after years of pushing for fiscal constraints, stricter spending caps, and greater emphasis on the deficit.

“Yes, we will be open to losing tax revenues in these early years," Kevin Brady, chairman of the Way and Means Committee, said at a tax event at Ronald Reagan's California ranch.

Another outstanding major question is whether all of the tax cuts suggested are permanent, or if the package becomes a mixed one of permanent and temporary tax cuts, some of which would sunset after 10 years. The tax cuts that President George W. Bush signed into law in 2001 and 2003 were temporary, but the majority of them ended up becoming permanent under President Barack Obama in 2012 as part of a year-end tax and budget deal.

A mix of permanent and temporary cuts could, on paper, look to the budget scorers like something that would not add to the deficit over the typical 10-year window and would allow politicians more cover to pass such a package.

Even with some early policy agreements, the politics of tax reform can become quite hard, because tax questions never neatly break along partisan lines and instead can highlight the divisions among the business community, demographics and geography in this country.

“We’re now heading into the second phase of a tax reform effort of potentially taking away people’s things,” said Mark Mazur, director of the nonpartisan Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Center and a former assistant secretary for tax policy at Treasury. “The tricky part will be turning that progress into serious legislative momentum.”

The Trump administration has been marching toward tax reform for months, holding listening sessions with CEOs and conservative groups and doing much more outreach than it did leading up to the effort to repeal Obamacare.

White House officials, for example, have been holding weekly calls with outside conservative groups to keep them informed of the progress of tax reform. Lately, the White House has been urging conservatives to stress in high-level talking points that any tax plan would help the middle class and average families and help to keep jobs in the U.S., according to a conservative activist familiar with the calls. There is no mention in the draft talking points of a potential corporate tax cut.

The calls have focused much more on the messaging of tax reform than any actual policy details, which have been left, so far, to members of the Big 6 and their staff. This fall, the Big 6 is expected to hand off a proposal to the congressional tax-writing committees to flesh out the policy details and develop robust legislation.

Both the campaign and administration have cycled through three different iterations of their tax plan, none of them detailed.

The campaign promoted its own plan; the Trump transition team developed a separate 14-page proposal between Election Day and inauguration; and then, in March, Cohn and Mnuchin unveiled a one-page tax proposal that called for a 15 percent corporate tax rate and, on the individual side, doubling the standard deduction and collapsing the number of tax brackets to three, with the highest rate being 35 percent.

Now, the pressure is on for the White House to deliver a legislative win, with taxes as its most hopeful target. The tax overhaul effort will be a major test for Cohn and Mnuchin to prove themselves, since neither has a background in tax policy or strong ties to conservatives on the Hill.

“The question now is whether this is becoming more of a policy pursuit or a political success,” said one Republican close to the administration. “Now, it looks like the latter. The president campaigned on signing the biggest tax cut in history, and he’s on track to do that for the middle class even if he has a compressed time frame to get it done.”

Source: Politico

GCR/RV Humor #2 (As We Accept) - 8.22.17

Heisenberg is Breaking Bad!!
Ride The Pony!!

Story Ending


The Clarion Call Show #9 Tomorrow at 9 PM EDT 8-23-17

Title: "Post RV Survival Tip" The Clarion Call Show #9
Date & Time: Wednesday, August 23rd at 6:50 PM Mountain

Attend by Phone:
Guest pin code: 921624#
Primary dial in number: (206) 402-0100
Secondary dial in number: (312) 279-3393
Full list of dial in Numbers:

Event Page:

Elijah List: A Heavenly Crescendo is Building!

"A Heavenly Crescendo is Building! Increase, Upgrade and Acceleration!"

by Katie Barker, Tweed Coast, Australia

There is such a building, intensification and acceleration occurring in the spirit right now and this will continue to build in the coming few months. Many people of God will see a momentum and acceleration in the coming months into the plans the Lord has for them as the Lord aligns and positions people into the next step of their destiny. There is a crescendo building in the spirit for what the Lord has prepared for the later part of this year.

Rapid Change and Advancement in the Coming Months

I heard a heavenly sound in the spirit. It was a heavenly crescendo! The sound was increasing in volume and beat and was building and escalating. This heavenly sound carried excitement, purpose and intensity. The Lord was showing me the sound of the building and acceleration that is occurring in the spirit realm. There is an excitement and an expectation for what lies ahead. Many people of God are going to experience a crescendo in the coming months which will lead to a release into the next step the Lord has for them.

