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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

"Until July 12th" - Wed. PM KTFA Thoughts, News w/ Frank26


Upstart » July 5th, 2017

Here we go again........ Mr Allak, why you piggybackin da auctions again

Foreign Currency Selling Window for 6-7-2017 that performed on 5-7-2017

(Announcement No.(3476

Central Bank of Iraq's foreign currency selling and buying window opened its daily window on 6/7/2017 that performed on 5/7/2017

Sirenfire » July 5th, 2017

Just wanted to jump in here for a minute... not to be repetitive but in our strong opinion from factual things that happened the first 0 dropped on May 12th the second zero dropped on june 12th... the third zero dropped on July 2nd

Hence the piggy backing auctions so it could drop and they can start the second set of books in July... the following day July 3rd the currency IMO became 1 to 1 per CBI telling employers to pay at a rate of 1 to 1....

May not see evidence until July 12th -the 21st that is s really BIG DEAL... the new maps that are out are COMPLETELY green so lets get this thing going...

Praise God that the majority of citizens are ok... Lets be good stewards of the information we get here Thank you !

Frank26 » July 5th, 2017

Tell You ......... "IF" ? OK……The Citz saw the 1000 to 1 then the 100 to 1 as the 10 to 1 went past them so FAST that obviously they know and expect the 1 to 1 to be next in July.

I EVEN said on M CC that this week was gone to me and TEAMS and that IOO ( in our opinion) they would not wait till the Third Week ................ Therefore next week was a Good Time to see how Goods and Services once again act as barometers.

FaithPrevails » July 5th, 2017

Frank,As we learned from you Iraq is 1:1 as of Sunday. My question is how can a Country hold this news for any extended period of time? We have the Final Articles, Contracts, Long Lines ,Mosul complete, Corruption dealt with , our Banks ready and no files left for July.

IMO once you have parity it is impossible to not have the clock start ticking with technology today , such as cell phones, Social Media, leaks cannot be stopped. This is the END game and Iraq needs to go International based on KTFA evidence and our studies.

Please opine when you get an opportunity. Thank you Faith Prevails

Walkingstick » July 5th, 2017

US Ambassador: holding an economic conference in Washington on Iraq next week

Baghdad} Euphrates News said the US ambassador to Iraq, Douglas Suleiman said next week will see the convening of an economic conference in Washington, attended by Iraqi economists to debate and discuss after the conference with the Iraqi government on the priorities of the needs of projects in Iraq follow ..


Will » July 5th, 2017

Nice, hopefully it's a discussion on how to prioritize their new found wealth.

Frank26 » July 5th, 2017

IMO WILL ................ The Budget.

FaithPrevails » July 5th, 2017

Thank you Walking Stick , Frank said the next mtg with IMF would be in DC so it appears more Iraqi economists are now coming to our turf. I am sure we will hear more tonight on this (Wed. Night CC) . FP

Frank26 » July 5th, 2017

Yup we did .................... Report Cards.

Frank26 » July 5th, 2017

Along with this article ......... On M CC we SHARED ........... NEXT IMF Meeting will be in ............ WASHINGTON DC !!! .......... TY WS \m/

Frank26 » July 5th, 2017

My last post to You FAMILY yesterday said to You ................. " IMO ........... The CBI is about to TALK again". Please Enjoy. C U on Your WEDNESDAY CC tonight .............. Wink \m/

Don961 » July 5th, 2017

The central bank reveals an important meeting with the International Monetary Fund

Governor of the Central Bank revealed on the Keywords, on Monday, for an important meeting with the International Monetary Fund during the month of August next, pointing out that the basis of the reimbursement of Iraq Fund grants and loans agreed upon launch requirements.

Keywords and said in an interview with the newspaper (morning) seen by the "Economy News", "an important meeting will be held with the International Monetary Fund in the month of August and will be based on the reimbursement of Iraq Fund grants and loans agreed the launch of the requirements of them after submission (supplementary budget) to pay the dues of peasants contractors and suppliers, and several sections of other expenses. "

He said the Keywords, that "the IMF requirements in this area indicated to the article says (in case it is needed to prepare the budget complementary to the implementation of the payment of dues, the government should provide budget supplemental to establish a legal cover for the payment of these receivables as well as make some adjustments based on the change that happened on oil prices or due to an increase in some expenses) and the objective of the IMF from these observations is to be retained on the ceilings specified for the expenses. "

Keywords pointed out that "at the last meeting was at the International Monetary Fund, there were observations on the commitment to assignments planned in the general budget of the state and the presence of Diffraction them sometimes, and I have explained to them that Iraq and by virtue of the relatively unstable conditions that passes Bha- can not adjust the melodious in which because of a lot of variables and circumstances, and having understood it they demanded that there be a legal cover for these new changes. "


Frank26 » July 5th, 2017

Now send the 1 to 1 to the International Markets and give Global Currencies the same freedom inside Your borders.

