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Saturday, July 8, 2017

"Winners and Losers" by Fireswan - 7.8.17

Entry Submitted by Fireswan at 11:15 AM EDT on July 8, 2017

My dad often said, "it's now how you win or lose, its how you play the game."

I never understood his fascination with game play, but he was very good at it in terms of winning. He never lost. Or so he thought... until you look at his bones.

Bones don't play games. They are either aligned (and working together as a team, all in their correct position), or they're not aligned (and the bones out of place feel a lot of pain, and the entire body doesn't function properly).

Just ask a chiropractor

Just ask an osteopath

Just ask an accupuncturist

Just ask a physical therapist

Just ask my dad

If you ask a MD, he'll give you all kinds of subscriptions of pain killers that numb the pain. He might also surgically realign, putting in braces and plates that force the bones into position. It might be so extreme that he replaces natural bones with artificial ones.

So what does bones have to do with money, or the RV. I'm getting there.

Now what's fascinating about my dad's obsession with economic/business game play is that he didn't really care that much about all the money he "made". Instead, what he really enjoyed was an illusion of power. He enjoyed pulling strings and watching his minions dance to his heartbeat. To him, the delight came from orchestrating reactions. Introduce a problem (where there was none before) - feed off the reaction - then implement a solution that contains the seeds of another problem that can unfold later, that will cause a reaction then implement the solution and round and round we go... Each problem-reaction-solution cycle causes the noose get tighter and tigher as the "played" struggles and strains against the ever tightening pressure.

Apparently this is also how phythons squeeze the life out of their prey. So, this is a reptilian approach to "living".

Obviously, my dad learned this from his dad, and his dad from his dad, who way, way back learning it from whomever was controlling Queen Elizabeth I. Past that the records stop. Passed down from generation to generation the game continues uninterrupted. Each generation adds their variation but mostly just keeps the game going, both culturally and genetically.

And what was it like growing up at the Country Club in a family like this?

It's his way or the highway, but either way, you are set up to suffer. Why? Because how can the winner be declared the winner unless the loser acts like a loser? When the game is rigged, and the winner knows it, how can they truly feel like they won anything? They set it up so that they "always win", but in order to always win, they don't ever have a worthy opponent. So why would anyone want to play a rigged game? I know. It's very confusing. They play the game to watch the losers suffer. Winners of rigged games feed off of suffering. So, what's the actual point of it all? Suffering.

So, what's the way out of a reptilian-induced phython death grip? What if you declare the game rigged and refuse to suffer?

A curious thing happens. The solid, uncompromised, absolute STAND makes you...

...bad to eat. Chewed on and spit out. Or, declared already dead. lol... just look at what happened to our Certificates of Live Birth... declared dead at sea...

If we realized that the game was rigged for us to be already be broken and damaged, and declared dead at sea, there is nothing left to destroy. I know it's subtle, but energetically, it is very important.

And, what's that, you ask?

Here's a very valuable secret that I learned from the cabal. They are very, very afraid of stillness, of stopping. That's why they are always trying to spin something or keep the ball in play. Why? I think it's because they can't start anything from nothing? They don't know how to create anything from the ground up. They can only use/abuse/usurp what's ALREADY in motion. Because they can't create, they can only manipulate what's already been arising by/in/as someone else. And, what do they do if there are no puppets to play with? They soon figure out that pulling strings connected to nothing just results in getting nothing. Like fishing in waters where all the fish had died the night before. They start becoming absurd, like declaring newborn babies dead at sea... it doesn't add up, and the computer generating the game chokes on a divide by zero error. They can't keep the game going once we find out how it was rigged. And that is catastrophic for the cabal because we don't suffer when we "lose" a rigged game! It's catastrophic for them, because when we don't suffer from losing, they have nothing to EAT!!!

If it is "my way, or highway..." and we chose highway because your way is a losing proposition, then they're left alone with strings and no puppets.

So now that we have been declared dead at sea, and we know this is absurd because we are obviously not dead, and no matter how much the python tried to squeeze the life out of us, he got to the bones and spit us out, what do we need to do as we rise from the ashes and start our projects from NOTHING?

Mend our bones, put ourselves back together, stand up and walk. How does this work?

The cabal hooks were the first to burn off when we were reduced to ashes. In this process of "zeroing out", of going into a place within of absolute stillness, we found the zero point where ALL rises from. We discovered eternal life, we discovered the Source of ALL. We discovered that the same the life force that creates Universes is in us. We discovered that force that breathes life into ALL, breathes life into us!

And that's why the cabal is so jealous of those that truly know themselves. Because in the cabal games of winners and losers, those that transcend the game are the real champions.


I still believe that way, way back when when the Universe was very, very young, the race that ended up becoming cabal felt left out. Creation was going on all around them, and beings were enjoying themselves sharing and loving and participating in one another's projects and were having a lot of fun. In this mix of extensive enjoyment, there was a race who somehow didn't get the memo. They didn't understand what was going on. They felt left out like the outsider feels on the kindergarten playground when they know that something is going on that they're not participating in because they don't know how to join in. In these cases, the outsider tries to be relevant to the other beings by being disruptive, to "stop the train so they can get on". I think that is what gives rise to playground bullies today and all of the resulting usurping and game playing that happens with adults. Anyway, after all of these eons of manipulating other beings and their creations, the descendents of the original outsiders still feel left out. Stealing the memo from other beings doesn't make them happy because even though they got the instructions, it doesn't mean that they can read them. The cabal may think that stolen food is better than their own, but they know deep inside that they'll only truly be satisfied by sharing in the fun, if they could somehow figure out how to.

So, perhaps the greatest mercy for the cabal beings is for them to be taken to the Great Central Sun for recycling. This time, they can get the memo from the get-go and find out how fun it is to be co-creators instead of manipulators, controllers and co-dependents.

They'll have the chance to be turned to ashes, and rise... this time with playground instructions built-in.




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