The definition for crescendo is a progressive increase in intensity. The past months have been building a platform for the launch into the next level the Lord has for His people. There will be accelerating momentum in the coming months and there will be rapid change and advancement. Many will see the promises God has given them come to life quickly and in surprising ways. Many will see the Lord do abundantly more than they could ask, think or imagine as they allow His power to work in and through them.

A Golden Path of Giant Puzzle Pieces

The Lord also showed me a vision of huge golden puzzle pieces. I could see many pieces had already clicked into place and these pieces, positioned together in perfect alignment, had formed a golden path. The people of God were walking on this golden path. Their steps were ordered by the Lord and He was working all things together for their good. The people of God couldn't see very far ahead but they had faith in God and knew He was faithful to bring the promises that He had given them to pass.

Psalm 37:23, "The steps of a man are established by the LORD, and He delights in his way."

Romans 8:28, "And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose."

Hebrews 10:23, "Let us hold fast to the confession of our hope without wavering, for He who promised is faithful."

The puzzle pieces were golden in color as every piece had God's covering and hand-print on them, and each one was positioned by Him. As I looked at the golden puzzle pieces coming into place at this time, I had a sense these were very strategic pieces. They appeared to be huge in size because they had mighty significance. The pieces that were being laid at this time were very strategic for what was to come and would form the platform for the path into the next level the Lord had planned for people. These pieces were strategic in so many ways and as they clicked into place, they brought divine connections, closing of things of the old season to allow release into the new, divine alignment and divine opportunities.

Angels Aligning the Path

I could also see angels were bringing the next pieces of the puzzle into place for the path ahead. They had been sent on assignment to align the path ahead of the people of God. The Lord then told me to watch as the coming golden puzzle pieces were positioned into place. As this occurred, a heavenly sound was released and I saw angels blowing trumpets. The heavenly sound was the key that unlocked doors positioned on the golden path. These doors represented the new season and the next level the people of God were going to step into in their destiny.

The angels were announcing the new season and there was such excitement as the trumpets sounded. The heavenly sound was the crescendo moment people had been waiting for. This was the time when the pieces had come into place and the release into the new season had arrived. The people of God had experienced acceleration and momentum and they were now stepping into the next level in their destiny.

The Lord wants to encourage you that although you may not see what is ahead, this is a strategic time of positioning and alignment and key pieces on the path to the release into the next level are coming into place. This is a time to trust in the Lord and in His faithfulness. There will be much acceleration and momentum in the months ahead. The Lord has gone before you to prepare the way and angels have been sent on assignment to bring things into alignment.

There is a heavenly crescendo building in the spirit and at the perfect time, the door(s) to release you into the next level of your destiny will appear. It may be in a way you don't expect so you will need to be open to the leading of the Holy Spirit. It will also be necessary to use discernment and to pray into doors that open as not every open door is from the Lord. It will be a time of great expansion and rapid advancement. In many ways it will be greater than what you could ask, think or imagine.

At the start of 2017, as I prayed into the year, I heard the Lord say, "It will be an Ephesians 3:20 year. It will be a year of increase, upgrade and acceleration. Get ready for the ride!" I believe the coming months we will see an amplification of this. I believe many will see God work in ways beyond what they ask, think or imagine if they allow Him to work through them and stay yielded to Him and obedient to His leading. Get ready for an exciting ride in the coming months as the last strategic, golden puzzle pieces come into place for the release into the new season of your destiny.

Source: Elijah List

"Bridge Over Troubled Water" - RV Musical Update - 8.22.17

When you're weary, feeling small
When tears are in your eyes, I'll dry them all (all)
I'm on your side, oh, when times get rough
And friends just can't be found
Like a bridge over troubled water
I will lay me down
Like a bridge over troubled water
I will lay me down

When you're down and out
When you're on the street
When evening falls so hard
I will comfort you (ooo)
I'll take your part, oh, when darkness comes
And pain is all around
Like a bridge over troubled water
I will lay me down
Like a bridge over troubled water
I will lay me down

Sail on silver girl
Sail on by
Your time has come to shine
All your dreams are on their way
See how they shine
Oh, if you need a friend
I'm sailing right behind
Like a bridge over troubled water
I will ease your mind
Like a bridge over troubled water
I will ease your mind

"Ambient Angelic Tones" - RV Musical Update - 8.22.17

I've been playing this a lot of late, seems to be what I need at the moment. Beautifully healing and soothing. Hope you enjoy it too.

