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Saturday, July 22, 2017

"Zorra from Hollow Earth 7/22/17 Call Notes" by (Anonymous) - 7.22.17

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 6:01 PM EDT on July 22, 2017


Zorra from Hollow Earth Call on 07/22/2017

Call Replay

Topic: TreasuryDirect Accounts (TDAs), Important Quotes from the Call:

00:11:53 (Zorra) "This is the beginning of your blessing, to come forth, it is also what is termed, it is the (ah) also part of what is called part the NESARA and part of what is called the St. Germain Trust, distribution of funds...and it is beginning with you! Remember when I told you, in the past, that everyone would be receiving a portion of this blessing; I never said what the blessing was, in essenece, but now that this has been brought forth, then now I can bring this forth and let you understand. So I'm confirm what was said before...but, using your Routing number and using your social security number, you can pay off your debts."

00:36:30 (Zorra) "Indeed. Understand that your explanation (Sharon's TDA overview) you are giving is correct, but also understand this...they (Cabal) are not going to stop it (TDA), it is gaining momentum and my advise to all of you is to be in harmony and joy...and just do, and the more your do, the more you access these accounts, the more you do it, ... it is going to be unstoppable." "They (Cabal) cannot stop 7-billion people." "This is a trial for you, to see how determined you are."

00:38:12 (Jane) "So from your understanding when we talk about the (ah) TreasuryDirect Accounts, now what you are actually validating is that this is actually part of the NESARA and St. Germain Trust that is unfolding for us, correct?"
(Zorra) replied "It is indeed."

00:38:46 (Jane) "So you want us all to do this?"
(Zorra) replied "I want everyone to do this!"

US Government FS form 5446 (updated February 2017)

TreasuryDirect Account Name: (your full name as on SS card, in ALL CAPS)
TreasuryDirect Account Number: your SSN + add “22” (from checking account/for paying bills); or + “32” (for wires)

00:55:50 (Zorra) offered Routing Numbers, derived from your US social security card Letter District:

• A Boston (1st District) 0110-0001-5
(Zorra actually stated this routing number incorrectly as 0110005 and 01100005, twice on the call)
• B New York (2nd District) 0210-0120-8
• C Philadelphia (3rd District) 0310-0004-0
• D Cleveland (4th District) 0410-0001-4
• E Richmond (5th District) 0510-0003-3
• F Atlanta (6th District) 0610-0014-6
• G Chicago (7th District) 0710-0030-1
• H St. Louis (8th District) 0810-0004-5
• I Minneapolis (9th District) 0910-0008-0
• J Kansas City (10th District) 1010-0004-8
• K Dallas (11th District) 1110-0003-8
• L San Francisco (12th District) 1210-0037-4

01:06:20 (Zorra) “you can become totally debt free from this (TDA) process.”

01:16:45 (583 caller - Alexandra) " cannot use your social (SSN) to pay someone else's debt," (confirmed by Sharon) "you can only pay your own debts."

01:18:08 (Zorra) "Understand this. You do not want to go out and go crazy, and you do not want to, do what is termed, to try and purchase something, such as a house, or a car, or is about paying off your debts..."

I have located the "LUV" (actually i-uv) website reference, commented on by Sharon during the call:



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