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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

TNT Showtime CC w/ RayRen98 Cliff Notes by Sunny 7-5-17

(Cliff Notes by Sunny):

Replay: 641.715.0623, PIN CODE 409029#


Ray opened by playing the full version of “Pomp and Circumstance” (graduation song) followed by fireworks.

Ray: Let’s get the sad info out of the way first. Just have come off celebrating the 4th of July but for some of us it will always be a sad reminder. Wisdom1 lost his brother over this holiday time frame. Sally Gray lost her life over the holiday and Tony, my brother, his mother-in-law passed. It’s in the forum. Those who want to send cards and condolences to Tony, it’s there for you.

Now, onto something that will uplift us. Monday we were addressing the National Celebration that was to take place. . . it did in fact take place. There was no official announcement of MOsul. ISX reported at 1 to 1. Since that report the approval of the ration cards at 1,000 dinar came out.1,000 dinar at the program rate amounts to .87. (chuckle) I’m going to give you a ration card and there is only $1.00 purchasing power on it. However if it’s 1 to 1 on the card, that is a big difference. Waiting to hear from recipients of the ration card and put two and two together and see what kind of mathematics is the result.

US News is projecting Mosul will be completed by the end of the week. Iraq info says less than a square kilomter remains.

We’ve been following Iraq. They can’t cough without everyone knowing it. That’s how close it’s being followed.

Memo’s coming out of the US banking system again. If you know a banking person or wealth manager ask them about the memo’s. Some members did that and the manager’s wanted to know how they knew about the memo’s.

Received several reports over the July 4th that (bank) memo’s did come out indicating sometime this week. (Clarification about half way through the week – did not understand it and will go back and re-listen)

Ray: Received several reports over the July 4th that (bank) memo’s did come out indicating sometime this week. . . I have nothing saying Friday . . .just 10 for 10 for this week.

Ray: Yes, everybody but the PM of Iraq, is saying Mosul is liberated. The US news saying we expect full liberation of Mosul by the end of the week. Iraq military reporting less than a square kilometer to go. How much longer will it take for that to happen? And US banks giving notices be ready for something to happen this week. US information saying “this week.” Iraq side saying “this week.” I can’t go on anything else . . . “This week.” I can’t find any postponing information. I can’t find anything but information for “this week” on both sides.

IRAQ: Ray: PM Abadi has not made the official announcement . . . proclamation of the liberation of Mosul and until he says it, according to him, it is not done yet. Everybody has made references to Mosul being liberated but not the Prime Minister yet.

Mosul: still neighborhoods of resistance.

Rates/Currencies: ZIM: Ray says it’s a “piece of paper representing a dead currency.” When exchanging just refer to it as ZIM and let the bank tell you if they are going to exchange it as a bond or currency. You want the highest rate. Dong: Ray has no information that it will float. Iraq Dinar: Ray: When Iraq says we are the richest country in resources . . . it only goes to reason it would have the highest value in currency. . . It’s currency will reflect that eventually, somewhere along the line, surpassing Kuwait.

Banks: Ray received several reports over the July 4th holiday that (bank) memo’s did come out indicating sometime this week.

Exchange Centers: if it’s not a bank, make sure who you are doing business with.

800 Numbers: Nothing official yet about the release of 800 numbers to make appointments to exchange, but Ray say’s he’s not worried about it as he has contingency plans if they do not come out. As we all should have as we have been educated previously on this.

EXCHANGING: Ray: What’s the avg. rate of return on a passbook account or money market? If the return is .5 or .25 percent – and the bank says during exchanging if you’ll leave it with us we’ll put it in a 3 -4 percent bracket. . . that’s going to sound good, because you have not heard anything better . . .YET! But it might have in the contract you will leave it there 3-5 years. That is going to sound like a darn good deal and you jump on it. AND THEN you hook up with the network and learn there is 6, 8, 12% deals out here and you have committed to 3% for 5 years. 3-4% is a lot of glitter, but 9, 10, 15% that’s Gold! Take your time. You don’t have to rush to invest anywhere, with anyone.

You can’t do that on exchange day. Your head is already swollen. Go home and let it sink in and then jump on the network to see what is circulating out there. The offer that might have blown your mind has now become despicable.

The RV is not the thing. It’s just the gateway to the thing. The thing some of you won’t realize until it hits you.

Q & A: TNT Forum
– Is the ZIM a bond or a currency? Ray: All I know is it’s a piece of paper of a dead currency. I know what you have heard and what I have heard. I’m not in a position to tell you what it is until I have done something with it. if you have some hold onto it. Whatever happens, happens. I don’t think you will have the opportunity to choose what you want to have happen to it. Some information out that you might be able to and . . . on the off chance it is correct you can capitalize on that.
– How is the payout for a bond different than a currency exchange? Ray: That too remains to be seen.
– If we take the contract rate before the meetings by the task force will we have a chance to renegotiate bank perks? Ray: If the perks are based on money you leave parked at the bank you can do that at a later time (past exchange time) or redo it. If the perks are a condition of exchange that is a different situation.
– We still 10 for 10 for this week?. Ray: YES! I have nothing saying Friday . . .just 10 for 10 for this week.
– Should we just say exchange this currency? Ray: That’s all I intend to do. Not going to get caught up in IQN, IQD, VND, etc. I’m not going to get caught up in the word games.
– A paymaster says to not include the ZIM with currencies. Ray: Let’s say we do that and it didn’t matter. I don’t think it’s hurting anything to say, “have X number of currencies and ZIM.” Put it on them.

