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Thursday, July 20, 2017

"Second Reading" - Thurs. PM KTFA Thoughts, News w/ Frank26


Will » July 20th, 2017

It says second reading and access the third. So which one is it? (See article below)

Frank26 » July 20th, 2017


MilitiaMan » July 20th, 2017

Now this is a spark that will put out the Flaring of Gas, but, will fuel support for the International Currency and the peoples bottom dinar.. The Second reading! That is HUGE!. ~ Amen and Thanks again our Friend! ~ MM

Walkingstick » July 20th, 2017

Iraqi Parliament: Law "National Oil" below the level of ambition

Directly he said a member of the parliamentary committee of the Iraqi Oil and Energy, said that the current version of the law of the National Oil Company does not represent the aspirations of the oil industry in Iraq, citing Iraqi News Agency "INA".

He described Zahir Abadi, that document the "formula does not exceed nine materials," noting that it has been received by the presidency of the Iraqi Council of Ministers incomplete.

Abadi met today with the affairs of the oil specialists; to advance the national oil law to the second legislative reading, access to the third reading and vote on it.

Abadi stressed during his speech on the importance of the National Company of the Iraqi economy, the desire to transform the company's headquarters to the province of Basra, being the capital of Iraq's economic.

Recall that in mid-March 2017 was voted the National Oil Company Law, and to allocate it to the House of Representatives.

The law covers the text of 9 items most notably, allowing the company to invest in all areas of oil and gas for all the territory LINK

Nlfl1 » July 20th, 2017

During the CC last night, I believe Frank had mentioned something about the January version/instance of the bonds being "the third time." Is that possibly the third "nothing" from the "Nothing, nothing, nothing and suddenly something" series? This July version would be number 4 and the "suddenly something" is on deck...

From Wed. Night CC Notes:

Frank26 So...what is SIGNIFICANT about these BONDS? It involves JP Morgan/Chase, CITI, Deutsche Bank. These banks are going to help Iraq hit the INTERNATIONAL market. BUT THEY’RE NOT INTERNATIONAL YET!

This is a progress of the MR. They are sending an INTERNATIONAL MESSAGE. Are we selling the BONDS at 1184...they are being sold at the DOLLAR RATE!

WOW! These are NOT in IQD’s. If they were...that would “TIP-THE-HAND” to speculators (2nd set of books) as they lift the 3 zeros. That could cause problems. They have the support of the IMF to do that.

The countries are going to see the CREDIT RATING OF IRAQ RISE. These BONDS / CREDIT RATING will help in the regulation of the currency inside of Iraq. These bonds will FUEL their budget. The IMF DEMANDS for them to FINISH their budget!

The IMF will stop ALL funding...NO MORE EXCUSES! Take this money... use it...bring you budget out...that requires a new rate...just like the tankers are being used to deal with the exchange that is soon to come. The INTERNATIONAL WORLD is very excited...Iraq is ready to FLY!

JHook » July 20th, 2017

Coming to a theatre near you....a major release...an international release...IRAQ...get your tickets now...don't wait...don't delay...the strategy that is behind the precise timing of various releases of information reminds of me of motion picture releases. Keeps building momentum, a tension, that will bring about the maximum effect when the premier takes place....I can't wait and prolly the LL (long line) also...just sayin'......J

LLJ » July 20th, 2017

Family,What was was the post number Frank mentioned that he wanted us to read again last night, Tink said it was originally from Irene? He said go to the previous days thread. Thanks for your help!

Don961 » July 20th, 2017

It's Stephenmac commenting on a post by Elaine .... with Frank posting his approval :

Elaine » July 20th, 2017

Article: Iraq plans to sell us dollar bond deal in coming weeks - sources

If the bonds are Iraqi bonds, and it doesn't sound like they are, I would think Iraq would have to be international. If Iraq is selling US dollar bonds, I doubt they have to be international. Just my 2 cents.