Don961 » July 5th, 2017

The absence of legislation hinders the functioning of the Iraqi market

Journal News July 5, 2017 Baghdad - Journal News

The parliamentary committee on economy and investment criticized the absence of a "legislative scope that regulates the status and functioning of the commercial market in the country," describing this absence as "one of the problems experienced by the local market."

"One of the problems of this market is the absence of a legislative framework that regulates its status," said Abdulkarim al-Naqib, a member of the committee, in a statement to the Journal News on Wednesday. "He said.

He added: "There is no sense of monopoly in the Iraqi market, because the goods enter without taking licenses ..", noting that "Iraq's commercial market free and open."

The House of Representatives has initiated a law to guarantee freedom of competition and prevent monopoly in local markets, as well as to improve the quality of goods and services offered.


Don961 » July 5th, 2017

The LL ( long line) is chomping at the bit to get into Iraq ... to rebuild ......and do business

Investing in Iraq starts from the London Conference

Since 2017-07-04 at 16:04 (Baghdad time)

Jawad Kazem Al Khalisi

The Iraqi Trade and Investment Conference kicked off in London on Monday 3-7-2017 and continues to 4-7-2017, organized by the Iraqi Embassy in the United Kingdom to accommodate many Iraqi and British ministries and other institutions and companies from the British side and the Iraqi side and all the Iraqi victories In Mosul and there is a great opportunity to invest on Iraqi soil ...

The first session included the Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr. Ibrahim al-Jaafari and the Iraqi ambassador d. Saleh Al-Tamimi and the British Minister of Trade Mr. Hans and the representative of the British Arab Chamber of Commerce where the opening of the conference was a speech by the Iraqi ambassador to talk about investments through agreements that can promote Iraq after the terrorism and destruction of the infrastructure is an opportunity for the British private sector to work with Iraqi companies and institutions. The conference was run by ministers and some officials in the ministries, as well as discussing relations with Iraq commercially and working with trade visas.

The areas occupied by the call for sponsorship under this auspices and there are important points between Iraq and the countries of the world,

Then Dr. Jaafari spoke about the liberation of Mosul and the rest of the Iraqi territories from the organization of the preacher and the relationship between Iraq and the countries of the world, especially the year 2014, which developed the relationship by the International Alliance to combat terrorism has recorded the sons of Iraq the most beautiful epics on the battlefields of confrontation.

Iraq is open to all its territory for investment by international companies, and the blood that has been burned for liberation is paving the way for a constructive Iraq, investment and stability.

We faced a great crisis of displacement, where countries stood with many of us, including Britain, and our cooperation is great.

The Council of Ministers has issued a fund for the reconstruction of destroyed areas and infrastructure and the achievement of national goals and the preservation of funds that come from the contributions of States and not wasting them in order to provide life and stability in those liberated areas, and the Iraqis themselves are better than the reconstruction of Iraq and reconstruction.

The most striking thing about Dr. Jaafari's suggestion is his reference to the implementation of the Marshall Plan on Iraq, as happened with Germany, but the difference between Germany and Iraq is that Germany went to war itself, yet they reconstructed and built Iraq, the war came to him and terrorism is the one who came to Iraq and the Iraqis had to defendTherefore, the implementation of the Marshall Plan can not necessarily be similar to the above, although it is a kind of development to the conformity of the laws of the Iraqi state.

The Minister of Trade and Investment of the United Kingdom, Mr. Hans, said that Iraq has a great role to play in trade between Britain and the region and we wish prosperity and stability for our two countries.

1- Iraqi history in the region has a role in trade and civilization. From there, astronomy, mathematics, medicine, and researchers in science and arts started from Iraq. It was important in Iraq and the Silk Road to Europe and through Iraq

2. Iraq is an important center for the world and the education of others. 2017 is an important year for building sports

3 - The main objective of the international economy in Britain is important with Iraq andthere are agreements on various subjects, especially in trade and investment, and we will improve this through the IMF and the United Kingdom located in Iraq such as BP and the presence of British companies in Iraq

I thank members of Parliament who are interested in the commercial aspect with Iraq and British companies are committed to contracts with the world

The United Kingdom supports Iraq's ambitious oil production and we are ready to support Iraq in establishing peace, stability and investment.

Terrorism in Iraq, London, and Manchester is our enemy

Then spoke the representative of the Arab-British Chamber of Commerce

And welcomed this level of cooperation between Iraq and Britain and hopes that this conference is successful to bring investment to Iraq, an initiative for growth between the two countries and there is great interest in this conference by the presence of several officials of the two countries

Britain has issued a plan to build war-damaged areas worth $ 1 billion and priorities in investment such as transportation, communications, health and new housing for the displaced and other sectors.

