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Monday, July 10, 2017

"Lurker Stepping into the Light" by Nathan of Earth - 7.9.17

Entry Submitted by Nathan of Earth at 6:31 PM EDT on July 9, 2017

I have been guilty of lurking through this forum for some time now, reading, learning, stretching my meaning and reality, following links to other Souls doing difficult things, stating uncomfortable truths, losing friends and family trust in order to illuminate the terrible works of those that would use and abuse on this planet. From me, I want you to know that your sacrifices are liberating hearts and minds of those of us who are awakening to the reality of our state.. To me, you are conscripts of the angelic energies, like Michael, in the flesh, on the planet, armor of God, swords of Truth in hand! Thank you.

I have been blessed with parents that did not quite conform to the norm. Both pushing the envelope of Law and Code; both paying the price for pushing against the construct and programming. You would say we were a broken family, but that would all be based on the social definition of what a family should be, and now we all know that's a big fat lie to keep us working harder, to lose our connections, our heath, our families and finally... our hope.

I see now that throughout my life my amazing parents prepared me for this event. My Dad taught me how to use my mind and heart to "believe", free from Religious bias and Corporate group-think. The God-given co-creative ennoblement that softly taps on the door of imagination within each of us. My Dad the thinker, passed from the ravages of Alzheimer's disease and Dementia. Ironic and terrible. He embodied love, forgiveness and intelligence as a gift to his children.

My Mom, teaches me how to activate belief, to "be". Free from the lies of Pharma, Modified foods, Corporate conspiracy and group-speak. My Mom, is turning 80 next year. She acted upon her intention and has prepared, physically, mentally and spiritually for this time. She saw this coming back in the late 70's She is a foundation of rock in her intention to change this earth and its precious human cargo. She is the embodiment of Feminine power which is nurture and grace, the way it was intended, and will lead her children out of the darkness and heal their broken hearts and minds. And then the world.

Both of them suffered harsh judgments from their co-opted, even corrupted, friends and and loved ones because of their unfailing stances of who they are and the reality they represented, much like the statements and stories I have heard shared here and in calls.

I am overwhelmed by the gravity of all of it; the global suffering. I can't even speak of these things now without tears flowing from the feeling of all the losses. Innumerable loved ones, who deserve so much more than what they experience, suffering unimaginable pain. All of which we know can be cured. I still have not found the right word to convey this reality. There is no single term in 3D that holds that much vile, pungent, derangement of the soul neither in denotation nor connotation.

I am overcome by the possibility of this great blessing and the miracles that will be mercifully poured out upon those who, right now, are out of time, out of options and out of hope. Haunting images of little hands, so thin and frail from hunger, held in arms of mothers who have nothing more to offer their staving babies but touch and warm tears. I have not held my babies through the throes of death. I am not sufficiently strong enough in spirit or character to live that energetic lesson in this life, but its image has sufficient wisdom for me to know that the dark constructs which allow for these vignettes of experience to exist on this Earth is within our sphere of control... if we are united.

I am not sure when the RV is going to occur. I have no special connections or inner circle people.

But when it does, I am now unsure if the energy of the paper money, which I hold here in my hand, will ever be "worth" as much to some other entity, bank or country as it has come to mean to me through my process of assimilating all the visions and hopes and plans of the simple, humble, co-creators that have posted in this work space. Which led me to an epiphany regarding Yosef... so I am stepping out of the Lurker shadows to offer my thought and support so I can be counted among those who are acting and creating this new reality into the now.

My realization is around the continual and sometimes confusing communication strategy that Yosef employs to try to make a point, without making the point. It is a strategy to get someone to come to a desired conclusion, on their own, so when it is concluded, it is of the interpreter of the message and not the messenger. I have struggled often with his almost multiple-personality like writing styles, all by design I now realize (thank you Mr. Y! I hope to look you in the eyes and shake your hand as we agree to cooperatively address a global need... soon? A way-point placed.)

The energy of Yosef's message speaks simply. So, I'll share it in my words with my meaning as it is my conclusion;

*Perhaps it is not the wealth, the digits, the dollars that actually matters. For those are just a tool or a means to an end. Perhaps it it the path chosen is the real power- Where are we headed? Where are we moving with our intention? Who are we becoming? What will we stand for? What will be tolerated? Are these even the right questions?

*The real power behind this RV is... WE. No dark thing can go against the intention of light and those through which it is working and refining into a new manifestation of life. We have been deeply programmed, through generations of life, to believe certain things which support a very ugly fraud. Perhaps the worst of these fraudulent beliefs are that every "race" is biased toward itself (inter-racial conflict); Every man is an island and competitor to potentially every other man (intra-racial conflict); and most recently, women were targeted and co-opted into this same insane game of bias and competitiveness (cross-functional conflict).

However, this darkness has a Master and a Law and is subject to the One. No dark thing has true power or dominion, nor can its threat and deceit effect the momentum of WE who are united in this absolute, unfaltering, totally committed vision of a love-based society on this new Earth which we are co-creating into this reality shift called the RV!

I conclude there are two meanings for the Acronym RV. 1. RV the earthly term that represents the Re-Valuation and Re-Validation of the most precious and rare earth element, the human spirit. 2. RV the heavenly term that represents the Rex Viae or Royal Path. For in truth, are we not Princes and Princesses, Children of the One God of gods, King of kings? I believe WE will one day become the embodiment of this truth as we continue the ascension of our reality by walking TOGETHER toward our new Kingdom on Earth.

I believe the dark used the light within us to beguile, capture and enslave us into a dark reality of their design. I believe our innate nature is love, hope and trust. It is this conflict of who we truly are vs. who we have been taught to be, the duality, which lies at the core of all the current dividing and polarizing mindsets and philosophies which keep us from the potentials that have been placed within us as described in John 14:12. Its all there, right now, in each and every one of us and will continue to manifest, more and more, as we take the steps, make the plans, have the discussions, imagine the joy and be overwhelmed and overcome with the emotion of it.

Thank you for BELIEVING it in.

Nathan of Earth



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