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Saturday, July 15, 2017

"Re: So Much Suffering... Relief on the Way..." by Restive Sage - 7.15.17

Entry Submitted by Restive Sage at 2:57 PM EDT on July 15 , 2017

"So Much Suffering... Relief on the Way..." by Yosh - 7.15.17

Thank you Yosh for a very cogent expression of the mixed state of affairs on this planet. Everything you stated is worthy of deeper thought. The pathos, the hopelessness, the fight to survive retaining not even a modicum of dignity....it plagues our world, it is a scourge to be expunged. Eight billion people and five billion in poverty. And why. In a world that can now feed, house, clothe and heat everyone three times over. Why? Whatever the sufferings of the debt economy in the first world, it is as nothing compared to the suffering in war torn areas and the third world in general.

Can we not do better? I would be ashamed to call myself a LEADER in such a world if I were not doing something to correct the situation. Are the odds overwhelming? It certainly seems so. But who among the LEADERS of the world are trying. One thing is readily apparent, whatever they HAVE been doing in the past...it has not worked. Can they say they have really been trying, or just paying lip service to the problems. Have they given up before they even get started. Are they resigned to the status quo.

I say to this : we need NEW LEADERS.

And as we have seen, backed by the insights provided by our esteemed contributors to this site ie those with Deep State knowledge, the preamble to the GCR is world peace. Logically, once you study the scenario, it has to be true that there is no greater need on Earth than peace. For it is the movement to peace that upholds the GCR. It is the movement to peace that is the true foundation, the true liberator in this whole equation. Talk about belief becoming reality: sadly, most people scoff at the concept of world peace. To the cynic, it sounds like a New Age, stoned-out hippie pipe dream. Most have been TAUGHT from birth that war is just a part of the equation and just a bitter medicine to be swallowed. They therefore believe and accept that we MUST, at some point (when negotiations break down), have war...because it simply is the natural state of man, right. And then...they point to history. See...they say. See. It never changes. Look at history.

Imagine if you will, every rifle, every machine gun, every RPG, every box of grenades, every warship, every plane, every jet, every helicopter, every tank, every missile, every bomb, every chest of bullets, every bayonet, every nuclear device, every uniform, every MRE, every radio, every field tent, every body bag and every roadside explosive device made by the hand of man in all the countries of the planet for the last 150 years. Imagine now just the monetary cost of production. The immensity staggers the mind. This is where an incredibly and ridiculously high percentage of the earth's natural forces, earth's industrial output, the life force of humanity and the ingenuity of man's mind has been directed for decade after decade after decade.

But that is just the start. Because even after you spend the money to build this conglomeration of war implements, you have to have a place to store the weapons. Then you have to train someone to use them. Then you have to train someone to train them. Ships and jets require fuel. Machines break down, need repairs. Then all the trainers need to be managed and organized by officers skilled in leading men and the art of war. They all must be housed and fed. They all need medical care. Tens of thousands. It's called an army, a navy and an air force. And unlike production, this is an annual expense.

And after a few decades, all the war stuff you produced, in great quantity, begins to age and deteriorate, steadily becoming obsolete with time. Then, there is another appropriations bill, and new, more modern, more deadly successor weaponry is designed and produced. Better tanks. Better ships. Better jets. The cycle is endless. Shove all the helicopters off the deck of the ship, they are in the way.

It is plain, we humans are fascinated by war and we prepare for it constantly. We pay through the nose for it. No one wants to be caught off guard. History teaches us, the loser becomes a slave. Just like Rome. As onerous as it all is, no one is willing to live on earth without it. Despite the cost. No one wants to be a slave. And in the modern era, military power is more important to political power and economic power than ever. It is not just for defense, it is for projection of power. Remember, the British Empire was built on a PROJECTION of power. The English monarch is master of an island off the coast of European mainland with 65 million people, but study your history and you see that the British monarch in the 1800s controlled almost 40% of the globe. How does a small country dominate a large country. Even today, though the empire is not as it was, the queen is still the "legal" master of a vast Commonwealth that includes Canada, New Zealand and Australia among others. And until 1948, it included a whole subcontinent in South Asia (formed of modern India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangla Desh and Afghanistan) and even at some point South Africa and Nigeria in Africa. One cannot understand modern history and how the USA operates today without understanding the British Empire and how it operated.

And what is it that fundamentally fuels the need for PROJECTION of power. It is the desire of one society to intimidate and dominate another. At its historical worst, it leads to the enslavement of the weaker group; in modern times we can't technically enslave (that would be immoral), rather we subjugate them economically using a crafty mix of political interference and enforced debt machinations that allows the first world to extract the mineral wealth of the third world and leave the populace penniless....except of course for the third world LEADERS who are simply corruptly bought off, as ever. Call it what you will, its just another form of slavery. Sometimes I wonder if all the countries weren't better off as colonies, at least the master was taking care of the slaves then.

As has already been established in my previous post, in the modern era, war and science have merged. There is not a single avenue of science, and, newly advanced science, that the military is not instantly made aware of and then studies for its potential incorporation into a military use. Once we let the genie out ie our science merged with the military and the BAD LEADERS, that was when we lost demographic control. We lost the ability to fight back. We lost our rights as humans and we lost our sovereignty.

Our Deep State intelligence tells us that the precursor for the GCR is world peace. These two concepts - world peace and GCR - go together. Have new LEADERS emerged finally? Is peace really going to happen. Is it still naive to think we can actually have both world peace and a GCR? I hope not. Because without this event we are all waiting for, we chosen ones, things will get much much worse on this planet. This is our day of reckoning. This is our moment, This is our shining hour. Ironically, despite the realities of warfare through history and its link to resource management at a global level, it is the military men who have come through -the white hats - at this critical fulcrum of history. They have emerged as the TRUE enablers of this upheaval. It can't work without them. Money is money and war is war. Who did the Sovereign Elders recruit first to make this possible. Perhaps those who have seen the horrors of war and understand its devastating nature, are those who can be the most ardent supporters of an enlightened age where they have a new role as the PROTECTORS of world peace and not PROJECTION of POWER puppets for BIG MONEY.

In the end whom do we serve: God, mankind, our children, or, someone who fantasizes daily about squeezing another 2% of interest out of the masses. The lust of BIG MONEY for more money is not the real problem; the real problem is that the quest for more money and more power led them to infiltration and control of our governments, who in turn purport to control our military leadership. That is the time long ago when we lost our demographic power and our sovereignty. That is when we lost our soul. My fear is that we will never get it back. It's been a long time actually. Has the world become better in their hands. Have they proven themselves to be leaders we can trust and respect. The answer is obvious. Thus I say, it is time. Carpe diem.

Restive Sage.



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