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Monday, July 10, 2017

KTFA CC w/ Frank26 Highlights by FrostyTheSnowman 7-10-17


FrostyTheSnowman » July 10th, 2017

Here’s tonight’s HIGHLIGHTS …

*** The comments made by Frank26, Delta and others are their sole OPINIONS and cannot and should not be used as any form of financial, tax, banking or investment advice! We offer NO DATE, NO RATE on this forum!!! ***

​Frank26: Greetings family … welcome to another one of your conference calls here at KTFAlways.com!

Today is Monday, July 10, 2017

We’ve got some important information.

Many people have been texting me (and forget to leave your name). My apologies if I’m not able to respond. We are so busy … and there is only one of me. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Information just keeps coming in … and I have something that would not be wise for me to share with you right now.

The whole conference call is IN MY OPINION (IMO).

Nobody knows the DATE or the RATE family.

Tonight, we are going to do the best we can … and you’ll have to do your best to piece the information together. It’s that simple.

We feel that the CBI website that is being groomed to come out into the INTERNATIONAL world is not as confusing as you think it is.

Hold on … I might as well tell you. The pressure that is on me … well … look … this is really throwing me for a loop. (Frank was looking at his phone reading a text). My friend that owns a business in Iraq (most of you have figured it out) … this is my dear friend WalkingStick.

He is a Marine, has a heart of a Marine. He’s a no nonsense man. We’ve never really heard him laugh. Last week he called me on the phone and he said that by the 21st they would be paying 1 to 1 … well I said … that’s an RV … that’s the lifting of the 3 zeros. ​

He said … “well yeah.” Tink giggled … and WS kinda smirked. WS is my walking stick. We have 7 teams … we retired a new … and picked some back up again due to how close we are. WalkingStick has been my guide, my staff. He’s a Christian and a Warrior. He happens to have a company with over 500 employees with 2 other gentlemen, and those 2 other gentlemen own banks in Iraq.

So … it’s a total of 4 of them and they are at the meetings that you and I would love to be at. They are quietly going about their business.

The silent celebrating by the citizens … they know what is about to happen to their currency!

My friends are NOT going to call me and tell me the RATE or the DATE … but they are in a huddle … and just like in football in real life … you can’t hear what the other team is doing.
Until certain things are done with … then perhaps our friends can share.

When I first started on the Internet … I was mocked by just about everyone. Today we are the most referenced IQD site on the web and it’s an honor to be with you.

My friend WS has communicated with me and when I can (and it’s appropriate) we will share this with you.

When they have these meetings … they go on for hours and even days. WS has been involved in a meeting for over 4 days … sleeping, eating continues during these meetings.

What is going on is long and tedious … and being done with enthusiasm.

Remember when I told you my friend had to turn in the info by the end of the month? They turned it in, in 5 days.

So … I believe in my heart that the new CBI website is being groomed for new variables for the IQD.

We do NOT believe that the website is a fake … and that is ancient history now.

We believe that the new designers are “waiting” for the information to be given to them.

Delta is keeping a very close eye – zeroed in on watching the CBI’s website.

Yesterday, I told you that today was all about MOSUL. Ta-Da-Freakin’ Da!

The auctions continue. The Minister of Finance, the tally and the buy and sell auctions. 158 million dollars have been piggy-backed. In the 2nd column of the 3 that we mentioned to you … the amount was 989 Million dinars (Thursday’s auctions) – WOW!!! That could be a tally, but we don’t think it is.

Is it the movement of the LD’s … we don’t know.

We do ask if these auctions are part of the monetary reform … and we’ve been told that they are.

These numbers … for the most part have been ignored.

To us … the auctions are in indication that the value of the IQD is about to go up.

My friend was told last Tuesday (about a week ago) once again … in this month (July 2017) … you are to pay your employees at 1 to 1 and turn in your ledger in 3 weeks (around the 21st). 1 to 1 in country huh? Yes.

WS company turned in everything in 5 days … and other companies did the same.

Our study is from the 10th to the 15th, isn’t it?