Much love, Harmony xxx

Published on May 7, 2017

Allow yourself to flow with this hypnotic journey of soothing and blissful angelic music mixed with peaceful wind and ocean sounds. Raise vibration and let go of that which is not serving your highest purpose. Music is tuned to 432 Hz. Listening to 432Hz music resonates inside our body, releases emotional blockages and expands our consciousness. 432Hz allows us to tune into the wisdom of the Universe, Divine Intelligence and our Soul. It creates Unity instead of seperation. It expands our hearts and make us more compassionate and loving. One thing is for sure. A person who resonates with love have inner peace – and this is the starting point for a world were we live in Unity, Peace and Harmony with each-other and Mother Earth.

Guest Posts Regarding the RV/GCR & More for Tues. Afternoon - 8.22.17

This is a compilation of all guest posts submitted as of Tuesday Afternoon, August 22, 2017. All guest posts that are more than 5 paragraphs in length, deemed important, contains images or is a response to another post will be considered it's own post.

Note: This post will be continuously updated with more entries as they are submitted. ~ Dinar Chronicles

Another Note: Arrangement of Guest Posts is top to bottom. Each newly added Guest Post will be at the top rather than at the bottom. ~ Dinar Chronicles


"Projection Attractions"

Entry Submitted by TM at 3:35 AM EDT on August 22, 2017

(which appears/ feels reel(get it?)




"Crickets" by Heisenberg - 8.22.17

Entry Submitted by Heisenberg at 4:07 PM EDT on August 22, 2017

"Re: Classic" by Grateful Gal - 8.22.17

Grateful gal,

I can see how on my longer post little references like this may go under the rug unnoticed and forgotten. But with only one reference on a single post I get how it could be confusing so I decided to answer you, which I normally don't do. And you seem like a nice person so I'll let everyone in on the inside joke.

First of all, the post in context to us, has nothing to do with infidelity. Although I did have an experience when I told a friend his wife was cheating on him , and through a twist of fate, I turned out to be the bad guy with that entire group of friends. Sometimes being right doesn't make you friends, as we are witnessing in real time. So we've heard numerous YouTube clips that "you can't handle the truth" and let sleeping dogs lie yada yada yada. That part does have context to the post.

I mentioned I normally don't respond but more importantly to the reference, Yosef has never, in my memory, responded to haters or impatient ones. I personally pay so much attention to every Yosef post. Every post is an onion and the more you peel it the more you get. And if you are not peeling apart his posts or know his history, then you probably don't get the joke. It is what it is.

So I'm not going to come out and give you the punchline but I will point you in the direction so you can find it yourself. Read winning by Yosef. Read classic. Look for joke. If you cannot find the joke, repeat steps one through three. And so on and so on. What Yosef said was pretty funny because how often do we have people ask for the truth and implode at a truth's possibility given free of charge. I think it's funny.

Ps My Classic post was not really meant for everyone. I mean if you followed the RV movie since day one you probably got the reference. But it really was directed to Yosef as an " I got it ", who I'm pretty sure got my joke. Please don't ask me to explain this post. It's exhausting going into my own brain.


"To Brother Yosef" by Weary - 8.22.17

Entry Submitted by Weary at 2:11 PM EDT on August 22, 2017

Dear Yosef

I realize it is hurtful and highly irritating to receive the criticisms that you find directed toward you, the messenger, when you are only trying to help and are giving up enormous time and energy to do so. However, anyone who finds him or herself in the lime light as you have done needs to expect there will be those who, for one reason or another, will take potshots. I know you know this but sometimes it becomes too much, I get it. Of course you have to weigh those responses against the near adoration you receive from so many others.

People are drawn to this site for many reasons but one of them is desperation. People are hurting from the very Cabal-esque issues that we discuss here everyday.

So, the reason for this post is; I know it would be dangerous for the NPTB to reveal times and places for the release of so called blessings. However it would be very helpful if people could have a clearer idea about the “IF” of it all. You and a very few others are apparently being given information that has so thoroughly convinced you of the truth of all this. At the same time I wonder why that certainty is being withheld from the rest of us. Granted you give, tirelessly, facts about the reality of the beneficial changes that have and are occurring in our world. Unfortunately many of the information is being contradicted by reality. We are constantly being told why a certain circumstance or another makes the release inevitable. Then either that circumstance doesn’t materialize or if and when it does the release remains an empty promise.

