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Saturday, July 8, 2017

"Re: Insolvent" by John - 7.8.17

Entry Submitted by John at 2:35 PM EDT on July 8, 2017

"Insolvent" - GCR/RV Op-Ed - Saturday - July 8, 2017

I want to begin by putting a perspective to what it seems that we the people of America are being accused of being responsible for and, for all intents and purposes, by a fellow American. Talk about Gaul and, the epitome of arrogance. First of all, as of 2015, the population of America was 321.4 million people. Then, out of over 321 million people, there are 535 total members of Congress, including the House of Representatives and the Senate. Add to that the current administration

with 1 president, 1 vice-president and, let's say another 100 people on staff. That equals a total of 637 in Washington D.C. who are presently responsible for doing what has been done. Can you do the math, that's only 0.00000198%

of the population in America, as of 2015. Add another 50 governors and, let's say they each have an additional 100 people under them and, you bring the total "government" to consisting of another 5,050 people...or, the grand total to 5,687 elected and support people in government or, as a percentage of the population, only 0.0001769%

Now, forgive me for calling "a spade a spade" but, let's look at the historical magnitude of the effect government could have possibly had, beginning at the earliest time the percentage of government crooks to total population could have been even close to what we face today.

Now, aside from how Alaska and Hawaii became part of America...whether it was properly negotiated or finalized the way those who negotiated it agreed to, Alaska and Hawaii became the 49th and 50th states, respectively in 1959. So, without knowing the exact day for each of those events to have happened, let's assume today's date in 1959...so, fifty nine years ago...out of 241 years. So,


or, less than 25% of our nation's existence, by less than 2 one thousandth of a percent of the people are the reason for the "honorable" leaders of China and Russia are making the entire nation suffer, albeit continue to hold out hope for financial relief?

Well, pardon me for being so blunt but, where do you see the honor in that? To begin with, knowing what you know about the people who are elected, you, as leaders of your own nations are at least partially to blame for the condition of American politics and, thereby America. On a positive side, you also, should at least be partially thanked for the standard of living America has enjoyed. Do I need to go into detail about the likes of the "Bretton Woods Agreement" or, how about "Green-Hilton"? Actually, this part of the discussion could be rather lengthy because, if you begin with the 1789 Cinstitution, the number of international agreements that America has been party to, numbers into the thousands, I'm sure and, here are just a few.

Did you happen to notice, the first agreement I listed is between America and Russia and, the last one I listed is between America and China? Those were a long time ago, too so, whatever came out of those treaties (agreements) had an effect on getting all of us to where we are today, whether we were party to them at the time, or not.

Excuse me for saying it so boldly but, those a were negotiated agreements and, need I remind you, from the American point of view, that while the actual calculation might be different for the dates of each treaty that was signed, we can safely say that at the worst, 0.0001769/1000th of a percent of the people in America actually participated in or, had anything to do with the making of those agreements. Need I state the obvious that, I'm certain, considering the fact that population of China dwarfs that of the American people, the percentage of government "representation" is probably into the 10,000th of a percent compared to its population or more and yet, while your people may be content, you don't have a perfect society either and, we could continue right down the line and point out the very same inconsistencies of every government and nation of the world. I can understand the frustrations that China and Russia are having with Washington D.C. but, need I remind you, unbeknownst to the American people at the time, our government was and has been infiltrated and, as a result, run by foreign attorneys and bankers, from the beginning. Of course, most Americans aren't taught that in school, are they. It's kind of a no-brainer but, "deception" actually works best if the people you're trying to deceive don't know about it. However, the truth is always the truth and, fortunately for those of us who are truly interested and, take the time to do the research, there are historians and archivists who keep track of and, write all this stuff down, albeit in places that they know the average person won't look and, if they do, they have to hunt for and search in order to discover. Now, here we are, on the verge of the possibility for a utopian society and, like a bunch of cry-babies, wanting to "get even", the Chinese and Russians are supposedly treating everyone who knows what's about to happen financially, who has it in their hearts to help re-create their own circumstances in such a way as to be a blessing to as many people as come across their life's path and yet, are being forced to wait until the the do-called "New Powers That Be" are satisfied that the "Old Powers That Were", have sufficiently been embarrassed.

Let me say that I don't believe you're ignorant to what I'm saying but, you need to hear this from someone whose heritage is traced all the way back to the beginning of this whole "experiment" and, while I'm just an "average Joe" here in America, I'm looking forward to personifying what I believe is the true American spirit that was lived-out in the life of my ancestors.

