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Sunday, July 16, 2017

"Tonight's Word: Goodbye Cruel World" - Heisenberg - 7.16.17

Entry Submitted by Heisenberg at 5:55 PM EDT on July 16, 2017

Well she drew out all her money from the Southern Trust
And put her little boy on the Greyhound Bus
Leaving Memphis with a guitar in his hand
With a one-way ticket to the promised land
Hey little girl with the red dress on
There's a party tonight down in Memphis town
I'll be going down there if you need a ride
The man on the radio says Elvis Presley's died

We drove to Memphis, the sky was hard and black
Up over the ridge came a white Cadillac
They'd drawn out all his money and they laid him in the back
A woman cried from the roadside "Ah he's gone, he's gone"
They found him slumped up against the drain
With a whole lot of trouble running through his veins
Bye-bye Johnny
Johnny bye-bye
You didn't have to die
You didn't have to die - Bruce Springsteen

Elvis is alive, man. We're dead. - Bono

And that brings us to tonight's word: GOODBYE CRUEL WORLD

Ever been to an Irish wake? I haven't had the privilege, yet. All the services I've been to are sad with sad homemade food. And everyone's whispering. I'm so sorry for your loss. I'm so sorry. He's in a better place. Was it quick? Did he suffer? Is there anything I can do? No, but thanks for asking.

So if you happen to pop your head into Paddy's Pub this evening and decide to stay, you're welcome to join the wake of a good friend of mine. We'll call him the unknown soldier, but I know. A brother in arms who fought beside me in this RV war. A true light worker which is hard to come by these days. And a wake is what he would have wanted. Or maybe it's what I wanted for him. Either way, it's here, deal with it. I gotta tell you, when I ascend, I don't want a sad potluck afternoon. Drag my peanut shell of skin and bones down to Paddys Pub and put the drinks on my tab (one last joke for the road. I'll be good for it in a few days. Check my sock for a $10 T note). Tell stories of the good old days. Tell stories of battles won and lost. Keep the jukebox rolling. Maybe put a Yankee game on one television and the U2 show on the other. Have Bushmills sponsor it. And for fuscks sake, spring for the bagpipes, boyo.


Most of us have lost someone along the way. Someone in our life who's time was up. What are they calling it these days? Your soul contract being terminated? Kind of an interesting New Age term for your "ticket got punched" isn't it? But if you happened to lose one close to you, I'm sorry. Can I get you anything? I'm here for you.

I think for us on this ride, the people we lose are divided into three categories. First, people you know who have no idea about the RV. 100% sleepwalkers. The gal at work. The mailman. Second, people you know who know you are in the RV and think you've lost your mind. The "call me when it comes in" crowd. The sock drawer sleepers. Family members who look at you with sad eyes as if you're destined for the Happy Home. If they were to pass, it would be more sad than the first group, but still similar to group 1.

Third you have your RV friends and family that are deeply rooted in the process along side you. Just conference call voices in the night and typed words with no context, but we know, they are much more than that. Dare I say, your brothers and sisters in arms? The ones you fought beside from behind your computer screen in your living room. Bond Lady comes to mind. I wasn't a part of that group but she was mourned as a fallen soldier by her companions. Well, in group 3 was my friend. My brother in arms. My compadre. My comrade. My tovarisch. My muchacho. Me mate. Me China plate.

And for this lone wolf to go out on that cliff under the full moon....to know that there will be one less howl in the night …..well, it makes you want to howl all the louder and wash it all down with a pint of Guinness. And hang your head and cry.

I guess I'm getting a taste what it feels like for the white knights and soldiers in this war who have lost their brothers and sisters. Didn't quite hit home until just now. So I'm sure no one will mind if we make a little room for them tonight at Paddys Pub. Just put their picture on the table.

And because the war is over and I want to believe there'll be peace in this promised land, I am going to raise a glass to the Black Knights who lost their comrades in the war. I think it's time. I think it's time to say "There is no I. There is no them. There's only us." There's only us....

Funny thing is, you can win the war after losing 99% of the battles. It's a possibility. So how much loss would come with a 99% losing streak. A lot, right? We here have all felt the bitter sting of battle. We've all tasted sweet victory and bitter defeat. This war and all it's many battles have been hell on ALL of us. But on the bright side, winners and losers, maybe it's the last war we will ever have to fight. Wouldn't that be nice?

