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Monday, July 24, 2017

"Liberating the Dinar" - Mon. PM KTFA Thoughts, News w/ Frank26


Re: Article - “Parliament ends two readings of laws and vote to amend the budget and 2017 to raise its Tuesday”

Liberty4u78 » July 24th, 2017

I seriously can't deal with "Google-translate-gibberish".

What the heck is this saying? They voted on the budget,but there's something else they gotta do next Tuesday?

Is that important to us, or do we only care about what they got done today? Or is it saying there's more to do on the budget?

Vipor » July 24th, 2017

Or, ..... maybe it is saying they voted on the budget that they intend to "raise" on Tuesday.. i.e., "we voted on the budget that we intend to implement on Tuesday".

"vote to amend the budget and 2017 to raise its Tuesday"

ToledoBound » July 24th, 2017

How about this....They read it twice today. They will "raise" or bring it up again Tuesday for a vote.

Sirenfire » July 24th, 2017

Someone please copy and paste this it talks about the liberation of the currency... WOW!

It wont let me copy and paste for some reason ... Heh


Upstart » July 24th, 2017

Second paragraph from last : Seems to allude to liberation not only being in military terms, but also economic. "battles of liberation at several levels not limited to the scourge of battles, but manifested in economic measures "

Frank26 » July 24th, 2017

Tell me ...... Over 2 weeks ago ..... WHERE did YOU FIRST hear these combination of WORDS? .............. " A LIBERATED Mosul and now Alak is LIBERATING the dinar from it's handcuffs by lifting the 000 zeros".


Now ............. IF ............ One is not so busy .......... One may want to visit us tonight on our MONDAY CC ............ To continue to Learn as we ............... SHARE.

Aloha KTFA OHANA \m/

Samson » July 24th, 2017

International Monetary Fund: Slow economic growth in the Middle East

24th July, 2017

Economic growth in the Middle East and North Africa is slowing down this year, while growth in Saudi Arabia is expected to fall to near zero, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) said Monday.

After a better-than-expected performance in 2016 with a growth rate of 5 percent, this rate will not exceed 2.6 percent this year in the Middle East and North Africa, as well as in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Last year's good performance was mainly due to strong growth of more than 6.5 percent in Iran thanks to the high level of oil production, according to the fund.

However, in its review of the outlook for the global economy, the IMF lowered its forecast for growth in Saudi Arabia, the world's top crude oil exporter, to just 0.1percent from 0.3 percent in April.

It would be the lowest growth in Saudi Arabia since 2009, when the economy contracted by 2 percent on the back of declining oil revenues after the global economic crisis.

"If the current decline in oil prices continues, it could have a greater impact on the prospects of oil exporters in the region," the IMF warned.

After an improvement to more than $ 55 a barrel, thanks to a deal to reduce supply between the oil-producing countries of the Organization of Petroleum ExportingCountries (OPEC) and outside, especially between Saudi Arabia and Russia, the price of the barrel returned below the threshold of $ 50.

At the same time, however, the IMF expects an improvement in regional economic growth rate of 3.3 percent in 2018.

The figure is expected to rise by 1.1 percent in Saudi Arabia next year, down 0.2 percent from April's forecasts, according to the International Monetary Fund.

The Saudi economy recorded growth rates of 4.1 percent and 1.7 percent respectively in 2015 and 2016.

Middle East oil exporters have lost hundreds of billions of dollars since the collapse of oil prices in mid-2014 and the huge surplus in their budgets has turned into a deficit.

To counter this situation, these countries have been forced to adopt austerity measures and reform their monetary and economic policies, especially through increased prices of fuel and electricity


Doc.K » July 24th, 2017

Ok, so what I see here is we are still awaiting : Art. 140 and RECONCILLIATION

Don961 » July 24th, 2017

To the citizen Haider Abadi people waiting for their rights ,,,

The battles in Mosul have ended, and they have been liberated from the dizziness of the past. The celebrations have been going on all over Iraq and there is not much left to do. The country is in dire need of recovering and moving towards a future that will enable the Iraqi people to live in a way that suits them.

