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Thursday, July 13, 2017

"Starting Sunday" - Thurs. PM KTFA Thoughts/News


EdwardK » July 13th, 2017

DELTA NEED TRANSLATION https://cbi.iq/news/view/293

DELTA » July 13th, 2017


To all licensed banks (cash sales)


To / all licensed banks

M / Cash sale

Based on the requirements of the work, the cash application will be approved as of Sunday, 2017/7/16

Which consists of the special requirements of the Central Bank of Iraq, represented by the following:

Purchase order.

"Purchase Form.

"- Recognition.

- Registration 3765. "RTGS"

E. Disclosure of the names of companies.

Storage Broker in the names of companies.

The Bank maintains the purchase orders submitted to it by the exchange companies for field audit.

Dr. Mahmud' General Director

DELTA » July 13th, 2017


J49 » July 13th, 2017

Delta if I understand this right it means they will have to be dealing in a new rate to do this am I right Or not,, or this has nothing to do with it?? Thank you Delta for all you have done for this

DELTA » July 13th, 2017

Alnasiri calls for investment victory to move to economic reform and the expeditious.

July 13, 2017 Today the country - Baghdad -

In his speech at the last meeting of the Council of Ministers, Dr. Haider Abadi, the Prime Minister stressed the focus of the post-stage Daesh Al economic and development side, which is the basis of the advancement of the state and society.

He said the Iraqi private banks association adviser to Mr. Samir Nasiri in a statement singled out by the ((news agency reported the country's international day)), "must invest guiding the prime minister and decisive victory Iraqis Alobah achieved in Mosul and thus contributing to the economic reality and the development of policies and visions to ensure the transition to the national economy analysis from the stage of the crisis and the war to stability and civil peace, development and construction phase. "

Alnasiri urged "to take advantage of the steps and successful policies adopted by the economic, financial and monetary institutions during the last biennium, which had a direct impact on the bypass loops critical economic and financial crisis and contributed to the contribution of active support of the government program on the economic side and the single out of them and the Ministry of Oil, which faced significant decline of prices, achieving increases in production, marketing and development of the oil industry as well as the essential role played by the Iraqi Central Bank and the banking system in supporting the national economy through monetary policy and wise management of the Bank Center applications J in insurance and retired employees' salaries, social welfare and the payment of dues farmers and contractors as well as the implementation of internal borrowing by the banking system. "

And called for Nasiri " the government to adopt curricula and programs adopted by the authorities above experiments successful in overcoming the economic and financial crisis and to give a key role of the Central Bank of Iraq through its monetary policy applications and in coordination with fiscal policy and the Ministry of Planning and the involvement of the private sector in economic decision - making, development, support and diversify revenue sources and restructuring and privatizing industry productive sectors and the formation of the Supreme economic Council headed by the Prime Minister and the membership of experts from the government and the private sector rather than the Commission on the current crisis and the adoption of experts and technocrats in the administration and economic institutions Immediately work is to draw economic and financial new methodology and that is to review the basics and the mechanics of the preparation of public budgets of the state and leave the contexts previously approved because the next stage should be the stage of advancement and construction of the state and society and to be our motto ((won on terror , and we will build Iraq our national economy)) .


DELTA (Big Grin)

Upstart » July 13th, 2017

NO coincidences (Wink)

DELTA » July 13th, 2017


Real-time gross settlement are specialist funds transfer systems where the transfer of money or securities[1] takes place from one bank to another on a "real time" and on a "gross" basis. Settlement in "real time" means a payment transaction is not subjected to any waiting period, with transactions being settled as soon as they are processed.

"Gross settlement" means the transaction is settled on one-to-one basis without bundling or netting with any other transaction. "Settlement" means that once processed, payments are final and irrevocable.


StephenMac63 » July 13th, 2017

Delta, Got a question, we know Iraq's work week starts on a Sunday and ends on Thursday......is this just for Iraq or the whole Middle East. I lived in Iran as a kid in 69,70,71 but was never aware of the work week. How would that affect international commerce of anything?

DELTA » July 13th, 2017


DELTA » July 13th, 2017



July 13, 2017

Quietstorm » July 13th, 2017

WOW DELTA!!! Thank you. That building is beautiful.

JJonesmx » July 13th, 2017

Thank you Delta...

Blessings to you

The Iraqi Central Bank celebrates victory and boasts that it has faced financial challenges despite difficulties The Central Bank of Iraq celebrated the victory of the support achieved by the Iraqi security forces of all kinds to recover the land from the forces of evil and shadow.

During the celebration of Victory Day organized by the bank within its building alive Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq, Mr. Ali Mohsen Ismail Alalak in a speech to him heroes who wrote and wrote with their blood the most magnificent tournaments that restore prestige and dignity to Iraq and lived the martyrs who have written the righteous names in the history record, stressing that he will write what they accomplished and what They did it with letters of light.