You also need to hear it from an "average Joe" that, those of us who consider ourselves to be the adults among the American people, have families and businesses to take care of and, in the process of living, we've chosen and selected from among ourselves, people to represent us in government. Quite frankly, considering that they were selected and, elected from out if the midst of us, should we not expect them to do as they campaigned to do and, actually "represent" us properly? You see, upon their accepting the nomination for their respective positions snd, upon their being elected, it's funny, we expect them to actually do what they say they're going to do? The fact that they don't, doesn't change the responsibilities that we have in our own lives, with families to provide for and businesses to run and, not to be disrespectful but, we don't drop everything we're doing to go straighten out a bunch of people who've simply lost sight of the fact that they're nothing more than hired help and, have taken liberty to conduct governmental business in a way that is unprescribed by the people.. Then, when you consider the truth of the matter and, how "Governments" of the world actually deal with each other secretively, knowing before they go into any negotiations with each other, their allegiance genuinely is to their own "people", no matter what personal agendas politicians may have. As such, he or she was elected to do ONE THING...REPRESENT their constituency and, anything personal, for the sake of their oath of office and, COMMITMENT to the people who elected them, any personal agenda, to the extent that it has nothing to do with The People, is to be set aside and, dealt with personally and apart from The People's business.

Instead, What we seem have is the equivalent to a bunch of junior high kids, who've been left at alone at home and, are doing whatever their little evil minds seem to conjure up, while "mom and dad" are at work, doing everything in their power to keep groceries in the cupboard, the bills paid and, even with all the destruction they do when left unsupervised, every now and then, maybe being able to buy their disrespectful and, un-appreciative children some of the things they just can't seem to live without.

You think that's too harsh? Well, let me preface what Needs to be said next, by saying, while their are differences in value systems among people, there are still certain "givens" that, no matter what, will ALWAYS be "right" or, ALWAYS be "wrong" and, call us naive but, there are some of us who actually believe you when you say you will do things the way they're prescribed to be done. For instance, if something (ANYTHING) doesn't belong to you, if you don't have the permission of its rightful owner to use it, you should keep your hands off of it. Anyway you want to look at it, if you use it as your own while it belongs to someone else and, they haven't given you expressed permission to use it or, they don't know you're using it, then you're a THIEF. Too "black and white"? I don't think so. The truth is, the rest of society is expected to live by that maxim and, while my greatest concern in this respect, may be with the people of America and, our government, that principle is true for everyone, regardless of where they are.

Unfortunately, government employees have access to what's called the "public treasury" and why? Because, the people elected them to do a "job" and, just like any "hireling", if you're what you're doing is for someone else and, funds are needed, ultimately, you use their money. A member of The House of Representatives or, a Senator have at least one thing in common with a fry-cool at a hamburger stand. While it's said that one of them is elected to his position, that's just another word for getting hired and, being hired, while the process of accomplishing it may be different, everything is relative, both of them can be fired.

The truth is, NO ONE who cast a vote in the 2016 election, went into the voting booth with the conscious thought of electing someone to "tell them what they can or can't do" in their life and yet, that's the position that "politicians" have taken and have had for the better part of our nation's history. They make rules and regulations to control the populace and yet, don't require theirselves to adhere to those very same rules and regulations but, this isn't just an American problem. It's the same for governments throughout the world. Say it's not and, you're simply socially and/or mentally diluted. Look at the facts. The fact that a politician has the ability to tap into the "public treasury" doesn't mean they have the right to for any reason other than is what's spelled out in law. Even then, there are "checks and balances" that, even though largely ignored by government employees, are never the less in existence to prevent the kind of corruption that we've fallen victim to. If your spouse cheats on you, whose fault is that? I'm not saying that you are perfect and may have not done something to upset them but, whose fault is it really, if they cheat in you? My point is, generally speaking, we don't elect boys or girls right out of middle school or junior high nor, even right out of high school to take on governmental responsibilities for a reason. Is it too much to ask that adults who are elected should actually act like adults and, obey the laws the rest of us are expected to obey? The answer is no, it's not too much to ask. Anyway, I'm not much for rolling over and playing dead when someone chooses to blame folks for being the cause of something they had nothing to do with except expecting the hired help to follow through and do what they were hired to do.




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