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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

KTFA CC Highlights by FrostyTheSnowman 7-5-17


FrostytheSnowman » July 5th, 2017

Here’s tonight’s HIGHLIGHTS …

*** The comments made by Frank26, Delta and others are their sole OPINIONS and cannot and should not be used as any form of financial, tax, banking or investment advice! We offer NO DATE, NO RATE on this forum!!! ***

Frank26: Greetings family … welcome to another one of your conference calls here at KTFAlways.com!

Today is Wednesday, July 5, 2017

On Monday’s CC’s we held up an easel board.

In our opinion – this became a matrix of where we are right now.

For those who posted on our forum that were confused … I don’t know how much more simple we could make it.


May the 12th … there it is.

June the 12th … that was the 2nd zero … and you can see the rate that they were paid at. We showed these to you on the CBI website.

In July … the 3rd zero … we calculated instead of .91 cents … we figured around 1.38.

So where is August?

We don’t have anything to say about August.

You see … 1 to 1 IN COUNTRY … IMO what is happening in Iraq RIGHT NOW with their currency.

I know that many of you posted … “so if they are 1 to 1 – why can’t we see it internationally yet?” Because it’s a monetary reform process.

I’m having to repeat myself … not because people are rude … it’s just that a lot of new people are coming to KTFA to gather information.

The MR requires some steps and I believe these steps have been accomplished!

I feel so compassion towards our newbies … many of these folks ask questions that many of our old-timers already know.

As much as I’d like to share more information with you tonight – my intentions were to open up tonight’s CC to answer questions – but now, I don’t think that would be the best way.
What I’ve decided to do tonight … I’m going to respond to the questions that were made on our forum this afternoon.

When Alak (in January) postponed the lifting of the 3 zeros … info was released on Sunday (visible on Monday) – that article was like Alak un-pausing the currency reform.

On Monday we said that my friend (with 500 employees in Iraq) was going to start to pay his employees at a rate of 1 to 1. Understand, he had 3 weeks to do that. Today is the 5th. The last week of the 3 weeks doesn’t mean anything to me because everything should have been done by then.

So … where will IRAQ’S financial people be next week?

Where will the IMF and the CBI be?

They will meet in Washington, DC – (just like the article said that was posted today).

The 1st week of the 3 weeks … to take it to 1 to 1 … that week is gone. Week #2 … THAT IS WHAT WE ARE LOOKING FOR … time frame 10th to the 15th of July.

On Monday … if you want to see the PROOF …you’ll have to do that same thing we did with the 1st and 2nd zero – costs of goods and services will change.

The citizens are excited – they’re not concerned about the monetary reform. They have been educated.

Note: Washington, DC … BEFORE the IMF meeting!!!!!!!!

​The market prices is our study as a Team.

The DC trip is not that important to us. The 1st and last (3rd) week is NOT that important to us.

IMO -- two sets of books must become EVIDENCE at the meetings.

What is going on right now is for the citizens … NOT you (as an investor) TODAY! That sentence was very powerful. I hope you caught that.

Brad (forum member) posted … “they always have a lot of action after a meeting in DC or with the IMF.”

Yes they do!

The meeting in DC is with “mom and dad” and then they can go see the IMF.

The auctions … piggybacking the auction again … yes … they are back to that again.

The CBI auction have returned once again to piggybacking?

Why in the world would they do that?

Quite simply … BECAUSE THEY ARE IN A HURRY … TO COMPRESS TIME … and I really don’t want to say anything more than that … except … have you noticed that the CBI website has been going crazy tonight? LOL

The CBI website … bouncing around like a red rubber ball … could be because of the auctions. IMO … the CBI website needs data.

In the AUCTIONS … they are showing a rate … 120 to the USD. Some are confused about that. It’s the opposite of what you think.

Delta and I spoke for about 20 minutes. Please listen for 3 pieces of info … if we continue to share that tonight.

120 to a 1 USD … and you have it wrong. What we are doing now … we are communicating with Teams to help us out.

