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Saturday, July 15, 2017

"Sovereign Beings and Slavery" by Restive Sage - 7.14.17

Entry Submitted by Restive Sage at 5:16 AM EDT on July 14, 2017

Re-posted (7-15-17) by request of the author. ~ Dinar Chronicles

Let me first thank our host, Patrick, for maintaining and monitoring this forum. Where would we be without him; he has won so many friends and admirers in this process. I would also like to thank those varied gurus and intel providers who have sacrificed their time and energy to bring to the forefront the secret deep-state and banking-system facts we could never get on our own. This collective effort has kept a lot of people involved who would have otherwise dropped out. Rest assured you have helped many keep alive their chance at making this world better and becoming part of living history.

As an ardent student of history, I have often asked myself how we got into this mess in the first place. By "mess", I mean a pervasive worldwide system of Big Money domination that enslaves from the top down. The modern machinations of the last 150 years or so have seen an embedded Big Money power core skillfully and stealthily, decade after decade, subvert the political spheres, the military spheres and the scientific spheres of power in the "advanced" countries. What has emerged since that time is a scary entangled web of powerful secret entities who have intermarried with Big Money in a manner that allows a select group of people to control this planet. They are bound by secret oaths and the promise of internalized and profuse wealth. And it is plain ... they are utterly ruthless. After consolidating literally every known power center on the planet in their favor, they now operate with virtual impunity and have been very successful at subjugating the vast majority of humanity economically and psychologically. They operate in plain sight with central banks and the banker of banks, the BIS. Yet, so subtle is their power and so ingenious their network of control, that billions of people live in an artificial matrix word where they are subjugated daily and do not even know it. The gurus sum up this umbrella network for convenience's sake by using the single and somewhat ominous word: cabal.

It's a small word for a very big web. It is a web that is cast over the heads of humanity. The first question people ask when their eyes are opened a bit is...is the cabal evil? Of course they are, but it is a big, big mistake to oversimplify everything by simply using it as a catch phrase for everything bad. On the contrary, if you don't understand how the cabal system works and how it arose, then you really don't know much and your ability to deal with it is diminished. If you refuse to wake up and learn of it, you will lose out on the one great chance we have now to defeat this abhorrent and evil system. Luckily, we have allies in this effort.

I can't tell you how important it is right now to seize this moment, this day in time, to defeat the cabal and all its horrible manifestations on this planet. If they keep the science that has evolved as an intimidation base all to themselves... as they have been doing... they can perpetuate their evil system. Do you really want to continue being a part of a system of control and enforced scarcity that affects eight billion people, five billion of which live in poverty. The world's last hope will be lost if we don't act quickly and decisively. Luckily, we have allies we can count on and they are aligned to good rather than evil.

Yes, thank God Almighty in Heaven and his loyal army of angelic warriors and light workers that the Sovereign Elders of Earth, placed in charge of humanity's massive back-screen global caches of wealth have carefully, methodically and with an infinite measure of intellect and wisdom unfolded a bold plan to save humanity. They know that it is time and they have been working hard on this for many years. We know and they of course know that, if it does not happen now, we are soon to be lost as a species, forever to be enslaved by an arrogant, power hungry elite who will never voluntarily relinquish their precious dominance.

You see, once the elite Big Money group infiltrated our governments and acquired incredible internalized power within the system, they soon gained control of science itself. And that was where the Sovereign Elders failed. Lulled to a dreamy world of serenity and peace that they had done much to foster, in the 1800s and early 1900s they utterly failed to grasp the urgency of the insidious and massive buildup of cabal power. They missed seeing the danger of the melding of an escalating knowledge base of new science with warfare. A powerful small group can always control a much much larger group, if the larger group remains uneducated to their efforts.