StephenMac64 » July 20th, 2017

If Iraq has a bond for sale it has to have a value of worth n order to attract investors. In business a 'startup' is usually financed by a friend or 1 maybe 2 investors.

These are the folks that take the greatest risk so they get the greatest return.....kinda like us dinar holders, we took a total risk by purchasing dinar...if we lost we walk away. But we stuck around to watch the business go into its next phase, or called a "Round".

In this phase the company has a viable business plan and is beginning to respected amongst peers so thier value increases....but they still need more money to operate, this is called "Seed Monies" a larger group of people are interested in the company so they all buy special stocks or arrange some sort of agreement in exchange for the money up front....

These rounds happen for about three times average in a company startup life cycle....then the business grows some more to the point that they have all the ducks in a row, they produce a product, they have targeted their market and now are deciding to "go public', this will in turn cause tiny little investors like grandma and grandpa to have the opportunity to own a part of this company but the Gramps didnt make any major investment in the beginning so they will get the smallest return for the money when they buy the stock.

We bought in the initial stage, when Iraq was nothing but an idea at 8 dinars per penny, we took the greatest risk as they did not have a track record, therefore the dinar holders at this point will make the greatest return, at what remains to be seen as that is what we are seeking, the rate.

Youl notice that the bonds are not backed by another country, it is backed by themselves, in order to attract investors to take Iraq serious the bonds have to have value.

The new investors are looking at: Is the country viable, can it sustain itself, does it have military protection to prevent conflict, is the government stable, does the country have opportunity for growth.
Its all good (Wink)

4Short5 » July 20th, 2017

The fact that the bonds are being sold in US dollars is huge! I would be worried if they were sold in dinars.

BACKDOC » July 20th, 2017


SurfingWolf » July 20th, 2017

IMO Since Friday team chat... it's become clear that the saga of the dinar RV is looking very much like an attempt to reboot the petrodollar arrangement. Well... it looked like that before, but given the use of Saudi tankers to transport the oil... the picture comes into greater focus.

If you're not familiar with the petrodollar arrangement... follow the money daily or ftm daily has an EXCELLENT series that details the history. It's underpinned our monetary system since the mid 70's when the bretton woods agreement/gold EXCHANGE standard had broken down.

The petrodollar arrangement has effectively run its course and is also in breakdown... Especially given that Ghawar is now pumping out 90% water... and the entire house of Saud is in disarray with failures in Syria, Yemen, and now Qatar.

While the arrangement of US dollar pricing for oil and US military protection gets the lionshare of attention... the petrodollar RECYCLING gets relatively little. This part of the agreement created further demand for both US dollars, and US debt by seeing the Saudis and other OPEC nations reinvest their dollar proceeds from the sale of oil into US Treasuries.

This issuance of US Dollar denominated bonds by Iraq is not groundbreaking... as these types of bonds are common... often called Eurobonds or Eurodollar Bonds. And 1 Billion is a tiny amount compared to US treasury issuance... It won't replace demand for US Treasury debt...

But with this occurring in bang bang bang fashion right on the heels of the secret oil shipments, and the diplomatic pouches... it really looks like a mirror image of the setup for the petrodollar arrangement.

I'm not 100% clear on what is "going down" but it's crystal clear that it's something BIG! Consider this is right on the heels of Mosul liberation. I "wish" we'd seen what we were looking for over the weekend... but at the same time... I'm savoring every minute of this! This is breathtaking history we are witnessing.

FrostyTheSnowman » July 20th, 2017

Missing puzzle piece?

LAST NIGHT'S CC ... Frank mentioned the word "INTERNATIONAL" 24 times and "INTERNATIONALISM" 4 times.

Come on Iraq ... IMO ... nothing will send a message to the INTERNATIONAL WORLD more than ACTIVATING the HCL (or whatever name you want to disguise it as!)

Time's up!

Iggy » July 20th, 2017

we have been waiting for the HCL for 10 years now...i think it is time...IMO



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