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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

KTFA CC Highlights by FrostyTheSnowman 7-26-17


FrostyTheSnowman » July 26th, 2017

Here’s tonight’s HIGHLIGHTS …

*** The comments made by Frank26, Delta and others are their sole OPINIONS and cannot and should not be used as any form of financial, tax, banking or investment advice! We offer NO DATE, NO RATE on this forum!!! ***

Frank26: Greetings family … welcome to another one of your conference calls here at KTFAlways.com!

Today is Wednesday, July 26, 2017

First of all … all glory to our Heavenly Father that we can gather as a family.

The study we have is a complicated thing. We are a study class.

Why are we studying this investment?

Are we wasting our time?

What caused you to buy your IQD currency?

13 years ago, in 2004, one week after DeLeRue commissioned to print the IQD, I purchased mine. I understood what was to happen due to another experience with another country.

I knew in my heart – this was a good thing to do .. and this ENTIRE CONFERENCE CALL IS IN MY OPINION.

I told my wife that one of these days we hope to be blessed to buy a bungalow in Hawaii.

One day I believe that Iraq will raise the value of their currency – or I certainly wouldn’t be wasting my time.

It’s part of the Marshall plan and I have a faith in my heart – we are NOT being misled. Everything is ok. What are you worried about?

You all saw what my friend posted to me.

Tonight’s call will be very informal – notes are everywhere, and so are my thoughts – not that they are fragmented.

Our friend made a post … the letter “F” – (means he is talking to me) … followed by 3 dots (he is talking to me) … and BF means “brought forward.” He also said BR which means “By Request” … and then he mentioned “IN MOTION”

What was it on Monday’s CC that I shared with you?


Electricity – we all agree is a fundamental item that is needed for the monetary reform. So simple … but never really talked about. (electricity taken for granted).

Do you realize that by turning on the ELECTRICITY they TURNED-ON the MONETARY REFORM? That makes things work.

Once again … the electricity has been turned on … and IMO … the MR has been turned on.
So what did our friend mean by “IN MOTION?”

Perpetual motion machine? Grandfather clock? Loading of ATM? Well … you say ATM’s – not because of anything you’ve seen in articles – but because of what we share with you.

48 hours ago we talked to you about the budget. You’ll probably see evidence in the Gazette in about 2 weeks.

The dinar seems to be “international” – although we don’t see Article VIII.

Many Iraqi’s (that fled Iraq) are now going to be able to receive funds via international banks … which is a international transaction.

Chances are … you are here with us tonight because you seriously want to study what is going on with this investment.

Our friend – he loves you!

I can never tell you exactly who he is, or who his partners are. I could never even tell you his rank. I can tell you that he is our brother in Christ and he has compassion for all of us.

For those who may have missed this on Monday – NO Maliki is NOT in Russia. He will go to Russia to visit Putin – but he wasn’t there when others were saying he was there.

“IN MOTION” – we have told you about the 1st zero being lifted – and you found the proof on the spreadsheet .. and on the 12th you saw that the 2nd zero was lifted.

So are they paying them at 1 to 1? ONLY ON PAPER … and that is really important for you to understand and remember.

Our friend tells us that we have the EVIDENCE now – all the way up to the 3rd zero.

The 2nd set of books (papers) – is that a good thing, or a bad thing. Family … that is a TREMENDOUS thing for our investment.

Tonight … when we are done … you will hear a SNAP ... and you will find PEACE in your heart that will put a smile on your face.

For those who are constantly seeking a DATE or a RATE – I’m sorry, you will not find it with us.

Our friend in Iraq says that the speed of things happening in Iraq are moving SO FAST!!!!

So what is going on?

Use this info as glue to help you SNAP things together tonight.

The trade bank of Iraq has created a new website. The director general has been in discussion with CITI bank in America … and with Iraq.

Yesterday … actually it was after Monday’s CC … the EVIDENCE of the 3 zeros came out. Teams believe that the EVIDENCE has been coming out over the last 90 days.

On Monday’s thread POST #149 by WalkingStick … you might want to look at that. This article appears to suggest that the payment in electronic and paper form is working. 95/5. Bravo to our Teams!


Post 149: Rafidain paid the salaries of directorates Baghdad

26th July, 2017

Rafidain Bank announced on Wednesday the salaries of staff of the directorates of education Rusafa I and II and the first and third Karakh in Baghdad as well as the headquarters of the ministry.

The bank's media office said in a statement received by "Economy News" a copy of it, "The bank paid the salaries of employees of the directorates of education after the arrival of their instruments from their constituencies."