In ancient times, science was fairly basic. Progress in the scientific world proceeded at a snails pace. There were breakthroughs of course, and mankind slowly developed better implements for agriculture, construction, metal working and warfare. Then something began to happen. It started in what Europeans and the Muslim world called the Renaissance. It was a time when science began to progress a bit faster. Mankind was beginning to build better machines and implements. There was great promise that things would get better for humankind and for millions they did. An era of widespread international trade that well superseded that of earlier eras emerged, and there was a vast investment in ships...ships for commerce, exchange and warfare among nations. When Columbus, sailing under the flag of Spain, discovered the New World (at least from a European perspective), Europe received the very first localized GCR. Although it was brought about with a callous lack of humanity, that is to say on the backs of the indigenous peoples of the New World, this first GCR entered into a part of the world that heretofore was relatively poor, suffering from enduring scarcity and almost incessant warfare. Lifespans were short and daily life was a struggle for most. Then, as if by magic, massive amounts of New World gold, especially from Mexico, Peru, Columbia, Bolivia and Brazil were commandeered and shipped back to the Catholic countries of Spain and Portugal, a hefty percentage of it making its way to the Vatican. It then spread all about Europe. This massive infusion of new money into Europe established a new aristocracy of wealthy families, people of royal birth and their supportive nobles, but also filtered into the banking, mercantile and artisan classes. This massive GCR for Europe re-arranged trade patterns and set off a gold fueled wave of new infrastructure, inventions, building construction and wealthy lifestyles. Unfortunately, it also subjugated the peoples of two continents and brought about a more virulent type of mass slavery that was more abhorrent than anything before.

Prior to this time, the Chinese culture was the wealthiest and most enduring civilization on the planet. The enlightened ethos and civil balance of their society endured for many many millennia, and countless hundreds of millions lived out their lives in a culture that valued and demanded harmony, peaceful coexistence and emotional balance. The revered masters and spiritual leaders of their sphere of life taught people how to raise their etheric vibrational structure and grow spiritually. For a long long time, it was the pinnacle of life on this planet, and far better at the daily level than any other place on earth. It was a place where a human soul could experience the gift of being human, while promoting the growth of the spirit consciousness in a lengthy lifetime before succumbing to physical death of the material body. With benevolent leadership and an ability to sustain dynastic control of a vast and largely compliant population, the Chinese Emperors and their Elder advisers amassed vast quantities of gold. The ultra-wide veins of gold that ran through western China and on into Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia and even into the islands of Indonesia were mined for thousands of years using ancient implements, methodically, incessantly. The quantity of gold that was amassed in each of these countries, as they existed in that era, sometimes under different kingdoms and dynasties was staggeringly huge.

By comparison with the Europe of that time, the Muslim culture which we think to be so inferior now, was very much a viable and successful collection of countries and caliphates throughout the Levant, the Middle East, northern Africa and much of central Asia. Their science was equal to European science and probably surpassed it for a time. Militarily they were equal...for a time.

The Renaissance, boosted by a massive infusion of gold and silver by the first GCR, moved eagerly into the Mercantile Period and the Age of Enlightenment. This was a pivotal period in history because this was the time when age-old concepts of money, adequate and accepted for millennia, began to alter and adapt to the demands of a new time and a new energy. This was a fairly protracted era when inventive new concepts such as the corporation legal construct, large-scale fractional banking, high-interest loans for shipping commerce, insurance companies, and plantation economies with slave workers began to evolve to a more refined if gratuitous level, aided and abetted in many cases by sovereign monarchs and land-holding nobles. In this era, quietly at first, the peoples of Europe, noted for cruel aggression, a love of gambling and a real penchant for warfare began to dominate many of the other countries of the world. They also began to pull ahead in science.

It is very interesting to study the various points in history where a nation or alliance of nations would elevate their capabilities, usually a mix of military power and economic power, and sometimes religious fervor, to dominate and subjugate whole societies of people and even other nations. It has happened and we should understand, without fail and without becoming the sycophants of moral weakness, that a concerted group of people that pool their efforts can attain a level of power that will enable them to dominate others. This then can lead to a system where, even beyond normal laws of civil behavior that enhance life, mutually agreed, one group demands to circumvent and supersede the natural rules of civilization and enforce a system that the weaker person or country MUST obey. Beyond moral boundaries and using techniques such as punishment, imprisonment, mandatory induction into a military group, societal pressure and mind control, a small but powerful group can literally dominate a much larger group. Even George Washington said that government is little different than the application of military force upon the people rather than an opposing army. Not exactly an enlightened viewpoint, but probably accurate for his era in a cynical sense. Look at poor India, the classic example of divide and conquer. A small island nation in Europe of 60 millions conquered and economically raped a country of 500 millions for over three centuries. How can that be?

So, what, in fact, is a sovereign being. What are your rights as a human being. And more importantly, what rights will you give up, easily, readily, to an unfair framework of governance and concentrated power. Read the Declaration of Independence.

