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Monday, July 10, 2017

"Prospering" - I Ching for Week of July 10, 2017

I Ching for The Week of July 10, 2017

#11            Tai           Prospering/Great Ritual

Above      Kun          Center of the Earth; that on which

                                  everything rests; the basis of all things
Below   Qian/Gan    Heaven; energy; spirit power

The Wisdom:

Correct connections will be made.
It is the time.
Heaven and Earth are joining;
Intuition is your guiding light.

A clear message comes with this hexagram, Tai, in support of your journey toward completion.

You have been asking yourself, and rightly so, why, when you have been diligent, with great effort, you have not made the advancements you have been working for and have so desired? The I Ching arrives this week to tell you that you are in a position to attract a great outflowing of energy that, with correct intention and proper behavior, will be yours. Because of all that you have been working on and have sacrificed along the way, you have made way for this energy flow, which will be powerful, and in some cases perhaps even jarring in its intensity.

You will have to be proactive, aware, and awake to harness and use this energy to make connections, complete tasks, and discern who your allies are and who your detractors are. Embrace your allies, whether near or far, and dismiss the detractors; ferret out the ones in your sphere whom you must constantly pull up to your level, and dismiss them as well, be it a friend, associate, lover, or relative. The flattering attention they may have offered is without foundation and will ultimately be draining and destructive.

You are entering a new time of connectivity that can open the channel for true and continuing abundance . . . at last! This oncoming force, imbued with Spirit, can now neutralize the lingering doubts about yourself and your life’s work—doubts and fears that have wakened you in the middle of the night and greeted you first thing in the morning.

The worry that you didn’t have it together in the parts and places that mattered most and that your past decisions were flawed is not justified. You were simply engaged and focused on keeping your ship afloat. Accept the truth that you have been on an inner journey of preparation and have been making the best decisions you could in the face of your emotional and/or financial survival.

It is true: you have been self-absorbed; no blame—that comes with the territory when we are preparing to make great advancements in our relationship with self, our art, and in commerce. Your ego would have you think that you have been off-track in your thoughts and actions and that it was this that was keeping you from reaching your goals. But this isn’t true at all; this is only the distracting voice of the inner critic yapping in judgment of your process.

This time of prospering has been activated by your inner wisdom, slowing things down and giving you time, through the tempering fire of adversity to develop strength of intuition and purpose. Now, as you call from within for guidance to bring forth clarity, you will be placed in the correct frequency, which will propel you toward the best and highest good—for yourself, in your career and relationships, and for the greater, universal good.

Often we are advised or feel the need to go see the sage, the wise person in the tribe, or the shaman. This is not such a time. This is the time to use and depend on your own wisdom and intuitive powers, which have been developing while you were being diligent on your path of healing, spiritual advancement, and creativity.

With proper intention and by initiating creative ritual, your vision, plans, and desires will be made manifest and brought to life. Be mindful and have crystal-clear knowledge of your intentions as to what you want to do or create as this incredible surge of life force comes your way. Prepare with care the body, mind, and spirit. This will allow you to activate the incredible, dignified, and compassionate being you truly are. Then seal the deal through sacred ritual.

During these days of preparation, direct your energy pointedly for yours and the greater good. Use this life force to activate what you want. Don’t squander your energy—focus it. Choose your target and go for it. Focus, don’t scatter shoot, hoping that one arrow out of many will surely hit the mark. It won’t work that way. By using your intuition to choose the point, aim, and then move with all your skill and intention toward that goal.

Your career and your spiritual and inner emotional life can flourish now with your visualization of the success, satisfaction, and peace of mind you want, desire, and deserve. See yourself in your power, working with joy in all areas of your life.

This is an auspicious time for creative projects and organizations that are working for the greater good. Anyone who is not working for the greater good or for the good of a project or endeavor will be revealed and must be removed from your sphere. As this occurs, do not be concerned, as this leaves space for the angels to enter or to return after standing in the wings watching and loving you. Through their heavenly dance, your true companions of destiny will emerge, and the situations and world you are creatively imagining and working toward will manifest. Honor the ones who have given you strength and with sacrifice and integrity have left you space to grow and create; this has been a great gift for your self-confidence, a confidence you will relish as the arrival of abundance in your career; love and health will also flourish.

Sexual energy and attraction and sensuality are part and parcel of this oncoming tide of creativity. Be very sensitive as you ride this wave. Spread, through love, kindness, compassion, and laughter, this sexual energy; it is a manifestation of Shakti, the primordial cosmic energy and divine feminine creative power. She is healing and can enliven your progress toward a happy, successful, and peaceful outcome. Avoid the temptation, which can be great, to use this powerful energy, through seduction or inferred promises, to manipulate others to achieve your goals. Doing so would muddy the waters and take you out of your integrity. Your dreams would be diluted or would dissolve, and you would miss this time of completion and abundance. Above all, break the old habits and ways of thinking that have controlled you.

The confidence necessary to take you to the heights you seek will come with knowing that you have shown strength of character and integrity through times of want, sacrifice, and obstruction. Your community and associates in your craft or commerce will now see you in this light of strength and self-assurance and will be of support and service. Those who have judged you will fade into the woodwork and will have no influence whatsoever on you, your work, or your advancement. This does not mean, however, that the forces that were impeding your progress in the past have left the building. They may have been made impotent by your hard work, but they are still there lurking in the shadows, fully capable of rising again should you fall out of integrity.

So, to maintain the influence of Tai, appreciate how you got here and how hard you have worked to consciously join in the flow of blessings and abundance. Be generous with your joy, love, and success. Take nothing for granted.

Do not delude yourself into thinking that because you are entering a time of success and abundance you have completed your tasks and need not be diligent, aware, and awake. Just the opposite! You must keep firmly on a righteous and clean path. This is just the beginning; it gets even better than this, much better. Have discipline to do your yoga and meditation or whatever it is that gives you strength and peace in stillness.

Set firmly your intentions and be a fierce warrior as you proceed in truth and dignity. From this position you will soon find yourself sitting in the place of success and honor, at the table of abundance that has been set for you.

In lak’ech


The older we get, the closer we are.
The higher we go the higher we are.




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