The Iraqi people, who provided caravans of martyrs for this country and carried out their duties. The role of the Iraqi government came because the people take their rights to feel safe, secure, freedom and equality, and not be neglected by vague and unrealistic arguments.

The recent victories that have been achieved can only be accomplished by giving the rights to the people who have suffered what they have suffered for freedom, justice and equality. The real victory is the people's satisfaction with the government, not the other way around.

The Iraqi people have provided what they have, and even more to preserve this homeland, the orphans, the grieving mothers and the martyrs who sacrificed their lives. Now it is your turn to return the smile and the joy of the great victory.

The great victory that awaits him by eliminating the corrupt, thieves and opportunists and stained their hands with the blood of the Iraqi people, the renegades, the vandals and the masked whisperers of the traitorous Iraqis of the sheikhs, politicians and ordinary citizens.

Several points I ask you to ask you and think a little to keep this country injured.

First, any Iraqi party must provide its sources of funding.

Second: the vast wealth that these politicians have from where they came from, a law from where do you have this?

Third: To be corrupt and thief from your party can not turn a blind eye to him and must be held accountable or will be a public partner with him.

Fourth: Financing the Iraqi satellite channels speaking in the name of political parties and personalities where did they come from?

Fifth: Punishing all those who harm Iraq and Iraqis in all their sects, sects and nationalities.
Sixth: The law must be strict and it is the one that does it, not the tribal laws that are now prevailing in Iraq.

Seventh: The trial of all Iraqi politicians who have publicly declared the millions robberies.

Eighth: Give the full rights of the Kurdish component Faili and not procrastination in the implementation of previous resolutions.

Ninth: Resolve outstanding issues with the Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq and stay away from statements that increase tension between the parties and work on the application of Article 140 to reach satisfactory solutions for all parties.

Tenth: Iraq should have only one army and merge all factions and other formations with the preservation of their rights and military ranks and work together to preserve Iraq.

Before that, think of the country's infrastructure as soon as possible.

I put it on you as an Iraqi citizen who wants good for the country and the people and you may not like it and consider it difficult at the moment, although there are many issues that can be raised and resolved in the future.

Finally, I say to you, as an Iraqi citizen and prime minister, that friendships in politics do not last because the interests of supporting friends depend on conditions and interests. Your choice of people is much better, and do not forget those who preceded you in this cursed seat.

By Jalal Baqer

2017 07- 23


Don961 » July 24th, 2017

The success of monetary policy in supporting the Iraqi economy

Mohammed Reza Abbas

Theoretically, monetary policy in a country like Iraq should be a completely independent policy from fiscal policy. The monetary policy is led by the governor of the Central Bank of Iraq, although appointed by the Prime Minister and with the approval of the House of Representatives, but the governor must play a role independent of the orientations of the economic government, and the function of the central bank is focused on determining the interest rate and stability of the value of the Iraqi dinar in world markets.On the other hand, there is a fiscal policy led by the government, or the Prime Minister, whose function is to stabilize or develop the national economy through two important functions, namely, taxation and the way of disbursement.

Through these two functions, the Prime Minister can control the national economy. Taxes are not important tools in the Iraqi national economy because they do not constitute a large percentage of the state budget. At best, they constitute only 5% of the state budget.

Therefore, the state can not rely on them as tools of stability or payment of the national economy such as imports Which constitutes about 90% of the Iraqi state budget. Through the oil imports, the state can control the national economy, as these resources give the government the freedom to spend on its various projects, such as public roads, dams and agrarian reform, building schools and hospitals, paying salaries of civil servants and military personnel. Before the former regime in its wars with home and abroad.