The Roman Empire proliferated based on centuries of conquest and submission. Nation state after nation state fell before their onslaught. They were difficult to oppose directly, but what did they possess that made them so great. It was more, I will say, than the short sword, large shields and the dogs of war. To the victor belonged the spoils and the spoils of war for them were tribute and slaves. The entire system revolved around slavery derived from their defeated foes and a domination of mercantile pursuits in their empire. Ultimately, for many reasons, the Roman Empire fell, and well it should have. Because any system built on slavery is doomed to fail.

Rather oddly, after centuries of internecine warfare in Europe, from 1815 to 1944 - 99 years or so - there was an almost continuous state of peace...99 years. This was the era of the Industrial Revolution. Massive infrastructure systems were built. There were small flareups such as the Crimean War, some Balkan conflicts and the Franco-Prussian War but these lasted less than 2 years each. By modern standards they were very small in scope and largely contained. Spain lost all its colonies in the New World except Cuba and Puerto Rico. Portugal lost Brazil, a country that did not abolish slavery until the 1880s. In North America, the United States began a climb to industrial greatness but fought a civil war over slavery.

Using conquest and consolidation, great empires of the ancient world emerged in India and China as well. While very powerful in their respective eras (for China it was millennia) and seemingly never ending, they too ultimately fell. China's fall was relatively recent. They fell victim to Japan in the 1930s. How does a small island nation with 120 million attack and defeat a country with 1billion people. How can this happen? It is called aggressive mechanized warfare and new science - adapted to warfare. Building up in the pressure boiler that was the 20th century, science changed everything in that period and suddenly so. Earth has never been the same.

WWII was a very strange event. Germany, Italy and Japan formed an Axis alliance. Ever wonder why Japan was made a part of a European alliance? It had to do with gold. The first thrusts of this war were military, but the strategic overview that led to the war was an attempt to wrest control of the world's massive back-screen hidden gold troves from the Chinese and Euro Big Money and consolidate their own economic power base. Unlike most, the Axis had realized the importance of new science. The initial key was Japan taking China down and they horrifically accomplished their part starting in 1935. After taking IndoChina too and its gold hoard, they would soon have attempted to take Australia and then India away from the British. The success of the China invasion gave Hitler the leverage and the incentive to move forward in Europe. By collectively taking China's gold, the Vatican's gold and the gold of almost all of Europe, the Axis would eventually wear down Britain and an Axis New World Order would be set in place. But ultimately their plan, initially very successful, failed. You see, .... they were beaten by their own whips...mechanized warfare and new science - adapted to warfare. And so we entered the nuclear age.

Today, we live in a world where an elite secretive group, riding very high after defeating the Axis challenge, controls not only Big Money but also the science and the warfare - adapted to science. Most people now understand what is meant by the term: military industrial complex. Massive profit center for the cabal. We have flirted so close in this modern age, in our lifetimes, to being lost.

But something has been emerging behind the scenes. It seems not everyone likes this secret group and their machinations. Not everyone wants to be bound up in a system that is just a conceptual rehash of the plantation slave societies of the past. Not everyone wants to be part of a system designed around a perpetual state of contrived scarcity. Even the military leaders, the ultimate arbiters of power in this modern era, have been awakened. They no longer want to be the enforcers of such a system, spending the blood of dynamic young men and women in support of a maniacal elite who are very willing to use the military and its science adapted to warfare against people. I salute every military white hat and every political leader who has joined with God Almighty, for this takes an incredibly enormous level of courage. There is no earthly reward that will remotely rival the reward you have waiting for you in Heaven at the end of your days.

For most of Earth's long history, scarcity was very real, not a concept. When there were natural disasters, floods, excessive rainfall, droughts and locust swarms, crops failed and people starved. As science has progressed, the ability to feed, house, and warm the world has now progressed to a new level altogether. It is easily doable. For the most part, the original inventors and idea leaders saw their inventions as beneficial gifts to mankind...and they have been to a large degree and they can be moving forward. But, because the concept of scarcity is the real basis of the cabal's financial control, they artificially and diligently maintain it. We all know that money is just an agreement for the convenience of a transfer of good or services. It is not a god to be worshiped. It is a mere tool. And it is the most abused concept in this world and has been utterly misused in the modern era.

I believe our allies, the Sovereign Elders and the white hats love mankind and want us to have a good life here and ultimately to ascend to an advanced level of spiritual attainment. We are celestial beings inhabiting physical/animal bodies. The juxtaposition of a creature of God encased in an earthly 3D body is a tantalizing and exacting school for light beings. We laugh, it is all so comical sometimes. We learn so much here in this world. The love we can feel within us for our families, our children, our spouses and even our friends is so utterly overwhelming. There is a good core in almost all of us humans. Some among us can even love a pure stranger...because they are human and we are human. We help those in need. We lift up our fellow man. We love music and the beauty of nature. We love the sense of being alive.