Iraq and Britain have a long history of trade relations in the establishment of partnerships between institutions and Iraq has the willingness to facilitate cooperation between the country

The question was asked to Mr. Jaafari about the Marshall Plan and its urgent need and whether the international community could do it

1946-1947 What happened in Germany, where Germany lost the world 55 million people in a fierce war.

Instead of punishing Germany, they did the reconstruction. Iraq did not choose one or the other. It was exposed to destruction, high oil and great losses, so we hope that the world will develop Marshall and stand by Iraq.

Then Mr. Hans, the British Trade Minister, commented on Mr. Jaafari's proposal. Yes, this has something to do with it. When I was a student in history and we were briefed on this, it is a positive project. General Marshall, who saved a lot of the world. Continue to support Iraq.

The economy in Iraq is not just oil, there are other important areas and this is a common responsibility for everyone to do.

This was the end of the first session of the conference, and then Baroness Emma Nicholson spoke about the friendship between Britain and Iraq. The importance of trade and space is great. The battle of Mosul was important in stopping the evil that the terrorists spread and proud of what the sons of Iraq have done in the fight against terrorism.

Then I give a talk to Mr. Andrew, a member of the British House of Commons, saying that the great opportunities for prosperity for Iraq and trade exchange is very important and then praised the work of the diplomatic mission and the efforts they are doing, noting that it will hold through this conference important agreements on the commercial side, In the opinion of the Iraqi people deserve that and the Queen of Britain stands with Iraq the framework of his support.

Mr. Aaras Karim, head of Al Bilad Islamic Bank, said: "Everything from industry to infrastructure has been destroyed over the past years.

Iraq needs the support of other countries such as Britain, especially in the field of oil and the Iraqi human element is not used properly and we can find a lot of Iraqi expertise and we are working to strengthen the private sector.

Then I gave the speech to the Minister of Oil and the Iraqi Oil Minister

Who spoke about the great cooperation between foreign companies and the Iraqi Ministry of Oil. Then he talked about the refineries that have been developed and opened many job opportunities, especially in southern Iraq, an export refinery for petrochemical products and there are other contracts for the establishment of other refineries.

Revealing the existence of plans to develop filling stations and partly willing of the Iraqi private sector to participate in that We have good plans and there is a gradual shift from the public sector to private between the Ministry and other companies and there is a facility for the work of producers.

The Ministry of Oil held seminars for the development and exploration of gas and there are significant challenges in terms of conventions and attended by many international experts and specialists.

And the ministry prepared a lot of structure to build steps to improve the National Oil Company and this plan is in the Iraqi parliament is working to increase the absorptive capacity will be the National Oil Company and the ability to that and Iraq depends on this oil resource ...

After that, Mr. Jeffrey Liberson, who works on the file of conflict resolution and wars, talked about Libya and Egypt.

After serving 20 years in parliament and following up the war conflicts and went to Iraq, I find that it is possible to invest in Iraq, especially the insistence of Iraq on the expulsion of terrorism from its territory and here we can after the conflicts that there is a building and ages and find the European Union can play this important role and work between Britain Iraq, where Iraq has opportunities.

Then he touched on the Iraqi Embassy in Britain, saying it is an effective embassy and working hard for Iraq and communicate with the decision-making circles and that the time is very appropriate to open up to Iraq and companies should take some risk and go there because Iraq deserves it and we strongly promote this and the international institutes also You see this and I think that this conference came at the time of the existence of opportunities in that even in renewable energy and I support investment in Iraq and this conference will lead to it.

The conversation moved to Majid Jafar from Crescent Company

In the latter of our investments 2.3 billion in the energy sector and power plants are growing within one thousand megawatts and we have logistical services in Umm Qasr more than 90% are Iraqis

Achieving the ecosystem

Can not go beyond history and point to Jaafari's choice of Marshall

1. In the 1950s, Iraq negotiated oil and its exports. All imports came from Britain. Grandfather negotiated this and later became 50% of the parity between Iraq and Britain.

2. Going to privatization must reach five million barrels per day

The philosophy of investment in local companies we focus on and the needs of people and depends on building relations and improve import and British companies must play a role in it

The major benefit of gas is the provision of electricity

There are expectations of very large opportunities in Iraq in the Middle East

He then spoke to Mr. Ziad Al Zaid from BP

We have transformed the Rumaila field as the largest field in the world for decades of oil and energy

There will be a 35% rise in energy after a few years

What we have done is to invest in modernization in the oil fields

In 1927 we discovered the field of Kirkuk and in 1957 discovered Rumaila field and now sixty years old.

From 2015 to 2016, we reduced costs, increased production through modernization, improved efficiency, maximized investment and training, and improved productivity as the survey was the largest in the world.

Fahma presented about the development of the oil fields that the company has done and laid the expertise for the field workers for fifty years.

Rumaila provided income to Iraq by nearly 200 billion dollars and gave expertise and develop the skills of people and have the technology and efficiency in increasing production for future projects in Iraq.




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