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Monday, July 31, 2017

"Tonight's Word: Cheat Day" - Heisenberg - 7.31.17

Entry Submitted by Heisenberg at 4:04 PM EDT on July 31, 2017

Right now, she's probably up singing some White-trash version of Shania karaoke
Right now, she's probably saying "I'm drunk"
And he's a-thinking that he's gonna get lucky
Right now, he's probably
Dabbing on three dollars
Worth of that bathroom Polo
Oh, and he don't know
That I dug my key into the side
Of his pretty little souped-up four-wheel drive
Carved my name into his leather seats
I took a Louisville slugger to both head lights
I slashed a hole in all four tires
Maybe next time he'll think before he cheats - Carrie Underwood

And that brings us to tonight's word: CHEAT DAY

I am Hans and I am Franz and we are here today at Clarion CrossFit. Ya… It's the only chosen one gym in the tri-state area, Hans. Ya Franz, but as I look around I don't see any "chosen ones". Ya, Hans… all I see is "chosen one too many pies". Ya... They say these are the light workers. More like light beer workers, Franz. But don't get butt hurt little girlie man. Hear me later and believe me now…We are not here to tear you down… No, we are here to PUMP *clap* YOU UP! So you keep hitting those weights and remember it's cheat day, not cheat week. Good one Franz. Thank you Hans. If you work hard, chosen ones then maybe someday you will have massive pectoral muscles as big as ours. Ya, but don't bet the farm on it, little girlie man. I see that strudel and schnitzel sticking out of your backpack and it's just sad, Hans. Ya Franz...sad.

Ok, that's enough..give it up for Hans and Franz everybody. They are worth every penny of their appearance fee. Believe it or not they were a big thing back in the day. YUGE. Google it unless they got scrubbed already. Ya burnt. So Clarion CrossFit, eh? I like what you've done with the place. No commercials, no TVs, no infomercials. Just a bunch of people flipping tractor tires. What was this place? A waterbed store? Great space. Just needs a juice bar.

I see everyone's working hard on leg day. Putting in that spiritual time. Got those projects polished up. If you're like me, it's leg day every day. Can't put down that phone. Can't listen to any song without searching for the word. Can't read any sitrep without dissecting it a hundred ways. Can't watch any tv without looking for disclosure clues. Sorry, digressed. We're learning limits here. Taking on Haiti three days in? That is what you call gumption. And I wish I had a gallon of it sitting in my pantry. In service … Oh my God… Service and servitude. But more on that later.

How about the upper body? Are you doing some push-ups? Drinking lots of water? Eating right? Keeping away from all things fried? Grabbing some fruit when you can? Getting physical with the jazzercise, Olivia? Keeping your body healthy, family? I know those healing ships are coming but nobody promised you a healing ship, did they? Just like no one promised you a tomorrow. But no worries. It's all good now. Just keep the cheating for cheat day. That's what she said.

Body mind and spirit. You must stay healthy in each of these. Get the balance right. The mind? Pretty sharp… I now know what a quintillion versus quadrillion versus sextillion versus octillion are. Got that down even if calculator stops at 7 zeros. Spirit? Got it covered. Working out at Clarion CrossFit. Catching the calls. Bending the ear to listen for the word. Saying prayers before bed. Body? Could be better. I got my cheat day and workout days crissed crossed. How YOU doin? I wrote a post called "get on your boots." There's a thought that just the act of putting on running shoes gets your mind and body physically ready for action. I think I put Rocky in there drinking eight eggs and getting up at 4:44 in the morning to run. One of the nice things Ive discovered when I go for long walks or jogs is my mind opens up to downloads. I'm not thinking about my job or the gas bill or my piece of shit car. I'm only concentrating on not having a heart attack in the middle of nowhere to be eaten by wolves. That's probably why when I come back from a run I have a little more clarity about what to do next. You'd be surprised, some of them are heavy. In the outdoors and nature maybe the mind becomes an open channel to receive … If you choose that is. If you surrender your will to the will of God, that is. Get on your boots.

Service....there's only one place to go for that and that's Jesus. Just think of it, Jesus washed the feet of the whore. 10 whores. I know what you Bible thumper's are gonna say, *annoying voice * "Jesus didn't wash the feet of a whore, it was the disciples at the Last Supper." Yeah yeah yeah. But something inside tells me that he did, it just didn't make the book. And why would he wash them feet? Because he was not above serving his fellow man and woman. He came here to teach us that love is all and to serve is love. That is why he washed the disciples feet. As an example that even he was not above the most lowest job in society at the time. Did you know Peter refused to have his feet washed? It made him uncomfortable. At which Jesus said that if I don't wash your feet you are no longer with me. Oh snap! That's pretty hard-core Hesus. What if Jesus said "That's okay, sorry it makes you uncomfortable. I'll just move onto the next disciple. It's okay Peter go get a doughnut"? Negative, ghost rider. Because it was the last supper he knew he didn't have much time. He needed to show his disciples now... tonight this very important lesson of servitude. Serving is now what they will have to do in his name. So his time with them was short and he chose this as one of his last lessons. That's how important it was. I always did like the big splash.