I am sure that the so called cabal is fully aware of the certainty of the RV, assuming such certainty exists. If they know about it, why are we still in the dark. Again, I see why the actual time and place can not be revealed but the fact of the matter should be made clear, or at least more clear than is now the case.

With all due respect for what you do, I ask that you intervene on our behalf with the NPTB or APTB and ask them to give us the same certainty that you feel.


"Re: A Waitress's Guide to the RV" by silverrose - 8.22.17

Entry Submitted by silverrose at 2:09 PM EDT on August 22, 2017

"A Waitress's Guide to the RV" by Fireswan - 8.22.17

Dear Fireswan,

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your wonderful post!

( this one, and all the others). You can not imagine, how I enjoy them, and how much of relief they bring to me on a spiritual and emotional level.

I currently find myself in a family environment that is so far from what real human emotional exchange and communication should be, that I have basically nothing what I can share with them, and still be true to myself . They wouldn`t understand...that`s how far the emotional gap between us has become. It is what it is, and I`m not complaining.

So, your posts are really helpful and uplifting, and I believe that my family has also a good dose of that old outdated programming, and that I incarnated here to transmute some of it.

The most difficult thing to do for me is, to find that point of inner stillness , in all the vibrational chaos that`s around. And yet, we cannot help others if we don`t find the peace in ourselves, as you said, this is so true !! For me, I am often drawn to movies, documentaries and articles describing how those people live, and what they think and feel, those who I`m supposed to help with all this money., so I can get a feel of where the real needs are, and use the money wisely.

I enjoyed your little egg story immensly ! :) ( my family would react exactly like your waitress).
Be blessed, and please keep your posts coming !!

Would love to meet you some day, as all the other kindred souls here ( I`m sure , the Universe will find a way to arrange a meeting in some way or the other, all in divine timing and for the highest good of all)

Take care,


"Trickle Up?" by RC - 8.22.17

Entry Submitted by RC at 1:59 PM EDT on August 22, 2017

Let’s consider the possibility of the application of Reiki principles to the GCR/RV scenario now playing out—“economic Reiki” so to speak.

“Rei” means universal, spiritual consciousness, the omniscient wisdom from God or the higher self.

“Ki” is the non-physical vitality that gives life to all living things.

When we feel healthy and full of enthusiasm, the flow of Ki/Chi energy is high and unencumbered. Life seems easier to deal with and there is a higher resistance to illness and disease.

The healing practice of Reiki clears away blockages in the flow of this life force energy.

Historically, we have seen exploitative, hierarchical economic systems choke off the natural flow of economic resources to the people.

What is poverty and starvation but a systemic, engineered deficiency of the resources needed to sustain the health and well-being of human populations.

Why not release resources directly to the poorest people as well—those who lack the means to feed and house themselves let alone invest in foreign currencies?

Wouldn’t stimulating the flow of Ki/Chi at the bottom to flow up and out into the society advance the goal of abundance and prosperity for all?


Star Trek Technologies Becoming Reality

STAR TREK | The Future Is Now! Technologies Become Reality ~ August 20, 2017

Posted on August 20, 2017
by cindyloucbp

Ok. Ok…ya’ll know I AM a Star Trek fan, and so…I could not resist putting up this article describing how the advanced tools we all have seen on this beloved series mimic recent medical advances! Many have wondered about the similarity between new devices we are seeing now vrs. the standard “gizmo'” we saw repeatedly used in Star Trek.

I find it very interesting that new devices are being released right now to combat disease, prolonging life and the quality of life. Stay tuned, as after the solar eclipse, new technologies will be released as life will improve everywhere for everyone!

Very interesting! Please read this article (from GalacticConnetions,com), watch the video, and…

Matrix World Disclosure

STAR TREK | The science-fiction writers ‘visions go through the scientists’ laboratories and become, from time to time, reality. Although R. Daneel Olivaw, Isaac Asimov’s most famous positronic robot, is still not waiting for the metro with humans, humanoid robots are already becoming more and more frequent in research laboratories.

But there are technologies invented by writers half a century ago that are now upgraded and used. The first private space flight or computer glasses are just a few of the futuristic technologies that came true this year.

Few were the science-fiction creations that inspired so many scientists like Star Trek. The ideas of the creator of the Enterprise universe, Gene Roddenberry, raised questions and raised hopes in the souls of those who had the courage to open their eyes to the future.