He pointed out that "the exchange was done through one of the electronic and manual payment tools.


Aggiedad77 » July 26th, 2017

As our friend with business interests in Iraq has indicated....this article appears to support the payment of both electronic and manual forms......e-payment (95%) and cash (5%)....IMO. Aloha Randy


Our friend called me today and he unloaded all that is being loaded.

Please pray for the leader (Ghost) of iTeam. He was debriefed in Germany, and on the 28th he will be flying out of Denver to his home. HOORAH!!! Welcome home Sir! Thank you for everything!!!!

One of the things that was posted to Ghost was … “do you think the MR is doing well?”

He said that he didn’t want to talk about it. In a polite way … he only has this to share … “it’s not quite ready yet, but it’s coming.”

Did you ever get chills down your spine – chills of satisfaction?”

I love these men, and would give everything to them.

DELTA found something else. I’m going to play for you what he found.

If you go to Monday’s thread … page 17 … you’ll see page 17, 18, 19 where Delta posted several times. He didn’t even call me.

Delta said that he “found something” – what he found was probably not that understandable for some … but there was one article that for DELTA it sort-of clicked … (as he monitors the CBI website).

On top of the new CBI website you will see some pictures (illustrations).

Delta remembered something from his archives (files) and he found it – the pictures on top of the CBI website … (article from 2012-2013) where the CBI would have lower denoms that would have picture representing the pride of Iraq.

Delta … please post that in the FINAL ARTICLES section.

Delta even went into detail and described all of the LD’s and what the pictures would look like.

FAMILY … THAT IS WHERE WE ARE AT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok … listen to Delta’s report:

DELTA – when I looked at those pictures, I thought those could be pictures of the lower denominations. I went back and found the descriptions. One of the new notes will have a picture of the new CBI building – possibly the 100 dinar bill.

FRANK: I’m pausing the tape … Teams are 99.9% sure these illustrations will be represented on the LD’s.

DELTA: It is very possible that the LD’s are about ready to come out.

FRANK: They don’t have to explain anything to us like why they posted those pictures … or anything about the ATM software not recognizing the 3 zeros notes. The ATM’s will not only dispense LD’s – but GOLD! They have a lot of reason to lift the value of their currency.

DELTA: Preparation is underway – just waiting for when the timing is right – which could be any day now. Somewhere, someone will leak this information.

FRANK: Yes, they know what they are doing – and so do we!

DELTA: If you get a chance, look at the CBI.iq website. When you know the LD’s are about to come out … we’ll see the rate first.

FRANK: About 2 hours ago, WS (Walkingstick) sent that information … and at first he said “don’t share it” – and 2 hours later he says “it’s ok – share it.” Wow!

Things are moving fast! The ATM (MasterCard) lights are about to be turned on!

The monetary reform is about to be turned on!

IMO – LD’s, gold and other currencies … maybe they’ll be able to pay their bills with these machines or buy crypto-currencies … I don’t know.

DELTA: The IMF told the GOI to lift the restrictions. All they need is the rate. They need the rate BEFORE the LD’s.

FRANK: Think about it – why would they (Iraq) be inviting these companies into Iraq if they didn’t have plans to do something.

DELTA: They have no choice. Maybe before the IMF meeting.

FRANK: A lot of things happening in advance. I’m expecting more info at any time. I love you Delta … God willing we’ll be in Hawaii soon and walking on a golden beach.

DELTA: Yes! Allak is about to do this.

FRANK: So … what do you think? Interesting … they are bragging about the LD’s.

The ATM machines … what is going on with them?

I believe that the ATM were an IMF REQUIREMENT. I believe that is a VERY STRONG statement – which no one else has been talking about.

What did we say about the moment that MOSUL was liberated? That we’d see the speed of the MR go at the speed of light – and that is why our friends are coming home.

Ghost got his pay transferred from Iraq back to the USA (because he is coming home). As he was leaving Germany, and wired the remaining of his pay home … Ghosts family member said “it’s already here!” They were amazed – in 30 minutes those funds moved! WOW!!!!!!

Many international standards (required by the IMF) is now happening at the speed of light.
So, my friend in Iraq … they are rolling out the red carpet … to many things we cannot see just yet.

The ATM machines … our friend says are “IN MOTION!”

All of this, in the last 90 days!

The 2nd set of papers (books) are about to be revealed.

That hit me soooooo hard – it’s like a bone snapped.

This is brilliant!

ATM machines are STATE-OF-THE-ART – far more advanced than what American’s have seen.

Education for the citizens is happening.

