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Saturday, July 8, 2017

"Sock Puppets Unite" by GK - 7.8.17

Entry Submitted by GK at 2:58 PM EDT on July 8, 2017

I wrote this on another blog and some will know what I am talking about specifically while others won't. But that doesn't necessarily matter... The message is what matters.


People become self important when they think important people are taking them seriously. This is a key connivance of how CIA type operations work to gain, "assets..."

Make a person feel like they matter, that they have "sources" and are on an inside track.

I know from experience, however, I wasn't as needy and corrupt as they thought I was. My own personal philosophy on corruption has to do with who I hurt by actions and not what the law dictates.

I have made mistakes and one was to think something like marijuana doesn't have an end justifies the mean blowback to it. It is easy to say it is just a plant that should be legal and that it is a miracle cure. But that's not the point. The point is it is valuable because of black market value and this introduces not the peace love and understanding hippy aspect of weed consumption but the aspect of being killed for your valuable product.

So one needs to understand that very real detail to walking on the thin ice of what is right and wrong and besides legal issues, the darker repercussions of violence and retaliation quickly puts the naive in a spot of, "DOH!" Never thought that would happen.

So my inference is I effed up and was taught a hard lesson.

However those looking in on that like to think, aha... a corruptible type we can use. But no, I choose to keep my flawed imperfect existance tethered to a moral compass, of not hurting others purposely, not making the same mistake to possibly hurt another, and to take a huge step back to see the larger picture.

As the Biblical teaching says, Matthew 16:26

What good will it be for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul?

Which all ties into 911 truth and all the other whistles blown--- are ends justifying means---- while leaving a wake of bodies behind those who rationalize this as providing for their families----- or even come to allow ego to see themselves as some sort of heroic martyr damned to sacrifice some for the good of the many.

In my mind that is a call solely for God... and for no man.

So when called upon to play a role as media conduit, webmaster, moderator, video producer.... It is one thing to be... part of a team... and quite another to allow one's desire to feel important cloud the reality that we are engaged in Machiavellian justifications.

And to take it all a step further as to make it clear I do not feel self righteous, I know I live in a game that requires a certain amount of ethic compromise to even survive... But how does one be a media conduit responsible to the people who consume it, and serve the second master of the "team?"

Sadly it is impossible. Best to try and see things for what they are and stop posing. Because we are not invisible. Motive and intent is pretty obvious. At least fess up to one's imperfect role ... Better to be seen as self aware than a hypocrit or a con artist.


HOW THIS RELATES TO THE GCR (written today 7/8/2017)

Let's imagine the real truth is the wide open cavity of the human torso on an operating table and a surgeorn has scalpel in hand. He is cutting out black cancer and as he does so, he knows that if some of the black does not remain, there will be no inner organ left to try and make a comeback.

Really he knows his patient is doomed. For all of us who believe in angels and miracles has anyone ever lived without vital organs? Yes we know they live with artficial organs or transplants but simply a body run by a soul without all those thumping and pumping livers and kidneys and lungs and hearts.

There are many who will cling to the idea that anything is possible and re-tell some story they saw on TV or the internet where a hollow dude lived a full life after all his organs were removed by organ harvesters and left to die.

Sorry but I won't believe the story so keep it to yourself.

Do I believe in souls and healers and self healing? Sure, of course, but the vehicle needs the motor and the wheels unless it is the type of soul that watches from above or walks through walls and moves lamps.

My point is, this life is a human body that is wracked with cancer and the surgeons we call our leaders are trying to cut out certain organs and leave dark green rotting inner organs in place that they know cannot miraculously go into remission because the cancer has eaten the functionality away.

The cancer is a thousand years of self serving lies, that tribes of con artists passed down from generation to generation to have all the best of the best. People so spoiled by getting anything they wanted whenever they wanted that they have no ability to lead the rest of us who learned what it was like to go without.

They look at us and hate us for being this burden on their day, how do they continue their generational power, and somehow concede a few crusts to these annoying breeding pests they only have a use for a tiny fraction of.

In the same breath we might recognize some of the brilliant ways they kept us occupied over the centuries. Baseball, football, soccer...going to year after year of school learning stuff that could not and would not threaten the hierarchy.

You name it, it is a distraction like when mom puts a pacifier in our mouths, or Dad puts a ball in our hands, or we are plopped down in front of a TV.

And so much of that...school that isn't really education and our best years chasing funny shaped balls and tackling and dislocating and fracturing bones and remembering the glory days, in a large way numbed the majority. That interception or homerun or first place ribbon playing like an old Andy Griffith rerun validating our lives.

We argue political philosophies like OMG the commies are at the gate... But one only watch a dance recital to see that teaching our children to tap our feet and spin to the music in unison is just a communistic exercise.

Remember the 1983 film the Body snatchers when Donald Sutherland gets ratted out in the last scene by one of the snatched he thinks is living under the radar? She screams like a Nazi siren pointing him out.

Well we do that ourselves now writing on the internet.

Most of us repeating fake red herring rabbit trails and thinking we are awakened truthers.

This brings me to something I am scared to say. In fact, like almost always I am going to hint at it rather than say it directly. Or better yet, let Benjamin Freedman say it and soften the blow with a sock puppet on the hand. Things are always easier to accept from a guy with a sock puppet on his hand.




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