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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by PinkRoses 7-18-17

Thank you PinkRoses for sending your notes. ~ Dinar Chronicles



Bruce: Welcome Everyone to the Big Call. Thank you all in tuning in tonight. I hope this is our last call for a while. We have been hoping that for a few weeks for awhile. We are hearing some very cool things. We are going to talk about that. We tend to start with Iraq

Bruce: Iraq issued Qi cards to their citizens, and dual citizens. Those have had another increase in pay and back pay on Sunday. That is very positive. I don’t know what the actual rate of the dinar is. I heard roughly where we might be. Iraq is paying their citizens more on those cards now than they ever have. When are we going to see the new Iraqi dinar rate posted on CBI or on a Forex site? I can’t tell you. I have a feeling it will come as soon as we get started with our exchanges. I think it will come pretty much the same time. That is something we can look forward to.

Bruce: Yesterday this was the wording used to me “Iraq had divorced themselves from the USD, the USD fiat currency. They are waiting for the USN, the new asset back currency we have in the wings. I don’t know when they will be released or exactly what they are waiting for. The fact we have that and that should be coming fairly quickly in order to do business in Iraq and elsewhere in the world. The USN and the TRN is or will be gold back. We are looking for the proof of that. That is what Iraq is waiting for as well.

Bruce: They celebrated that they got a new office for the IMF in Bagdad. They celebrated that yesterday. Announcements made to that effect. Don’t know when we will get a final announcement of the rate of the dinar. Probably will be coming after we are notified. Don’t hold your breath for an announcement. A lot of things we heard will just go and get done and nobody will be looking for an announcement in some cases.

Bruce: Redemption Centers have been sent memos recently to tell them there is sort of a reworking of personnel and security in which personnel, staff been added or moved from location to location, and security being repositioned and enhanced. All taking place today, and suppose to finish up sometime late tonight.

Bruce: Not only all the Redemption Centers but all Tier 1 and Tier 2 banks that will be involved in the actual exchanges and ZIM bond redemptions, all those banks have the new rates available to them on the back screens. People in the banks and Redemption Centers access those rates on back scenes with a certain access code or password to see those new rates. All the rates are all live at this time. That is good because for a long time all were on except for the ZIM and Iranian Rial. Now we understand those are populated and are on the screens.

Bruce: Basically in a nut shell, everything is done and ready. Everything is complete. For what we understand nothing else we are waiting for except the notification. Banks are set for release, and we understand the lead bank intends to do that and should be doing that very shortly.

We actually thought it would happen over the weekend, but did not happen. Then Monday for the concept not concerned, but he middle of the week on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday be the idle time for the release. That is what we are expecting for. They have been trading these currencies on the back screen with the traders in the world. We should be notified for the 800 toll free number pretty soon. It is good.

Bruce: Regarding the NDA it is only 1 and ¾ page for the basic NDA. Anything above a screen rate an NDA would be needed. Something you would need to sign an NDA for is if you negotiate anything above the screen rate. You do have flexibility on the Dinar, Dong, Rial and ZIM. The ZIM is a bond and has far more value then we have been led to believe in the past. You have some leverage there and ability to privately negotiate a rate above the screen rate.

Bruce: When you do that you can also think in terms of any humanitarian project you might be interest in. You should have a plan for that before you go in. If you have a project of your own, have a short 3 page maximum outline what it is you want to talk about. Not a 100 page plus business plan. A simple bullet point outline that explains what it is you plan to do in employing certain number of people, create longevity with you project, infrastructure, and create jobs. Those are the main areas they will be interested in negotiating a higher rate.

Bruce: The structure payouts are an option, not an absolute necessity. You do not have to take it. I personally like it especially for ZIM, for the god account. I like it that I will have a 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 year option pay outs. You don’t have to choose that on your immediate first appointment for your currency exchange. You don’t have to make that decision until you meet with your private banker after the exchange. If you do know you want to do it, they can give you some details.

Bruce: The NDA increase to as much as 4 pages total with the addition of the structure payout and terms and conditions they would entail. Not a big deal. They don’t want you discussing the rates of your exchange or any rates for any return, or percentage of return you would earn on your money. Those rates should be kept private to you as well. The NDA would restrict conversation in those areas. Other than that I do not think you will be super restricted. We will see. You will know when you read it what you can do and cannot do.

Bruce: What we plan to do is use Rebuild America as our number one flagship program as well as the Veterans Retreat Network. More new to the Big Call is Rebuild America program.
I love the idea of everyone working together throughout the United States. I have asked for at least 5000 to particularly throughout the United States to adopt a town, city, community claiming those areas throughout the United States that need some help such as housing, infrastructure, health clinics, recreation centers, community gardens, any number of things that we will be doing. Also normal infrastructure such as roads, bridges, railway, internet, all that needs to be up graded.

Bruce: How do we get started and what do you want me to do? This is the best plan for right now. Canvas the area we are talking about such as a city. Drive around and see what has been run down, vacant lots, or if there is an old manufacturing plant or old school not being utilized. How can we repurpose that? Make it something again? Is there something that can go in there that is the 21st century that we can utilize and revitalize? Create jobs, rework, restore, and rebuild that old building or recycle it? That is an area of importance. Is there a business industry that can come back and reutilize that existing area?

