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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

"Message of Logic" - Wed. PM KTFA Thoughts, News w/ Frank26


SMorris » July 5th, 2017

In the next two days. Iraq receives $150 million in money from America.

05-07-2017 04:04 PM 05-07-2017 04:04 PM

United States Ambassador Douglas Seliman said Wednesday that a total of 150 million dollars would be released to support the stability of Iraq, adding that the funds would be delivered in the next two days.

During a discussion session with some reporters at the embassy’s headquarters in the capital, Celeman made the remarks today, explaining that this is a support to Iraq and its local projects in education, water, electricity and health, as well as to assist Iraqi youth and rehabilitate areas.

Douglas expressed his admiration for the security forces, which are still liberated from Iraq, and there are less than a quarter of a kilometre under ISIS control. ‘ We have a high level of confidence in the Iraqi forces despite the difficulty of the battle, “he said.

“We have the honor of helping Iraq to liberate it from ISIL,” Douglas said, stressing that there are no rockets or US troops in Anbar province.

“All our efforts to the Iraqi forces are through the Iraqi government,” he said, referring to the US ambassador.


Frank26 » July 5th, 2017

INTERNET .................. Please COPY and PASTE this to Yours.
It has a Message of Logic and Hope for all of us involved in this Dinar investment.
Aloha and Amen.

VDSK » July 5th, 2017

Open letter to Dinarland, from Vsdk, July 5 2017:

Someone I knew heard from God (past sense b/c he died) told me God had shown him God would use the IQD to bless His church & help the Kingdom of God expand. I thought about looking into getting into this investment “sometime later” & on late May 2012, I heard from reputable people about a high possibility of the Iraqi currency increasing in value soon (which was supposed to happen then but it didn’t b/c of obama & maliki).

That summer I started searching online about the IQD investment & I came across this (then) new community to me called Dinarland. Websites, conference calls, videos & what not about the “imminent RV of the IQD”; it was an event that would entail the revaluation of all kinds of currencies world wide know as the “Global Currency Reset” which was supposed to completely transform once & for all the world economy.

I started learning all kinds of new terms & abbreviations: Guru (I tough gurus had to do only w/ Hindus -apparently not-) RV, GCR, PTB, IMO, Chinese elders, Red/white dragon family, Reno exchange centers, IQD/VND groups & even the most vague abbreviations: IMF, WTO, WB, O, JL, CL & so on… Most definitely the terms: “This week, this weekend, the coming days, tomorrow, any moment, any second” & of course: “it already happened (the rv)”.

And how to forget about the infamous “groups” to get a “higher group rate”, of course, you had to send your currency & personal information to get “800 #s” for you to be notified to go to “undisclosed locations” which just about every week/day were filled w/ newly trained personnel to help you exchange (of course they didn’t forget to point out the obvious that you had to say “exchange” & not “cash out”); of course, not without signing an NDA.

We, at Dinarland have come a long way, some more than others but here we stand in front of the door to the revaluation of THE donor currency: the IQD which once we exchange, it will solve all of our problems & all the world’s problems & we will all sing Kumbaya as a happy family… nothing further from the truth.

True, it will solve a lot of our personal issues/struggles but at the same time, it will bring other, different issues & struggles. The sad thing of it all is there have been people who through the years have not only faithfully fallowed but believed all these “gurus” who just about every day keep telling them “any day now, it has already happened” & “gotta hand me your currency for a higher contract rate at a branch where people have overtaken the parking lot in NC” (paraphrasing here some of the stuff that has been out there over the years).

As someone said once, “all these ‘gurus’ will one day be right b/c one day the rate WILL go up”. It really wouldn’t surprise me all these people becoming “lottery winners” & for them to lose it all b/c they haven’t been studious as most here at KTFA & yes, I'm standing up for KTFA (not b/c I'm posting this here but) b/c this is the only serious home away from home where we not only study this investment, but we uplift each other spiritually.

I say most b/c there are the ones who come here & just leave their trash behind, others just want a date & rate, others just want to be spoon fed & at least one is here to copy us & take our stuff to the rest of the internet (BTW, this is an open letter to dinarland, so please do copy & spread over the net).
Some people (like some banks -WF-), have gone out trying to spread rumors that this investment is one of the biggest scams in history, (I’d like to see their faces when the rate goes up).

Through this journey, many have lost their lives, have lost their health, have lost loved ones, have lost homes, some even have lost everything. Yet, somehow we (myself included) have yielded to being blinded by our distorted perception of… everything.

Remember hearing “it’s all in the mind”? It truly is, it’s all about our mindset & how we see not only the world, but everything. I know it’ll sound cliché but please, for your own sake, STOP! & think for a minute about all your blessings, all the good things in your life & in life itself.

Yes, money moves the world & it could make things better for ourselves & our loved ones, but just think & use your common sense for a second & realize the best things in life are truly free.

What if you died before seeing the manifestation of this blessing (like so many I know of)? Would it have truly been a blessing or a curse? Will it be a blessing or a course? It’s all about the journey & how we’re going to use the return of this IQD investment.

Remember, we will all one day give account for each & everyone of our words & for ALL our actions. IF, you don’t believe in God… you have got to open up & truly do your research, willing & wanting to find HIM & you will… & when you do, everything will be transformed for the better in the short & the long run. Don’t make money, or any other thing your god, it will only bring you deception & heartache.

Look up to HIM, He will never let you go, unless you do; if so, he will respect that & you will die away from the source of all life b/c you had been looking to the blessing instead of looking up to the blesser. Trust me, nothing outweighs the blesser. As Frank26 said, "you think waiting was hard? The real struggle beggins after the exchange". Thus, we got to "be strong, then stronger"... & by the way, ALL Honor & Glory to our Heavenly Father...



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