USS Enterprise three foot model in Gene Roddenberry’s Office.

No more than half a century since the first Star Trek movie, many of its so-called SF devices saw the light of day. Mankind is now preparing to meet the physics of the impossible: teleportation, androids, phasers, or travels over time. Only a few of these ideas will remain forever in science fiction because the researchers have made great strides in actually transferring the universe imagined by Roddenberry.

Even more confident in the future is American researcher Michio Kaku, a specialist in theoretical physics and string theory. In his book “The Physics of the Impossible: A Scientific Exploration into the World of Phasers, Force Fields, Teleportation, and Time Travel,”. The physicist divides the “impossibilities” into three classes.

The first of these includes intergalactic spacecraft, teleportation, shields, phasers, and robots, that is, the devices that, in his opinion, can be made at the latest in the next century.

The second-class combines the ideas that are at the limit of our knowledge of physics, and which would require thousands, perhaps even millions of years, to materialize. Michio Kaku enumerates here: travels with super-light speeds, time backs, and parallel universes.

The last of these categories brings together the ideas that should radically change our conceptions of physics and the universe to be applied. Kaku includes mobile Perpetuum devices and those that could tell us the future.

Cyborg is among us

The term “cyborg” belongs to Manfred E. Clynes, who wrote about partially biologically robot organisms, in an article published in “Astronautics” in 1960. Since then, bionic members have become a common presence in science fiction.

The Star Trek Borg and the Darth Vader are just two of the best-known examples. Technology has become a reality this year, for the first time: a paralyzed woman was able to control a robotic member and feed herself by transmitting all commands directly from the source via pulses from the brain.

Data is a character in the fictional Star Trek franchise.

It is now possible to achieve a brain-to-computer interface that is efficient enough to allow for consistent actions of the robotic components. Although the bionic limbs still do not look like fictional, the connection technology through external electrodes implanted in the skull is no longer a film scenario, it is a reality.

Professor Michio Kaku claims that two major obstacles that researchers have to go through to create smart robots: “pattern recognition and … good sense.” “Robots can see better than we do, but I do not understand what they see,” writes the professor in his book, Physics of the Impossible.

“When he steps into a room, a robot sees a lot of lines and curves, no chairs, tables or lamps. Our brain recognizes the objects without realizing trillions of trillions of operations, an activity we are not aware of, “said Michio Kaku.

34 motors allow Asimo to move, and dance, like a human

The second milestone, common sense, seems even more difficult to overcome in the physicist’s opinion: “People know water is wet, mothers are older than daughters, time does not flow upside down … But there is no No mathematical expression to arrive at these conclusions, and so far we have failed to incorporate these common sense laws into a computer because there are too many. ”

The solution for building a “Data” can be imitating the way children learn. Massachusetts Institute of Technology specialists in the United States have succeeded in creating the first robots that have traced the obstacle course on the insect model.

Today, some of their “followers” have arrived on Mars, where they have sent us photos. However, when the reproduction of the learning mechanisms of the evolved species was attempted, the cars failed.

Whatever the robots would eventually develop, it could have before us what can be considered a disadvantage (in a different view from that of volcanoes): lack of emotions. For Android Data, love is unfortunately only a software …

Quantum teleportation and communication

Although the teleporting of objects is not yet possible just like in Star Trek, the first step was done this year, with the transport of photons from one place to another made in intangibleness. Quantum transportation has been working in specialized laboratories for a long time, but the distance traveled was only a few meters, writes The dash record set in 2012 is 143 kilometers.

In addition to teleportation, scientists have built the quantum internet as well. Though only at the beginning, photon teleportation would allow for infallible communication to computer attacks of any kind.

What exactly comes to mind when thinking about teleportation? Most likely, Enterprise Star Trek Enterprise and “Engage!”.

Beam Me Up Scotty Star Trek breakthrough technology.

Quantum teleportation is based on the quantum inseparability property of a set of quantum objects (photons) that are created at the same time and in the same place in space and thus share the same existence.

This property continues even if the quantum objects are separated by a certain distance – meaning that any measurement on one influences the state of the others, regardless of the distance between them.

The connection between quantum objects can be used to transfer quantum information – by downloading the information associated with a photon through the inseparable bond it has with another photon, the second taking its identity. So, quantum teleportation is not a process by which transports matter but information.

A team of Chinese scientists took the process a little further, announcing that they managed to beam the information of a particle from Earth to a satellite on an orbit.