Bruce: Another thing is what we would do is basically in 6 months or so we will have a template you can take ideas from that we would put out on our new website. This is an area we want you to consider for your city, town, and community. We will have a list of ideas, examples you can plug right into. You just take a look and see how we can make that happen. We will have the how to on our website: thebigtcall.net

Bruce: Rebuild America is not a short term fix, but a long term program. Maybe we will see some results in 6 months to two years. I will be assembling teams of leaders by region who is interested in aqua ponics, building trades get togethers. Whatever area is needed for the rebuilding. Architects, design people, all these trades and professions will be organized so they can come together regionally for these projects in various parts of the country. Then we will have some sort of national get together too. Get leadership with teams. We will do a lot on online and on calls, but I think to get some region get togethers too.

Bruce: What I am thinking is even in Oklahoma the state has a program if you graduate from high school, the state will fund two years of community college for you. That is a nice start for advance education. Community college can deal with liberal arts degree, prep college, also the two year degree. Also have these programs for the trades we need such as plumbers, electricians, carpenters, a lot of the trades involved in this program,

Bruce: We will work with some of the general contractors, the builders on housing, clinics, schools, whatever the contractor position is in building it. We want to help these youths, 18 years and older, could be 16 and older, where they want to learn a trade and earn while they learn. Why can’t we work directly with the community colleges and trade schools throughout the country and fund the two year program for these people or anybody willing to learn and earn while they learn. Cover the education of a two year program and create so they have a certain amount of time on the job site to learn.

Bruce: This is where the apprenticeship comes in. They need builder helpers. We can fund that thru the trade program, and also pay the student. You have study time, and lab time. Study time at the college level, and practical on site work experience. We pay a decent wage while they are learning as they are doing. Earn as you learn. I think it has merit. What you want to do is look around. I pick a town. Where are the community colleges we can partner with, and trade schools we can partner with? See what is available that we can plug into. See what the costs are, and we can hire people to be students, come into this program to be an apprentice and learn these trades.

Bruce: We will need all kinds of crafts. By combining education in a trade area with practical experience on the site as an apprenticeship has merits. It probably needs fine tuning. This is the first day I thought of combining that with the trade schools and community colleges. If kids are interested in learning and earn while they learn, it has merit. That is the partnership part of Rebuild America.

Bruce: Also mentorship be available especially in the inner cities. I will look at the local churches to manage these community gardens and recreation centers. You can look for properties as you canvas. Some of you may be moving. Take a look at your new place where you want to live. Are there some areas that need help? Areas run down? Vacant lots? We can make it as big as we want. I think our administration wants to work with us on this. I am hoping they can streamline the regulations and red tape to get things done.

Bruce: We are really in a very good opportunity to receive our blessing. Will Bruce receive the toll free number? We believe we will. I will put it out as quickly as I can. I don’t care what time it is. It will get it done whenever it comes through. I hope this is our last call. Stay tune to our website.

Bruce: I will post the 800 number on our landing page on our website: thebigcall.net. We will have further update information for any new website, new call, and new blog as we get it built.
I am hearing some cool things about debt forgiveness. I hear it is in the offering. It may come quickly or in 9 to 10 days. I hear it is a real thing. UST added a bonus for us and help many people around the world especially in the United States for debt.

Bruce: That is basically what I have to bring to you tonight. You couldn’t t be in a better position than you are right now. Stay positive, stay in faith for this, don’t lose heart, don’t lose faith, be strong.

Bruce: At your exchange, you just tell them in a one minute spill I want to plug in with the Big Call Rebuild America. Just let them know that and explain the concept a little. We could in the first 6 months be up and running with a sure plan.

Bruce: Enjoy the experience, enjoy the redemption of your ZIM, and enjoy the time as you look for a new home, a new car, traveling, vacation, but I do want you to stay in touch with us by going to our website:thebigcall.net for future calls, and new site information when it comes up. Keep that in mind. We will probably do our calls as pod casts. One calls a week. Probably during the day. You can pick it up as a link and just listen. We will see how that all comes together. Bruce: Enjoy the experience. You will meet your attorney, CPA, wealth advisor team, and a family office. In setting up, you will have your hands full the first 6jmonths. Use that time searching for your new home. Do look around. See the areas that need help. We will have a full map on the website, rebuilding America page. It will be lit up with the towns available for adoption in one color and those others in another color.

Bruce: I am excited as ever I have been. I think we are very close to the end. Thank you everybody for coming in to the Big Call and listening in from all over. Thank you for being faith and part of rebuilding America, and the Veterans programs we plan to do. I think we are very close to the end.

Bruce: Thank you everybody for coming in to the Big Call and listening from all over. Thank you for being faith in tuning in and being part of Rebuilding America and the Veterans whatever they plan to do. Goodnight everybody. Have a great night. Thank you everybody.




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