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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

"Sales 101" by Carden - 7.5.17

Entry Submitted by Carden at 3:35 PM EDT on July 5, 2017

Sales 101 OR How to negotiate Zimbabwe Bond rates when you believe $1,000,000 is a fortune.

In Sales 101 we learn how to tell a story about the product we're representing. A compelling story that draws the buyer in and convinces them that they really need what you're selling works every time. In another lesson we learn do not talk price until the buyer asks for it. As soon as the question about price is out there negotiations begin. Nervous sellers often jump in too early with a premature close and if the stage isn't properly set then the person selling has lost ground and will end up taking less than they want. These two lessons are appropriate for negotiating rates with the exchange center with our "Zimbabwe Bond Issued by the Central Bank of Zimbabwe".

It's all reading like a fairy tale anyway, so who do you believe?

This one little question is where the rubber hits the road... or not. If you believe the zim has little value and three digits is a fairy tale then read no farther. This editorial piece isn't written for you. You will be kindly helped with your currency exchange. It's written for those who are struggling with the idea of "negotiated rates".

If you believe that nation's in this world are funded by government bonds and these debt instruments are bought and sold (traded) all over the world, and that you hold one such debt instrument; then you're one who should consider telling your story. If you believe that Zimbabwe is a lynchpin for the GCR then read on. This is written for you. I've got a little story that I'd like to share. Some might call it a fairy tale. I call it our destiny. Here's my exchange experience story, simple, short and sweet. Please feel free to replicate, duplicate and share.

When asked the question, what do you plan to do with your proceeds, I will say:

With God's help, along with a lot of good people, we will eliminate poverty, thirst, hunger and put an end to desperation of any kind, all over the world. How much money do you reckon that will take? We will team up with others to deliver food, water and provide quality shelter. We'll provide the best medical care; education in every form, for all desiring to improve and learn. How much do you reckon that will cost? We'll build new cities where existing ones are falling down and where none existed before. We'll fund new technologies to bring a beautiful new world to the next generation. How much do you reckon that will cost? Because whatever that will cost we will pay. With your help we can bring this vision to reality.

How do you plan to accomplish all of that?

Be aware, when this question is asked you will recognize it's the trigger. You know you've got them hooked. It's time to bring in the big guns with your closing statement.

I'm just a regular working Joe. I'm like Plumber Joe who worked his whole life to barely make ends meet. I'm lucky if at the end of the month I've got a little bit of money to save for future needs. Now I'm talking to you about singlehandedly rescuing the world from poverty. Yes, I do see the incongruity. Yes this is a fairly tale in the making. But I believe it's possible. I believe in fairy tales. I know that if you build it they will come. I've got the field and will be open to finding the right team to build the stage. All good people are welcome. With your help we can do this.

We are happy to help. Joe, how much do you want for your Zimbabwe Bonds?

How many minutes did that take? Very few... continue with your closing statement. Here are your Big Selling Points... drum roll, please!

We know that the Zim Bond has been trading and has established value with Bank of China. We've all heard rumors that the amount is as high as 6 digits. On the low end Zim has got a proven track record with the IMF stating a 1 to 1 value. We have also have heard the discussions about the new African Union and the pending new resulting SDR, IMF valuation. In the middle, I understand that rates are now (supposedly) on bank screens for over $ 100.00 USN. What is your screen showing now? Can I see? (WHY NOT?)

We also heard that historically, with a bank issued SKR (safe keeping receipt), this instrument can be insured by Lloyds of London and used for further trades. If the Zim Bond has proven valuable as a leveraged debt instrument and can be used for the purpose I have described then how much is possible for me here, now, without an NDA? This is my question to you. I really cant answer your question until i have the big picture. What is possible?

These rates I have described are all over the map. Here's my question to you. If it's possible for me to leverage my zim through a Trade Agreement, and we can talk about this here, then I'd like to see the Agreement now. I will like to read it through and consider the risk I may be taking on considering all that I can help, and since I may want to pursue a bigger responsibility via this exchange as a long term relationship with your bank. May I have that option? Chances are you will not be given this option but nothing fails you faster than never asking the question. The Trade Agreement typically will only be given once you've been approved as a trade partner. That may take a couple of days.

Notice that at no time was exact valuation mentioned? The next logical buyer's reply during a "tabletop meeting" (TTM) would be: Have you any idea how much we are we talking about? My reply as (Zimbabwe Bond seller) will be a net/net, I don't know exactly and I'm not comfortable stating a figure that might be too high or too low. Why don't you tell me? Keep the ball in the air...

Sales 101 has the answer here. Don't talk price until you share your vision. Then, don't be the first to name a price. The value of anything is only determined by the price a buyer is willing to pay. Whether or not we will be able to facilitate this price negotiation during one visit is the question.

Not having gone through this yet, I'm only imagining how my TTM might be handled. Might be that the exchange center will pass this on to a larger, more sophisticated group to support and manage -and here's my test. Will I be willing to walk out of the exchange without a firm number? I really don't know. Right this minute I'm feeling okay about this scenario. After all, this is a yuuuuuge negotiation. We have to wait and see how the energy feels right then and there. However, since we're living a 5D existence in a 3D world I know that right this minute I'm painting the stage and writing the script for a perfect experience to launch our rocketship. In my script I respect and trust the people on the other side of the table. We're jovial, relaxed and feeling very good about the exchange - of ideas, possibilities, of the whole process. We're all good.

In my script the endless supply of money that has been frozen for generations, creating lack and fear and poverty, is now freely flowing. In my script The People with the courage and the HEART to stand up and be accountable, with the vision to make a difference in this world, will be helped. We will be gently and kindly guided through the process. We will be introduced to those who will be our "A Teams". We will be nurtured as we ALL GROW into our Divine Right Minds, Part of the A Team delivering God's Blessing for Heaven on Earth.

No more wars.

No more drugs or addictions... all will desire to be clear and alert as each and every day brings opportunity for more and more. Beauty. Grace. Abundance. Joy. Hope. Dreams can come true. These are the lessons we will teach.

No more fear.

This is the vision to share during your exchange. The party negotiating on the other side of the table shares your vision. We all want the same thing as fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters, Children of God. If you're Chosen to step up, you'll know it. Own it. Be it. Show that you respect the people you're meeting with on this very important occasion, and that you respect yourself, this process and Our New World, in creation. Show up RWA, ready, willing and able. We ARE who we've been waiting for.

Living the dream... that's who we are. We're making it happen. Saving one starfish at a time. Yep. Got that one!

Big hugs,



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