Inside of that is the 12th and the 15th – which are important dates.

WS posted last week … “Frank we have to talk.” WS said something like in the books … WIU. Remember that. “W” stood for the World Bank … “I” stood for the IMF … and the “U” stood for the USA.

Abadi around the same time and said “get in here … Iraq is open for INTERNATIONAL business.” Really? That only makes sense if Article VIII is handled.

Turns out that last week … a company … Abadi gets a hold of this company that is basically a company that deals with TAXES and TARIFFS. The company brings in COMMERCIAL GUIDELINES – which must be associated with the new exchange rate and auctions.

Interesting they are still going on.

I believe they have a date in mind … they just haven’t announced it.

They want to be in a position to GO IMMEDIATELY!

This company you might want to Google and study it. DeLoitte Middle East. They are established in the Middle East … help companies come into Iraq.

So … WHY would you waste time/money to help foreign companies come into Iraq at a program rate?

These companies are being ushered into Iraq by DeLoitte. By the way DeLoitte is an American company. This was plastered all over Iraqi TV last week. The Iraqi’s know that they are going to be powerful.

IMO … all of this is being done because they are doing something with their exchange rate.

Security and Stability is NO LONGER AN EXCUSE says Alak.

The UN says the same thing.

Can you see the preparation of the monetary reform?

Remember when Hillary Clinton said … “if you haven’t invested in Iraq, it’s probably too late?” It probably is.

These COMMERCIAL investors have to be protected by INTERNATIONAL standards.

Iraq has only really dealt with OIL COMPANIES … and IRAQ is about ready to open the door to a LONG LINE of investors/companies … and as you know … this is a regulation by the IMF.

Security and Stability … we got it!

Now because they’ve “got it” – others are now talking that the value of the IQD is about to go up.

Fitch and Moody and S&P feel the same way. Fitch even came out OPENLY and tells the whole world of the NEED of the IQD to go up in value now.

This article was not from Iraq … it was from a Western source. WOW! Now the news is coming out from our side of the world. Yes, security and stability is back. The TRUE VALUE of the IQD needs to come out.

The 120 against 1 dollar … or the 1 dollar to 120 … which is it? Who cares! It’s a new value about to come out.

Inside of Iraq … an article says they are in the process of lifting the 3 zeros.

Outside of Iraq … Fitch says they need to lift the 3 zeros … needs a true value … NOW!

Then on Friday … on TeamChat … we were talking I said that as of today … (write this down in the side margin) … “on this day 7/7/17 (Friday’s TeamChat) – any time after today.”

Why did we say that? We knew they were celebrating – you didn’t.

One of the things we said (as a Team) … that I’d like to tell you now … the OLD website and the NEW website … they have their own links … DELTA has been watching these links … once we see the MERGE of the OLD and the NEW links … (when only 1 CBI website is left) … well … that when we can probably get more excited … and we believe that will happen VERY SOON!

These 2 websites … we believe they are TRANSFERING FILES.

NO MORE EXCUSES says the article (see final article section).

All while the rest of the world … doesn’t know … doesn’t have a clue.


(Frank reading text from WS)

WalkingStick just sent a text … I’ll have to read to you what I can.

In our communication with WS … on the 28th … WS said “come Monday we are going to begin our accounting at 1 to 1 … 3 week ***

I said “WOW! Please keep us posted.

WS said … there is much more to talk about.

WS can’t share right now … but when he can, he will. He is a soldier.

Later … 8am … WS said … “very busy .. our books are all done. We and others are following suit … we are moving to an “END-ALL”

He then mentioned that an “Electronic acceptance of payments” … and more details which could not be shared at that time.

I asked him … can I share this?

WS said yes … but a lot of details will come later … and WS hopes to share a table on our forum … but depends of the NDA wording that I’m under.”

WS is willing to come and talk to you family.

I asked him if we are ok with the MR?

WS said … “we are good!”

Family … they are getting involved in Electronic Payments – which will save companies money.

WS said that “there are many blanks in what I’d like to share, and I should be on in a day or two.”

