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Monday, July 10, 2017

"What will the Cabal Mean to You?" by Victor - 7.9.17

Entry Submitted by Victor at 8:39 PM EDT on July 9, 2017

What will the Cabal mean to you in the future?......Nothing, Yeah .....Nothing as Yosef mentioned recently. I was shocked to hear that the Cabal wanted to be ...."remembered"......Really? ......After hearing that they will not get to keep even that.....memories in the minds of others. I let that sit with me for a few days. I could not take it in, this ....."New Meaning".....of the bad guys. Today after a long nap and may be after millennium of ...."Naps".......they will not even get a statue in their honor, nothing will exist but rumors of they being here.

Think of it.......erased from History, everything that they fought for. All their generations and all their false meanings erased and removed..........and so if should be. They where on the side of Service to Self. It was a side that was in fact a non-existence side in the way of the whole Universe. They did not Serve Others, they served themselves. Served and worshiped a false illusion or separation. An illusion of ....."Ego"......and an illusion that ...."Lack"....was real and existed.

When in fact, All that they really did, was provide ......."Contrast"...... as darkness provides contrast when the Light is off in a room. That is all. They where only ever an ....."effect".....of Light not being present there yet, nothing more. Once the Light was turned on........the Cabal never existed. How can you remember what never really existed? Darkness was never a sport creation by Source, only an effect of Ignorance and absence of Light through Free Will in duality.

For that......."No statues to darkness"......, no memories of Joy, nothing that is NOT in alignment with Service to Self will be or should be empowered with our own precious Creative Power of Attention. They will not get even our ....."attention"..... as a reward. So......,no one will really dive deep into the horrid details of how the Cabal tortured their victims or All of their rituals of what they did, in order to try to give meaning to something or to a path that only provided contrast and that is it.

No one living in a Joy filled 5d world will want to dive deeply into things that they where limited in doing while living in 3d. The Cabal never did know what it is like to help others, like the ......."New Chosen Ones".....will now find out, by doing service for Others. So why would we be interested in the Cabal view points? The view points that lost the war.

All the Zim moneys will not really fill the heart of us Light workers, not as the Cabal gave meaning to money,,.....Not really. Because what we where told by the Cabal what was supposed to be valuable for us, where All Always definition of value that the Cabal imposed on us in a state of Lack. A false artificial state not in alignment with Source itself. When money is aligned with Source, it has a different benevolent meaning.

So does multi-million dollar mansions fill your heart? as the Cabal pretended it filled their hearts?.....No it does not. Yes, it brings some Joy, but it does not bring as much Joy as bringing others out of a artificial state of......."Lack".........Because serving others out of ......Lack"....Lack, the only thing that....." does not exist"..... in the Universe is working for the side of Telling the Truth. Working for Source not against it, by telling deceptions as the Cabal did.

So most everything that the Cabal told us was need and had value for us, we will find out will now have little value for a Light Worker. Will a field of Diamonds be valuable for you?.......when you can buy a field of diamonds?.......No, it will not mean much now in an era of Truth running the show. What will you be able to buy with trillions of dollars that will really give you JOY?

You will be able to buy the only thing that has any meaning to a Service to Others person. A person which You are now. You will find JOY and Meaning in ....."Removing"............"Lack from the lives of Others".........Removing Lack, that will NOT Be a burden. How could that be a burden? You will feel great if you feed even one hungry sparrow or one hungry little fawn or feed one whole city of still Lacking Humans. How can you find anything that will have more meaning for You NOW?

That is the only real Meaning left in the world, when you have all what money can buy. When you can rise above....." all the false meanings"....of money, that the Cabal told you had value in the past. the New choice, will be easy for you now with Trillions. Do you think you would do as they did? So, will you chose to go down the road to complete debauchery as the Cabal did? The loosing road. Will you need to look at or travel the road of Service to Self to fulfill your own life? Will you need to cause pain to feel good? I think not. Why would you choose such a limiting non existent path? You would not, out of Free Will. You only ever really chose that path through deception. But now that path will not be even remembered.

In fact I was always for complete disclosure and public trials and all of that. But now that I think of it. What is more punishment that to be completely irrelevant and forgotten? I can't think of anything more powerful and stronger and also not hurting to those on the path of helping others. Would the collective really want to know what they did not know even when the Cabal ruled their lives?..........I don't think that they would want to know much. After all.......if while you where the hardest battle of your life, you did not wake up.........will you need to wake up latter?

Will latter, the coming NOW for ......."Us All".....during a time of abundance, would....."Society" even believe all the stories of the evil the Cabal did? NO, they would not believe it. I think they would fight it because, where would the Joy be in looking at what was hidden and what they did not even see when it ruled them.? IMO........most will not give more than a cursory look. But we will find out.

Will I be interested in knowing more about all the Cabals dark rituals and horrible things that they did?.........NO......not even I who fought them care, not really. It brings no joy as compared to the JOY that will now be the biggest part in my Life.........."helping others out of Lack." Helping others out of Lack is the best prevention and cure.

Helping others not to be dependant but to wake up and find their own JOY, what ever that is. May be some will look at their dark past?. Should it be required to look? If it brings JOY. I think it will not be required.........that will be the ....."COMPLETE LIBERATION".........from the Cabal.

When you don't even have to think of them........."then you are FREE"......You don't even give them one thought, when in the past they had all of your thoughts.Why would I really care to look at what does not exist in the eye of .........."SOURCE"........Yes.....even Source does not see the Cabal. How can you see what is not really a part of your creation? What is not True?

How can you really see what is only a dream in someone Else's mind? and illusion does not need to be ......"remembered"........only TRUTH will live on and be promoted and Serve Others, ........because serving Others is ........."Serving Yourself".........that is not a burden or have any lack attached to it at all.

Much Love Victor



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