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Monday, July 3, 2017

Mountain Goat Q&A for July 3, 2017

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Q & A. Here are my opinions and my answers. Remember most of what I am about to tell you, most of you already know. The problem is you don’t want to believe or refuse to believe what makes common sense. God gave all a mind to think.

Instead let’s think! We cannot control what Iraq does. You want me to give you a “now” date and a “very high” rate? Sorry I cannot do this.

All of you actually have all the information. Yes, everything I know – you know. I am saying this because I included all this information in my 3 times per week newsletters. Enough to answer each question below. The problem stems in that many of you don’t want to take the time to read them. But I will me patient with you as I am with my children. I am here to help.

Kudos to GeorgeH for collecting and organizing these questions. I will try to answer them the best I can. Thank you George!

Question: If i may ask you one little question (and personal too). Would you exchange your dinar on the rate of +- 1 usd per dinar? Or still we may not even see this rate of 1 to 1?

MG Answer:
Personally my hubby and I are going to wait until we see the rate go as high as at least $4.00 Euro per dinar. Then we are heading for the bank.

Question: Are the necessary laws done yet like HCL?

MG Answer:
The HCL is a still a very sticky subject in Iraq politics between the GOI and Kurdistan. The original law was drafted in 2005 by the Maliki gang and it never went anywhere. There were revisions to try to fix it. The effort by Maliki’s cabinet was not sincere and it was stalled over and over again. It was not until Abadi took over the GOI that a sincere effort was made and it finally passed the cabinet. It went to parliament but they kicked it back twice already. The last revision still sits in parliament and Joubori has told us he wants to push for a vote. This was months ago. This is where it stands. This is all we know.

Anyway, here's my question (please let me know in case I need to post it somewhere else):

Question: Can you please share what you or your CBI contact know, or otherwise think, for how long a time frame the CBI plans to educate the Iraqi citizens about the project to delete the 000s, before the forex rate of the current 3 0's IQD increases? In other words, once the CBI (+ GOI) officially announces the beginning of the 3 0's removal process, do you know if we are looking for most likely a couple of weeks, or a couple of months, or how long before the forex rate increase?

MG Answer:

We can not predict the timeframe from the educational process to the actual event. It may coincide together who knows. My CBI contact cannot/will not tell me since it is sensitive information. My personal opinion is all I can share. I think it will take place in early July and sometime in the 3rd quarter we have a real good chance of seeing the project to delete the zeros go to the next phase. We know this next phase will include an increase in the value. We know this because the CBI itself has told us the value will change when the next phase occurs.

Question: Since Security and Stability are important factors prior to any RV, is the situation in Hawija (considered to be the new headquarters for ISIS in Iraq) not relevant prior to any RV?

MG Answer:
All I know ISIS must be gone from Mosul region and elsewhere in Iraq. Abadi must make his “formal” announcement. The “project to delete the zeros” is to “follow shortly thereafter”. What is shortly? I don’t know. I can guess it is a couple weeks or months? The boarders must be secured. The Iranian influence and militias must be kicked out or controlled somehow. No SECURITY – NO RV!

Question: My question is this : you mention a basket of currencies - are you aware which ones? Could they be the ones on the new CBI website? Also, once the dinar does become international, do you see any barriers to exchanging?

MG Answer:
The basket I refer to of course is not this stupid GCR everyone talks about. The IMF came out in 2016 and told us directly that Iraq currency value is going to be pegged later to a SDR basket. Then they even told us what currencies are in this basket. As you know the IMF wants to move away from the USD as the global median of exchange and to balance the currencies throughout the world, so another economic hiccup does not bring down the entire global economy. Being balanced means the basket countries share the burden according to weight. The currencies in the SDR basket includes Yuan, Yen, US dollar, British Pound and Euro. This is partly why the UK is exiting the EU.

I do not know of any basket of currencies on the “real” CBI website. I know there is a phony one being passed around. Please go to http://www.cbi.iq
Only for the real website.

Thank you again MG. My question is any of this escrow release on the 30th of any importance for the rv and does it matter. Thank you I hope all is well with all the little MG's.