Humm ……… by our next CC … WS should be able to share his report. We have to respect WS non-disclosure.

Now family … Abadi … 3 days ago … this WHOLE CC is in MY OPINION … (Frank getting emotional) … about 3 days ago Abadi announced to the Iraqi citizens that Mosul was liberated from Daesh/ISIS. Two or 3 days ago, he told the citizens to stay in their houses.

Bullets fired into the air (celebratory fire) do injure people.

IMO … about 3 days ago … they announced that they were liberated .. started partying and dancing.

I believe that Abadi has CONTROLLED the announcement of MOSUL.

Today an article suggests that there is DATA … telling Abadi to delay in the announcement.

The is a bunch of BS (probably somebody from Maliki’s side did that). The announcement is Abadi’s call. IMO … Abadi has been using the announcement in his favor. Why? I don’t know, it just is.

Liberated or not liberated? IMO … it’s liberated.

This Sunday … delegation arrived in Washington, D.C.

I’m going to tell you … IMO … the IMF, WB, BIS came to meet with the delegation. Abadi is still in country. Why? What will the delegation cover in DC with the WB and the BIS?

Maybe it’s a report card of what they have done.

They arrived yesterday … and they are still there today.

The WB and the IMF meetings with these delegates (and others) are talking with President Trump. Do you know what this is about?

Will it be the report card? Let me tell you something … many countries are in DC meeting with President Trump. President Trump does not believe in certain “rumors” … Trump believes in DEALS!

President Trump … why did you pull out of NAFTA and the TPP? Why did you pull out of the Paris accord? Why do you not believe in Global Warming? LOL Basically … President Trump does NOT waste money … he makes money.

These delegates (including Iraq) and nations – they are trying to push President Trump to go back into GLOBALIZATION – but President Trump WILL NOT let the USA be the world’s punching bag any longer!

That is the DC meeting – and we’ll leave it at that.

Frank26: There are NO HANDCUFFS on Iraq! 3 days ago … (7/7/17) … the next SERIOUS TIME FRAME is July 10th to the 15th. On the 10th … Abadi declares they are free of terrorism … “get in there!”

The SPEED of the MR will now pick up even faster … and the lava flow will become more liquid … BUT … I NOW DISAGREE WITH THAT!

WHAT? Isn’t that what you’ve been saying?

The DELIVERY of the MR will pick up!

Family … as of June the 30th … a little over a week ago … anything that OBAMA established … is now NULL AND VOID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

President Trump has done a good job in putting out the fires that Obama set to burn American down.

Frank/Dodd = throw it out the window.

ObamaCare = supplied money to our Congress for projects.

Since June the 30th … something else happened … IRAQ received it’s ESCROW back!!!!!!!!!!!!

After that date … well … VERY SOON … you will see the regulation of the TAXES that you will pay … VERY SOON!

From 1991 to 2003 the BUSH era created the relationship with Iraq (that we have now) and triggered the program rate to be born. This was to prevent Iraq from buying weapons.

The extradition law that also had to do with their rate. Interesting how the IQD has gone through it’s reform … started at 4,000 to 1.

All of these variables … they tried to hide this info … but because of the internet … they couldn’t.

No one needs to know about the steps of the MR in Iraq. Trump knows all about it … but never talks about it.

Did you see the man from France in that video who worked his way through the G20 crowd to stand next to President Trump? LOL

Why? Because the whole world wants too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

President Trump is fixing the USA and also fixing the whole world … and IMO … all countries know what is about to happen!

IMO … President TRUMP is going to have some serious money to accomplish a lot of great things in America.

This will not be like Clinton … who got his windfall and blew it all right back into a deficit. L
President Trump … he must play chess!

What happens when our government shuts-down?

Certain things happen. When the USA government shuts-down … the US Treasury is able to use certain funds to continue the functionality of the government. We have oil reserves … and currency reserves … that could SERVE President Trump.

What happens if the deficit … what if it did shut-down. Probably after the RV. No, I don’t think the USA government will shut-down. There are many, many pieces on President Trump chess board.

