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Monday, July 10, 2017

"Sitting on the Hub" - Mon. PM KTFA Thoughts/News


Walkingstick » July 10th, 2017

United Nations calls for the implementation of Article 140 of the Iraqi Constitution http://www.rudaw.net/mobile/arabic/kurdistan/100720177

StephenMac63 » July 10th, 2017

Thank you WalkingStick…..Anyone have an idea of the date this was issued?

Walkingstick » July 10th, 2017

3 hours

Ricklibby » July 10th, 2017

The Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Iraq, Jan Kubic, has extended his sincere congratulations to the people and Government of Iraq on the liberation of the city of Mosul from a sympathetic organization.

"This victory provides an excellent opportunity for Iraq to rise again, strong and united," he said. "Despite a crushing crush in Mosul, the war against terrorism is not over and Iraq has more work to achieve full recovery and lasting peace," he said in a congratulatory message. Adding that "this is a historic victory for Iraq and the world and a resounding defeat for Dahesh and terrorism indicates their end, indicating that the nightmare that has been hanging on the shoulders of the people of Mosul for three years has ended and has finally liberated Mosul." Today, he uttered the so-called "Caliphate" From terrorism, its last breath ".

"Their bankruptcy and moral collapse are clearly revealed in their barbaric destruction of the Nuri Mosque and its distinctive humpback, where they announced in 2014 their false Takfiri project for the so-called Caliphate."

"We share with the Iraqis their joy in this victory, recalling the victims who have fallen and those who have suffered the most from intimidation and salute the continued efforts of the security forces to clear the liberated areas of the remaining pockets of terrorism and possible sleeper cells."

"Victory on the battlefield was the culmination of a series of heroic acts, where Iraqis took the lead in fighting for the liberation of their country and with the concerted support of the world," Kubic said.

"The credit and sacrifices of the Iraqi security forces, the Popular Popular Forces, the Peshmerga, the tribal fighters and the military support of the international coalition were the key to achieving this victory," Kubic said, adding that the price was too high for Iraq, Together with the destruction of a mosque in Mosul, the Iraqi people sent a resounding message that they see their future together. "

The UN representative praised all Iraqi security forces and Prime Minister Dr. Haider al-Abadi in particular for their efforts to save the lives of civilians. "Their efforts have been exceptional, although the liberation of Mosul is a devastating blow to the Palestinian people. Still controls some parts of Iraq, and can still launch attacks and threaten stability.

"They have committed massacres against defenseless men, women and children, used them as human shields, enslaved thousands of women and girls, and imposed harsh punishments on anyone who violates their extremist views or inhuman and brutal rule, causing no suffering," Kubic said. "They have waged a war of annihilation against the Iraqi people and their heritage wherever they have set foot, destroying both mosques and churches, completely ignoring the sanctity of religious beliefs, which must be treated as war crimes and crimes against humanity."

In addition to restoring security and the rule of law in liberated areas, the immediate priority is to accelerate the efforts to restore stability to enable millions of civilians who have fled combat zones in Iraq to return voluntarily and safely to The massive humanitarian action must go hand in hand with a strong political process to conduct elections, achieve national and community reconciliation and rebuild social cohesion in order to ensure justice, dignity and peace. Sustainable development for future generations ".

"The protection of civilians and the imposition of the rule of law and order on criminal groups and other armed groups that are prohibited in conflict and post-conflict situations are a top priority," he said, adding that sustainable peace also requires that the principles of justice, accountability, tolerance and respect for human rights be the guiding force for all future actions With particular attention to the most vulnerable groups, such as women, children and minorities, and perpetrators of atrocities should be brought to justice and human rights violators should be held accountable for eradicating the ideology of extremism and extremism from the minds of those affected by this scourge Sustainable peace requires the right of return to all, without any demographic manipulation or recourse to retaliation, punishment or forced evictions. "

"Peace, which the country and its citizens need and deserve, must be based on strong foundations of unity, cooperation, justice, tolerance and coexistence, from community, community and tribal levels to preventing a return to previous periods and risking devastating consequences," Kubic said.

He called on Iraqis to look towards the future with unswerving optimism and engage in meaningful dialogue in a spirit of partnership to resolve differences that impede progress, fight corruption that drains the country's finances, and reform and revitalize the economy to put the country on the road to more jobs and prosperity.

He also urged the government in Baghdad and the Kurdistan Regional Government to benefit from the ideal military cooperation in the fight against Daqash, and to start work now to resolve outstanding issues, especially the issue of the referendum on the independence of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq and the implementtation of Article 140 of the Constitution with regard to borders and disputed areas , Especially the status of Kirkuk, through dialogue and genuine partnership.

"The United Nations, which stood by Iraq in the darkest circumstances three years ago when it seized an organization calling for large areas of its territory until it reached the gates of Baghdad, will continue to support it in the after-stage with determination and enthusiasm, and will work with the government, central and local authorities,

StephenMac » July 10th, 2017

Mosul liberated, IMF meeting in Washington, UN calling for activation of 140.....remember Frank's Wheel of Progress? I think we are sitting on the hub of that thing. IMO, of course.

SlappySquirrel » July 10th, 2017

BINGO! !!!!!

Peggy68 » July 10th, 2017

Disrupted official working hours on Tuesday to mark the victory

- 07/10/2017

Information / Baghdad ..

General Secretariat of the Iraqi Council of Ministers has decided to disable the official working day on Tuesday to mark the full liberation of Mosul declaration of criminal organization Daesh.