"We have the right to be proud and proud as the nation that we have created the largest system of destruction, destruction, killing and superstition despite the difficult circumstances and the great challenges such as the economic and financial challenges," he said. "We have the right to be proud and proud of our flags. They convey the facts of the battle moment by moment.

The Governor of the Bank that the Central Bank of Iraq and during this difficult period, which coincided with the challenges of financial large decline in oil prices and a significant drop in oil imports of the country by up to 70%, it is entitled to be proud and proud that he "who closed this gap and the great shortage during that difficult period "The central bank was able to support the state treasury during the last period of about 20 trillion dinars, while at the same time he was defending daily and fighting for the protection of the national currency and To maintain the exchange rate has succeeded in that he did not wish to reflect any weakness in the reality of Iraq so as not to confuse the economic reality as well as its initiatives to support the national economy, including lending initiatives to various sectors of the economy of more than 6 trillion dinars in order to support and support these sectors and show his strength At this stage so that this country will not be weakened.

He stressed that the current and future stage will be for the reconstruction and progress and the rows for all segments of the Iraqi people to build a single Iraq free from terrorism, and punctuated the ceremony honoring the number of martyrs of the employees of the Central Bank of Iraq, who were martyred during their struggle to organize a supporter of the terrorist.


SlappySquirrel » July 13th, 2017

Wow celebrations in a brand new beautiful CBI, to party on at a program rate??? Lol!!! I think Not!!

LoneStarcowboy » July 13th, 2017

~~DELTA....DELTA....DELTA~~ Brother.....you have been knocking home runs all day! International....we are Open for Business! Come on in!

P.S. And what goes great with a brand new building??? A brand new website!
Merge Baby Merge

Aggiedad77 » July 13th, 2017

FAMILY......allow me to draw your attention to the LiveStream video of last night's CC.....it can be found at this link:


if you have not listened from start to finish to the CC, you might want to go back and pay attention to a phone call that Frank received from DELTA at the 10:32 mark......it is a call he puts on the speaker so all can hear.....it last for about 5 minutes, and I believe it would be worth your time to listen to the call....maybe even listen again and study what DELTA is telling Frank.....it is important......add this to your notes....IMO. Aloha Randy

FrostyTheSnowman » July 13th, 2017

Hey Randy ...Thanks for the tip!

I didn't realize there was a conversation between Frank and Delta earlier in the broadcast.
The audio wasn't the best ... but here's the jest of what was said:

FRANK: That was just an example, wasn’t it?

DELTA: … you know, sometimes they have glitches, like 2 months 14,000 dinars … to the 214 from different translations. I went to the Arabic site … to the original post and it looks like there was no glitches – they are giving the exchange rate. The article is new, but the document is fine … the salary … $256 mo. Looks like the article was giving you the rate based on today Frank.

FRANK: Right

DELTA: And that is what was weird. It’s not even close to 1200 dinar right now … the market … but this figure or whatever it is like 1200. But this figure wasn’t even close enough – even with the gliche it didn’t make sense – for example … 85 cents. If I could have come up with 85 cents then I could say a calculation on it. Basically there was nothing wrong with the article. The article on the Arabic site is all the same – but unless you are aware of where this exchange from.

FRANK: Right

DELTA: It’s like 76 cents. Of course Frankie, we don’t know what’s going to happen. They might do something at this rate or they got something … remember 2 examples … 2 figures there … 35 cents … 5.579 … which comes up around 76 cents. We don’t know what the CBI wants or what they are looking for. I don’t know.

FRANK: That was pretty close

DELTA: Maybe like 2 dollars … but this was really interesting. Remember a long time ago … 10 cents, 15 cents, like a sucker-bet.


DELTA: 76 cents is what comes from that article. That doesn’t mean it will be 76 cents, we don’t know. I don’t know what the CBI is really going to do.

FRANK: The family is hearing you right now, because I put you on speaker so the 42 people that are listening could hear it. No word from WS yet. You heard my message to you … I’ll be sharing the 95/5 tonight.

DELTA: Right. Definitely something … the CBI has to move forward. The media … just like we predicted … as soon as they get Mosul … speed of light. Right away the media has been jumping the gun on talking about the economy, etc.

FRANK: We found something – a press release from the West – congratulations from President Trump to Abadi – all he says is congratulations about Mosul. Then we have the same article from an Arabic site which shows additional information – they also talked about congratulations on the reforms. Donald Trump called Abadi … IMO … they were talking about the monetary reform. LOL … They’ve got security and stability man!

DELTA: Absolutely … the CBI … we’ve known since January they been wanting to pull the trigger. The next 24-48 hours is going to be very interesting.

FRANK: Thank you.

DELTA: Say hi to the family.



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