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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

"To All Using Fed Reserve Bank Accounts" by Reallucky1 - 7.11.17

Entry Submitted by Reallucky1 at 5:48 PM EDT on July 11, 2017

To all using the Fed Reserve Bank Accts:

I have learned from several videos that if you get a confirmation and later they reverse the charges, the bank has stolen that money as no money is reverted back to the Federal Reserve Bank. I do not know why it would reverse. I have had confirmations from the businesses I sent money. I called them directly after the payments have cleared, to make sure there end received the money. Call them up to confirm if you need that kind of reassurance, its your money and they should be happy they are getting paid.

Why are certain people having luck and others are not?

Good question, I believe they are flipping out at Fed Bank, as so many people are sharing my cheat sheets, my email is filled with questions, and I have helped answer some of them. I went and did a little further research after the post that I received yesterday to explain more. I have only had one reversal and that was from Paypal, where they could not verify and I believe that is where the problems lies. The Legacy Accounts held at the Federal Reserve Bank are being closed out and they are taken us into the TreasuryDirect system the new Treasury system.

After I received my Account Names and Case Numbers yesterday and started looking into this site and what I needed to do to get my Legacy Accts to be active and live on the TreasuryDirect site, I became very upset. There may be ten or 15 forms I have to get processed to be able to fully use my accounts. This is supposedly our remedy, from the Central Banks and government overreach we have experienced the last Century. As Judge Anna Von Reitzingers site, has laid out the cases and how she won the $279 Billion dollar lawsuit against these banks. The site is filled with so many different forms and information to do each transaction. Instead of just giving us the money sent to each American, we have to decipher the mountain of information on this site.

I am not a securities expert, and do very little stuff with treasuries, or even have the knowledge necessary to make these accounts work. I contacted two financial experts that are friends with my children, I am meeting them tonight to explain this stuff to me, and what I need to do to use the securities and the accounts held in my name with my information. Funny the Treasury Hunt portion of the site, was in maintenance yesterday, so I could not even access the information to put on these forms. This is so upsetting to me, as so many people will not follow through on the vast amount of mumbo jumbo on this site. If this is what our government considers REMEDY, to make us do all this massive amount of paperwork, and weed through reading file after file of instructions. This is not Remedy, this is a continued joke upon the people once more. This system is just not right, and the government for not just the overreach, for the people we trusted to enslave us further, we need to be handed checks or money transferred into each bank account. Because our government is now we the people, they are going to make us learn the crazy and confusing stuff that has enslaved us forever? I am determined and I know that my stuff will get up and running, because I am going to pay experts to figure out this system. I will try and use the companies payment system and pay directly out of the Federal Reserve Bank to these financial experts, if I can not do that, it will cost me money to figure out what the hell we are supposed to do to have full and complete access to OUR OWN MONEY. People say this is the Federal Reserve Banks money, bullshit we were traded as commodities and used as the collateral for the government only we had no idea.

Then on top of this we were drugged and poisoned, to make it even more confusing but now we are to go thru this maze, and figure out what the hell this system is good for, instead of just hooking us up in the first place. This is the reason we have been led astray to begin with confusing language and syntax to make it as difficult as possible, so lazy Americans will never figure this system out. You need to be a trader or have market experience to get thru the matrix, unbelievable. I guess they want us to head to the streets with pitchforks, to make the government understand, they are not going to be able to hold this money for long. I shared the information everywhere, I realized this is how we get back at the enslavers the Rothchild and Rockefeller et al, by accessing these accounts and using them to pay bills.

When I began to learn this new system, I realized its all done digitally. To think like a computer to make the accounts work. I could see when they linked up because it would actually lock in and make a gif on the screen. I was asked how specifically to get to the payment system, which I said in CAPITAL LETTERS to go to the company you owe money, the BILLS WEBSITE. Some of the debts like monthly recurring payments of electricity and insurance, were having a hard time being paid, how we got the system to work, was calling the company directly and giving over the telephone the information and then have them give you a confirmation. This does work and may be easier for some people. When I called I would tell the company I was having trouble with the online payment system and could they take the information over the phone to make the payment. This worked for me, just do not elaborate or give them too much information. When they asked for the bank I said FRB-DAL, chances are the people on the phone, have no idea what this code even stands for and they did not go look at the payment once it went thru the system where it would write out Fed Reserve Bank of Dallas. They asked if I would like a receipt sent to my email, I said yes and that was the just of the conversation. Just answer the questions you are asked with only the answer to get them to make the payment.

I have had two bills I can not pay, they were old debt and they were not in the system, one was sent to a collection system or credit bureau. I tried to pay and the man was an idiot truly, I told him if he did not give me an online ACH system that he would not receive the money, he said well he had to go verify the account, WHY? Its in collections, its over five years old, you are not getting the money if you do not let me pay with the ACH system so why not get your company some money, what was he protecting the Central banks? It was irritating to me, but I realized big deal its only a piece of paper and one idiot that does not get that we would not have the codes, if our defunct government did not want us to use the system, to be in your face to the Central Banks. I even tried calling the company that sent the information to this collection service, to try to get there accounts payable people to make the payment but they could not take it because they sold it to the collection agency to get some relief for the debt. Sound familiar? Exactly, what the government did to us. I learned real fast that if they will not take the payment, its on them as being uninformed or just another puppet to the banking services of this country. If you can not make it work and you have tried everything to earnestly take care of the payments, then the debt is now on them until our accounts are liquid, and I can walk into the company or send a payment they will be happy with.

Every single account was trying to get me to pay with a debit or credit card, to make money for Visa or Mastercard or one of the other major cards. They want us to stay under their thumb, and not to experiment or get full access to these accounts. I just started laughing the debt is old anyways, in two years it will fall off the system completely, why not take the payment and be happy you collected anything? I just decided its like the 3D and 5D world we live in, some people are very helpful and go out of there way to help, others act like bullies. The second you do not want to do something the way they want it to happen, they act as if they have some power or control over you and your money. I call them the clueless. Do not worry about the creditors you did not pay, its the ones you did pay that will make you feel wonderful.

Truly we could just wait until full disclosure where every single contract in the old 3D broken down system will be removed along with every single contract that went with the old regime. They are "null and void" contracts because we were not given all the information, nor did we know we were paying things twice (fraud). SO when they wont take the FED money, they are just dumb because they will get nothing, just like how the last call ended. I am trying to pay debt that was incurred illegally to begin with and you wont take the payment unless I use a credit card, the idiot alarm starts blaring. Leave the negativity with the old system, because full disclosure is coming then these contracts and our credit ratings are to be wiped clean anyways.

I guess this new Treasury site is what they think is the relief, its just more madness along with everything else. When I get the accounts on the new site working, and I will because I am paying people to do so, I will let you know what I did to make them work in easy to comprehend instructions. The old confusing use as much legal ease and syntax of language to make it confusing for all of us. I will get the answers we need, but the people I told about the system, they are professionals and they had no idea about this website TreasuryDirect. Shows you how the secrets they kept, will now come back to haunt them.

I hope this explanation explained a little, the key to all of this is persistence and never giving up. If you pay off credit cards you can get cash advances on the credit cards, which several people I have helped are doing. Just do not give up and if you get frustrated get away from it and come back later. Fresh eyes and minds get more done, and you have a break to think about why the payment did not work or why it was reversed. I have tried so many different things and experimented and I think it is why I am having success. Like I said yesterday, the ACH or wire check echeck system is nothing more than an online payment system, you will never speak with the company about the transaction. If anything you will get an email saying why they did not work, or thank you for your payment. When I have more information you will be the first to know, as I will post it on this site.





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