Q & A: Callers

– It’s shown up in the American press and British press what Abadi has been saying (about what will happen after the liberation of Mosul) What are we needing to look for when he says Mosul is liberated? Press, TV? What are your people saying? Ray: They are not. They don’t know how to deal with this one. All they can say is, ‘it’s done, it’s done.’ . . .there are neighborhoods caught up in the cross fire . . . maybe when they have finished this last maybe he will come out and say (make a statement) . . .Things are happening around that announcement so when it’s made things will pop out like a house of cards. I don’t have any official information stating that.

RE: US granting Iraq funds to rebuilt Mosul. Q. – If they are going to rebuild they wouldn’t even need that would they? Ray: I don’t know. If another country is offering it, doesn’t mean they need it. . . a catastrophe happens at your home and you have insurance. Someone offers you $100,000 to rebuild your not going to turn it down. What will you do with that extra $100,000? You will find away to put it to use. 

– Website quoting the 1 to 1 (1:1) ration? Ray: The Iraqis stock exchange, ISX. People following the stock exchange were calculating the 1:1, not that I am saying that.
– What cities in Texas are going to (???)? Ray: Dallas and Houston
– Heard you play the graduation march and fireworks. We are still on a ??? basis Ray: Yes, everybody but the PM of Iraq, is saying Mosul is liberated. The US news saying we expect full liberation of Mosul by the end of the week. Iraq military reporting less than a square kilometer to go. How much longer will it take for that to happen? And US banks giving notices be ready for something to happen this week. US information saying “this week.” Iraq side saying “this week.” I can’t go on anything else . . . “This week.” I can’t find any postponing information. I can’t find anything but information for this week on both sides.
– Caller and Ray discussed strategy to use the ISX with the currency to leverage. (I have to relisten slowly to put it in here. If somebody else got it please PM me – Sunny
– Ray: For the Dong . . . some people say there is a contract rate for the Vietnamese dong. Supposedly it will be a rate it will never get to on it’s own. I’m all in on that one. If the regular rate is $1.00 and contract rate is $15, it’s unlikely the $1.00 rate will grown to $15. Each currency will have a different scenario. The Dong is already international and traded. No indicators to me that the market will blow it up because everyone want’s a piece of it. So if contract rate of $15 I’m all in. If it’s a basic rate of $1.00 I’m probably still going to be all in because I’m expecting the Iraq dinar to move up and not expecting the dong to move up.

The $2.00 dinar I’m expecting to move up so I’m going to take the money I received from exchanging the dong and buy the $2.00 dinar (expecting the dinar to appreciate even more.) Kuwait went up in 8 – 9 days. Hedge funds grabbed it and drove it up . . .we are going to ride that wave. Iraq has said “our currency will be able to stand up to $16.00.” I don’t hear any other currency getting this kind of conversation. Don’t hear any other country saying this kind of things. . . How many times have we heard Vietnam saying we’re going to increase the value of this currency and increase your purchasing power? I heard it everyday on Iraq. A lot of the things the Iraqi government has promised their citizens have been fulfilled. It remains that the rest of their promises will be fulfilled too. Not hearing that about Indonesia or Chinese Yuan. if anything I’m hearing these other countries are suppressing their currencies. Over here hearing that about silver . . . been suppressed here for years.

Anybody on the internet can say anything. Some of the most ridiculous things being said on the internet about currency holders. And some of you believe it. I’m going on true information, as true as it can be, and then applying the law of practicality to it.

I’ve had members cry and be upset because I told them something that was in print 10-15 years ago. That they did not know. Just means you haven’t learned enough to know it’s real, if it’s real.

Back to the Dong thing. I would be doing the same thing with the Rupiah. etc.

Same Caller: Trust is for asset protection or income – Ray: It’s an entity just like any other entity – asset protection . . .income production. Do the same things a corporation can do as an entity.

Same Caller: Personal trust does not have to be registered anywhere? Ray: It can do the exact same thing that corporations can do. Treated equally. Get money, spend money, get sued. It’s an entity. A trust can do anything that a corporation can do BUT a corporation cannot do anything a Trust can do. A trust that is not statutory. Statutory trusts do not have the same flexibility as non-statutory trusts. You use it for life style protection . . . life style living.


I don’t have anything else to say to you. We are just waiting. From 1:2 and how it will be applied and waiting to hear from Iraq citizens, what they are seeing, hearing. Have they started distributing the ration cards yet and what can citizens buy with them. With .87 cents unless it represents more than .87 cents. Time will tell. We are waiting to know when. I think time is up and I think you thin so too. We are waiting to know when it (rate) kicks in or has it already?

Those who have it, feel it, see it and let us know. When we find out, you will find out. Question today is, “What do you believe.” (played “I Believe.”)



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