What a waste to pervert a human being with the shackles of a corrupt system.

With so much love within us, it saddens me to realize that the system that has umbrella control over us all has moved so far from God. They have botched their time in control. They are not good for this planet any more. I am glad that there are those who have moved back to the light.

The plan of the Sovereign Elders is brilliant and bold and it has worked beautifully, up to the very last step. The best part is that it is a quiet revolution. It melds to the existing system well. It is a triple win strategy. Even the cabal will receive payment on all the loans they have made. They would be happy I suspect except that they will no longer be able to rob hundreds of millions of people blind every year with credit cards at 15% to 24% interest, the biggest cash cow ever conceived. It is designed to ne non-traumatic. No one except this internet group and the world's leaders will even know it has happened. The Elders foresaw the computer age and have been waiting for the computer world to evolve to a point where the digital money would become the predominate mode of payment; this now enables the monetization of the collective mineral wealth of each country in the first basket. This number is so large it boggles the mind. The Elders know that all that wealth sitting in the ground is doing Africa no good, nor the other countries. But they had to wait until they had computer control and satellite driven speed. The extraction of wealth to date in all these countries has been too slow and too much controlled by the cabal to be good for the people...yet another cash cow for the cabal at the expense of the people. With the GCR, the countries in the first basket will all move steadily and surely to new era golden ages. Wait and see.

The basics of the Elders master plan can be simplified as follows:

(1) Recruit and solicit the total loyalty of white hat military leadership in the cabal controlled countries; been going on for 30 years

(2) Disable the nuclear weapons, 911 class matter deconstruction weapons, etc and their control systems.

(3) Recruit and solicit the total loyalty of white hat politicians; eventually turn or dismiss all but the worst

(4) Recruit and turn former cabal leaders, power brokers and advanced computer systems engineers to the light.

(5) Create a new banking system that is both safe and transparent, see CIPS, see AIIB ; largely digital in nature; meld the new system with the old IMF and BIS network, all leadership turned.

(6) Create an international treaty structure that effectively ends warfare by threat of economic ostracization; and neuters civil wars by controlling arms sales to factions. Was this the Paris Accord as we have been told. I definitely think we have a seen a marked de-escalation of war energy in the last 12 months. The GCR needs peace and leaders committed to future peace.

(7) All the while bring forward the back-screen gold backing for what would be called "new money"that is gold backed, and move to end the fiat money system of the central banks, gradually and un-traumatically. Easily accomplished by letting these banks still serve as a mere service mechanism of the business banking system, with no further government borrowing. Daily banking sees no overt difference.

(8) Create a new pan-Africa currency linked to the Zimbabwe currency/bonds that is partially backed by whole-continent- of-Africa gold and mineral reserves and partially by the back-screen gold reserves of the Elders in the near term. Ultimately, after a period of stabilization the bonds are re- sold; offered to investors with interest like any other large denomination bond. Most of this money will be invested in Africa's new infrastructure programs and trade stimulation efforts.

(9) Create a new pan-Middle East currency probably the dinar; same general bond format as Africa

And the master stroke:

(10) Hydration and debt jubilee; this ends the power of the cabal like nothing else, overnight. By greatly amplifyng the money supply into a diverse grass roots group of millions of people, there results a massive pay off of debts, a heavy influx of monies into the banking system, massive consumer purchases, national debts paid off, lower taxes, a shortage of skilled workers leading to higher wages, virtually zero unemployment, a steady but large expansion of the demand base of goods and services from new demand in Africa and South America and Southern Asia, fantastic corporate profits and a 30,000-40,000 Dow.

The best part, humanitarian efforts can begin almost overnight and save tens of millions just in the first two years; soon hundred of millions. No soul left behind. The world will enter a new Golden Age.

The key is that, without scarcity, they have no real power any more. No body needs them ever again once this takes off. Without their power, people will realize that the illusion that money is scarce is no longer true. Suddenly, they cant buy the politicians or the black hat generals anymore. Then they can't control the science anymore. And that's where we come in. Let's make sure that we never let the science fall into the hands of the bad guys ever again.

Godspeed to all our allies and to the Sovereign Elders. Carpe diem.

Restive Sage



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