MG Answer:
Yes it matters a lot. Very good question. This is may be how Iraq plans to pay off Kuwait the $4.6 billion debt they still owe on war reparations. When they do this, they will be one more step out of Chapter VII sanctions as Abadi said would be done in 2 months. This has been that thorn that keeps pricking Iraq. He said this in late April. So is this a coincidence we are now seeing this action? Does it all add up? See the connections? Are you reading the articles in my newsletters?

Question: Do you ever calculate the size of that redemption pool or who is going to fund the Billions required if the Dinar returned to pre-crash values ? In other words, who "front loads" an internationally traded currency ?

MG Answer:
I am going to explain this the best I can. This is another excellent question. There is a two part answer to this question.

Part 1: Did you ever hear of quantitative easing (QE)? Where does that money come from? The US treasury did QE4 and what did it do?

Who gets it and how is it spent? How much actually trickles down to the citizens in the economy? Very little! Most goes to the big shots and they manipulate the system to get it. Now with the RV and exchanging this is sort of like a QE for the system. They are going to pump an enormous amount of capital into the system directly in the hands of the citizens. This has NEVER been tried before. They just could not give money away free money. Can they? So how can they infuse this much money into the economy and back it up with something too. So they dreamed up of this situation.

Part 2: This dinar money is going directly to the citizens. It is all electronic at first. Kind of like a loan from the US Treasury to the American people. Folks – this is putting money directly back into the middle class. It is believed it will have so much more of a punch this time. This is the plan. There is no “front loading”. The dinars you exchange in USA will get credited to Iraq for oil and (I heard $32 a barrel for oil). In fact there are Iraqi CBI representatives in the USA Dept of Treasury who will confirm the dinars once turned-in from the banks and then they will burn them once they are digitally recorded. Obviously, the US banks have the ability to pay up to $32 a dinar. It they only pay you much less where does all the rest of the money go? So this kind of rate may sound crazy but if you understand what is going on it is not too farfetched. For instance - if the market rate comes out to $4.00, or even $9.00, they have lots of room to play. Banks also get a commission for turning them into the US Treasury. This is why the banks keep telling us to negotiate the rate. Negotiate, negotiate and negotiate! There is lots of room between $9.00 and $32.00. Get it?

So what happens to these electronic dinar credits?

The US government will of course broker this oil from Iraq at the going market rate (which is now around mod 40’s a barrel? $45-$32 = $13 profit. But they intend to drive up the market rate of oil shortly post RV. Watch and see it happen! It will rise surprisingly quick once Iraq RVs or just before.

So through controlling the market they make billions and billions in revenue for the USA Treasury. The loan from the US Treasury is paid off.

Do you see why Iraq must first get out of the Chapter VII sanctions. How could Iraq sell oil directly to the USA without passing through the DFI fund if not yet out of sanctions? Are you connecting the dots yet?

Let’s connect some more dots….

Do you see the chess game being played out and how the pieces on the board must be moved around at just the right spots, at just the right time?

Do you see why the USA is so friendly with the Kurdistan region? Do you see why Kurdistan needs to sell oil above and beyond the quota needed to fulfill the GOI budget requirements? Do you see why they will want much more than the 17% oil revenues? Do you see why, if they don’t get what they need, they are threatening to hold a referendum in September to succeed from the GOI? Why are they waiting until September? Do you see a timeline here for what must occur prior to September?

If Trump can manage to time all these events together we are going to see some pretty awesome prosperity coming our way soon.
· US Healthcare Bill – reduce premium, increase competition, get the US government out of the social healthcare business (thus more debt)
· New Tax laws
· Billions and billions of RV compensation to US citizens
· Billions being invested in the financial markets
· Billions being invested in other financial products
· Billions in tax revenues
· Billions in consumer products and home market, new cars, furniture
· Billions and billions in oil revenues for the US
· Funding of a trillion dollar infrastructure project in USA
· Etc…etc…etc…

Is this beginning to make sense?

Can you see the prosperity and abundance coming?

I hope this explanation helps. It was long, but if you really want an answer to your question….here it is….