President Trump doesn’t even use AirForce One – he is trying to save America money. He uses his own plane. Unbelievable.

You saw where Putin and Trump talked behind closed doors. What was said? Non of your damn business! What can make or break a country? OIL.

Did you know that Rex Tillerson (ex CEO businessman) was also there with Trump and Putin. Tillerson has outsmarted Putin before when he was in the oil business.

Paris Accord … really you want electric cars in 10 years? Do you know how many jobs you are going to wipe out? The amount of jobs lost will be incredible and President Trump does NOT want that to happen in America – and that’s why he left the Paris Accord. Do you see the media or the democraps talking about this?

Of course we need to be responsible with the environment … but once again … OIL can make or break a country. Ladies … your make-up is made with oil. Look around you … everywhere you look … it was either made by oil or required oil to make it.

The DEAL that just happened between Russia and the USA … WOW! Get ready!!!!!

So Abadi announces NO MORE TERRORISM in MOSUL! Come on in! There’s a bake-sale!

Interesting that Christine LeGarde communicated using numerology – and was impossible to understand her … yet 7/7/17 … things happened … and now 3 days later 7/10/17 … and I’ll tell you what … I’m not going to talk about this right now. Instead … I’d like to play you a tape between Delta and I.

Please listen to DELTA … and pay attention to the dates I asked you too.

DELTA: Congratulation to everybody about the news in Iraq!

FRANK: I’d like your opinion … (like I don’t know it) … but LOL … what is your interpretion of the events that occurred yesterday … in country … what is the significance of Abadi saying Mosul is liberated.

DELTA: This is one of the great times we have been waiting for. That is a BIG signal to the INTERNATIONAL WORLD that Iraq is a powerful country.

Iraq proved that they united and destroyed ISIS. Mosul was done quite a while ago … but they just wanted to eliminate as many casualties as possible. This was all about TIMING.

We all get frustrated with their time-lines … but they will accomplish things at their own pace. One of the biggest accomplishments HAPPENED in Iraq. This will boost Iraq from politics … economically, etc. This is a great feeling for all of us and Iraqi citizens! With the help of the international coalition – I am very happy that they waited for.

FRANK: Interesting … this announcement … 3 days ago … I wanted to say something … but most people wouldn’t believe us anyway. The announcement was made in-country. So what are we studying now … the 10th to the 15th. Perfect timing Abadi.

Family … there is nothing else … zero in on the 10th to the 15th. The GOI, CBI, Alak … there are NO MORE EXCUSES … just like Fitch said.

Many countries are now talking to Iraq as like they are Article VIII … “come on in!” This whole MR was to be nobody’s business. Three or 4 days ago, Abadi told the citizens they removed Daesh … eliminated terrorism! Alaq … saying inside of the country that they are dealing with the 3 zeros … and outside of Iraq Fitch says we know what they are doing with their currency … and they are really undervalued.

DELTA: Yes, I continue to monitor the CBI website. We do believe that we are really, really close. Just like you said … “Give me Mosul” … and just like they told us … as soon as Daesh/ISIS was done they would finish the deletion of the 3 zeros.

This is NOT a rumor! These are FACTS!

They wanted security and stability – they got it! Everyone knows that something is going on. Alak said last week … a lot of things are going on. We are very, very close. Abadi … I believe we will see a lot of celebrations … official celebrations in the next 24-48 hours … and Abadi returned from Mosul to Baghdad. This was huge for investment in Iraq.

The Iraqi Army has become more experienced and powerful. Iraq now has their own version of Navy Seals.

FRANK: Yes … they are made in our image. The sad thing is someone put up a video of Obama announcing to the media that he was supplying money to ISIS. The truth of Obama’s agenda was sickening.

DELTA: Investors want to make sure there is security … they defeated Daesh! For the Iraqi army to defeat them wasn’t easy. Mosul has very small streets … it was amazing the job they did.

FRANK: Yes … my culture and my culture (Aztec Indians) – we are accustomed to hot environments. We understand and appreciate family.