There's a lone soldier on the cross
Smoke pourin' out of a boxcar door
You didn't know it, you didn't think it could be done
In the final end he won the war
After losin' every battle. - Bob Dylan

Somebody crack open a case of Jameson Irish Whiskey. It's getting a little heavy in here. And while I got the talking stick...here's my take on the Social Security asset. Whether you want it or not here goes. I don't care. If you want to buy into it, be my guest. The world is your oyster. You are big boys and girls. If you want to steer clear of it like a case of gonorrhea, feel free. You are big boys and girls. If you operators back in the park want to keep pushing it, sky's the limit. You are big boys and girls. Time to make your own decisions, everyone. Graduation day is over. Graduation was a month ago if you didn't know. Fly little birdies. Spread your wings and fly.

As for my brother Yosef, I'd like to talk to you about your Genitalia. I've got a bone to pick with you. I thought I heard last night that you will no longer be posting on IDC. I get it. But do you realize after the hundreds and hundreds of sitrep's and inspirational sermons you've given us, Genitalia will be what you are remembered for? Genitalia will be your swan song. Well maybe not the only thing you'll be remembered for, but it will be the last thing on peoples minds. The body of work you have given us is so impressive, it should be the 9th wonder of the world. That being said, is Genitalia what you want to *mic drop* on? Maybe one more to wash it down? Ironic, no? Tres funny, oui?

I catch every monologue of Stephen Colbert. In Yo's defense, Stephen has mentioned the pee pee tape more than once. In fact, he just got back from filming in Russia and visited the Pee Pee Room (presidential suite) and will be covering his trip all next week. fyi. So I would think even though only a handful of people in the entire world has seen the tape, it is a well-known rumor that it 100% exists. Wait, what?

Steven admits he has not seen it, so if these high up the ladder television executive/hosts have not seen the tape, what makes you think you Intel catfish will ever see it? Maybe instead of poo pooing every thing Y says, take that info and see if anyone else IN THE WORLD is also saying it. Proof? Have another Jameson on me.

Second bone to pick on Genitalia. The picture you chose…really? Of the hundreds of Georgia O'Keeffe paintings out there, you went with that one? Here's what I found in two seconds

Here's another one that took me three seconds

Here's my favorite which was taken from a Texas public school art class textbook. I love the censorshiped blackbox. I seriously cannot make that up. Georgia was a perv. Going to be dreaming about pastel VJs tonight.

And I've got a 3rd bone to pick about your Genitalia (I know it's a lot but don't stop me when I'm digressing). You say that President Trump has female genitalia. He's got lady plumbing in the undercarriage. And you say that he was born a woman? I'll bite. I've spent countless hours reading your script (that you just happened to leave all over the pub. Hey, worked for Good Will Hunting) over the years and I have no cause to doubt you. That being said, wouldn't that make Trump the first female President of these United States of America? Technically? Plumbing wise, we finally got our first lady president. Glass ceiling shattered. Age of Aquarius indeed. We did it!!

Say what you want, impeachment, resignation or sitting still, Donald J Trump will go down in history as the first female president of the USA. Let that get up all in your consciousness. Let that penetrate your mind for a while. You can have that one, SC. Too racy for CBS? But deep throat wasn't? I'll be watching. Showme, when it snows in Canada, can you see where the moose migrate? Are there moose knuckle tracks in the fresh snow?


Sorry guys if I'm laughing a bit too loud....if I'm a few Harps past where I should be. But my friend meant alot to me. We were going to meet up at the Veterans of Currency Wars Post 1111 and have fancy drinks with little umbrellas. Kinda working thru the pain here. Besides, this isn't a hush-hush *whisper* black suit and tie potluck at Nanas house asking "Are you going to be okay?". This is a down n dirty Irish, Gods-cop wake in a dusty pub that's seen more than its share over the years. And maybe in some way, we're all working thru the pain of the death of this cruel world. This cruel 3D world. And by "working thru the pain" I mean sending it's ass crossing over with a Guinness in my hand singing Danny Boy. Goodbye, cruel world… I don't think you'll be missed.

Thanks for the use of the pub, Paddy.

Bye bye, Star Lord. Star Lord, bye bye.

And that's the word.








"Danny Boy"

Oh Danny Boy, the pipes, the pipes are calling
From glen to glen and down the mountain side
The summer's gone, and all the roses falling
It's you, It's you, must go, and I must bide
But come ye back when summer's in the meadow
Or when the valley's hushed and white with snow
I'll be here in sunshine or in shadow
Oh Danny Boy, oh Danny Boy, I love you so
But if you come, and all the flowers are dying
And I am dead, as dead I well may be
You'll come and find the place where I am lying
And kneel and say an "Ave" there for me
And I will know, tho' soft ye tread above me
And then my grave will richer, sweeter be
And you'll bend down and tell me that you love me
And I will rest in peace until you come to me



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