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Thursday, July 6, 2017

"Using The Time-Line Discernment Technique" - One Who Knows Update 7-6-17

One Who Knows Update - Using The Time-Line Discernment Technique

I know I will be getting emails about this so just want to state a common disclaimer that most websites operate under.

The thoughts and opinions expressed here are the views of the author and may/may not reflect the views and opinions of the blog (AscensionWithEarth / enerchi). I have stated in the past a few times already but want to state it again. This blog shares a variety of views from multiple sources and authors to present the viewers a wide range of information. The viewer discerns and chooses what works best for them. Thank you for understanding or not! LOL!



Using The Time-Line Discernment Technique

Discernment is a learned skill and I have a special "Psychic" method that I teach those who want to learn the "Resonance Method." This system will help you figure out what is true and what is not as well as allow you to communicate with anything or anyone in the Universe. It is truly a powerful method. Here is the Link to that Video:

How To Develop Your Psychic Communication Ability By Using Resonance, Richard Lee McKim Jr.


However, here in Dinarland, you can use a different Discernment method that is more logically based, and very easy to learn and use. It is the "Time-Line Discernment Technique."

This Discernment system is based on what we already know as Truth here in Dinarland. Once we establish a few Time-Line base points of reference, we can then Judge (Discern) new information against these base points to quickly determine if it the new Information is true or not. Very Easy.


So, what we will be establishing are three points in Time that have certain characteristics that are KNOWN. These points in time are simply, the past, the present, and the future. Again very simple.

The Past

In the past the Cabal ruled our World. They did many very bad things and had very evil plans for us. These things include such things as wanting to kill us all off, destroy our food supplies, cause disease, war, and disasters. They created HAARP systems, CERN, underground bases, had control of our military and governments, created FEMA Camps, and a very advanced surveillance network to spy on our every move. The TRUTH was hidden from us about our true nature and power and our place in the Universe. There were millions of other bad things that we could list here, but all we want to do here is establish a baseline understanding of what the "Past" was like. In short the Cabal were in control and were evil minded in every way. Got it!

The Future

In the Future, the Cabal are but a distant memory. Everything evil they ever created is reversed and made right. Peace and prosperity is the norm throughout the World and everything is as it was intended to be for the inhabitants of the Earth. We have Intergalactic Trade with other Worlds, and distant Galaxies as well. Travel to other planets for vacation is normal and all energy is free. We spend our days doing what we want to do and enjoying (In Joy) every minute of every day. We no longer have Governments, but instead "guiding Councils, from the top down to the community level. Again there is so much more to say about our wonderful future, but this is enough for you to get the picture of what is to come.

The Present

So the nature of the Present is that it is somewhere between the Past and the Future. Frankly, in our case right now, We are nearly in the Future already. We now have complete control of the Banking system, and money printing systems, the World Governments, and all militaries. We have blown up all Cabal underground bases, cloning facilities, weapons that are underground, above ground and in space. We have taken over all their surveillance systems and FEMA camps. Which by the way are nearly half full with Cabal already. I asked if there would be enough room for all the Cabal faces and minions that are about to be arrested and the answer was plenty. As a side note, I also heard that while the Cabal were building the infamous FEMA Camps, it was an inside joke that they should build them well, because soon they will be inside them! How convenient of the Cabal to build their own prisons.

We are not just waiting for the Cabal to make a move anymore, we are seeking them out with the Ghost squads. The Cabal are energetically marked as to who could make it in the Future Earth, and those who could not, are just being eliminated. When was the last time you heard the names: George Soros? Busch? Clinton? Rockefeller? Rothschild? Do you realize how decimated the Cabal are in every way? They do.

Many Achievements are already in place but simply await being revealed to the Public, such as World-Wide Gold Back Monetary system, NESARA/GESARA governments are already in place and in many cases, we have a complete secondary RUNNING and FUNCTIONING government, like our Republic. In those cases like ours, there is a completely fake old government for the sleepers to see. Laws have changed, governments have changed, monetary systems have already changed, and ALL IS DONE, but not public.... not yet.

EVERYTHING you see on TV and in the news is SHOW... EVERYTHING! There are no countries at war, nor do they want to be. Everyone wants and needs the GCR and GESARA to happen. ANYTHING that looks like there is some battle between countries is ALL SHOW for the public to justify the new governments taking over and "Saving The Day" (hero style) when they are announced. If everything was perfect in the public's eyes, how would we explain that a new government was going to take over? There has to be trouble in the eyes of the public so the new (HERO) government can rescue them with new reforms and no taxes and guaranteed payments etc. So in the "PRESENT," everything that looks bad is "SHOW." PERIOD!

Actually, here in the Present, we only await the right moment to swoop down on the Cabal Faces, pick them all up and cart them off to the VERY WELL BUILT FEMA Camps where they will have plenty of time to think about what they have done. Then the New (Hero) Governments will be revealed, then the GCR ends, and Disclosure begins. Although I don't know the exact order in which these events will happen. They are very near and will happen very close to each other, if not at the same time.

The Time-Line Discernment Technique

So now that we have established the nature of the Past, Present and Future, we are able to apply the Time-Line Discernment Technique. it is just a matter of comparing the new information to these three Time-Frames to see if they match. If they do match, the information "could" be true, if they do NOT match, the information is FALSE. Simple as that. Let's test a few items just to see how it works, shall we?

The FIRST thing we want to do is determine the "Time-Frame" that the intel pertains to, Past, Present, or Future. Once we figure that out, then we match that intel/information to our base Time-Line Information.

You may read the rest below. ~ Dinar Chronicles




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