Iraqis owe to the Central Bank of Iraq to stand by the government since 2014 and until this date, and without the cooperation of the Central Bank of Iraq with the government would have been the Iraqi economy during the years of collapse of oil prices in world markets is not very different from the state of the Iraqi economy at the time of the global economic boycott against Iraq Occupation of the State of Kuwait.

Those who lived this unhappy historical period in the history of Iraq will remember well that the US dollar is worth 5,000 Iraqi dinars, and inflation has risen to 24,000%, an inflation rate seen only by Germany during World War II. The Central Bank of Iraq continued to finance Iraqi imports despite the decline in oil imports and the decline of reserves to about 42 billion dollars after it was about 80 billion dollars before the decline in oil prices in the global market.

That the continuation of the Central Bank of Iraq to cover imports and fixed conversion rates, resulted in two health conditions are to provide what the national economy of foreign goods and services and control of inflation in the country. Imagine if there was disagreement and incompatibility between the Iraqi government and the Governor of the Central Bank and the bank's refusal to finance imports, what will happen in the country?

The Iraqi trader will have to buy the dollar from the black market at high prices. Without a doubt, there will be a scarcity of goods and services. The prices of these goods and services will be high and the poor can not approach them. Central banks in democracies can bring down governments if they do not understand each other and governments, and the CBI would have been able to topple the government by imposing a stop-gap policy.

But the Central Bank of Iraq chose the way to support the government and support the national economy through the continued commitment to fixed conversion rates and provide all the needs of the national economy of foreign exchange.

But the central bank can not continue its current policy indefinitely, because of the simple that the continued deterioration of oil prices in world markets and the continued disruption of the agricultural sector, industrial and service will impose significant pressure on foreign exchange reserves under the hands of the Central Bank of Iraq and that continued decline in foreign exchange reserves will Leads to the inability of Iraq to meet its financial obligations to the world, a large rise in the price rate (inflation), the decline in the national economy and a significant rise in the number of unemployed.

What to do?

It is not permissible to rely on the oil sector for economic development, because the experiences of the peoples proved without doubt that dependence on the revenues of one commodity will expose the national economy to instability, as we now see in Iraq and the rest of the oil-exporting countries.

Yes, we must continue to produce and sell oil, but it should not be the only or largest supplier in the national economy. The industrial and agricultural sector should move to support the national economy by the oil sector. The oil sector and can provide the country's hard currency, but it can not provide jobs for the country because of the nature of this sector in Iraq. Iraq's oil sector uses technology to produce oil, and that technology does not need a huge labor force, while moving the industrial and agricultural sector needs a huge labor force.

The return of wellness to the agricultural sector and its ability to provide all the grain, fruit and vegetables Iraq needs will save Iraq billions of dollars and support Iraq's hard currency reserves. In this case, the grain trader does not need to convert his dinars into dollars in order to pay the cost of importing his grain.

This example also applies to the industrial sector, where by rejuvenating the sector, demand for manufactured goods is reduced and students are reduced to hard currency. For example, when the Ministry of Oil establishes a project to produce gas cylinders, this decision has two benefits: Domestic labor and secondly provide the country's hard currency. It is conceivable that if the factories that are more than 10,000 factories are stopped, Iraq will raise the burden of caring for the unemployed and leak billions of dollars of goods imported from the ease of production inside Iraq.

This also applies to the services sector, including the healthcare sector. Imagine if the Ministry of Health can establish a specialized institute of heart diseases, eyes, or bones. This move will create jobs for hundreds of Iraqis, reduce time and cost to patients and their families, and keep the hard currency inside the country.

I hope that cooperation between the Central Bank of Iraq and the federal government will continue for the country's progress, which is far behind the rest of neighboring and non-neighboring countries.

I also believe that the Iraqi economy is heading towards progress and higher, as the latest information indicates the dollar's appreciation against the dinar due to the high demand for imported building materials. If this is the real reason for the appreciation of the dollar internally, the exit of the Iraqi economy from the current economic recession will be sure,and will serve the best on all economic sectors: quarries, industry, agriculture and services.




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