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Friday, July 21, 2017

"UnCommon Cents" by GK - 7.21.17

Entry Submitted by GK at 2:51 PM EDT on July 21, 2017

I am not an expert on this stuff but I do have common sense.

I have been studying the financial system ever since I watched the Money masters by Bill Still.

When I write essays I usually offer up possibilities as they pertain to concepts. Because I want people to think, to consider the many sides to an equation.

For example, there are many sides to the following, but the main two is the idea of Fiat fractional reserve banking versus currencies backed by precious metals or commodities.

I wrote a good essay about the idea that both sides have up sides and down sides. People have been led to believe that fiat fractional reserve is the problem.

We hear the mantra that our grandchildren will have to pay our debt. Well, in a debt based system... like the free beer tomorrow sign at the tavern... is a bill that never comes due.

If debt is put off to the future and the future arrives, the future has a future.


It is a brilliant concept...In other words your grand children wouldn't have to pay the bill, not their grandchildren...etc.

However, when Earth has many countries with different currencies, and syndicates competing for control of economic decisions regarding countries... It creates enemies to the debt based system.

Whereas the talmudic syndicate owned the Federal Reserve debt based system of printing money whenever they wanted to, it was a terrific racket for them. But for other countries and syndicates, they saw it as very unfair. Why did one country or elite banking entities like the City of London get to spin hay/straw into gold like the Rumpelstiltskin fable.

These power counterfeiters knew that the inflation and debt was detrimental to third world countries and enslaved people's labor and the deal they made was for OPEC in the Middle East to have the monopoly on oil production and distribution, and in exchange for that power, pricing oil in dollars, they would pay off the debt, inflationary bubbles.

And what backed that dollar?

One would say oil. But what backed that racket?


Whenever a country like Libya, or Iraq challened the system. They got bombed into submission.

These rackets were made legal by charters and treaties. These charters and treaties expired. That is why the BRICS rose up when it did to try and take advantage of the void between new charters, agreements and treaties. Their deal, Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa was to create a new banking system, that backed the currencies through the SDR, special drawing rights system of representing each countries resources and gross national product as having value to add to their currencies. To elevate 3rd world countries currencies because they have resources, and other valuable assets such as tourist destinations, manufacturing and in a utopian vision, a rain forest that needed to be maintained for sustainability. To name just a few ideas.

This BRICS system has been clashing with the old Federal Reserve banksters who like printing money whenever they need to. Think of America as a talmudic run mafia, and the country is their strong arm fortress.

Think of other countries as lesser degree syndicates. The main allies to the Talmudic syndicate is the Vatican (Italy, Venice, Sicily) and the City of London, The Crown, The Queen, and the families that include House of Windsor, Hapsburg, and Germanic families, who are largely Khazarian. Remember Rothschild rose up in Frankfurt Germany and mastered the art of lending money to governments for war.

Essentially this is cleaned up by being called NATO and backed with the mythology of World War II.

So let me discuss this. And clear up the misconceptions I am seeing.


If you register here, and go under the "Challenge" heading. Put in your social security number with dashes in the right places. XXX-XX-XXXX You will see many corporations trading your SS# as it pertains to various instruments. Such as old collections as debt instruments, or bonds created in your name. God knows what.

The misconception is this.

The ACME trading company doesn't just represent your individual SS# it holds the right to many different instruments under other people's SS#. So you are a small fraction of many in that that portfolio.

I have 115 entities with portfolios trading my failures and successes as a human being. We cannot possibly know what this really means in terms of a 60 year life time.

Debt instrument bond market, and derivatives is FAKE PHONY FIAT PAPER traded into huge numbers.

So for people to think that they actually own this wealth is to not understand the fiat fractional reserve system is debt based.

We have all invested in the BRICS global currency reset as to change the debt based system into one backed by tangible resources that can be identified and counted.

2 weeks ago, many of us in ignorance and desperation leaped off the BRICS promise of a better system because we were told we could access billions of dollars of wealth in our names.

The dollar in your pocket has no value. It is an IOU. A promise to pay. It obligates you to this debt. A shareholder in debt.

A warehouse full of worthless paper.

When I saw what was happening I instantly recognized it as The Federal Reserve mafia was pulling a fast one against the New currency reset. I wrote a very sarcastic article that jumped between reality and silly fantasy. I spoke of my intent to purchase "sexy robots" and that may have been a clue to my flippancy.

I told side stories that were true such as a war between Bush Sr. and The Queen... as seen through a prism of a Mike Royko article.

I compared paying a bill with the TDA accounts as to a Palestinian child bouncing a pebble off an Israeli tank.

I saw the concept as a chance to let the Federal Reserve system know that the natives were gathering outside the walls.

I said pay a small bill and no more, but enter at your own risk. I explained my attempt failed.

A day later I retracted the idea because new information came out that it was a federal reserve mafia trap. To pin that debt on as many people as possible.

I have listened to fisher and Tank and Tucci encourage people that we all have billion dollar bank accounts available to pay bills and buy stuff.

Well the more I listen the more I see people who never even understood the global currency reset to begin with.

I shall now post three videos that are imperative to understand.




If you honestly watch these videos many times you will come to understand how your strawman social security accounts that started out as bonds, glorified IOUs...paid for America's easy way of life say in comparison to those living in malnutrition on a garbage dump in a third world nation.

The system of the fiat fractional reserve system is an illusion and always has been.

So people thinking they are billionaires are pointing to bank accounts full of fake phony illusions that people have traded in just as much ignorance as every single one of us who believed a dollar was worth a dollar.

And for those who are convincing people to buy houses and huge purchases and pay off mortgages are like telling an 8 year old child that candy is free in every store to kids--- that they can just take it and eat it.

Kids everywhere would be getting arrested for shoplifting.

On a personal level, as a media producer, journalist, film producer, I have always put myself right into the subject as to learn it from the inside out.

I screwed up my paypal like many others, and originally I saw this as part of the grand financial rebellion. But intuitively I knew there was a much darker side.

If BRICS has not been able to back down the talmudic Federal reserve System in the past decade, why would anyone think the Federal reserve system, and the Talmudic courts, would just roll over and play dead because full grown adults were told candy is free.

The system stands because of illusion. Believing illusions propped it up and can tear it down over night. Not understanding that a new currency...Backed by real math tethered to real metals or resources... wipes out the phony fake digits in this strawman system.

A financial system is only as good as the integrity of its administrators. Let's hope the BRICS, CIPS, SDR system will be run by the type of accountants that take their calculators very seriously.

If you just want to be rich, be told your rich, and listen to people telling you are rich, go ahead and click negative on this article.

If you want to understand why we are even here, then watch the videos repeatedly.

No cartoons, sarcasm, jokes or side stories in this. Just my resources and sense of responsibility to tell people that to stop running with scissors, especially since the cliff is near and you are being encouraged by people who are either ignorant themselves, or up to no good.




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