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Sunday, July 23, 2017

"Tonight's Word: The Juice Is Loose" - Heisenberg - 7.23.17

Entry Submitted by Heisenberg at 7:29 PM EDT on July 23, 2017

Hide your kids, hide your wife, and hide your husband. - Antoine Dodson

And that brings us to tonight's word: THE JUICE IS LOOSE


This week, a parole board granted parole for Orenthal "Later y'all" James Simpson to be released after serving the minimum 9 of his 33 (interesting) year sentence. As early as October 1st, the juice will be loose. Hide your wives. I remember back in the day how divided the country was on this one. Whether he was guilty as sin or innocent as a newborn babe, the country seemed to vote along skin color lines. The whites wanted justice for the brutal murder of two of their own and the blacks (?) saw this as just another railroading of one of thier own. Besides, he's the only player ever to rush for over 2000 yards in a single 14 game season. Damn impressive. So what's a little double homocide for a movie star and hall of famer? I know what you're thinking...which way did the Mexicans vote? No offiense but they didn't really care either way. No horse in this race. No dog in this fight as they say. Just wanted to see a good courtroom drama. But if that had been Diego Maradona, watch out. South America would have been on fire. La gente mucho caliente. But rest easy, there's no mandela effect big enough to swap out that one. The juice will be loose.

What else happened this week? The TDA's aren't going away after being called a scam. Quite the opposite, it's gained traction. We had Bruce acknowledge them but taking the 5th. No shocker there. We had Zorra come out and give it his stamp of approval. Even gave Sharon lots of air time. Zorra did ask that we please use restraint with all that free money. Only 2 houses and 1 Maybach. It'll be interesting to see if OWK stands with him. In case you forgot, OWK says this is a 100% cabal scam and to stay away. The chalk is locked and loaded. Fairly warned are thee says I. The idea here is that anyone who chooses this avenue is proving themselves to be a gullible lightworker. What's the saying?... "Those who don't stand for something will fall for anything."? Theory is, this is a big test to see if we can handle the big bucks without getting sold by every suntan and pearly white smile. No jumping on the bandwagon at the first sign of desperation. Did you know desperation is the tender trap? I think we're all up to speed but just a little refresher. Aint no body leaving now.

But here's the kicker, Uncle "Keeping it positive" Yao said the TDA's is a game for the C team. Varsity players to the right, everyone else to the left. Funny part about this is...C team is a real thing. IE not fantasy. Ball may not move as fast. May not get the big crowds. May not get the cheerleaders. Probably not the traveling squad but a thing nonetheless. Let's call it "bush league". So in baseball, you have single A ball. Single A ball is a real thing too. Players start in A getting paid squat and move up to AA and AAA and someday hopefull hit the bigs. Yankee ball. And why did they call it "bush league"? Because there were no back fences so if someone knocked it a country mile, it just rolled into the bushes. So, interesting that Yao did not mention that the TDAs were fiction, yes? The message I got is: if you want to play in the cactus or grapefruit league, no one is going to stop you from trying. But if you want to spend that time getting your head right for big stadium play, then sit tight and get your wings fitted.

I just went to the website being pushed for the first time today and got mixed messages right off the bat. First, it has a .gov address which should tell you it's a government website right? IRS.gov. Treasury .gov. So my first thought is it might be legit. Good start. What else do I see? I see a R with a circle around it indicating that TreasuryDirect is a registered trademark. I didn't know government institutions used registered trademarks, but then again, there's alot I don't know. What I don't know could fill a barn (not bad for an out of work comedian eh?) So I searched IRS, (the real) US Treasury, Dept of Education, and the all emcompassing USA.GOV which was so kind to actually add an "official website of the United States Gov. website" (and a very helpful "here's how you know" link) and guess what I saw? No registered trademarks anywhere. So what's that tell me? That maybe it's not a TRUE gov. site, but a privatly owned site? That's what I'm taking away from it. And as a future _______aire, I doubt I'll be inputting any of my personal info into a private site that someone could put me on a "list". I was contemplating waiting till the end of the month and see how it all pans out but that R was a big red flag for me. Chalk or no chalk. The juice is loose!