A brief statement of the General Secretariat received / information /, that "the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi ordered on Monday to disrupt the official working day on Tuesday to mark the full liberation of Mosul declaration from the organization Daesh criminal."

It announced the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers, on Monday, set up events and celebrations (week victory) to mark the declaration of liberation right coast of Mosul.

The Prime Minister announced the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces Haider al-Abadi Antha "state myth Aldaashah," noting that it is gone to the dustbin of history. / D ended 25


Samson » July 10th, 2017

Wasat newspaper readers expect damage to float the price of the dirham to the national economy

10th July, 2017

Wasat newspaper readers expect damage to float the price of the dirham to the national economy, according to the newspaper you convey Hsebres Wasat newspaper site content news readers Wasat newspaper expect damage to float the price of the dirham to the national economy.

Wasat newspaper - accounted for the subject of the floating rate of the Moroccan dirham a large measure of debate weeks ago, whether the specialists or pan-Moroccan, and emerged as the fear of the impact on the Moroccan economy against the possibility of delay in the value of the dirham and the impact on the level of purchasing power of the middle and poor classes.

The Wali of Rabat Bank, Abdul Latif jeweler, intends to hold last week's press conference, accompanied by Minister of Economy and Finance, Mohamed Bou Said, the official announcement of the date of Rabat, the adoption of a flexible exchange rate dirham system,but it was postponed indefinitely, without showing problems.

In the periodic survey of the newspaper e-Wasat newspaper, we raised the question: Is it hurt to float the price of the dirham's economy Rabat? The answer was yes, a large proportion; where he sees 13.578 voters out of 16.663, or 81.49 per cent, that the decision would hurt the economy.

On the other hand, thought about 3085 participants, up 18.51 per cent of the voters, that the decision to float the dirham would not hurt the economy of Rabat, a very small proportion. But what the opinion of economists in this question?

Commenting on a survey of this poll, sees the Mehdi Lahlou, a professor of economics at the National Institute of Statistics and Applied Economics in Rabat, that this fear see how to file a debate that has made Moroccan confidence in the government and the Bank of Rabat and the economy as a whole shaken.

According to Sweet, in a statement to Hsebres, "The currency is the index year on the strength of any economy, and everyone sensed this concern because there is politically, technically and economically vulnerable, and became the majority of people see that the float DRAM will affect the economy, and a few reveals that he can continue as It was".

Professor of Economics pointed out that the analysis and understanding of the subject of monitoring currency spending is more important than the answer "yes" or "no" to the question, "Since there is a trade deficit externally and fiscal deficit internally paid to the search for new debt, and the fact that Moroccan exports are vulnerable to increased imports, the Moroccan currency decline is very likely in the case of flotation, and thus will increase the value of imported the substances, which will affect the purchasing power of the Moroccans. "

Lahlou criticized the face of the parties because they did not discuss it during the announcement by the Rabat bank at a time when the "government Alblukaj" in the draw, and stated that "the parties did not raise did not discuss such importance as it was the subject, and discovered the current government, recently, that there is a problem linked to the decision to float the dirham and the possibility of not steadfastness; therefore considered the matter to grace indefinitely. "

And linking the same speaker grace decision to float the dirham from the political consequences of apprehensive, and the most important of which perpetuate the problem of protests in Al Hoceima. He pointed out that there are other factors contributing to the lack of success of the decision, including the perpetuation of the import of fuel and basic materials from abroad, and the decline in foreign investment in Morocco, and the decline in financial aid from the Gulf, which are factors that make the demand for hard currency in Morocco is high.

Lahlou highlighted that the float is the dirham, "the demand of some exporting sectors abroad, especially textile and agriculture sectors, which believes that the devaluation of the dirham will raise the demand for materials exported to abroad, and thus achieve the largest profits."

He stressed that the float DRAM successfully requires the provision of a total of conditions; including the availability of 10 months of hard currency reserves, less on energy imports and the adoption, high foreign investment in Rabat, and rising exports in the industrial sectors.

"But Rabat, there is in a position other than these," Lahlou says, explaining that the "hard currency reserves fell due to speculation on the black market, in addition to the total conversion of foreign companies for their profits towards the outside, and thus Vtaoam DRAM will not be watching a certain purchasing power of Moroccans, and will not be there is tranquility on the currency reserve in Rabat. "

For his part, Saeed Zariouh, a researcher in the economy sees, that the decision to float the currency did not have the support by economists throughout history, but they agree that the currency must be in the heart of the monetary policy of any state, any control, and should not be subject to political calculations and be the central bank has a sense of independence from the government.

Moroccan researcher said: "floating currency without having a strong economy resides directly to a decline in the value of the national currency, and this is not in the interests of vulnerable groups."

"The confusion is that the ligament does not import luxuries only, which can be abandoned, but imports of basic materials; for example, the import of grain on the annual orbit of Ottawa, even though the season farming well, as there is a lack of an economic fabric can be offset these basic import materials from abroad. "

Zariouh highlighted that there is a belief down the value of the dirham after flotation; so many resorted to buying hard currency and insurance reserves, as well as adult speculators who are betting on a decline in value and thus they can sell the currency at a higher price to achieve the biggest profit. Which it led, in the eyes of the researcher himself, "to the hard currency reserves fall in Rabat, making the implementation of the decision to float surrounded by danger.




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