In order for the RV to take place, would you please confirm the remaining action items that need to be completed once Mosul is liberated (assuming the GOI considers the liberation of Mosul to equal SECURITY and STABILITY in the region)?

This is my understanding in no particular order since I think several of these can happen simultaneously:

1) Re-educate the Iraqi people on the new currency, counterfeit money, new technology, etc.
2) Reconciliation - the hundreds of thousands of people that abandoned Western Mosul need to come back
3) Currency reform needs to be approved by parliament
4) Chapter VII sanctions need to be lifted by the IMF
5) The revaluation takes place in Iraq first before releasing the new rate to the global market.

What did I miss? I'm not sure whatever happened with Article 140 or the HCL but I thought both of those topics had to be resolved as well in order for the RV to take place. Thanks in advance for taking my question

MG Answer:
Nice checklist but this is not how I would approach any timeframe. This is all wrong thinking. Instead relax and watch what the CBI does. All these other events just tag along and help the GOI make up their decision to pressure the CBI into reviving the currency. I see reconciliation is on your list. It is not something done overnight like pushing a trigger. It will take years and years to fully reconcile, however they need support and commitments from all the secs. This is what they are looking for first and foremost right now.

When Iraq is done with paying Kuwait I believe they will be done with any reaminings sactions from Chapter VII. We just read in the news Abadi’s visit to Kuwait was all about accomplishing this. I think he intends to us some of the DFI funds about to be released to Iraq for this purpose.

Restating: you say we are almost there, we are waiting for an announcement, the deletion of zeros project started in 2015, The needed election process required finished this June 2017, We hope to see the process of RV begin before September Referendums or it may be postponed? We look for 2018 elections that may delay the RV?

Question: So in your opinion when the announcement is made we should see the RV begin, if so, my question is does this automatically make it available to exchange at a new rate in the US or does each country control when they want to allow it to be exchangeable at a new rate be it .20 on the dollar or what ever and do you think the powers to be are overly concerned about letting so much cash into the economy ?

MG Answer:
First let me say the project to delete the zeros did not start in 2015. How could the CBI want to RV back in 2012 if they didn’t begin the project until 2015? Think,,,think,.,,,think!

This project to delete the zeros has been going on for a loooong time. It has many pieces. But the good news is the CBI said they are at the point they are ready for the next move… the next phase.

Read my lips – “NO ONE KNOWS THE DATE OR RATE”. Having said this all we can go on are the events taking place to bring Iraq out of the suppression on the international level since 1991 invasion. We are witnessing these items get checked off one by one. I believe Iraq may be very close now to having all these issues completed. For instance I brought you an article that tells us about the final resolution to “full” with Kuwait in the soldiers remains and the $4.6 billion owed in war reparations. This alone makes me very excited. To answer your second concern - Yes – the RV will bring lots of cash into the Iraqi economy once the value increases and they get more purchasing power. Why do you think they are holding off until ISIS and other terrorists militias are out of Iraq? They don’t want this money going to buy weapons to continue their terrorists activities inside Iraq. This will never be perfect, but they have to limit these gangs and surpress them. In the meantime they need an honest security force to keep hunting them down and keep the peace even after post RV. Just think what the USA would be like without state police and the local police?

Question: I would like to know your thoughts on this "new" cbi website that has recently made it's appearance on the internet. Is it legit? I have my doubts that it is. Please enlighten us. Have a wonderful summer in your land!

MG Answer:
This is the CBI website http://www.cbi.iq
This is the one and only.

The other one someone conjured up is phony and very misleading. Ignore it. It is not a CBI “test” site. It is a mirror image duplicated site, then impregnated with some phony information to confuse you.

Question: After Mosul is officially announced as being freed of ISIS, how long do you estimate it will take Iraq to train its citizens of the delete the zeros project and to eventually RV the currency?

MG Answer:
Hi Mark, You are driving me to commit to a date for the RV. Sorry! I can not do this. Just follow the news and you too will see the timeframe jump out at you. But you can’t be lazy. You must stay in touch with the REAL news and stop listening to the so called intel “gurus” and all their nonsense and conspiracies.

​Auf Wiedersehen
Much love to ya all,
Mnt Goat



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