So where does that bring us clarion cross fitters? Everybody stand up shoulder to shoulder. Look to your right, what do you see? I'll tell you what you see: You see Jesus AND his disciple. Yep. It's true. In this room Jesus spoke through many of you here. I heard it. I screenshot it just to look back and confirm. No it wasn't one person all the time. It was bits and pieces here and there but he was here. I hear Jesus thru uncle Yao on the calls. When I just want a caller to hang up and move on, he patiently digs deeper, peels the onion and touches people in a way that I never could. Damn if he ain't serving. Damn if he ain't washing those feet.

Was Judas there too? In the dinar Chronicles garden with us? Absolutely. More than one but that's a different story. But what we had was OWK who refused to wait to be kissed by Judas. He got them first didn't he? Puckered up and delivered. And he overthrew all those tables didn't he? But we needed the darkness to show us who we were. Who we are.

We've all spoke with the tongue of angels here in this room. And we've all held the hand of the devil in this room. And yes at times that comfort was warm in the night. Maybe.. just maybe… I found what I've been looking for.

As for each of us being a disciple? Well that's easy. Jesus was here giving us the word and soon we will take that word to his people. Plain and simple. Here's a thought tho, just as Jesus comes … Jesus goes. As he returns to his people where does that leave us disciples? Where will we go to receive his word? We all came to the garden for currency Intel but many of us found the word. With all our planes, vacations, cars and houses, when will we find a time to open yourself to the word after St. Patrick's Chapel has moved on? So for us thousand or so chosen ones plus all the other white hats and white nights, it's almost a sad time. If you think about it Jesus had 12 disciples the first go around so I think now the odds are in our favor. That's comforting.

Servant can be a dirty word can't it? Little too close to slave. Maybe it takes you back to that summer you parked cars at the country club. Those guys didn't tip for shit. Not even half those mothertruckers even said thank you. Some didn't even acknowledge you a person. You want me to go back to that? With all these zeros in my wallet? You smoking meth, Heis? Yes, yes and no, in that order. I have some thoughts on those mothertruckers. 1. Most are narcissistic psychopaths who could really give a a shit less. No fixing them. Hence, meek shall inherent the earth. 2. Some aren't even human. See princess Di. You will always be the peoples princess 3. Maybe it was part of the cabal philosophy to treat all who serve like shit. To train people that servitude is the worst of the worst jobs ever. Because if Jesus taught it, it must be bad for the cabal. Don't let that dirty trick work on us. We know how crappy it feels to be on the bottom rung, let's reverse that curse.

So let me guess what you're all thinking about now. I've spent my life serving the rich, working crappy jobs just to get nowhere. It's my time to be served. It's my time to get my nails done and my hair did. Gentlemen, it's your time to get that Porter house cut tableside isn't it? It's your time to have somebody carry your golf clubs, right? Custom tailored Italian suits, am I right? So Heis, you're telling me after waiting all this time you want me to get on my knees and wash the whores feet? You MUST be smoking that blue sky. You getting high on your own supply? Well guys, technically it's not me. It's Jesus talking. But I've heard it both ways. Don't shoot the radio.

The silver lining here is we don't have to get on our knees and pull out the Windex in the Brillo pad and sand down thoes nappy ass corns and bunions. Which is really good because I am a germiphobe worse than Adrian Monk. And I got a thing about feet… Not the good kind, ej. We are asked to be servants but we are given enough resources where we could do it at a distance. Cool right? Like a remote control car, we can sit back 40 feet away and with proper planning have your "go to" guy take care of everything you see wrong with the world. Hey I just passed a hitchhiker mile marker 88, send the crew to pick him up and get him back to shelter. Have a team of a couple security guys, psychiatrist, couple paramedics and a trailer in the back for his stuff. Problem solved. Grow that sapling till it can stand on its own. Amen. Have these support staffs all over. So my dears, 100 whores get their feet washed by resources given to you by the grace of God and you didn't break a sweat. You just happened to be clever about how the mercy got dispersed. I mean, wouldn't your conscience eat at you if you passed that hitchhiker and you left him stranded out there? Hotter than hades in the Arizona desert? Maybe someday thanks to you, they won't be hitchhiking or whoring. Or gambling. Or shooting up. Or thieving. Conscience can be such a pest, can't it?

Do you know sales is rooted in service? Nice thing about sales is it has a gestation period. Much like farming. You plant the seed you cultivate it and someday in the near future you harvest it. People that we are going to serve are not going to be those country club dickheads, but real down-to-earth grateful appreciative brothers and sisters. They are going to thank you with all their hearts. They are going to send you pastries and casseroles. They are going to cry in gratefulness. Because that is what appreciative people do. Nice work if you can get it.