The software in the ATM machines – that was put into the machines a long time ago … and it does NOT recognize the 3 zero notes! THAT WAS AN IMF REQUIREMENT! They have LD’s inside of them. They are LOADING THEM!!!

Well … shut the front door!!!

There is another machine … our friend has been paying his employees at 95/5. They will be able to use those other machines to get the rest.

These machines will sit next to an ATM machine (or at a bank) – and will only dispense GOLD! Specific amounts in gold.

The ATM’s will dispense LD’s and the other machine will dispense GOLD.

There is something missing I said – the coins, fils.

Are these NEW machines … will they also dispense coins/fils? YES!!!!!

Oh my!!! My heart stopped!!!

Everything right now is still on paper.

On paper it shows 1 to 1.

The next paycheck … it’s for an easy conversion to go from 1184 to 1 to 1.

The 1 to 1 (at 95/5) – will be reflected on their next pay. It will NOT be reflected on paper anymore – it will be on eBanking. MONUMENTAL PROGRESS!!!

WS made a post … “Call for the launch of mobile banking”

That is a summary of our CC’s for the last 90 days.

We told you … the 1 to 1 was on paper.

The ATM machines (electricity) – calling for the launch of mobile banking / ATM and PAPER TRANSACTION.

PAPER – 2nd set of books

They are setting this up perfectly for EASY CONVERSION – on the next pay scale, or 30 days, or the 31st.

Now do you understand why the 21st was our study frame and now it’s from the 1st to the 7th.

A dinar is a dinar in Iraq.


They are setting up the ATM’s to pay the employees of Iraq – and my friend has over 500 of them.

He wants to tell you … this is SO MONSTROUS – that most will not understand it

Our friend says this event is SO BIG for the monetary reform – you do not understand how big it is.

He also wants to tell you … (refer to the article he posted) – the ministers will continue to talk, salary payments for the citizens of Iraq – and you will know this because you have studied with us.

The PROOF is already out!

Is there anything else?

Yes – let’s continue.

So … the ATM machines .. if they are going to dispense LD’s and fils … will they dispense any other foreign currency?

These machines are set up to deliver the LD’s and coins/fils … and they will be set up to dispense the American Dollar.

We believe they will release the coins/fils first and then the USD.

Won’t that be a problem?


Our friend says they now have parameters to do international banking with the ATM machines. OH SNAP!!! That is how they will be able to pay the citizens.

The MasterCards with the ATM are linked together – cash withdraw … just like with Visa+ … these ATM can handle that.

Will these ATM’s issue cryptocurrencies? NO.

Will they be able to use DEBIT CARDS? Yes

ATM machines and NEW Gold machines … are these in place now? Yes.

Can the citizens use them yet? No.

Everything is on track – we just don’t know when – because they are using 2 sets of books. And when they are ready, these ATM machines will kick in.

Converting 1184 over to 1 to 1 will be no problem in the future. Saving companies in Iraq a lot of money.

Business owners in Iraq (accounting) is now moving into ELECTRONIC LEDGERS and STATEMENTS. WOW! (Paperless) – the transition will occur next – we just don’t know yet … because obviously they will not tell you the exact date.

Remember … this all started on the 12th of May … and accounting is now advanced just as the IMF wanted.

This is also the companies in the LONG-LINE that need freedom of capital in Iraq.

One of the big things that was missing in Iraq was a telcom company that links all of the banks in Iraq with the international world.

It looks like Article VIII has been lifted – but it’s not. The steps in that direction are undeniable.

ATM’s, fiber optics, telcom – all requirements of the IMF.

POST 285 – WS posted … we all need to pay attention to that article.

“Double Taxation … Banks”

Family – this is very important, and WS was disappointed that we haven’t analyzed it.
Oh … and don’t waste your time on the articles about the people making their way to Haag.

So … how do you like my Teams now? LOL

I’d like to thank our friend in Iraq for his report!!!

I know that he said they were pretty much done with the ATM machines … but there was “something else” about some meetings. Who are the meetings with? (no comment)

Teams all feel that there is a time-frame potential for Article VIII compliance … and to show them that they have lifted the 3 zeros on paper. That is a very real possibility.

Is there another topic on the table in these “meetings?” (no comment)

What is on the table for discussion? (LD’s and coins)

If we have the coins and the LD’s … it’s because they have already explained everything about the ATM’s and the NEW machines.

Family … wouldn’t they need to know everything about the LD’s and coins … like where the security features are on the new LD’s?

Family, are you happy?

Did you hear the bone snap in place?

Please take this CC to prayer.

CC ended in prayer/shofar

PLAYBACK LINK: https://fccdl.in/6o1Oklx48



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