We are like Cyclops … one eye … we are beaming in on one thing … EVIDENCE!

Teams are also studying as “INVESTORS” and looking for information.

If Mr. X wanted to enter Iraq and sell widgets … what could he expect to see? What are the pros / cons of their currency?

Hey MOSUL! How are you doing? MOOOOOOSUL is doing fine.

The Pentagon is now talking deeper as to what is going on in Mosul. I like that. What are they saying. They are cleaning our Telafar, etc. – the last remaining areas of ISIS.

Pentagon says they are 1 CLICK away. Only 3,200 feet from TOTAL VICTORY – just over a ½ mile.

Is that why ABADI told the troops congratulation?

Yeah … well, that’s good … but here is the key … ABADI has still NOT announced the FULL LIBERATION of MOSUL to the WORLD!

The full announcement (by Abadi) is missing in action.

What are the odds/chances that we would be inches away from ending all of this … timing all of this for a “meeting?”

Abadi is a cheerleader – psyching everyone out about what is coming.

What did ABADI say THANK GOD to his troops … and not yet to the world? (He doesn’t have too).

Frank26: The information about Mosul … time it to the liberation of the borders … timed to international currency?

Remember when I told you that we would not see 98 and 99?

We gave you the 138 … we used the goods and services to calculate that number.

If it’s only occurring INSIDE of IRAQ right now … then only the citizens will see what is going on with their dinar.

The citizens have seen the 1st and 2nd EVIDENCE with their goods and services.

The value of the dinar IN COUNTRY has caused goods to be of less cost.

The cheaper prices that are NOW among the goods that is going down in price. THAT IS WHAT THE CITIZENS ARE NOTICING.

The value of the dinar has GONE UP … IN COUNTRY … RIGHT NOW!!!

It’s called PURCHASING POWER – which is what Dr. Shabibi wanted for the citizens … purchasing power … to the 80’s and 90’s.

My friend (with the 500 employees) has to adjust for that --- RIGHT NOW … within these 3 weeks. HOW? That’s none of your business. LOL

The 1st week mean nothing to me … likewise the 3rd week … it’s the 2nd week we are watching like a hawk.

I’d like to tell you a story …

We have a forum member … first of all -- (I encourage you to call me if you see/hear something).

Our forum member has a friend … and we’ll call him Mr. Z (a Jordanian) – a businessman who owns a store in the USA. He attends a Mosque. Mr. Z talks to many Middle Easterners who come to his store. Mr. Z was telling us that “we picked up on that.” The new website is showing 1 to 1 … we are showing 125 to 1. He is working on getting us pictures. He also has friends in Basra – trying to get pictures from them too as well as a money changer in Baghdad.

Car prices, food prices, clothing, apartments, cell phones … all prices.

As this week progresses … I think we will have a lot of evidence for you.

Fascinating isn’t it?

So the IMF is meeting in August … 140 Million for their credit rating as Iraq becomes a donor nation.

Would you agree that Iraq has to revalue their currency BEFORE August?

Look … there are some things that Iraq can do my themselves … but other things that the IMF has to do – like what will happen in August.

The 10th to the 15th EVIDENCE … the citizens are seeing purchasing power right now.

The citizens are the only ones who can see it in their PAY reflected in the prices of their goods.

This is like a mist that slowly creeps up on the land.

The 90 day people to lift the value was successful … IMO.

The 3rd zero is what we focus on!!!

Please respect MY OPINION!!!

You (investor of IQD) – you cannot see the evidence of this – only in the prices of good and services.

For those who disagree in a condescending tone – may the last 2 cc’s help you.

I’d now like you to listen to the conversation I had with Delta.


DELTA: The announcement from Alak … has a requirement that has to happen before August. Seminars / conferences they have had … and none have been successful until they lift the value of their currency (internationally). IMO … I think JULY should be the month. August will be a problem with the IMF. Based on the IMF website … the IMF will not meet with them unless they obey the currency reform parameters. They must raise the value. In my opinion – in July.

FRANK: They are going to meet in Washington DC on Monday. BOOM! There it is.

