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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

"Positive Negativity and the Power of Creation" by R:E:H:A - 7.4.17

Entry Submitted by R:E:H:A at 5:46 AM EDT on July 4, 2017


Reflection on the article Bar None

Seldom I jump up or our of the silence but after reading this article Source pushed me to write another article on the same subject.

It is time to awaken to who we truly are. No matter how long we are in this community as there are some of us working for change and the shift to the Golden Age all a life long and yes often it felt as a burden as the attacks were all over us from all sides to stop us. Guess what?

THERE IS NO BURDEN AND NEVER WILL BE - THERE IS JOY OF LIFE ONLY en in the so called worse situation and this is the final trumpet sounding through eternity - a heavenly sound, a joyful sound, carrying within the power of creation, of blessing, of abundance, of everlasting prosperity...... how this ever can be a burden? This word only has heaviness and used so many times in one article even placing you the ATLAS front of your nose in a nice statue picture has the intent to trigger into your sub-consciousness to seed fear and make you step back from exchange or from what might come ahead...

It is time that we recognize negativity hidden in may be positive seeming articles... What is the difference? LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE makes the difference...... DIVINE LOVE does not know any burden - divine love does neither serve - DIVINE LOVE is the divine power of creation - it is the living life vibration - it IS LIGHT and light is always victorious no matter any cabal tries. WE ARE THE LIGHT - WE ARE THE VICTORY

What are you creating (false narratives?) We do not fall into your traps -the creator of these articles became transparent in their intent - how sad is that? - Proclaiming liberty to be a burden and service as well?

Please dear Intel family - step out of this realm of 3D - 5D does not know any of these energies but how do we get there? BECOME IT, VIBRATE THE LIGHT - VIBRATE THE LOVE AT FULLEST, - fill yourself with divine light is still a way of self cleaning and direct connection - we have to step up into the next level - that is HOW WE CREATE THE DIFFERENCE - WE WANT TO HAVE RV MANIFEST? Stop waiting and hoping - take action and become the shining light you are - shine through all RV Centers - shine through all people involved . shine through the world and love the shadows free - CREATE the space and environment we need so it can manifest -
BE THE POWER OF MANIFESTATION - if you are totally into it there will be no space left of any burden energy, no fear, ALL GONE FOR GOOD - as we become the magnet attracting it into PHYSICAL reality!!! IT IS WHAT WE CHOOSE !!!

SHINE AS THE POWER OF SOURCE WE ALL ARE and step into liberty and eternal freedom. Divine love is the ONLY Answer

What is coming ahead? Become a multidimensional Being, vibrating divinity in each second of existence - see yourself at the same time everywhere - how we lift people up who are down , what a joy to do so- how we heal the world in divine bliss and eternal happiness with a never ending smile on our face.

Just imagine how it feels when you vibrate fully DIVINITY - there is no cry left - trees will feel your love no matter where the are standing in this world - they will answer in love and just KNOW we are working for them and with them as trees yes are WISE - they taught me many things - the rivers will run in joy and happiness and they will feel your healing power and absorb i, t using your love to heal their own substance - water is a joyful element and it has agreed to absorb all the emotions as we are also the living water of life - a blessing for this world - have you ever felt the vibration of the high mountains when they greet you and their honor to receive you - have our even tried to step into the eternal realm on nature love? WOW there is no such thing as horror - with all we have done as human beings - the elements are pure love ......forever will be - they invite us to join - to heal ourselves as then we heal the planet as we are one also...

Stop thinking like a human Being - begin to think as the Divine Love we are - there is nothing heavy about RV - and this last piece is up to us - jump into the GOLDEN AGE AND BE THERE - LIVE IT WITHIN, VIBRATE IT 24 HOURS -can you feel that ? - this will shift the never ending WAITING/ Only the essence of this word is negativity as it has no power - waiting is= stagnation - get out of it - jump up into the eternal realm of heavenly joy and MAKE IT HAPPEN within your own being.....

Shift the SERVER into a DIVINE CREATOR POWER ESSENCE we do NOT serve SERVING - we only SERVE ACTING AND BEING WHO WE ARE - become the mission you feel inside - BE THE MISSION!!! then there is only JOY left - you will fly inside and all you wish to accomplish will just be easy does it -----

This is the very last filter - will we stuck in hoping and waiting or will we jump into the eternal power of spirit to CREATE THE DIFFERENCE WITHIN US?

Tune into the essence of the Golden Age of Liberty and freedom - become it - BE IT - BE THE ESSENCE OF CHANGE - EMBRACE THE WORLD WITH ALL YOUR DIVINE LOVE - human love is not enough - Divine love is unlimited - free flowing liquid crystal energy in which all doubts, fears, burden, and whatever low energies , disappear immediately.... do it now - you are all able to as you all WE AS ONE ARE THE POWER OF SPIRIT - THE KEY FOR EVERY NEW CREATION - WE create the platform - do not allow that the cabal create theirs on us - look deeper , and even more deep into each situation and you will find the DIVINE PLAN - Yes there is a CHRIST LIGHT PLAN - but we play it out nobody else does it for us - BECOMING A MASTE MEANS BECOMING THE DIVINE GOD POWER as co-creators. All our brothers and sister fromnmany galaxies are standing close to us..... I am also one who is in telepathic contact not just from now - many many years - all will become it soon


SING DANCE JUMP OF JOY - let your true being out and connect - become your own divine big bang of light and shine through all mwhat might still try to stop us - WE ARE UNSTOPPABLE , WE ARE THE ETERNAL NOW PAST AND FUTURE IN ONE as we came from the future to lift this planet with all life into the new reality....

FACTS? THE ARE NOT GIVEN EVER! WE ASLO CREATE THEM - Lets create the fact of completion and SHINE FORTH neutralizing all tiny dots that still might think they can hurt - no more ever shining light only

Be blessed forever for BEING HERE to LOVE THE PLANET FREE as yes we have come to save the earth and our time is at hand to create the result of the final act

AND SO IT IS BELOVED ONE I AM -WE ARE - WE AM the power of creation LETS ACT - LETS DO IT - BE IT....

in deep divine love for all who distribute on this site, create this platform of free expression - the ones who are left are lifting this sweet earth into the new realm of life , in deep divine love to all the organizers of RV and to all the heavenly ones being with us - being around us - even being US as we all did this work of love many times throughout the ages - we have won this time - so lets carry this victory home

Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh - don´t drift apart, stay tuned - to yourself, to your mission, to this community as it is the power of creation fro the new union on earth - when we drift apart we create new separation - we are one and we have to create and to manifest this oneness here and now and forever - working as one is the key......


The power of Spirit - R:E:H:A



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