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Friday, July 7, 2017

TNT Showtime CC w/ RayRen98 Cliff Notes by Sunny 7-7-17

(Cliff Notes by Sunny):

Replay: 641.715.0623, PIN CODE 409029#


Ray: Today is FANTABULOUS FRIDAY! It’s Friday. Good things happen on Friday. The text said, “things are shaping up and I can’t wait to hear more.” That’s from the intel sources across the pond. Things are mysteriously quiet for the “good stuff.” The stuff you can sink your teeth into and say this is good date. I can work with this.

Still waiting on information about the data cards. Not a surprise we have found some citizens who know nothing about the data card and that it exists. And other citizens who are very aware of it. . . Hard to find solid information on it.

For instance, on the CBI site, . . the $1.20 information – sometimes it’s there and sometimes it isn’t. The ration card going out is going to have 1,000 dinar on it. If you look at the 1.2 rate that puts it in the .80 cent bracket. . . only have $800 some on it. To me comes out $830 and make the rate of 1.2 effective for calculation purposes. We await updates on that information.

Everybody who is somebody are saying Mosul is completely liberated (Others are not) . . . (Abadi) he said it, but did not proclaim it. Our information is he says it isn’t so, until he “proclaims” it is so. We await the proclamation. There are news articles today that suggest Mosul is now liberated and the PM may make an . . . announcement or proclamation about Mosul maybe made today.

Still awaiting information on the release of the escrow accounts. Many of us thought the revalue is waiting on the release of those escrow funds.

The bank memo’s actually stated to look for activity taking place on Thursday (yesterday). Privately it’s no telling what some banks are doing. It may materialize just previous to us partaking in certain activity.

We are waiting for the green light of the public release of the RV.

CURRENT WINDOW: Ray: Bank expectations are from last night through July 15th.

IRAQ: Abadi said he would “PROCLAIM” the liberation of Mosul and until he says it, it is not so. Ray is waiting on Abadi’s “proclamation.” Caller: Recent posting on PM Abadi’s website in last few hours, meeting with leaders, “where they welcome . . .liberate the entire territory.”

CBI new website has 1.2 rate that shows intermittently.

Mosul- many news articles out that Mosul has been liberated.

Escrow Funds: still unknown if they were released to Iraq.

New Data Cards: Some citizens are aware of these and some are not.

Removing the 3 zero’s will only affect currency inside Iraq. There a 25,000 note will become 25 but their purchasing power will be increased upwards. Outside Iraq, a 25,000 note will still be exchanged as 25,000.

G-20 Summit Ray does not feel is a distraction.

Banks: Expectations are last night through the July 15th.

EXCHANGING: A 25,000 Iraq note will exchange in the US as 25,000 value. After the RV, a database of banks who will be exchanging Dinar will be posted at: www.tntsuperfantastic.com

Q & A: TNT Forum

– Dinner get together Sat. evening in Oakland, CA. Will it be a pre or post RV event? Ray: I’m thinking it will be a post RV event. Who knows when we get together we might be saying something different. . . or still patiently waiting.

– Do we need to get a bank representative to sign our deposit slips and get a clean and clear certificate for the funds? Ray: The bank gives you a receipt for the deposit slip. That is a verifiable document you have on deposit X amount of dollars. I don’t guess it will hurt to ask. I don’t know of any legal significance that will have over and above the document (deposit slip). The clean, clear certificate is a personal choice if they have one.

– Do you think this is a good time for the RV to happen? Re: G-20 summit. Ray: Sure!

– I will not sign a power of attorney to give others authority over my funds/entity. Ray: You can have officers of the entity who will have power to sign checks but not have (other powers) and bonds put on them to help alleviate concerns of them running away with the money.

– If a trust can do everything a corporation can do why a corporation” What is the difference? Ray: Let me give you an example. If you want to live in a house, you have two choices. You can get your own house or ask to live in my house. In my house you will live according to my conditions. If your living in your self house, nothing I say has any affect.

– If ZIM is a bond how will that affect taxes? Ray: I don’t know. Something you can ask your tax representative and I’m not sure they would know initially.

– Many different kinds of notes for Afghanistan currency. Do you know which are exchangeable? Taliban took over in 1996. Ray: From what I remember . . . we came to the conclusion the 2002 and higher, 1000 note was the one to have. That’s what the banks were exchanging on – the rate wasn’t what we wanted it to be, but that’s what they (bank) were accepting.

– Is Iraq waiting on a group, entity? Ray: The RV for me is Iraq revaluing their currency. All the other countries is what I call the GCR – Global Currency Revalue. Are the other countries waiting for Iraq? Are they controlling all the other countries? Some countries have revalued their currencies. But the ones that will be a very, very, very big difference – they haven’t taken place yet.

– RE: RV strategy mentioned on the last call. How much POST RV IQD would you recommend buying? Ray: Depends on your goals and aspirations.

– Do you believe the RV is to follow right away after the announcement of the liberation of Mosul? Ray: Yes, I am of that belief because that’s what the citizens were told. “When Mosul liberated, IMMEDIATELY comes increased purchasing power, etc.” Within hours, not days. That is the belief and the expectation. The word “immediately” was used.

Q & A: Callers

– Recent posting on PM Abadi’s website in last few hours, meeting with leaders, “where they welcome . . .liberate the entire territory.” Does Parliament need to do something and then Abadi proclaims it? Ray: I have no idea. That has not been communicated as far as procedures of that nature. They only say, “It’s done. It’s done, it’s done, it’s done.”

– Only can exchange in Reno? Go there in person? Ray: That’s false. You’ll have to find a bank that does foreign currency exchange. If we (on this website) do not provide it for you, you’ll have to find one on your own. We have 52 we can tell you about. You’ll have to pick and choose to exchange. . . There are a whole lot of us going to exchange and not be part of a group.

– Post RV do you have suggestions where to hold our funds? Overseas? Ray: Look into all avenues of that. See what others are doing. A wealth manager, personal banker will have some direction on that. Listen to it and see if it fits your plans for future growth of your money. . . Then there will be other opportunities for people who want to learn about other areas of investment. We will have people who will talk to us about off-shore. We don’t have to rush to do this. It will be a systematic process. Learn, take some time and learn more. Put some money here . . . and over here. I am going to be pro diversification. Everyone should diversify, diversify, diversify. . . Bank will assign a wealth manager to you. (Ray said learn from them but he would not automatically follow what they said. Remember there are certified wealth/assett management firms and people independent of banks)

– Taking off the 3 zero’s – My 25,000 dinar note will be adjusted to 25? Ray: Not yours. The ones in Iraq.

– How do I access those 52 banks? Ray: After the public release of the RV go to www.tntsuperfantastic.com and they will be posted there.

RAY’S CLOSING STATEMENT: Friday afternoon there is another news broadcast for Iraq this evening. Maybe something will be in that 11 o’clock time frame. Come out then that will give us a clear indication of what to look forward too.

Looking to hear more information . . .making it an exciting weekend and throw us into an exciting reality for next week. We know where we are basically and awaiting final announcements . . . and await to see what happens next. We are on the way. Headed there and we are close. That is what I believe on this FANTABULOUS FRIDAY. (played “I Believe.”)



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