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Friday, July 21, 2017

"Re: To 5D Hero for your Sacked Attack" by Gene - 7.21.17

Entry Submitted by Gene at 12:04 AM EDT on July 21, 2017

"To 5D Hero for your Sacked Attack" by One Who Teaches - 7.20.17

You must be REALLY thick!

I told you last time and I'm telling you again that 5D Hero is NOT (you do understand this word, don't you? I'm beginning to wonder) OWK! NOT EVEN CLOSE!

Lets get Patrick to end this so you can crawl back into the hole you came out of and stop your vile, hate filled posts.

No this is NOT a Dr. Feelgood site as you say we want! Only YOU want this most likely because you can't stand the truth! This is a REALITY site and as long as there are dark forces out there who are attempting to fool us and lead us off the path into the weeds, we all WANT to know about it and be forewarned. We're all big boys and girls. We don't need anyone to protect us from reality, feeding us crap that makes us feel good falsely. We can make our own decisions, our own choices and pick and choose what we believe and what we don't and I dare say, we're all pretty good at it! Imagine that!

Regarding OWK, you're talking to a ghost because other than on a rare occasion, OWK does NOT post here anymore nor do I believe he reads any of the posts (or if he chooses to, most assuredly not posts like yours that are FULL of hateful bad energy nor would I other than for the fact you called out my friend and then proceeded to erroneously call him OWK where you went off on a bash OWK rant afterwards) nor will he post nor visit here after the RV as we've been told he has his own web site ready to go that those of ill intent will not be allowed membership to. You have NO audience with him for your brand of hate, neither now, nor into the future! You're just wasting your time showing the world how hateful you are.

Patrick, if you might, please check the IP address/email address of my friend 5D Hero against that of OWK and tell us once and for all if One Who Teaches is right or wrong. Is 5D Hero OWK or not?

Why would I make this request of Patrick? Because I'm personal friends with 5D Hero and I already know the outcome of this request and it will verify 5D Hero is not OWK! Not even close!

Given your incorrect assumption this second time around (guess you never got that broken psychic ability you have that failed you the first time too fixed, huh?), your whole post is based on a falsehood from the very first sentence.

This invalidates EVERYTHING you've said from your very first word. EVERYTHING!

But then I still have NO clue why you are so livid. That was an exact transcript of the first part of the Real Truth Call with a few observational comments in blue my friend made where at the end he challenged the readers to judge for themselves. Exactly where does ALL your hate and hateful words come from? Are you upset at what was said in the Real Truth Call perhaps? Yeah, I bet thats it but then, you should be calling out those in attendance, not my friend - did you slip a gear in your head or something?

There was no dictating, no subterfuge, no attempts to deceive the user and most certainly none of the CRAP you ranted about over and over was ever mentioned - just a few observations/comments by the transcriber leaving determination of truth up to the reader. Hmmmm!

You are hate filled and delusional.

I pity you!

You keep insinuating that OWK is a lowlife for posting as someone else to hide his identity yet you offer NO proof of your erroneous belief most likely because you know the truth and just want to cause trouble.

Its really funny how you call out my friend as being OWK where you have NO proof and in fact are dead wrong where its ONLY your erroneous opinion yet in the very next sentence you say we here are sick of opinions. Yeah, we are, YOURS! Because thats ALL they are! This is a VERY typical cabal troll tactic I might add on your part! Hmmm! Guess what? Its NOT working. I guess you need a troll school refresher course.

I think OWT really means "One Who Trolls" because you most certainly do NOT teach anything other than spread hatred. Light workers and those on the good side of the fence DO NOT DO THIS! You sure do though. Repeatedly! Hmmmm!

Its also funny how you have no clue what a paragraph is. This makes you look DUMB, seriously.

Hopefully Patrick will see this request and verify what I already know so we can put an end to this once and for all!

The cabal lost!

They're gone or at least those not dead nor already in jail will be gone soon.

The stupid ones are still posting and playing their TDA scam. It matters not because very soon, once the RV goes, every single cabal minion, every single cabal troll and anyone associating with them will all find themselves in a jail cell, probably for a VERY long time (YAY!). Yes the NPTB know exactly who every single one of them are, where they live and already know, should they not choose a bullet, exactly where they WILL be living for a very long time henceforth, once the authorities come to collect them.

The cabal abused us and controlled us with their incessant psychological programming through every means they had available to them, poisoned us with all of their chemicals, irradiated us with microwaves and radio waves, dosed us with everything they had in their arsenal to make us sick and to dumb us down, played every manner of deceit against us, used lack, fear, hopelessness and depression against us to keep us under control and feeling miserable. I've only touched the surface here. What they did to us went FAR deeper, sadly.

And to think even after all this, THEY STILL LOST!

No we do NOT have to like them nor do we nor should we look the other way!

We are the VICTORS and we're still aggravated and rightfully so!

If someone did all this to you, you'd smile, say thank you, please come into my home and have a beer with me, wouldn't you?

Only a fool would think this way but you seem to expect us to!

To hell with that!

We have a right to feel as we do and you do not have a right to tell us we don't!

Anger is a positive emotion as it elicits positive action to excise that which is causing the anger. Hate isn't. It makes us them! We know the difference! We're not fools!

We instead pity them and wish them well on their journey as they pay for their error in judgment in this life after which they will then be afforded MANY future lives to allow them time to figure it all out and realize the truth, where they then will finally step up onto the path to the light and head for it. In the end it always works out. In this lifetime for them? Probably not but their penalty will be just given their choices and ensuing actions. No one escapes responsibility for their choices.

We know better than to hate them for a reason. We are the chosen! We were all chosen long before we each stepped into our respective body in this life and we were probably groomed for this very event for MANY lives prior for perhaps even thousands of years. We're here for a reason. It is NOT by chance! We each earned the right to be here and we each accepted the challenge!

THEIR actions/choices have ended their free reign of terror on Earth! We pity them for their lapse in judgment which allowed them to follow the path into the darkness. Eventually, perhaps many lives henceforth, they will finally "get it" and then be afforded the right to take the step up we're taking in this lifetime. As I previously said, it always works out in the end. Its not a matter of if and just when.


Signed: Gene



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