Now it's okay to go pamper yourself. Clarion CrossFit wasn't easy. Some lost weight, some gained weight. Some are out of balance and some are perfectly balanced. But it's alright. It's alright to get your nails done and your hair did when we get called in. Get the platinum package at the spa. Cucumber on the eyelids, hot stone treatment down the spine, toasted coconut and lime pedicure, the Moroccan scalp experience. The works. Just skip the happy ending, it's business time. Unless it's your cheat day (Oh behave).

And that's the word


Ps EJ No worries, mate. Just had to run to Mars for little business. Those haters? They're not fooling anyone. Just dab on them.





The future needs a big kiss
Winds blows with a twist
Never seen a moon like this
Can you see it too?

Night is falling everywhere
Rockets at the fun fair
Satan loves a bomb scare
But he won't scare you

Hey, sexy boots
Get on your boots, yeah

You free me from the dark dream
Candy floss ice cream
All our kids are screaming
But the ghosts aren't real

Here's where we gotta be
Love and community
Laughter is eternity
If joy is real

You don't know how beautiful
You don't know how beautiful you are
You don't know, and you don't get it, do you?
You don't know how beautiful you are

That's someone's stuff they're blowing up
We're into growing up
Women of the future
Hold the big revelations

I got a submarine
You got gasoline
I don't want to talk about wars between nations

Not right now

Hey sexy boots...
Get on your boots, yeah
Not right now
Bossy boots

You don't know how beautiful
You don't know how beautiful you are
You don't know, and you don't get it, do you?
You don't know how beautiful you are

Hey sexy boots
I don't want to talk about the wars between the nations
Sexy boots, yeah

Let me in the sound
Let me in the sound
Let me in the sound, sound
Let me in the sound, sound
Meet me in the sound


Tonight's Word disclaimer: If you are easily offended by Obama being president, men or women of color in any position of power, black men in general or Yosef conspiracy theories please put on your blinders (hee hee) and swipe left now.

Don't believe them when they tell me
There ain't no cure
The rich stay healthy
While the sick stay poor
I, I believe in love - God Part 2

And that brings us to tonight's decree: I'LL SEE YOU IN HEALTH

Welcome tin foil faithful (another good band name) to a bonus edition. This one is for the clarion crowd. The trumpet troupe. The conspiracy cats. Just show your pies pass at the door. No there not will be a Stan Lee cameo, sorry. But here's a glimpse at the next Marvel movie.

It is Yosefs theory that Obama "made the switch" to Syrian commander when Obama came out in the tan suit and Twitter had a shit fit. Or maybe the announcement of the switch per se. This date was August 28, 2014. So as of this date, we had a galactic commander running the show. I'll bite. I always do. Hey now.

Less than 4 months later, Obama made his comedic debut on the Colbert Report. So if anyone is interested in watching the commander that has delivered us from evil (allegedly) in action, here you go. As Ruby says...enjoy.


So maybe we'll find out for certain someday whether the tan suit was a real thing or not. I hope so. I'd hate to think I bit at EVERY red herring dangled in front of my face. But it does make a nice "official" portrait.

Not bad comedic timing, sir. Not bad. And just in case you missed this one, here's a gem for the old earth scrapbook. A little forget-me-not when you're back home in your robe and slippers.

And that's the decree



"Girlfriend Is Better"

Who took the money?
Who took the money away?
It's always showtime
Here at the edge of the stage
I, I, I, wake up and wonder
What was the place, what was the name?
We wanna wait, but here we go again

I... takes over slowly
But doesn't last very long
I... no need to worry
Everything's under control
O - U - T but no hard feelings
What do you know? Take you away
We're being taken for a ride again

I got a girlfriend that's better than that
She has the smoke in her eyes
She's coming up, going right through my heart
She's gonna give me surprise
I think it's right, Better than this
I think you can if you like
I got a girlfriend with bows in her hair
And nothing is better than that (is it?)

Down, down in the basement
We hear the sound of machines
I, I, I'm driving in circles
Come to my senses sometimes
Why, why, why, why start it over?
Nothing was lost, everything's free
I don't care how impossible it seems

Somebody calls you but you cannot hear
Get closer to be far away
Only one look and that's all that it takes
Maybe that's all that we need
All that it takes, I'll bet it's right
All it takes, if it's right
I got a girlfriend that's better than that
And she goes wherever she likes (there she goes)

I got a girlfriend that's better than that
Now everyone's getting involved
She's moving up going right through my heart
We might not ever get caught
Going right through (try to stay cool) going through, staying cool
I got a girlfriend she's better than that
And nothing is better than you

I got a girlfriend that's better than this
But you don't remember at all
As we get older and stop making sense
You won't find her waiting long
Stop making sense, stop making sense...stop making sense, making sense
I got a girlfriend she's better than that
And nothing is better than this
(Is it?)



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