At the beginning of July 2017, a team of 32 researchers announced that they managed to beam a particle from Ngari to the Micius satellite in space for a distance of 1400 kilometers. The previous record was about 100 kilometers.

Chinese scientists just teleported an object into Earth’s orbit for the first time

Indeed, there have not been teleported matter or particles as we have seen in Star Trek, but what the Chinese have done is impressive. Quantum teleportation refers to the instantaneous transfer of a quantum state, or a quantum information bit, from one particle to another, along with a certain distance.

In order for this teleportation to be possible, two or more particles must be bonded. In quantum physics, this means that the two are the same particle, even if they exist in different places. If one has a certain polarization, the other will provide the same measurement, even if they are separated by huge distances.

Even sending them into space is difficult. The transmitter must be sufficiently precise to overcome atmospheric distortions and launch the particle to the satellite. In addition, the satellite receiver must be sensitive enough to detect the particle when it arrives, write

China expects to have the world’s first quantum satellite capable of establishing an “unbreakable” link from the nation to Europe this year.

The Chinese have succeeded this six times. Each time, two particles were connected to Earth and one was sent into space. Thus, the Chinese have made a huge step in quantum communications research.

When it comes to moving from one place to another, things get complicated, and mistakes have no place. “In order to teleport someone, you have to know exactly where every atom is in the person’s body,” says Professor Michio Kaku in his book.

The physicist argues, however, that the progress made in the field is leading us to hope that in a not too distant future we will be able to go a long distance in a few seconds. But as there is fear of flying by plane, there will probably be fear of teleportation, because the process involves destroying the human body and rebuilding it far away.
Star Trek medicine is becoming true

A team of researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has transformed Star Trek medicine into a reality. Several scientists have invented an “injector” of drugs that do not use needles.

Medicines are administered to patients with a high-pressure jet, and the medical gadget can be programmed to deliver various doses between the layers of the epidermis.

“Oh, don’t whine, you still get a sticker afterward.”

The “fear” factor among patients is significantly reduced, writes Daily Mail.

It seems that the invention enjoys a real success, is extremely useful. Would you use such a device instead of the classic injection?
Medical technology that could regenerate your body instantly

The ability to heal wounds quickly is one of the most attractive technologies imagined by the fantastic science world. The famous Star Trek doctors, able to cure wounds and burns instantly, regenerating the patient’s tissue with a laser “medical weapon” is one of the most famous examples in this respect.

Such technologies may seem simple fantasies, but specialists claim we are close to developing such medical devices. Mark Bass’s research team managed to successfully use an ultrasound emitter to speed up tissue restoration.

It does not yet have the results from Star Trek, but it could reduce the convalescence by about 30%. The patient enjoys greater comfort and the wounds are susceptible to infections for a much shorter period of time.

This technology could be truly saving, especially for those who heal more slowly. After the age of 30, the human body’s ability to heal decreases, and after 60 years this is a very big problem. Other risk factors that help reduce the body’s ability to heal are diabetes, obesity, and smoking. Therefore, a large part of the population suffers from these healing problems, write IFL Science.

As this effect occurs, the lesions can turn into chronic diseases that are no longer healing, because damaged skin cells become latent. These include sleeping injuries or various forms of an ulcer.

In addition to being painful, in extreme cases, these lesions lead to amputation of the limbs. “We have found that ultrasound treatments can reactivate latent cells and thus restart the healing process,” says Bass.

“Star Trek Traction Ranges” could be used in medicine for high-precision operations

A team of Scottish scientists created a “tractor beam” similar to Star Trek, which uses light to attract objects. Scientists hope their invention is useful in medicine, allowing targeting and attracting individual cells.

Study of Researchers at St. Andrews, which was published in the journal Nature Photonics, shows that the “tractor beam” can only attract microscopic particles. In SF movies and serials like Star Trek, this beam is used to move massive objects.

Scottish researchers are not the first to try to turn the idea of American screenwriters into reality. In 2011, a team of scientists from China and Hong Kong showed how such a “tractor beam” could be made using laser beams of a specific shape. Also, NASA’s space agency funded a study that studies how this method could be used to manipulate the samples collected in space.

Nasa is working with physicists to develop tractor beams

Scientific theories on tractors have been designed since 1960, but the success of Scottish scientists is the first concrete success in which a ray is used to attract microscopic objects to the light source.

