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Sunday, July 23, 2017

"The Reality of Mr. Magoo" by Victor - 7.23.17

Entry Submitted by Victor at 6:49 AM EDT on July 23, 2017

"Quincy Magoo (or simply Mr. Magoo) is a cartoon character created at the UPA animation studio in 1949. Quincy Magoo is a wealthy, short-stature retiree who gets into a series of comical situations as a result of his extreme near-sightedness, compounded by his stubborn refusal to admit the problem. However, through uncanny streaks of luck, the situation always seems to work itself out for him, leaving him no worse than before."

Now if you grew up in the 50's and 60's you remember him and you laughed at the ...."Miracles".....in his life.......because you did not believe ......"REAL LIFE"......was like that, when it ...."WAS". Yes, .......you where Mr Magoo and still are. The Cabal disclosed to you the secrets of realities and how they manifest and operate. They told you more than 60 years ago how everything operates........but they told it to you in a cartoon, in a Fantasy setting. So YOU would not believe it........Yet it was disclosed to you if you could see it and believe it.

But since you where completely under the spell of the Matrix you did not know that you had agreed to accept a contract where through your Free Will you can experience anything you want.......since reality is Flexible and magical and operates for you like it did for Mr Magoo. His life worked ......."Every day and in Every way".......because he said so. He put his interpretation on Reality and said this is real for me. ..........and so it was and so it is still.

He created the experience that made him Feel good. Now what happens to you when in your day or your RV reality things do not add up? When what you where told is real puts you in conflict and makes reality non-congruent for you. Well.........if something does not add up for you, or it does not take you to the ultimate time line that you want to experience.........then it is not real for you. You need to chose or be ....."BLIND".....to what you do not want too experience.

You are Mr Magoo........you are the creator of your experience by taking what resonates for you and saying that is ........"REAL"......Mr Magoo always said what was real for him. He did not see what did he did not believe to be True. So it has to be for us. If one Intel provider conflicts with another does it really matter to you? That is the question that you think is real.......when it is not. That is a programed mind set that your ........"handlers" .....programed into your software of reality, simply because they said so and you never questioned it. You accepted on Faith when you should have discerned through wisdom, which you now are doing.

You see.....in a way you do have to have extreme ......."Creation Near-sightedness"........like Mr Magoo showed through example. Meaning you only take what Resonates and leave the rest. ......."That is the Secret of Life"......... The Ultimate "Secret" that the Cabal did not want you to figure out, yet they had to tell you the Secret and they did. But since they where on the Life path of Service to Self, they had to deceive you First and tell you the Truth at the same time. But they did it in a very cunning way that you did not understand. They did it this way since they operated on in a Free Will zone like we do.

You had to choose. Like you have to choose everyday what you say ....."what".....is real for you.

So you will choose everyday of your life and take what resonates and what does not for You. Your ultimate destination in Life is what ever you say it is or what ever you want to create. That is your ....."Hidden Power".......and what you where never supposed to be able to find out. But now you know. If you found out that you had to go through Life like Mr Magoo, then you are ..........."FREE AT LAST".......and you have the Secret of the Game. You can escape and you can manifest what ever you want to experience in Reality, which you are already doing and have always been doing. You just did not know it.

Mr Magoo only saw the world he wanted to be in. So it has to be for All of us. The conflicts in realities, in logic, in so called facts and the always the "out there" Illusions that Mr Magoo "never saw"......that is how we need to operate. So you have to..... "never accept" ......what does not resonate with you. See it and drop it.

Now.......if you don't have the Mr. Magoo faith you will still be under the mind control of the Cabal. Meaning.........you still believe that you ....."Lack Power".........when you don't. The Cabal knew and believed you did ....."NOT lack power". They believed so much, that they created a whole life around living of ....."your Creative Energies"......that is how powerful we are.

All that you really are is very real for the Cabal. They believe in YOU and will fight to the death to keep you. That is how valuable you are. They see no lack in their life goals and what is real for them. They believe in You and need your power so much that their whole life depends on it. In fact YOU have so much power that you can even keep the illusion of the Cabal alive and create the deception of Lack in yourself. You have so much power that you can even believe that you have no power. That is how much Free Will you have.

So when you say that the reality of Mr Magoo is not real and does not work. You are then in fact agreeing to believe a lie that not even the Cabal believe in. They know it is was only propaganda that was fed to you your whole life to keep you in prison. So you can escape at any time. You do have power.

You do not need any outside power or person to tell you what is real. If you let Intel providers upsets you. Makes you cry or makes you mad, then.... you are still looking at realty .......NOT ....like Mr Magoo, but as a slave and mind control victim of the Matrix. You just have to change your "meanings" and what you say is Real. So what do you want? You can escape depending on others to create your Reality. You in fact do not need anyone. You just think you do. You have to be....."blind enough" .....to ignore what are only crossing and conflicting time lines that show up in your world.

The crossing time lines or conflicting stories or conflicting experiences only mean that you are at a ......."cross road".......a point of where you have to decide in what you really believe. You have to then only chose like Mr Magoo and have the experience that you want to have. You want the RV.......you can experience the RV. Now when you see conflict and facts that do not add up.........."So what!".....

What do you care? They are only choices that are coming up asking You.......what is real for you. Just take the next step and what your ultimate goal is and your Ultimate desire will manifest the next solid ground under your foot. So it has to be .........'Indeed"......for you are the Creator who is always saying what is.... "REAL"...... The conflicting options are just asking for confirmation to make sure you still want to experience your ultimate goals. Conflicts are just double checking with you to see if you want to proceed.

You do not have to understand what does not resonate or what you should be blind too. Mr Magoo did not eve see his obstacles or another reality, since he simply said; ......"that is not real for me." ........and so it was. He had it easy and so do you.........if you say it is easy. You do not have to analyze and try to figure out how come two conflicting Intel providers can both be telling the Truth. They both are telling the Truth, .......or not. It just depends on which Brand of ......"Truth ".....you want to experience. The one of lack or abundance. Which path are you goignto take. What do you "want" to believe?

You can take either road through Free Will one of where what you want to experience happens or one where it does not. You chose and decide. So there is never any conflict in realty since there are many relate options available for you. It is that simple and that sane and that ......."Real"........Real is what you choose to see. Like Mr Magoo.....nothing is dictating your Realty to you except you, since there are an infinite number of options to always chose. So choose what brings the most JOY for you and stay in your Creative power.

The Ultimate goal is what you hold in mind and let that carry you. The only details and facts that support your goal are real for you. All else are just other options that you are just not taking at this time, since they do not feel good and do not bring JOY. That is the only choice you have to take. In fact..........you can have one Intel provider who in your time line or choices says one thing and then in another time line the same Intel provider can say the opposite thing for others on a differetn path.

You can choose within such a wide range of options. Now you do not have to prove this to be True for you, that both conflicting options exist..........because you could not experience both at the same time and believe both to be real.

What is real is what you say it is. Like Mr Magoo..........only see what brings you to your goals and ignore the conflicting options that are only asking if you still want to reach your goal. So when you say ......"Yes I do".......by simply ignoring what does not resonate..........then you know you are still on your way and on the right time line. How simple is that.

Much Love Victor.



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