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Thursday, July 13, 2017

"Re: To the RV Commander In Chief" by Ready to Begin - 7.13.17

Entry Submitted by Ready to Begin at 4:47 PM EDT on July 13, 2017

"To the RV Commander In Chief" by Jay - 7.13.17

To Jay. Your post is well written and points taken are a sad, but true, commentary on what appears in the news and reports of war and etc. I am assuming that your opinion comes from your education that you learned in Cabal schools that taught you what to think, what to learn, and what to parrot out to others. I would also include your religious views taught to you from the Cabal Bible and preached from religions that are an extension of the Cabal conditioning to keep mankind in slavery.

I ask you, Jay, very sincerely, do you know when the Cabal or the Illuminati, or whatever you want to call them, begin their reign of terror over the earth people? When did they begin to metastasize the earth with their insidious agenda to enslave and kill the people of earth? Was it a hundred years ago, two hundred, five hundred, a thousand or more? Or was it thousands of years ago, like thirteen thousand years ago?

I would appreciate your thoughtful answer to these questions.

If it is indeed, necessary to find guilt and put somebody on a guilt trip, how do you figure out who caused this cancerous growth? Who allowed this to take place? Who is guilty.?

There was a man who smoked cigarettes all his life and developed cancer in his lungs. Cancer is defined as:

“the uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells in the body. Cancer develops when the body’s normal control mechanism stops working. Old cells do not die and instead grow out of control, forming new, abnormal cells. These extra cells may form a mass of tissue, called a tumor. Some cancers, such as leukemia, do not form tumors.”

Let me pretend that I am a skin cell located in my little finger, right at the very tip. My job is very clear to me and as long as I get nutrients I am really happy to perform my job with loving intent as I was created to do. It is not part of my job to look after the other 3 trillion cells. However, I can become aware that there is an intrusion in the force field of the body but, I must remain at my post and let those who have responsibility to protect our body construct and whose job it is toeliminate the cancer or, whatever is causing the problem in the force field.

If those whose responsibility it is to protect the body are unable to save the whole body then this body dies. We all go back to God and we have our life review. Which one of the 3 trillion cells does God place the blame on? Which organ, as a collection of cells, is guilty of not performing their function that caused the death? Why don't the other 3 trillion cells get all upset and blame the lung for causing the death of the whole body? Or is it the lungs that did it?

What good is accomplished if ANY GUILT is felt by any of the cells that became cancerous and caused the cessation of the life force of the body? The body as a whole is dead. Who can be blamed? Maybe it's the entity that designed the body that also created a predisposition for cancer to grow causing death? Is it God?

Let's talk about the Cabal.

Logically, If we really want to place blame on creating the Cabal to penetrate and destroy God's creations, then it must be placed squarely on the Creator of all there is. God did it, It is His fault. God created the Cabal to kill us! Follow the chain of creation. Where does the creation buck stop? Stand up God and take responsibility for the Cabal. You are the one that is guilty, you created them in the first place. OOOOORRRRRR.....maybe there is an over arching God plan that we know nothing about, yet? A plan from the very beginning. A plan that for some reason was to fulfill a purpose that we as His children needed for our spiritual evolution and growth. Would God do that? Would we as the Oneness, do that?

Jay, do you have any higher awareness of how God works within His creations? Why do you tell anybody it's time to give you their gift. Are you so void of appropriate behavior and absorbed in entitlement that you even suggest that the NPTB are doing it all wrong and they should give into your, peep hole into your darkened reality, and do it your way? If you keep dragging your pair on the ground somebody is going to kick them right up your never-see-light place.

Cabal conditioning requires us to KNOW the truth so we can place blame on someone for anything that goes wrong. Somebody needs to accept the guilt for all this pain and suffering. Can this be a divide and conquer doctrine? Maybe a separation consciousness agenda?

Jay, you use the Germans as an example, that must take responsibility for Hitler. How can one blame the Germans for Hitler? Prescott Bush financed Hitler through his Brown Harriman Bank. He was a senator at the time and was censured by the Senate for his support of Hitler. Was he part of the Cabal? Was Hitler part of the Cabal? How many generations back were complicit in this demented plan? Did the Germans know about all this? Did they have knowledge of the atrocities Hitler and his demons perpetrated on the Jews. If they didn't know, how can you place blame on them. Why must they feel guilty? Were they not victims? Why should the victims be guilty of the crime against them? Shame? That's stupid!!!!!

How many real Jews know about the Kazarian Mafia? How many Jews would you want to blame for the terrible wars and suffering caused by their leaders as their leaders manipulated their minds to believe in circumstances that appeared as if they needed to go to war. That's demented thinking at it's worst.

Should I go on, and on, and on, with examples, because it would be endless and supportive.

You, Jay must take full responsibility for a post that needs to place blame and guilt on somebody for all the past atrocities that the Cabal is responsible for. Let this be very clear about your teachings, I WILL NEVER, EVER, EVER TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR WHAT THE CABAL HAS DONE TO THIS EARTH AND HER INHABITANTS. I will not hold guilty, any of my family, my ancestors, my friends or my countrymen who have served in these wars with their dedicated service to our country, for anything they have done. Why must Americans feel guilty for what the Cabal has done. We were taught to love our country, to pledge allegiance to the flag, to honor the Constitution and our Founding Fathers, to pray to and fear a wrathful God of vengeance, and believe in the Cabal Bible and it's religion that has been compromised and has perpetrated the Cabal agenda of obedience to their distorted ways of being, while at the same time killing anybody that does not obey their rules and laws perpetrated as doctrine. We were conditioned to believe that if we did all these things we were indeed doing our duty.

We voted in elections that were rigged and told that our vote counted. We read the Cabal news media and thought we knew what was going on. Those that used their own thinking were labeled as conspirators and bad people by all the ignorant people who followed the Government as dutiful Citizens, that were taught to hate these people trying to overthrow our government. So Jay, while all of this was going on, where were you? Where were you painting a target on your chest? Where were your parents and ancestors? Are you taking upon yourself their sins of omission for not knowing what was going on? Are you nailing yourself to your cross as a dutiful son, whose Cabal government has started wars and killed thousands of people? Are you guilty for all the people Hillary has caused to be killed and who destroyed governments all over the world? Have you put on your scarlet stained clothes to show you are guilty of a heinous crime? Why not?

Jay, you and anybody else who feels the need to place blame and guilt on any of the innocent people who have already suffered from the Cabal, are an absolute anathema to mankind all over the world, including those indigenous people of color. Your continued and persistent need to place blame and guilt on everybody is an attempt to perpetuate the Cabal agenda. This would put you in collusion with their minions to bring us down. If you are not a Cabal minion then quit your guilt inducements because from where I stand you are an example of a Cabal agent or minion and not on our side, not for our good, and certainly not one I would follow. Guilt or shame in any form is destructive and serves no useful purpose. And there are a lot of people who would give me an, Amen, on that.

It is time for you to be, “For us, or against us. It is your responsibility to put on your true colors, unless you already have. Choose wisely, you are being watched and judged by discernment.

Telling it like I see it....name changed from, “Eager to Begin,” to...now I'm....

Ready to Begin (formerly Eager to Begin)



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