In the past, scientists have used a technique called “optical whirlwind” to move individual particles by means of lilies, but the new method works in liquids and vacuum.

“Traction Radius” first appeared in a fiction work in 1928, in the story “The Skylark of Space,” written by American author EE Smith. Smith was referring to an “attracting ray”.

Since then, this technology has been featured in numerous SF films, allowing spacecraft to be moved by light rays. Dr. Cizmar pointed out that the technique developed by his team will not allow this.

“Unfortunately, this is an energy transfer. On a microscopic scale this is OK, but on a macro scale would cause huge problems. It would generate a huge heater of the maneuverable object, for example, a spacecraft. So this is excluded, “Dr. Cizmar explained.
Diagnosis and treatment like Star Trek

The Star Trek scene has in the center a miraculous device for our minds – in his name, Tricorder. When one of the characters had a health problem, the camera made the analyses on the spot, immediately indicated the diagnosis and the guide and the treatment to follow. Wow!

The medical Tricorder from Star Trek

But, as is often the case, life beats the movie. And the next image is part of today’s reality.
Star Trek Tricorder is called, in our everyday life, “Scout”, a device imagined by Scanadu for measuring, analyzing and tracking vital signs in time.


  • Researchers Nigel John and Jonathan Roberts are now working to build a “virtual cocoon” that could be the precursor of Star Trek holographic camera.
  • Scientist Michio Kaku, 62, believes he will only see one of his “impossibilities”: invisibility.
  • Where can the passion for Star Trek go? Englishman Tony Alleyne turned his apartment into the bridge on the Enterprise. But at some point, he decided to auction him on eBay. The final price was $ 838,563:
  • Patrick Stewart (Picard) has been asked by manufacturers to wear a wig at their meeting with Paramount executives, for fear of being denied, Chelsea. The studio bosses agreed to give him the lead role, provided he gave up his “strange wig”. Patrick Stewart also had reservations about Star Trek. In the first six weeks of filming, he refused to remove his clothes from the suitcase, to be ready, anytime, to leave.
  • Georgi La Forge (LeVan Burton) and Q (John de Lancie) are characters baptized in honor of two fans. George La Forge did not lack any Star Trek convention, though he was struggling with a serious illness: muscular dystrophy. The character named for him has a disability, is blind, but he has a special device that helps him see even better than his colleagues on the ship. Englishman Jane Quarton is the one who started the character Q, an alien entity with an incredible intelligence coefficient, 2005, and powers comparable to those of the gods.
  • The sliding doors of the Enterprise Shuttle were extremely noisy in the first Star Trek movies. That is why the actors were asked to interrupt the dialogues as they moved
  • Wolff’s Klingon’s mother tongue was created by James Doohan (Scotty), but American linguist Marc Okrand built his grammar and improved his vocabulary (the English-Klingon-English dictionary now has 191 pages!). For fans of the Roddenberry universe, it is a pride in learning Klingon, and some even managed to translate famous works such as Hamlet (“taH pagh taHbe” “or” to be or not to be “) or Gilgamesh. Even Google has come into play and has created a special version for Worf’s mother language. Unfortunately for Spock, the volcano is not so successful.
  • Star Trek creator, Gene Roddenberry is now where he ever wanted! His ashes were sent in space together with his wife. His full name is Eugene Wesley Roddenberry. The character of Wesley Crusher not only imbues his name, but also his youthful goals. Another character close to the creator, but who only appears as a voice is a Computer, played by Majel Barrett, Roddenberry’s wife.
  • Now, the destiny of the galaxy lies in the hands of two young people born in different worlds: James Tiberius Kirk (Chris Pine), a boy looking for strong sensations, and Spock (Zachary Quinto), an ambitious volcano who learns to discover his half human. The latest Star Trek: The Future Begins series, which premiered on May 8, 2009, places the two in the camp, but in the opponents. On their first mission on board the Enterprise, they have no chance to meet a Romulan ship from the future to destroy the planet Vulcan and the other planets of the Federation. Captain Christopher Pike (Bruce Greenwood), medical officer Leonard “Bones” McCoy (Karl Urban), Montgomery chief engineer “Scotty” Scott (Simon Pegg) and communications officer Uhura (Zoe Saldana). The story is exciting, the special effects are superlative, but the real fans of Star Trek have complained that the film has little to do with the universe created by Roddenberry. Star Trek: The Future Begins (Star Trek XI) Trailer


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