Did Iraq lift the 3 zeros … are they 1 to 1 … only using the IQD … is everything set for international standards … is the budget ready to go? All of you Iraqi people who are involved with the MR in Iraq … then come to DC … then if everything is done … then we meet in August. You know Delta … the same thing that is happening with these 3 zeros … they told them in December for the MR plan … float … managed float …

IOO the lifting of the 3 zeros … no wonder they are going to meet in DC. They are DEMANDING them to do this. Have they lifted the last of the 3 zeros. IMO … on Monday, they started the PROCESS to pay them in 100% dinars! All I know is … to pay them 1 to 1 is based on what they did last month. The DC meeting will allow them to show that. I’m very proud of them.

DELTA: I really do believe that the CBI … they’ve had so many meetings that have been unsuccessful. All investors are sick and tired of not seeing the results they were expecting. I don’t think there will be any issues anymore. It’s very possible … we may know BEFORE they go to DC next week.

On the CBI … lot of funny business going on with the website today. Colors and numbers changing … and the 120 and 108 … I sent an email a few days ago asking if this was a gliche – of course I haven’t got an answer. Remember … the CBI’s website (legally) must show accurate numbers. Legally they can’t show one rate (like 120) and then something else on another site. They cannot do that Frankie.

FRANK: if you didn’t talk … no one would know what the CBI is doing or other guru’s.

The CBI must announce it to the IMF!

DELTA: Alak … that article … there is a lot of juice in that one.

FRANK: Yes … it’s in the final articles section.

DELTA: Remember when you and I talked to iTeam … Alak didn’t say anything about any type of delay. The currency reform is demanded by the IMF! The plan is not to confuse the Iraqi citizen. LD’s gradually will be introduced … 10 years for old notes to exist with new. The CBI is working very, very hard to do this. Alak is a great guy – right person for the right job.

FRANK: I agree and he’ll probably keep the position as the Governor of the CBI. I made a few phone calls … waiting for pictures of different products / prices in Iraq. One guy said that he is seeing 125 = 1 USD in their signs. The citizens have been prepared since May when they saw the drop of the 1st zero. The 3rd zero offers MORE purchasing power!!! I will decide later if I’m going to share those photos.


DELTA: Remember when iTeam said “Delta watch the CBI website, something is going to happen.”

FRANK: LOL … the whole website changed. LOL

DELTA: LOL … yes … it looks good … but there are warning from the web designers. The funny part is the link that takes you to the host website – that is running perfectly. Only the CBI that shows the 120 is odd.

83 cents … actually it’s not … every dinar is 120 … the Euro is more than a dollar … their calculations are not right. No buy and sell rate. Only sell numbers. The 120 based on that.
FRANK: So 120 USD is equal to 1 dinar?

DELTA: 83 cents … that doesn’t make any sense. They keep moving 83 cents, 85 cents, etc. Obviously they are still working on it.

FRANK: IMO … on Monday CC’s I told everyone that the CBI is going to talk to everyone again … and he did. It is encouraging.

Good to see the UK as a major part of their reconstruction – things that the IMF wants them to do.

DELTA: Remember, this was agreed to and signed in March. No more corruption is key. The meetings next week … I don’t see them going to this one and not be ready. They have no choice to go international. They will surprise all of us … in the still of the night … without notice.

FRANK: Love you my friend. Thanks for the update.

DELTA: Love you all too.

FRANK: So … there you go. I hope that you listening to that … that you feel at home/peace.

About 5 minutes before this CC started … a FULL ASSAULT began on the last section in Mosul … and that won’t take long.

In fact, by tomorrow morning … this may all be over.

The timing of a FULL ASSAULT … hummmmm …. at the speed of light!

I pray that this CC gives you hope.

We do not offer any DATE or RATE … we simply study time-frames – mathematical calculations. This is a speculative investment.

I pray that the info from this CC and Monday’s CC … it will carry you as we watch.

CC ended in prayer/shofar

PLAYBACK LINK: https://fccdl.in/DPeWUVHd9



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