DELTA: Many have questions why this has taken so long. Compare Mosul to any city in the USA. How can you tell who the good guys and bad guys are?

(Frank grabs his scissors).

DELTA: Remember the guy that everyone was laughing at (years ago) because he was telling people to invest in Iraq? Well … who’s laughing now? Iraq is the only nation on earth that has the whole support of the whole world! Everybody!

FRANK: Yes, because they are associated with the USA … just like at the G20 meeting where the French guy wanted to stand next to President Trump to get his picture taken. What’s going to happen once we have Mosul?

DELTA: “Give me my money!” LOL

FRANK: LOL … yes … LOL … this is about to bust wide open! I can tell that you are really happy!

DELTA: Yes … we’ve watched Iraq grow like a child and do it the right way. This is REALLY HUGE! Defeating ISIS/Daesh was not easy.

FRANK: Obama … sending arms to ISIS … “thank you jerk!” Our own commanders were wondering what we were doing.

DELTA: Yes … the delay was Maliki and Obama. I love President Trump! All Trump supporters need to boycott CNN and CNN would collapse.

I’m not a Republican or a Democrat … but the American media has been brainwashed. The issues in Syria … CNN made everything look bad. For the first time, I believe that America has the right President! IMO … everyone needs to boycott CNN!

Think about it … Trump is actually losing money … refuses to get a paycheck … fly’s his own jet to save the USA money! For the first time … I’m so proud to be an American citizen!!!

FRANK: Me too! A lot of people don’t understand the power of the USA.

Remember when Christine LeGarde talked about the 7’s.

DELTA: Yes … I thought she was playing bingo that night. LOL!


IMO … 3 days ago Abadi made the announcement to Iraqi citizens … that date was 7/7/17.
IMO … that’s the date she was talking about … and now … 3 days later … here we are … and today’s date is 7/10/17 … it’s called a pelogrom date.

The Iraqi citizens got to celebrate (kinda privately) 3 days in-country … and now low and behold … 3 days later … pelogrom … what month is this?

7 … now write down 10 … and this is 2017 … (71017) <<< this number is the same frontwards and backwards.

This is the door to their numerology.

The world now knows they are INTERNATIONAL – inside out … outside in … they are now ready!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What happened today is unprecedented.

Please keep an eye on the CBI website and let me know the second you see the merger.

DELTA: The last time Alak talked … he didn’t even mention stability and security. They need to do something now! Of course we all know what they need to do for Article VIII. The MR has to now move VERY, VERY FAST! These companies now have to get in with a tradable currency.

The 25 years in Iraq will be amazing!

FRANK: All from the same place where the 4 rivers meet. The same place is sending an investment blessing for the Christian church. I’m excited to work with you.

We are NOW DONE WITH MOSUL … and we now move forward!!!

On Friday TeamChat … I asked iTeam about 7/7/17 … and they didn’t care to comment … other than to say … “Any time after today!”

DELTA: I got the same message!

FRANK: The meeting in DC (that is going on now) – I’ll talk to you about that privately. Thank you for everything! No more excuses!

DELTA: NO MORE EXCUSES!!!! Let them celebrating for a few days and let’s see what happens.

FRANK: I’m waiting for our friend to share more … but he’s involved in meetings. They did turn in the paperwork at 1 to 1. You know how these meetings go Delta … once they start … they don’t stop. I’m excited to learn more.

DELTA: I’ll keep watching and I’ll be in touch.

FRANK: We no longer have Obama stopping this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank goodness he only had 8 years!

DELTA: Talk to you soon!


We do have a Marine in Iraq and he and his wife (I believe he may be retired) – write this down … here’s an example of what I’d like to do with KTFA once we have our blessing.
Please visit: http://www.FreeBurmaRangers.org

In 1997, the Burma Rangers … this is a missionary organization … this Marine and his wife serve humanity for 7 months out of the year.

So … how close are we?

Take a deep breathe … now exhale.

IMO … that’s how close we are.

CC ended in prayer/shofar

PLAYBACK LINK: https://fccdl.in/TZSURAg62



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