Speaking of chalk, if the TDA's are a real thing, is that going to put a ding on the old credit if I choose to try? We heard TDAs have a very special chalk color, right? And...it can cost you booko bucks. How can they trust trillions to anyone who sways whatever way the wind blows? That would be a tumbleweed. For the sake of agrument, let's just say it's real and debt is getting forgiven. Does chalk have a conscience? Does chalk care that we've been slaving away making car and house payments from money they printed up on their printing press? Does it care how hard we work to make these loan payments on their worthless paper? Having some stranger know your identity aside, does chalk care that you tried to get justice for yourself? That you just want to beat them at their own game? We may never know.

Just between you and I, would you want to see your chalk folder? I think I'd like to see my jacket if they have it at the exchange. Could be a little scary tho, right? Honestly, I don't remember half the shit I write, and I'm sure alot of you don't either. A couple rage and alcohol fueled posts could come back to haunt. And that Bronco Billy guy was a bad influence. Maybe not. The juice is loose!

So why "the juice is loose"? Well....I see this whole reckoning and peace on Earth/GCR as a dam that is springing leaks all over the place. Bigger than the Hoover Dam and, sister, she's ready to pop. And the cabal and minions have been putting fingers in every new leak. But more just keep popping up. And you only got 5 fingers on each hand, well, most of you. Get that big toe in there. It's like getting that genie back in the bottle and she don't wanna go. Or like getting the horses back in the barn, but they're digging the fresh air. Or getting that cat back in the bag (seriously, who does that?). We will not get back in our box. We will not get back in line. The juice is loose!

Side note, yall. Colbert stayed at the infamous room 1101 at Moscow Ritz. The surveillance bugs on the pillows are complementary.


All of our consciousness is rising everyday. Exponentially. More and more humans are finding out everyday about the bamboozle and the fix remedy. Journalists are chomping at the bit to tell the story. The republic is chomping at the bit to make it right. Third world countries are ready to get a little taste. Healing ships ready to cure disease. And everyday another leak springs in the dam. And everyday that's one less finger to plug it up. One day that sucker is gonna blow. And there'll be no getting it back in its juice box. The juice is loose!

And that's the word


Ps EJ, Can't wait to see your version of Paddys Pub. So if a guy walks in with a porkpie hat, goatie, sunglasses and a black Members Only jacket and orders a Guinness proper, keep an eye on him. He's an instigator. An anarchist. But he's good for the tab. And a like on Yelp.






"Billy the Kid"

There's guns across the river about to pound you
There's a lawman on your trail like to surround you
Bounty hunters are dancing all around you
Billy, they don't like you to be so free.

Camping out all night on the veranda
Walking in the streets down by the hacienda
Up to Boot Hill the like to send you
Billy, don't you turn your back on me.

There's mules inside the minds of crazy faces
Bullet holes and rifles in their cases
There is always one more notch and four more aces
Billy, and you're playing all alone.

Playing around with some sweet senorita
Into her dark chamber she will greet you
In the shadows of the mesa she will lead you
Billy, and you're going all alone.

They say that Pat Garrett's got your number
So sleep with one eye open, when you wonder
If every little sound just might be thunder
Thunder from the barrel of his gun.

There's always another stranger sneaking glances
Some trigger-happy fool willing to take chances
Some old whore from San Pedro to make advances
Advances on your spirit and your soul.

The businessmen from Taos want you to go down
So they've hired mister Garrett, to force you to slow down
Billy, don't let it make you feel so low down
To be hunted by the man who was your friend?

So hang on to your woman, if you got one
Remember in El Paso once you shot one
Up in Santa Fe you bought one
Billy, you've been running for so long.

Gypsy queens will play your grand finale
Way down in some Tularosa alley
Maybe in the Rio Pecas valley
Billy, you're so far away from home

Billy, you're so far away from home



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